Martial Peak

Chapter 562 – Already Too Late

With these accusations and curses being hurled, the atmosphere in front of Yang Kai’s mansion immediately became dangerous.

Ye Xin Rou sneered and said, “Yang Kai, surrender obediently. You’ve decided to forfeit the Inheritance War anyways, continuing to stubbornly resist will do neither you nor those standing behind you any good. If you still have any conscience left, you shouldn’t drag them down with you, coming with us and letting them go is the best option you have.”

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent, but anyone who saw him could tell that he had run out of patience and this cold silence was only the calm before the storm, causing everyone to feel uneasy.

“Would you like some assistance?” Li Yuan Chun approached Yang Kai and asked quietly.

What he wanted right now was nothing more than for Yang Kai to quickly return their Endless Sea Islands Sects’ Hallowed Treasures, but at the moment this little brat was clearly caught in a difficult situation. Li Yuan Chun kindly offering him help was only his attempt to sell Yang Kai a favor so that after they escaped this predicament he would have an advantage in their negotiations.

Against Seven Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, Li Yuan Chun had no confidence in winning a fight, but if it was just running away from here with Yang Kai, he could still accomplish it, after all, he had also reached that realm.

However, Yang Kai just slowly shook his head and refused his kindness.

What Li Yuan Chun was thinking, how could he not know?

If Yang Kai really just wanted to escape by himself, he didn’t need anyone’s help. With his current cultivation, by using his Flaming Yang Wings, an ordinary Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master would only be able to eat dust behind his butt.

But it was impossible for Yang Kai to abandon everyone here and flee.

The exchange between Yang Kai and Li Yuan Chun didn’t escape the sight of the seven Grand Elders. In fact, when they arrived here, they also immediately realized the existence of Li Yuan Chun, or rather, another Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master. It would have been impossible for them to not notice him.

The Endless Sea Islands delegation was comprised of more than fifty high level Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators and an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, which greatly surprised the seven old men. All of them wanted to know where Yang Kai had suddenly found another ally with such astonishing heritage.

On top of that, they didn’t know about Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon’s current situation, so although their mouths were constantly shouting incendiary remarks, they didn’t dare actually take action.

The scene had suddenly stagnated.

However, this stalemate was soon broken by a piercing eagle cry. Even someone with no experience handling Monster Beasts could tell that this was a cry of fear and that it contained obvious tones of warnings and anxiety.

Hearing this cry, Yang Kai’s expression immediately sank.

The seven old men from the Seal Temple also wore dignified expression as they turned to look in the direction of the Golden Feather Eagle.

“It’s already too late!” Yang Kai’s face was filled with weakness and frustration, “The enemy has already come.”

The full extent of the information conveyed by the Golden Feather Eagle was only available to him.

Listening to Yang Kai’s words and hearing the Golden Feather Eagle’s cries, the seven old men realized that the words Yang Kai had been speaking weren’t an alarmist’s rantings nor some kind of clever ruse. It seemed that the people of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had really come.

Immediately, all of them couldn’t help becoming fearful as they all turned towards Yang Kai hoping to obtain more information from him.

“Bi Luo!” Yang Kai turned to stare at Bi Luo who was hiding among the crowd and yelled, “Didn’t you say they would only arrive here by tonight?”

“That should be the case.” Bi Luo was also confused, “At the speed the Holy Land was marching, they really should only have reached War City late tonight.”

“Then why are they already only a hundred kilometers away?”

“If you ask me, who am I supposed to ask?” Bi Luo was also quite anxious.

A hundred kilometers was by no means far and considering the time it would have taken the Golden Feather Eagle to return after encountering the enemy and relay a warning, it was no doubt too late for them to make their escape.

Ye Xin Rou expression became weird, and then disdainful as she snorted, “Such a splendid performance, it’s really quite realistic, even now you still want to…”

However, before she could finish what she was about to say, she hastily swallowed back down the rest of her words. Faced with the think murderous intent coming from Yang Kai’s glare, she couldn’t work up the courage to continue.

“They really have come!” Yang Li Ting face suddenly changed as he turned and stared off into the distance.

The other six old men also wore extremely ugly expressions.

It was only now that they confirmed beyond any doubt that what Yang Kai had been saying was true.

Looking at the reactions of these seven, everyone from the seven family coalition was dumbfounded.

Suddenly, upon the distant horizon, a black storm cloud appeared and rapidly sped towards them. Amidst this dark cloud, there were a few indistinct figures.

Sparks of lightning surged about and a terrifying pressure began pressing down on all of them from the approaching darkness.

A scent of destruction that grew stronger by the second radiated from the black cloud as it approached, soon enveloping all of War City.

The pressure from this black cloud was enough to shake the entire city…

Everyone’s eyes were instantly filled with terror.

“It’s the Lightning Flash Shadow King!” Bi Luo suddenly exclaimed, “Only he possess such speed. He is definitely bringing several of the other Kings with him. Yang Kai, I have to go. If any of them see me here, it will be difficult for Mistress to explain.”

Saying so, Bi Luo hurriedly darted away.

“Block her!” Ye Xin Rou shouted.

Even now, in this desperate situation, she was unwilling to let go of any opportunity to suppress Yang Kai.

Unfortunately for her, no one obeyed her orders and in a flash, Bi Luo disappeared.

With disaster rapidly approaching, who among them would still be thinking about doing such pointless things? Bi Luo was just a maidservant of Shan Qing Luo, even if they captured here, what use would she be?

The five Great Evil Kings had yet you arrive, but just the pressure from their auras was enough to cause all of War City to fall silent.

“Do you believe me now?” Yang Kai casually taunted Ye Xin Rou and the old men from the Seal Temple, the sneer on his face showing a rich amount of ridicule.

The seven Grand Elders’ faces were all incomparably miserable.

If they had listened to Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen when Yang Kai had first sent them to warn them and begun preparing, they wouldn’t have been caught off guard like this.

Even if they had only believed Yang Kai after they arrived here to stop him from leaving, it wouldn’t have been too late. At the very least, it would have given them a little breathing time.

But now… with the enemy already at their gates, it was too late for them to do anything.

Seven Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Grand Elders from the Eight Great Families as well as two or three hundred high level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters were currently gathered in War City. If all of them were to be killed, it would be a huge blow to the entire Central Capital.

“We can’t let the enemy approach any closer!” Yang Li Ting said in a resolute voice, “Intercept them!”

After shouting so, without any hesitation, he activated his Movement Skill and rushed towards the enemy forces.

The other six old men also rushed to keep up, only the fat old man from the Huo Family paused for a moment to glance at Yang Kai with a look of regret and guilt. A faint groan leaking from his lips, he immediately shouted to Ye Xin Rou, “Ye Family girl, everything here is now your responsibility, no matter how you do it, you must let everyone here safely withdraw to the Central Capital!”

“Yes.” Ye Xin Rou quickly responded.

The speed of the black cloud’s approach was astonishing, a moment ago it was still just a dot on the horizon, but during the brief conversation that had just occurred, it had already closed to within twenty kilometers of War City. Even with Yang Li Ting and the other Grand Elder using their fastest speed, the farthest they could intercept them would still be less than ten kilometers from War City.

In the next moment, a startling battle broke out.

The black cloud broke apart, revealing three people from the inside.

One of them had arcs of lighting surrounding him, one of them was a burly giant that gave off an astonishing Blood Force, and the last one sat upon a mighty Monster Beast.

Lightning Flash Shadow King, Tyrannical Force King, Thunderbolt Beast King !

Even though it was three versus seven, and they were at an absolute disadvantage in terms of numbers, the three Great Evil Kings from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land looked calm while the seven old men from the Eight Great Families were the nervous ones.

Close behind these three there was a huge spider. This spider had a human face yet the body of a spider, giving it an extremely strange appearance.

This face was extremely beautiful and enchanting, seemingly belonging to a young woman in her mid-twenties with long supply hair, but coupled with the giant spider body it was attached to, it only appeared even more horrifying.

“Spider Mother?” Yang Kai called out in surprise, immediately recognizing the origin of this giant spider Monster Beast, it was none other than the Seventh-Order Monster Beast he had encountered with Shan Qing Luo.

Why was it here as well?

“Hm, there’s actually such a Monster Beast here, it’s the first time I’ve seen one like it.” Shui Ling also exclaimed, “However… it’s a pity, without the Beast Transformation Pond, she’ll never be able to truly take human form.”

“Treasurer Meng, what do you think?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked Meng Wu Ya.

“The situation isn’t optimistic,” Meng Wu Ya slowly shook his head. Although he had no way to undo the seal on his true strength right now, his vision and knowledge were still far above anyone else present. “Your Eight Great Families’ Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters are all among the weakest in their realm while those three on the other side are stronger, so even though the numbers are on their side, those seven people won’t be able to stop them and in all likelihood… will all die here!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help paling slightly.

Meng Wu Ya’s assessment of the situation was surely straightforward and accurate; after all, he had already personally fought against the seven Grand Elders last night and knew their bottom line. Yang Kai had originally thought that with the seven of them defending War City, there wouldn’t be any immediate danger, but now it seems like the best he could hope for was for them to stall the enemy for a while.

“Treasurer Meng, what means do you have to deal with this situation.” Yang Kai said with a great sigh as he stared helplessly at Meng Wu Ya.

Meng Wu Ya on the other hand grinned lightly, “Why are you so sure I have a way out of this?”

“Your treasured apprentice is here, if you really felt like you couldn’t handle this situation, you wouldn’t be acting so calmly.” Yang Kai said with a forced smile.

The absolute gap in strength was not something that could be compensated for using paltry tricks, so Yang Kai could only depend on the unfathomable Meng Wu Ya right now.

Treasurer Meng turned his head and replied solemnly, “If you choose to leave here right now, only about ten percent of these people will be able to survive, but with this old master and Brother Ling’s protection, you don’t have to worry about your safety, it’s no problem for us to lead you away from here.”

“I want everyone here to survive!”

Meng Wu Ya suddenly grinned, “I knew you would say that.”

Everyone of his allies couldn’t help showing a faint smile, even those from the Endless Sea Islands who had just arrived here an hour or so ago were slightly surprise.

Ye Fang and Hua Duan Hun approached Li Yuan Chun and quietly asked, “Senior Li, what should we do?”

Li Yuan Chun stared deeply at Yang Kai and then at Meng Wu Ya before replying, “For now, we should stick together with them, if the situation deteriorates further, this old master will take that little brat away from here. As for all of you, you’ll have to find your own way out.”

Yang Kai’s survival was of paramount importance right now as only he knew the whereabouts of all of the Endless Sea Islands great Sects’ Hallowed Treasures, which had been lost hundreds of years ago. Therefore, Li Yuan Chun couldn’t allow anything to happen to him.

“Good.” Ye Fang and Hua Duan Hun nodded lightly, immediately agreeing with Li Yuan Chun’s proposition.

Meng Wu Ya quickly added, “Those three should just be the vanguard of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. I’m afraid that the rest of their army will arrive in short order. On top of that, you see over there… that Thunderbolt Beast King brought a lot of Monster Beasts with him as well.”

Turning his eyes in the direction Meng Wu Ya indicated, Yang Kai could see that a few dozen kilometres away, a cloud of dust was slowly rising from the ground. Amidst this cloud were countless Monster Beast figures. Sweeping them with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help becoming dignified.

The weakest of these Monster Beasts was actually at the Fifth-Order, while a large number of them had actually reached the Sixth-Order.

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