Martial Peak

Chapter 454 – Extremely Strange

The lively sounds in the hall suddenly fell silent. Everyone still had a smile on their face, but everyone was now staring at Qiu Yi Meng and Yang Kai oddly, a trace of suspicion in their expressions, wondering if either they had heard wrong or Qiu Yi Meng had misspoken.

“Young Lady Qiu can actually make such a joke.” Huo Xing Chen suddenly laughed.

Everyone in the hall was surprised, thinking that even Qiu Yi Meng actually had such a side to her.

However, this joke wasn’t very funny, and no on aside from Huo Xing Chen laughed. All of them were afraid of embarrassing Qiu Yi Meng so they all decided to act modest.

Qiu Yi Meng stared out at the crowd indifferently, her beautiful pair of eyes casually sweeping over everyone’s faces, no making any attempt to refute the quiet chatter, only asking after a long silence, “Funny, right?”

Only a light, awkward cough sounded, everyone adjusting their expressions as they unconsciously straightened themselves up.

“Maybe you think I was joking, but what I said is true. These Consolidating Essence Pills are all Mysterious Grade Low-Rank. The pills are in your hands now, if you don’t believe me you can open the bottles and see for yourselves,” Qiu Yi Meng said succinctly.

“How could this be?” Huo Xing Chen obviously didn’t believe her, shaking his head as he continued, “The Consolidating Essence Pill is a Heaven Grade Top-Rank Pill. I’ve taken many before, so of that I’m certain. How could it suddenly become Mysterious Grade?”

Although Mysterious Grade Low-Rank and Heaven Grade Top-Rank were only separated by a single rank, the value of the two was far apart. Pills below Mysterious Grade were just ordinary pills, but any Mysterious Grade pill could already be called a treasure.

Every Mysterious Grade pill was not easy to obtain, not only was it difficult to collect the required materials, it would also take a lot of effort and time for even the best Alchemists to refine.

Since the Medicine King’s Valley group had arrived it had only been half a month, and all of these Alchemists had publicly made their Grade known.

If this group of Alchemists had refined this many Heaven Grade Top-Rank pills in such a short period of time it would be more than enough for everyone to admire.

However, Qiu Yi Meng just told them that these Consolidating Essence Pills were all Mysterious Grade, obviously everyone had a difficult time believing her. Forget about there not being enough Alchemists here to refine so many Mysterious Grade pills so quickly, it was impossible for Consolidating Essence Pills to be Mysterious Grade in the first place.

After saying so, Huo Xing Chen still opened one of his pill bottles and poured out a single grain. As he did so though, the scornful look on his face suddenly changed as he gazed at the pill in his palm.

The look spread across everyone’s face when they poured out their pills, cries of shock and surprise immediately bursting out.

“All of you have not low positions in your respective Sects, so you must have taken Consolidating Essence Pills before, Naturally, you can understand the quality of the pills in your hands right now.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled slightly, not saying any more.

Earlier this morning, when she saw this batch of Consolidating Essence Pills, her reaction was the same as Huo Xing Chen’s, thinking that Yang Kai was joking with her, but after verifying it with her own eyes, Qiu Yi Meng had no choice but to admit that these were indeed a batch of Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Consolidating Essence Pill!

“How is this possible?” Huo Xing Chen muttered in a dumbfounded voice. The mere existence of these Mysterious Grade Consolidating Essence Pills exceeded his realm of understanding.

Still in the midst of shock, the Huo Family’s Young Lord dumped out all the pills in this bottle and began checking them one by one, quickly discovering that this was indeed a full batch of Mysterious Grade pills.

“How could this be?” Huo Xing Chen muttered for the third time, a great sense of confusion washing over him as he began to question if he was still asleep and currently dreaming.

“Ah! Look! This pill has a pattern of lines above it like meridians!” Someone suddenly screamed, as if they had just discovered something extraordinary.

“Pill Veins!”

“Heavens! I also have a few pills with Pill Veins!”

“Me too! There are four of them! Hahaha… I’d only heard of rumors about Pills having Pill Veins; I never dreamed I would one day actually see one!”

On top of that, these Pill Veins had appeared on Mysterious Grade pills, and there wasn’t just one or two in the entire batch, between twenty and thirty percent of all the pills had Pill Veins.

Everyone was shocked, their faces still showing signs of disbelief but that did nothing to diminish their obvious excitement.

When an Alchemist refined a pill, if their skill was high enough, there was a chance that when the pill formed lines like human meridians would appear, these were Pill Veins.

Once a pill with Pill Veins appeared, its value would immediately double! Because of the existence of these Pill Veins, the effect of such a pill would be much stronger than an equivalent pill without such meridians, and no matter how long it was placed in storage, its potency would never fade. Even if a great amount of time passed, the Pill Veins would actively absorb World Energy in order to nourish and maintain the pill’s efficacy.

Above Pill Veins there was also the Pill Cloud! This was when a wispy cloud appeared atop a successfully refined pill and it was said that its effects were even stronger than Pill Veins.

However, all of this was the stuff of rumours and legends. Although the people gathered here didn’t have low status, even they could rarely witness pills with Pill Veins. It wasn’t that their respective Sects lacked money to purchase such pills, but that ordinary Alchemists rarely, if ever, managed to refine these things.

Even Alchemy obsessed Alchemists would only occasionally refine a pill with Pill Veins, and even then it was just a chance coincidence.

Also, the higher the grade of pill, the smaller the chance that Pill Veins would appear!

The appearance of Pill Veins was a symbol of a top level Alchemist, it was synonymous with the very best pills!

But now, at least twenty percent of the Mysterious Grade pills in everyone’s hands had Pill Veins! This ratio was nothing short of terrifying.

These Pill Vein pills were more astonishing than any treasure.

Everyone in the hall couldn’t help shouting and laughing joyfully.

The Tian Yuan City Young City Lord Liu Fei Sheng was even more excited. Holding the two bottles of Mysterious Grade pills in his hand, his face flushed and his breath became hot.

In his heart, he secretly thought to himself that coming here to support Young Lord Kai was the best decision he had ever made. Even before any big fights had erupted, each force here had been granted two bottles of Mysterious Grade pills. Over the course of the long campaign to come, what need was there to worry about not receiving such benefits?

Even the four girls from Ten Thousand Flower Palace were giggling happily at this moment, only Han Xiao Qi managed to contain herself slightly. Although she too was excited, she still maintained the proper poise of a Big Senior Sister, but this didn’t stop her from glancing towards Yang Kai and smiling gratefully.

As for Ye Han, her personality was lively to begin with. As she checked each individual pill, every time she came across one with Pill Veins she would call out loudly, leading her Senior Sisters to secretly scold her about showing proper etiquette.

“Senior Qin is too amazing. Medicine King’s Valley is simply on a different level!” After recovering slightly from his initial excitement, Chu Jing Shan of Soaring Feather Pavilion couldn’t help praising lavishly.

“Indeed, Senior Qin having such skill now, I’m afraid he can already stand shoulder to shoulder with Grandmaster Xiao!” Feng Qian Hen of Water Moon Hall added on.

Huo Xing Chen on the other hand had his brow furrowed, carefully grasping the bottle of Mysterious Grade Pills in his hand as he stared straight towards Yang Kai.

Different from those who came from first-class forces, Huo Xing Chen wasn’t as uninformed, the things that he had encountered and seen before were undoubtedly of a higher level than them. The Huo Family also had a Mysterious Grade Alchemist, more than one in fact, but according to what Huo Xing Chen knew, even those Alchemists couldn’t refine so many Mysterious Grade pills in such a short period of time. As for refining this many pills with Pill Veins, even if they were given another ten years they wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a feat!

Even if Qin Ze was the Young Valley Lord of Medicine King’s Valley, he was still only a recently promoted Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Alchemist, could he really be the source of these pills?

As Qiu Yi Meng’s gaze swept over the hall, her eyes met with Huo Xing Chen’s and the two young youths from super families shared a glance, each noticing the doubts in the other’s eyes.

This whole thing was extremely strange.

But in the end, having obtained these Mysterious Grade pills, naturally everyone was in a hurry to cultivate. With such a batch of pills available, improving their strength would only be a matter of time.

Everyone in the hall quickly offered some words of thanks before saying goodbye and returning to their own courtyard to enter retreat. Even Huo Xing Chen couldn’t wait to go back and try the effects of these pills.

After everyone else had left, Qiu Yi Meng looked at Yang Kai with a meaningful smile and asked, “So, would you like to tell me, who refined these pills?”

“Don’t bother asking, I won’t tell you.” Yang Kai faintly shook his head. This matter was related to his Little Senior Sister, Yang Kai obviously wouldn’t tell anyone.

Moreover, with the exception of the Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists and Yang Kai, everyone else was strictly forbidden from entering the Pill Room. Even Qiu Yi Meng didn’t dare enter this place lest she disturb the Alchemists inside, so she really wasn’t clear about the source of this batch of pills.

Rolling her eyes though, Qiu Yi Meng muttered, “Even if you don’t tell me, I know. These pills were refined by your Little Senior Sister weren’t they?”

The Qiu Family’s First Young Lady was extremely intelligent and observant. She had quickly judged that Qin Ze didn’t possess such great skill and in addition to Yang Kai and the Medicine King’s Valley disciples, only Xia Ning Chang had gone in and out of the Pill Room. Given this many clues, it was easy for her to infer some things.

“Don’t speak irresponsibly, be careful I don’t kill you to silence the witness.” Yang Kai glanced at her, his gaze filled with a meaning of warning.

Qiu Yi Meng’s beautiful face paled slightly, filling with a stunned expression. Just now, she had only made a wild guess, but given Yang Kai’s intense reaction, this batch of pill really seemed to have stemmed from his Little Senior Sister!

Not concerning herself with Yang Kai’s warning, Qiu Yi Meng’s look became dignified, realizing now that Xia Ning Chang was far more than just Yang Kai’s woman.

But with the exception of her veil which caused people to take notice of her, there didn’t seem to be anything especially noteworthy about this young woman. Although her strength was quite high for her age, at least Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage, could she really have refined all of these pills herself?

Shaking her head as a wry smile appeared on her face, Qiu Yi Meng immediately dismissed this inconceivable notion.

By the time she came to her senses and looked around, Yang Kai had already disappeared.

“One day, one day I’ll dig up all your secrets!” Qiu Yi Meng muttered, secretly feeling some slight concern.

Yang Kai’s various mysteries had already made her pay special attention to him, and now even the woman around him seemed to hide some incredible secrets. Naturally, this piqued Qiu Yi Meng’s curiosity.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai strolled over to his Little Senior Sister’s room. Over this past half month, Xia Ning Chang had almost constantly been performing Alchemy and hadn’t had much rest, let alone had time to speak with him.

Opening the door and stepping inside, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly turned strange.

Inside there was not only Xia Ning Chang, but also Lan Chu Die. The two young women seemed to be chatting about something, gentle smiles upon their faces.

After noticing Yang Kai come in, two pairs of eyes immediately glanced over at him.

“Two Senior Sisters seem to be in a good mood. What are you talking about?” Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony and simply walked in.

Xia Ning Chang and Lan Chu Die exchanged a glance before grinning.

“Womanly affairs, there’s no need for you to know.” Lan Chu Die glanced at Yang Kai and said.

“There’s no outsiders here, let’s hear it.” Yang Kai replied with a laugh.

Hearing him say so, Lan Chu Die suddenly felt a little happy in her heart.

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