Martial Peak

Chapter 561 – Unable To Convince

Kang Zhan really was confused. Although Yang Kai’s performance since the beginning of the Inheritance War had been astonishing to the point where no one dared to look down on him, suddenly sprouting such senseless words really made Kang Zhan want to laugh.

Yang Kai also saw the mistrust on his face and quickly said, “I don’t have time to explain things to you, whether you believe me and leave here, or don’t and stay here to die has nothing to do with me!”

Finished what he had to say, he took a step forward.

However, this simple movement had immediately aroused the vigilance of the seven family coalitions and all of the gathered masters quickly pushed their True Qi and glared at him warily.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly overflowed with coldness as his patience ran thin.

“Little Lord…” Ye Xin Rou suddenly appeared in the crowd; someone had obviously informed her of this incident and she had immediately rushed over. A mischievous look appearing on her pretty face, she let out a light sigh and said, “You’re saying these things… aren’t you just trying to frighten us? Why would the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land people suddenly decide to come here and seek death instead of cowering in their miserable domain?”

“Idiot!” Yang Kai snorted, “Ye Xin Rou, I know that you have a prejudice against me and I admit that what I did to you last time went too far, but right now I have no desire to argue with you, nor do I have the time. Make way. Otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Little Lord, you really are frightening.” Ye Xin Rou looked at Yang Kai timidly before suddenly snickering, “You say that the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land is on its way to attack? What evidence can you provide to back up your claims?”

Yang Kai looked at her indifferently and said nothing.

What basis did he have for making such claims? Only his trust in Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo! The Golden Feather Eagle he had sent out to observe the situation had not yet returned but even if it did, only he would be able to fully understand the information it brought back, which meant he had no proof other than his own word.

Seeing his silence, Ye Xin Rou snorted and said, “Since you have no evidence, how can you convince us that this isn’t all some kind of trick, Little Lord?”

“I have no need to resort to tricks,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I have already quit the Inheritance War. The position of Yang Family Patriarch has nothing to do with me anymore. Big brother, Second Brother, whoever wants it, they can have it. All I want now is to take my people and leave here.”

“Hehe.” Ye Xin Rou smiled happily, “Little Lord, whether you withdraw from the Inheritance War or not, you cannot leave here.”

“Who said that I can’t leave?”

“You can try.”

“Don’t push me.” Yang Kai’s aura suddenly became dangerous.

Ye Xin Rou’s smile also converged quickly as she coldly declared, “Yang Kai, do not refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a loss. Although you have many masters accompanying you, don’t forget that all those who become enemies of the Eight Great Families are destined to not end well. Do you think that with your pitiful strength, you can resist the entire Central Capital? You think far too highly of yourself.”

“Junior Sister Ye, now is not the time to argue about this.” Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t stand it anymore and stepped forward, “With the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land people already on their way, even if you have personal grievances with Yang Kai and me, you should wait until we live through these troubles before settling them, no?”

“Why if it isn’t Elder Sister Qiu!” Ye Xin Rou grinned cunningly and stared at Qiu Yi Meng. “What happened? I saw you suffer a heavy injury just last night yet today you seem to have fully recovered? Elder Sister Qiu’s physique is really enviable; or perhaps… you were just putting on an act yesterday?”

Qiu Yi Meng’s face suddenly became ugly.

Ye Xin Rou did not know how to advance or retreat. She lifted her arms open, demonstrating her decision to keep Yang Kai and his allies from advancing any further no matter the cost. This simple but stubborn action of hers made Qiu Yi Meng exasperated. Originally, Qiu Yi Meng still wished to talk things out but after seeing Ye Xin Rou’s actions, Qiu Yi Meng knew that any civil discussion with her was equivalent to a chicken talking to a duck.

Ye Xin Rou’s hatred of Yang Kai and Qiu Yi Meng had made her unable to think straight.

“We’re unable to convince her.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, a hint of helplessness on his face.

Ye Xin Rou’s expression became cold as she suddenly shouted, “All those still supporting Yang Kai, listen well, abandon him immediately and swear allegiance to the Eight Great Families. If you do so, we will not investigate your crimes any further. Refuse and my Eight Great Families will consider your Sects and families as enemies. The consequences are something you should well understand.”

Everyone behind Yang Kai couldn’t help paling slightly at these words.

Ye Xin Rou sneered, “Pledging allegiance to the Eight Great Families is also for your own benefit, as long as you are willing to stand with us now, I promise that your families and Sects will obtain some advantages… Regarding this, Young Lord Liu can attest, isn’t that right, Young Lord Liu?”

As she spoke, she shot a glance towards the crowd behind her.

Among the people behind Ye Xin Rou, Liu Fei Sheng stood with an awkward expression, and with these words, countless eyes from Yang Kai’s house suddenly landed on him like piercing thorns. Completely embarrassed, he couldn’t wait to find a hole to crawl into.

“Liu Fei Sheng, you fucking bastard!” After a moment, Dong Qing Han couldn’t help screaming in fury.

Tian Yuan City’s Young City Lord had left Yang Kai’s house for less than an hour yet had already been won over by Ye Xin Rou.

This was no different from slapping Yang Kai’s face in front of everyone present.

When he left, Yang Kai had thanked him for his efforts and even given him some extremely precious gifts.

Upon hearing Dong Qing Han’s roar, Liu Fei Sheng’s face fluctuated between green and red.

“Only Liu Fei Sheng?” Yang Kai faintly asked.

Ye Xin Rou spat disdainfully and scoffed, “The Duan Mu Family and Purple Fern Valley people had some strength of spirit and immediately left War City, but only one is more than enough.”

Listening to this, Luo Xiao Man couldn’t help sighing with relief, she was really afraid that her Senior Brother Fan Hong couldn’t resist Ye Xin Rou’s persuasion and had become her enemy.

If that had really happened, would Luo Xiao Man still have any face to remain?

“Young Lord Liu, talk to them. You were together with them for so long, so you should also understand them. Tell them about what benefits your Tian Yuan City has received, feel free to express your true thoughts.” Ye Xin Rou gloated towards Yang Kai while casually ordering Liu Fei Sheng around.

Liu Fei Sheng’s expression was extremely difficult as he clenched his fists tightly, facing the disdainful and enraged glares from all of members of Yang Kai’s house, and he was almost unable to stand his ground.

“Little Lord… I’m sorry. I had no choice.” Liu Fei Sheng looked as if his soul had been pulled out as he barely managed to mutter these words.

“It is alright. This is your choice.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, his expression not fluctuating at all, as if Liu Fei Sheng’s betrayal really meant nothing to him.

Ye Xin Rou was stunned, suddenly feeling quite frustrated, as if she had thrown out a heavy punch only to hit cotton, her pretty face twisting in anger.

“Don’t waste your breath, the people from my mansion, you have no chance of winning over,” Yang Kai said decisively. “I will only say this once more; make way! We must leave this place, anyone who dares block us again we will kill without mercy!” “

“Little Lord’s temper is quite big.” Ye Xin Rou clenched her teeth and shouted. “I must have a look if you really have such skill!”

Yang Kai’s patience was finally exhausted, staring at Ye Xin Rou coldly, he slowly raised his hand.

The True Qi of the people behind him also suddenly became violent.

“Evil creature, you dare fight with us?”

Yang Kai’s face sank as he turned his gaze towards seven old men flying towards this place, obviously it was the Seven Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Seal Temple.

Ling Tai Xu and the others also wore dignified expressions.

Although during their battle last night, their side had an absolute advantage, but since then, Meng Wu Ya and Old Demon had not yet recovered their strength, so if they were to fight once more, this time, they would definitely be the ones to suffer a loss.

“Looks like we can’t get away.” Meng Wu Ya sighed and shook his head with a force smile upon his face, he had never expected simply leaving War City would actually be such a difficult task.

“After killing so many people from my Eight Great Families last night, you still haven’t had enough?” Yang Li Ting stared at Yang Kai coldly with a look of disgust upon his face, “Although you are a child of the Yang Family, I don’t believe you care one bit for the blood that flows through your veins. From now on, you are no longer a member of my Yang Family.”

The audience was stunned.

Yang Li Ting was actually expelling Yang Kai out of the family.

Throughout the history of the Eight Great Families, there were very few cases of direct descendants being disowned and banished. Once news of this spread, it would become an event that shook the world.

Yang Kai however remained indifferent, “Expelling me from the family? Very well, so be it. All I want right now is to take these people with me and leave, I hope several Seniors can grant us passage.”

“You want to leave just like that?” Another old man coldly snorted, “After killing so many people from my Eight Great Families, you now want to swagger off? How could things possibly be so cheap?”

The fat old man from the Huo Family also frowned and said, “Yang Kai, you mustn’t be swayed by your emotions. Think about things from our position. After everything that has transpired here, if we just let you go now, what face would our Eight Great Families have left?”

Yang Kai took a deep breath and sighed, he still had quite a good impression towards this fat old man, and he had repeatedly shown him good intentions, unlike all the others who had only used their status and strength to compel him to obey.

“Senior, this place faces imminent disaster, if you don’t heed my warnings and leave, everyone here will die!”

The fat old man suddenly looked awkward and said, “You let Qiu Yi Meng and Huo Xing Chen bring us this news, but as the Ye Family’s little girl said, what evidence can you provide as proof, this matter is not something that can be taken lightly.”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I can only give you my word. If you believe me, then hurry to make arrangements, if you don’t, then there’s nothing I can do.”

“Ai…” The fat old man sighed, “You putting it like this make it difficult for us to believe you don’t have other intentions.”

“Other intentions?” Yang Kai said curiously before suddenly understanding, “Senior believe I am using this excuse to stir up chaos and in order to find an opportunity to escape?”

“Is that not your intent?” Among the seven old men, someone sneered and said.

“Heh heh…” Yang Kai smiled helplessly, “That was truly not my plan, if I really wanted to escape from here, I wouldn’t have needed to tell you people anything. No one here is a child, but it seems your so called age and wisdom has instead harmed yourselves!”

“Impudence!” Yang Li Ting snarled, “You have no qualifications to lecture us old masters.”

Another person chimed in, “Forget about the reliability your words, just the source from which you obtained this information brings up many questions… You say you received this warning from the maidservant of the Beguiling Demon Queen, correct?”


“Bold!” The man shouted, “As a child of the Eight Great Families, actually having a connection with one of the Six Great Evil Kings, such a crime is absolutely unforgiveable!”

“Why would the Beguiling Demon Queen send someone to inform you about this? How could you believe the words of a demon?”

“Your story is full of loopholes. Since when were these old masters three-year-old children you can easily trick?”

All of these old men loudly accused and scolded loudly and even the fat old man couldn’t help showing a disappointed expression.

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