Martial Peak

Chapter 564 – Evil Kings Attack

Hearing that Yang Kai and his allies had chosen to remain in his compound, Yang Wei couldn’t help saying, “Ninth Brother won’t do so easily. Since he chose to stay, he must have made some arrangements… I think we should act together with him instead of rushing back to the Central Capital.”

Ye Xin Rou snickered dismissively; although she didn’t say anything, obviously she felt that Yang Wei’s opinion was far too timid.

Kang Zhan also smiled, “Eldest Young Lord, the seven Grand Elders from our Eight Great Families are already intercepting the enemy in order to give us an opportunity to retreat. We should hurry back to the Central Capital.”

However, Yang Wei just slowly shook his head, “If they can defeat those people, then whether we stay or go won’t matter, but if they lose and we haven’t made it back to the Central Capital… I’m afraid…”

Hearing this, Ye Xin Rou, Kang Zhan, and Gao Rang Feng’s expression all sank.

Yang Wei’s words just happened to vocalize the one scenario they didn’t dare to think about, or rather this was the outcome they had been avoiding thinking about, but now, being forced to confront such a possibility, all of them couldn’t help feeling very uneasy in their hearts.

“Impossible…” Kang Zhan muttered with a forced smile, “Our side has seven people here.”

“En,” Gao Rang Feng also nodded, “How could the seven Grand Elders not be able to defeat just three enemies? Even if they can’t beat them, they should still be able to delay them long enough for us to return to the Central Capital…”

At that exact moment though, the several Blood Warriors serving Yang Wei and Yang Zhao suddenly shouted, “Young Lords, be careful!”

As they yelled, all four of them flew towards the two Yang Family Young Lords and assumed a defensive posture.

The entire group stopped and all the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters revealed expressions of deep dread as they stared towards the path ahead.

In front of the seven family coalition forces were two figures quietly suspended mid-air, staring down at the crowd.

Neither of these figures could be clearly seen as one of them was shrouded in a green fog while the other was wrapped in a pitch black Qi. Only two pairs of penetrating eyes which exuded a dangerous light were visible, causing everyone to not dare face them directly.

“Jie jie jie jie…” The man surrounded by green fog let out an eerie laugh as he cracked an evil grin and stared towards Yang Wei, saying in an appreciative voice, “You there, being able to clearly analyse your situation, it seems not all of you are idiots. Indeed, those seven old dogs from your Eight Great Families have no way to block my Holy Land’s three masters, in fact, in a matter of minutes; all of them will definitely die.”

“You will all die too!” Said the man wrapped in black gas, his hoarse voice like the call of the devil from the depths of hell, sending shivers up everyone’s spine.

“Shameless boasting!” Ye Xin Rou defiantly shouted, “Who are you?”

A burst of laughter suddenly rang out and the person wrapped in green fog turned to look at his companion and quipped said, “Ghost King, seems there are still people who don’t know us, are these brats really the rising stars of the Eight Great Families? Even unable to recognize our identities, it seems that the Eight Great Families have indeed declined.”

“Hmph, Eight Great Families? That’s just a pretentious title they gave themselves. What shit do they count for!” The man who was called ‘Ghost King’ coldly snorted and said, “Poison King, both of us have our own unique killing methods, why don’t we have a little contest here to decide whose means are better?”

“How do we decide who wins?”

“There’s a lot of people here, whoever kills the most win.”

“Good, that suits my taste.”

The eight hundred or so people down were stunned silent as they stared at the two obscure figures in front of them.

But a moment latter, Ye Xin Rou screamed out in panic, “Profound Yin Ghost King, Annihilating Poison King!?”

The two men hadn’t made any effort to hide their conversation so if Ye Xin Rou still couldn’t figure out their identities; she would be a real idiot.

Two Great Evil Kings from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. Realizing who they were facing, everyone immediately became terrified.

Rumor had it that among the Six Great Evil Kings, the Profound Yin Ghost King and Annihilating Poison King were the most bloodthirsty, cruel, and sinister.

On top of that, because of the Secret Arts and techniques these two men cultivated, they were also the most suited to mass murder.

Two such characters suddenly appearing in front of them and casually discussing how best to slaughter everyone present caused all who were present to shudder in fear.

“Everyone scatter!” Among the four Blood Warriors, someone suddenly roared. If it was any other opponent, if they all gathered together and fought back, even if they had no way to defeat the enemy, they could at least protect themselves.

But facing the Ghost King and Poison King, their numerical superiority was no longer mattered; sticking together would only make it easier for these two masters to kill them with their abilities.

Unfortunately, when this voice called out, no one reacted. Even the top level masters from the seven family coalition forces remained in a daze.

Last night, facing the cultivators from Yang Kai’s house, each of them had behaved boldly and fiercely, but now, facing two Great Evil Kings, they just stood there dumbstruck. With this slight delay, they had missed their best opportunity to either defend themselves or flee.

“You think you can escape?” The Ghost King smirked, a great number of terrifying phantoms suddenly emerging from his body. These phantoms all had faces twisted in pain and agony, like ghost that had been shackled and enslaved, each of them wailing tragically causing fear and panic in the hearts of all who heard their chilling screams.

Shrieking, these phantoms all shot out like lighting and descended upon the crowd, wreaking havoc wherever they went.

The innumerable phantoms, like a swarm of insects, blotted out everyone’s view.

Wherever these phantoms passed, a bone chilling wind followed, causing everyone nearby to shiver.

Seeing this scene, the Ghost King seemed quite pleased with himself, cackling loudly, making everyone feel even more fearful and helpless.

Some of the more resolute cultivators quickly responded, using their Martial Skills to attack these phantoms; however, their attacks all passed right through these illusory faces, not causing any harm to them. Instead, these cultivators were quickly set upon by these phantoms and in the next instant, they slumped over and all light disappeared from their eyes. In the next instant though, these unfortunate souls stood back up, fierce expression on their faces, and without hesitation began attacking their former companions.

“Soul Skills, use your Soul Skills!” One of the stronger masters quickly reacted, recalling some rumors he had once heard about the Ghost King, hastily informing everyone.

The phantoms released by the Ghost King had no physical substance, so ordinary attacks and Martial Skills were useless against them.

Only Soul Skills which used Spiritual Energy could damage them.

However, only a third of this group had reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary and the Soul Skills each of them were capable of using had varying degrees of effectiveness

The strongest among them were able to restrain or destroy one of these phantoms while those with weaker cultivations weren’t even able to slow them down.

In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred people had succumbed to this attack.

These hundred or so people seemed to have lost their minds. After the phantoms entered their bodies, these people’s temperament underwent a tremendous change, almost as if they had fallen to the Devil’s Practices, unable to recognize their own parents, fiercely unleashing their strength towards those they had once called allies.

Screams rang out and fresh blood splattered about. Soon, the entire area had became a hellish purgatory.

“Jie jie jie jie…” The ghost king laughed wildly, without even personally taking action, he had already created such a situation, the terrifying and tyrannical strength he possessed was obvious to all.

Meanwhile, a green mist erupted out from the Poison King’s body and began spreading at an astonishing speed.

Very soon, a thick toxic fog had enveloped a large area.

Anyone caught inside this poisonous mist quickly fell to the ground and was reduced to a pool of bloody liquid. Even their bones were dissolved in short order.

“Watch out for the poison!” Someone exclaimed, but it was still too late. The Poison King had already claimed several dozen lives, including many Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

Under the poisonous fog, few people could survive, only those cultivators above the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage could avoid being immediately melted down.

But even these peak level masters’ faces turned green and had to surround themselves in their True Qi while furiously circulating their healing arts to resist being corroded, losing all ability to fight back or flee.

In such a condition, the cultivators being controlled by the Ghost King’s phantoms only needed to use some casual strikes to grind these Immortal Ascension Boundary masters into dust.

The Two Great Evil Kings coordinating with one another completely regarded these eight hundred cultivators as nothing, wantonly killing them as if they were stepping on ants.

Moreover, from the two Evil Kings’ appearances, it was obvious they hadn’t made any real effort and were just toying with their prey.

“Mad Tyrant Blood Skill!” The four Yang Family Blood Warriors didn’t hesitate to active their forbidden technique to protect Yang Wei and Yang Zhao, darting left and right through the crowd, trying to find an escape route.

Ye Xin Rou was dumbfounded, sitting atop her Cloud Treading Colt, her pretty face filled with sheer panic and terror.

She never knew that the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Great Evil Kings possessed such extraordinary strength and methods.

Even Kang Zhan and Gao Rang Feng were scared stiff.

The two of them were Young Lords of the Eight Great Families, heirs to the Kang and Gao Family. They had always lived in the Central Capital, never needing to worry about food or shelter. Their future path was laid out before them free of any obstacles or difficulties. This time, participating in the Inheritance War, although they had experienced many hardships they weren’t familiar with; never once had they felt as powerless as they did at this moment.

Facing Yang Kai, they could at least offer some resistance, but against these two Great Evil Kings, everything seemed utterly hopeless.

“Young Lady!”

““Young Lord!””

The Ye, Kang, and Gao Family’s masters shouted and flew to the side of their respective young leaders, pulling them down from their Cloud Treading Colts and like the Yang Family Blood Warriors, began looking for a way to escape.

Unfortunately for them, their actions caught the attention of the Profound Yin Ghost King and Annihilating Poison King.

“Poison King, the identities of those brats over there seems a bit special.” The Ghost Wang grinned wickedly.

“They’re probably descendants of the Eight Great Families.” The Poison King nodded lightly, his eyes sweeping over the three groups of masters before suddenly waving his hand.

Innumerable invisible energy bolts shot out, passed through the hellscape below, and accurately hit all the guards from the Yang, Ye, Kang, and Gao Families.

The four Yang Family Blood Warriors coughed up blood and their faces became pale but still managed to hold their ground while guarding Yang Wei and Yang Zhao.

As for the Ye, Kang, and Gao Family masters, they were instantly turned into blood mists that splattered all over the ground.

“Come!” Poison King shouted as he stretched out his hand. Ye Xin Rou, Kang Zhan, and Gao Rang Feng were immediately bound and then drawn over to the Poison King by a great, invisible force.

The three youths trembled violently, as if they had been tossed naked into a frozen lake in the middle of winter, all of them staring with panic-stricken eyes towards the Poison King and Ghost King standing in front of them.

“Are you direct descendants of the Eight Great Families?” The Poison King menacingly asked.

The three youths stood stock-still like wooden chickens, quivering with fear, none of them daring to answer.

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