Martial Peak

Chapter 563 – There are Still Masters Around

“For now, we should retreat.” Meng Wu Ya quickly said.

“Retreat? Where?” Yang Kai asked hurriedly.

“Back to your compound.”

Yang Kai stared blankly for a moment, but after only a brief hesitation, his gaze became firm and he nodded. Since Meng Wu Ya made just a suggestion, he definitely had a method to overcome this dilemma.

As the two of them discussed their next course of action, Ye Xin Rou also collected herself and began issuing orders to the seven family coalition forces to orderly withdraw to the Central Capital. Suddenly thinking of something, she turned to Yang Kai and said, “Yang Kai, I need to recruit your allies as well.”

In response, Yang Kai only glanced over at her with disdain.

“There are so many masters amongst your allies, it is reasonable for you to act with us at this time. If we all band together it will greatly increase our security. In this situation, I hope you can consider the bigger picture and put down the grudges between us until after we escape this disaster.”

These words… were the ones Qiu Yi Meng had just spoke, yet at the time, Ye Xin Rou had blatantly ignored them. However, facing this crisis, she had shamelessly repeated them to Yang Kai, causing a lot of people to feel a sense of disgust in their hearts.

Yang Kai just shook his head and said, “I’m not going with you. If you want to try to return to the Central Capital, please feel free to do so on your own.”

Ye Xin Rou couldn’t help shouting angrily, “Yang Kai, why must you always act so selfishly? Not coming with us now will only lead to certain death, even if you don’t care whether you live or die, what about those around you?”

“My mansion’s matters are something you don’t have to concern yourself with.” Yang Kai replied calmly, as if he was unaware that danger would soon arrive, coldly saying, “You should worry about your own forces first. Those seven won’t be able to resist for long. If you don’t hurry to escape, you’ll never make it back to the Central Capital!”

Ye Xin Rou expression became dim as she shot back, “The enemy is only three people while my Eight Great Families number seven, how could they not be able to stop them?”

Even until now, Ye Xin Rou wasn’t clear about the severity of the situation and still thought that the seven Grand Elders lead by Yang Li Ting could block or even defeat the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s vanguard.

“Ye Xin Rou, the Little Lord’s words have some truth to them, its best if we depart quickly.” Gao Rang Feng urged.

“En.” Kang Zhan also nodded. Feeling the aura of destruction, no one wanted to stay here a moment longer. In their minds, the Central Capital was the only refuge available to them. “Brother Meng has already gone to inform Eldest Young Lord. We should hurry, the people from Eldest Young Lord and Second Young Lord’s mansions will meet up with us on the way, if the Little Lord is not willing to join us, there’s no need for us to insist!”

With persuasions of Gao Rang Feng and Kang Zhan, Ye Xin Rou felt it wasn’t a good idea to persist any longer, “Since that’s the case, let’s go!”

Saying so, she shot a hate filled glare towards Yang Kai and then grinned as if she was taking pleasure in other’s misfortune, “Yang Kai, I hope you don’t die too quickly, just wait until all of this is over, I’ll definitely be back to settle things with you.”

After leaving this last threat, she didn’t give Yang Kai a chance to respond before turning around and leaving.

The masters from the seven families also rushed to keep up.

“Return to the mansion!” Yang Kai shouted and waved his hand, also turning around and leading his people back to the mansion.

After just packing up in a rush and setting out, now being told to hurry back inside caused everyone to feel quite puzzled, especially considering the intense battle they could feel taking place right outside War City and the countless Monster Beasts they knew were rapidly approaching.

Everyone was quite uneasy, as if they could feel the cold hand of death slowly grasping towards them.

“What are we going to do now?” Everyone asked Yang Kai nervously.

Yang Kai, in turn, looked towards Meng Wu Ya.

Treasurer Meng just smiled calmly and replied, “Don’t worry; since this old master made everyone retreat here, he definitely has a way to resolve the current crisis. What you need to do now is not take a single step outside the mansion. Nowhere beyond these walls is safe.”

Everyone couldn’t hide their astonishment and shock, none of them understanding what Meng Wu Ya was up to.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces were already upon them, if they didn’t leave, they should at least make preparations to defend, but Meng Wu Ya had actually told them that all they needed to do was stay put. What did that mean?

Meng Wu Ya grinned slightly and followed up, “This old master won’t play tricks with your lives. When things become dangerous, you will naturally understand. If you believe in this old master, don’t stare at me so worriedly.”

Everyone was confused by Meng Wu Ya’s attitude. Listening to him, it seemed like he was completely confident that he could protect all of them here.

Meng Wu Ya not explaining any further was probably because it was inconvenient for him to do so, so Yang Kai simply frowned and shouted, “Since Treasurer Meng has said so… everyone should disperse and attend to their own business.”

As soon as Yang Kai spoke, everyone scattered like birds and beasts. Although they still had many doubts in their hearts, all of them chose to believe in Yang Kai’s judgment.

Li Yuan Chun on the other hand stared at Meng Wu Ya skeptically while constantly sweeping him with his powerful Divine Sense. After a long time, he couldn’t help saying, “Friend, do you really have such great skill? Now is not the time to brag irresponsibly.”

Li Yuan Chun had only just arrived an hour or so ago so he didn’t know anything about Meng Wu Ya, only thinking he was an ordinary Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator.

With the pressure even he felt from the three enemy masters, Li Yuan Chen was quite curious about what method Meng Wu Ya had to protect this place.

Meng Wu Ya, however, just chuckled with a completely unreadable expression.

Even Old Demon couldn’t help staring at Treasurer Meng with some doubt; he didn’t where Meng Wu Ya’s confidence in protecting everyone’s safety came from.

“Qiu Yi Meng, arrange a place for the Seniors from the Endless Sea Islands to stay.” Yang Kai causally ordered.

“Understood.” Qiu Yi Meng nodded and motioned these fifty or so masters to follow her.

Li Yuan Chun however shook his head, “This old master is going to stay with Young Master Yang a while longer.”

He had apparently decided to follow Yang Kai until he returned the Supreme Solitary Sect’s Supreme Solitary Seal to him.

Qiu Yi Meng hesitated for a moment but soon received a nod from Yang Kai.

Seeing this, the Qiu Family’s First Young Lady also nodded, turned around, and lead the Endless Sea Islands visitors out.

Violent fluctuations from the life or death struggle between the ten tyrannical masters reached all the way to War City, causing the ground to rumble.

Yang Kai’s face was quite gloomy as he constantly released his Divine Sense to monitor the battle.

Although he was very unhappy with the Eight Great Families and could even be considered enemies with them, last night engaging in a fierce battle that resulted in many deaths on both sides. Now that the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land was invading, Yang Kai still didn’t wish for the seven Grand Elders to die.

If the seven old men were to fall, War City would likely be reduced to ash. Once that happened, the Eight Great Families would suffer heavy losses and even the Central Capital would be put in danger.

The Central Capital was where his parents were!

If it weren’t for this, Yang Kai wouldn’t care whether the Eight Great Families’ people lived or died.

As he was sensing his surroundings, Yang Kai’s face suddenly changed, quickly retracting his powerful Divine Sense and instead directing it towards a certain location inside War City.

In that place, there were two terrifying and sinister auras quietly hiding.

“They still have Masters!” Yang Kai was shocked.

Ling Tai Xu and Li Yuan Chun were both startled by these words and quickly investigated, their expressions darkening a moment later.

They also quickly discovered these two presences.

Another two Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had silently snuck into War City! It was likely that while the three Great Evil Kings and the Spider Mother were making so much noise outside, these two had taken the opportunity to infiltrate the city without anyone realizing.

However, a moment later, the look on Li Yuan Chun’s face became weird. Glancing over at Yang Kai, his eyes narrowed slightly, because this Young Master Yang had actually noticed the existence of these two people before him.

[This little brat…] Li Yuan Chun suddenly discovered that he couldn’t completely understand Yang Kai.

“Annihilating Poison King, Profound Yin Ghost King!” Ling Tai Xu shouted in a dignified voice.

After sensing the unique auras of these two, he was able to clearly identify them. With one of them was wrapped in a poisonous aura while the other radiated a dense Yin Qi, it was hard for Ling Tai Xu to not recognize them.

“They’re headed towards the people from the seven family coalition.” After Ling Tai Xu said this, he turned to look at Yang Kai.

The seven family coalition forces had experienced a fierce battle last night and had suffered not insignificant losses. Although all the cultivators from Yang Wei and Yang Zhao’s mansions were also gathered together with them at the moment, there was not a single Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master with them, so with just the four Blood Warriors beside Yang Zhao and Yang Wei, it was impossible for them to resist the attack of two Great Evil Kings. .

The two Great Evil Kings had already stopped concealing their auras and were apparently ready to act.

Yang Kai struggled and hesitated for a moment before firmly saying, “I’m going to take a look.”

Ling Tai Xu grinned and nodded, “I’ll go with you.”

Old Demon also stepped forward, “Old Servant will also go.”

“We will follow the Little Lord.” Tu Feng and the others Blood Warriors shouted in unison.

Meng Wu Ya lightly coughed, “I won’t be going.”

He had to stay, or else the safety of everyone in Yang Kai’s mansion couldn’t be guaranteed.

Li Yuan Chun was immediately dumbstruck and unconsciously muttered, “Are all of you crazy?”

He really didn’t understand why, facing such a dangerous situation, these people would voluntarily run out to confront it.

Why are the mentalities of these Inland masters so different from those from the Endless Sea Islands? Li Yuan Chun thought to himself secretly.

Yang Kai glanced over at him quickly, “Senior Li, it’s best if you stay here and rest.”

Li Yuan Chun immediately swung his head like a rattle, “That will not do, this old master must follow you.”

Yang Kai raised his eyebrow slightly and casually said, “Do as you like.”

Li Yuan Chun almost spat blood. Seeing Yang Kai’s expression, it was clear to him that Yang Kai had expected this result and was really treating him like a free goon.

However, there was nothing Li Yuan Chun could do about this.

Depressed in his heart, yet unable to say anything, he could only press down his resentment.

“Old Demon, you stay here. It’s more important for you to restore your strength,” Yang Kai ordered. Last night, Old Demon had used his Demon Specter Saint Technique and had yet to recover from this forbidden technique’s backlash, so even if he went, the help he could provide was limited.

Old Demon thought about it for a moment but didn’t insist, just saying, “Then Young Master must be careful.”

“Don’t worry, the enemy is only two Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, we also have two on our side as well as eight Blood Warriors, there won’t be any danger.” Yang Kai gently took a breath and then shot off.

Somewhere in War City.

Under the command of Ye Xin Rou, the seven family coalition quickly moved towards the direction of the Central Capital.

Along the way, Yang Zhao’s original allies as well as Yang Wei’s forces also met up with them, forming a very large team.

This group was nearly eight hundred in number, and although most of them weren’t too strong, surrounded by so many allied cultivators, whether it was Ye Xin Rou, Kang Zhan, or Gao Rang Feng, they couldn’t help feeling a bit safer.

The faintly thought that with such a large force, even if an Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s Evil King arrived, they could resist them.

Yang Zhao and Yang Wei were also present, both of them riding Cloud Treading Colts side by side.

“What about Ninth Brother?” Yang Wei didn’t find any trace of Yang Kai amongst the crowd and asked curiously.

“Little Lord disdained to act together with us and instead chose to stay in his own house.” Ye Xin Rou replied, sneering disdainfully as she muttered, “Since he’s determined to seek death, there’s nothing I could say to convince him.”

Yang Zhao stared at Ye Xin Rou and narrowed his eyes with a cold expression.

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