Martial Peak

Chapter 567 – Heavenly Palace

Against the Tyrannical Force King’s assault, all defenses in this world were meaningless.

His strength had reached a height that could only be described as a pure sublimation of power.

When the Tyrannical Force King had thrown his punch, the other four Evil Kings all wore relaxed grins, as if they could already picture the barrier Meng Wu Ya had set up smashing into smithereens.

Such was their confidence in the Force King.

But the actual result greatly differed from what they had anticipated.

The Force King’s fist landed on the transparent palace, but in response there was only a slight ripple on the barrier, while Yang Kai’s house and everyone inside remained unscathed.

On the other hand, the Tyrannical Force King was seemingly struck by a counter-force and sent tumbling a few thousand meters through the air before he finally managed to stabilize himself.

The eyes of the four other Great Evil Kings bulged as their jaws went slack, none of them able to recover from their shock for quite some time.

None of them had ever seen the Force King embarrass himself to such an extent. With his imposing figure that was at least twice as large as any other Evil King, none of them disputed his terrifying strength. Even the Poison King and Ghost King weren’t willing to fight one on one with him.

Even though his punch hadn’t used his complete strength just now, it was still not an ordinary attack, so why hadn’t this barrier even cracked?

The expressions of all the Evil Kings became serious.

Meanwhile, the people in Yang Kai’s house couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. Although Meng Wu Ya had said he could ensure their safety, until they had witnessed for themselves the strength of this palace-like barrier, none of them had dared to believe him completely.

Seeing the Force King’s attack having no effect at all, everyone’s confidence in Meng Wu Ya surged as their tension noticeably relaxed.

The Tyrannical Force King shook his head a few times and then rapidly returned to the barrier outside Yang Kai’s house, glaring at this transparent palace with seething anger.

Seeing this, the Ghost King snickered, “Force King, was the embarrassment just now not enough for you? Come on, put some real strength into it.”

The Poison King also laughed, “Seems Force King’s strength is only at this level.”

All of the other Evil Kings seemed happy to see the Tyrannical Force King suffer a loss, each of them taking great pleasure in his misfortune.

“Bullshit!” The Tyrannical Force King roared angrily, “It’s this barrier that’s strange.”

As he spoke, he gripped his fists and let out a great bellow, his Blood Force rapidly expanding.

The Poison King and Ghost King no longer mocked, instead becoming quite solemn; they knew that the Force King was about to get serious.

The punch he had just used was probably only fifty percent of his maximum, but now the Force King was obviously going to exert his full strength.

Such a punch wasn’t something any of the other Evil Kings was willing to take head on.

But could he break this barrier? Each of the Evil Kings waited with anticipation.

Suddenly, the Force King thrust out his fist. Unlike his previous strike, this time his punch seemed slow and sluggish, something even a three-year-old child could easily dodge.

However, wherever his fist passed, space itself would fragment and the Heavens would tremble.

When this punch landed on the palace-like barrier, an unparalleled eruption of force suddenly emerged.

The ripples on the barrier this time were much larger than before, but that was all.

Once again, the Tyrannical Force King let out a pitiful scream and was sent flying like an arrow from a bow, disappearing into the distance in the blink of an eye.

The Poison King, Shadow King, Beast King, and Ghost King were all dumbfounded once more.

Everyone in Yang Kai’s house who had just now been holding their breaths suddenly erupted into cheers, their last vestiges of worry transforming into joy.

“This barrier… it’s really not ordinary.” The Poison King finally saw some clues and quietly muttered.

“This artifact is somehow different from any other I’ve ever seen.” The Ghost King also said as he fixedly stared at Meng Wu Ya.

The Force King had used his full strength yet was unable to even scratch the barrier created by this artifact. Did this world really have such a Heaven defying artifact? The Ghost King really couldn’t understand the depths of this old man, nor could he fathom what kind of heritage he possessed to actually own such an artifact.

After a while, the Tyrannical Force King once more returned, but this time there were clear traces of fresh blood around his mouth. The rebound he suffered from attacking the barrier had clearly given him some internal injuries.

“Fuck! Father doesn’t believe there is a barrier under the Heavens he can’t break!” The Tyrannical Force King’s face twisted with rage as he roared towards the sky.

“Force King, forget it. This barrier isn’t something that brute force can break.” Poison King reminded.

“Shut up!” The Tyrannical Force King glared at him and shouted, his expression practically screaming he would not rest until he had smashed open this barrier with his fists, quickly flying towards it and preparing to launch another attack.

“Idiot!” The Profound Yin Ghost King sneered dismissively.

Among the Great Evil Kings, the Tyrannical Force King’s strength was indeed superb, but in the end he was just a muscle head. Once he set his mind on something, he would follow through no matter what. No one could persuade him otherwise except for the Demon Lord, Yang Bai.

But since the Demon Lord wasn’t here, the Force King wanted to try again and the other Evil Kings knew better than to try to stop him.

For this third attempt, the Force King’s expression became incomparably dignified, as if he was dealing with a matter of great significance.

Flying forward, the Force King suddenly swung his fists rapidly, creating a flurry of phantom punches that all seemed to land on the barrier at once.

Just as the Force King’s fists reached their target, a gap suddenly opened in the barrier and Meng Wu Ya’s mouth also curled into a sly grin.

The Force King was stunned and for a moment and couldn’t control his momentum, shooting straight through the gap in front of him, the barrier rapidly closing behind him.

At the same moment, a brilliant flash of light appeared and a blurry figure instantly arrived beside the Force King, grabbing him, and pulling him back through the swiftly sealing crack in the barrier.

Before anyone could blink, the hole in the barrier had closed and the Tyrannical Force King appeared several tens of meters outside it, the Lightning Flash Shadow King still tightly gripping his shoulder.

“Quite quick!” Meng Wu Ya glanced over at the Lightning Flash Shadow King and narrowed his eyes slightly, at that moment even he hadn’t clearly seen the Shadow King’s movements.

Yang Kai was startled and only regained his composure after everything had ended.

From what had just happened, it was obvious that Meng Wu Ya had wanted to draw the Force King into the barrier.

Since this barrier was created by Meng Wu Ya, he certainly had a number of methods available to him to handle those inside it. If they could solve a Great Evil King here, it would greatly ease the current situation.

Unfortunately, the Lightning Flash Shadow King had acted faster and managed to rescue the Tyrannical Force King before the barrier could completely close.

Letting out a slight sigh, Yang Kai also felt it was a pity.

“You dare play tricks with me!?” The Force King roared, his face twisting with indignation, turning his head to the Shadow King and cursing, “Why did you pull me out? Since I was inside already I could have just slaughtered them all!”

However, the Lightning Flash Shadow King just shook his head indifferently, “Impossible, if you were trapped inside, you’d be the one to die.”

Since the other party dared play such a hand, he must have a great deal of confidence in his ability to handle the Force King. All four of the other Evil Kings realized this, only the victim himself, due to his lack of brains, still thought he had missed a golden opportunity.

Listening to this blunt truth, the Force King no longer argued back and just spat disdainfully, “This turtle shell is really hard, I have no way to break it.”

It seemed like brute force alone couldn’t destroy this barrier.

“Let us try!” The Poison King and Ghost King smiled coldly, the two of them simultaneously using their own methods to attack the barrier surrounding Yang Kai’s house, immediately submerging it in a poisonous mist filled with black shrieking ghosts.

Staring at the green and black fog engulfing the barrier and hearing the terrifying wails ring out all around them, everyone in Yang Kai’s house couldn’t help trembling slightly.

However, the poisonous fog and evil Soul phantoms were completely blocked by the palace-like barrier, without a single leak. No matter how the Ghost King and Poison King tried, they couldn’t find the slightest gap to exploit.

After a while, the Poison King and Ghost King took back their hands and let out a long sigh.

It seemed like they too were powerless.

After a moment of silence, the Ghost King said, “Sir Demon Lord will be here soon. There’s no need for us to delay here any longer. Since these cowards refuse to come out, we can just take care of them later. Might as well clean up the other random trash while we wait.”

“Good.” The Poison King nodded, “When Sir Demon Lord arrives, he will definitely break open this barrier.”

The Five Great Evil Kings glanced at each other and nodded before scattering in all directions, soon disappearing. Even the huge Spider Mother quickly followed behind the Thunderbolt Beast King.

After they left, everyone inside Yang Kai’s mansion finally truly relaxed.

Yang Kai looked at Meng Wu Ya and asked, “Treasurer Meng, can this barrier block the Demon Lord?”

In response, Meng Wu Ya proudly said, “What does that Demon Lord count for? No one can break this old master’s Heavenly Palace!”

“Heavenly Palace?” Ling Tai Xu raised his brow slightly, “Is that the name of this artifact? En, an appropriate title, no wonder Brother Meng was so confident, originally you possessed such an artifact.”

With the Heavenly Palace’s protection, the people taking refuge inside Yang Kai’s mansion were extremely safe.

“How long can this barrier be maintained?” Yang Kai asked somewhat hesitantly.


This time, Yang Kai was beyond shocked, realizing he had still greatly underestimated the power of the Heavenly Palace.

However, even if they had a safe haven, Yang Kai’s expression was still a little depressed; he couldn’t hide here forever after all. Turning his gaze towards the direction of the Central Capital, he couldn’t help feeling a sense of worry.

News of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land attacking should have already reached the Central Capital, but Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of resistance they could mount. After the two sides engaged in battle, the ultimate result was uncertain.

Although his parents’ current strength wasn’t bad, they were still far too weak compared to the Great Evil Kings, not to mention the Demon Lord.

War City lay in ruins, its every inhabitant had either died or fled.

A large number of Monster Beasts arrived soon after five Great Evil Kings and tore through War City. Less than an hour later, with the exception of those inside Yang Kai’s mansion, not a single living soul remained.

Even the cultivators that had fled earlier were hunted down by the five Great Evil Kings and their Monster Beast allies.

Only a few peak level masters managed to safely evacuate to the Central Capital.

After sweeping the city with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai couldn’t help silently rejoicing.

Fortunately he and his allies had the protection of Meng Wu Ya’s Heavenly Palace, if not for this powerful artifact, whether he had lead his allies to leave here or had remained in War City and fought, the cultivators in his house would surely have suffered massive losses.

Just as Meng Wu Ya had said before, if he had chosen to flee, at most ten percent of these people would have survived.

This time, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land had caught the Eight Great Families completely off guard.

Just as the sky was beginning to darken and evening approached, the main force of cultivators from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, under the leadership of Demon Lord Yang Bai, finally arrived in War City along with the Beguiling Demon Queen Shan Qing Luo.

Sweeping her eyes around at the devastated War City, the rivers of blood and mountains of corpses, Shan Qing Luo couldn’t help revealing a slightly sorrowful expression, but in her heart she was also quite anxious, because she could sense that Yang Kai was still here, not moving, possibly even captured.

After joining up with the other five Great Evil Kings and listening to their report to Yang Bai, Shan Qing Luo secretly let out a sigh of relief.

“Even you couldn’t break that barrier?” Yang Bai stared at the five Great Evil Kings questioningly, seemingly dissatisfied with the five of them.

Under this pointed gaze, the five Evil Kings trembled slightly, the Poison King quickly adding, “Sir Demon Lord, that barrier is quite unusual, we really had no way of destroying it. In this world, I’m afraid only you have to power to handle it.”

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