Martial Peak

Chapter 455 – Intrusion

As Yang Kai spoke, he walked over to where Xia Ning Chang was sitting, gently picked her up and, ignoring the exclamation of his Little Senior Sister, sat her down on his lap before turning to Lan Chu Die and waiting for her to answer.

“Junior Brother…” Xia Ning Chang whimpered as she fidgeted uneasily, but wrapped strongly in Yang Kai’s arms, there was simply no way for her to flee. In a flash, her face had become bright red and her delicate eyelashes were fluttering violently, burying her head in her chest, not daring to meet anyone’s eyes.

“No need to be nervous, I just said, no one here is an outsider.” Yang Kai smiled, his face showing a roguish expression.

The delight on Lan Chu Die’s face quickly faded as she squeezed out an awkward smile, “It seems that I best no disturb you two any more than this.”

With that said, she immediately got up and left.

Xia Ning Chang also made another attempt to get up but Yang Kai gently tickled her, causing her to squirm slightly and give up any idea of escaping. Yang Kai had targeted her delicate waist which was a naturally sensitive place for her.

The reason he had acted so in front of Lan Chu Die was to let her leave. Time was precious, and he didn’t have much to spend with this Little Senior Sister of his, so how could he allow others to bother them?

After Lan Chu Die left, Yang Kai waved his hand and a soft wind gently shut the door.

Outside the room, Lan Chu Die’s smile was stiff and bitter. How could she not understand Yang Kai’s intention? It was because he made it so obvious that it had stung so much.

Both she and Xia Ning Chang were Yang Kai’s Senior Sisters! Both of them had had passed through the period of unfamiliar to familiar with him, but now, the difference in value between her and Xia Ning Chang in Yang Kai’s heart was as different as Heaven and Earth.

Along the road of life, often a single inadvertent choice could change ones destiny. Thinking so as she shook her head slightly, Lan Chu Die stared down at her somewhat thin clothing and suddenly felt that autumn had come and it was a bit cold.

Listening to the sounds outside the door and noticing that Lan Chu Die had left, Xia Ning Chang whispered as quietly as a mosquito, “Junior Brother, you can let go now…”

“Does it feel that uncomfortable?” Yang Kai looked into her eyes and said with a smile.

“Wu…” Xia Ning Chang gently applied, his cheeks hot.

“Do you like me?” Yang Kai’s grinned devilishly as he asked this mischievous question.

Xia Ning Chang didn’t dare to answer, holding her silence as her heart beat loudly.

“So you don’t like me,” Yang Kai sighed with a look of disappointment.

“No, no…” His Little Senior Sister suddenly panicked and waved her hands, her eyes spinning with anxiety.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh.

Treasurer Meng next door tightly gripped his fists as he felt a raging fire flare up in his chest, barely able to stop himself from rushing over and beating Yang Kai so badly his own mother wouldn’t recognize him!

[Little brat! Little bastard! You dare bully this old master’s precious, innocent, adorable, treasured apprentice?! Shameless! Are you trying to enrage this old man?!]

“Junior Brother, are you teasing me?” Xia Ning Chang whimpered, her delicate cheeks visibly swelling with discontent under her veil.

Gazing at Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai’s eyes grew soft. It seemed like all the exhaustion from this period of hard work had all been dispelled.

Xia Ning Chang was uncomfortable, but realizing she couldn’t get away, she instead turned her head and changed the subject, “Junior Brother, you don’t seem to like Senior Sister Lan.”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly and thought for a while before replying, “It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just that I feel like I should avoid too much contact with her.”

“Why? From what I’ve seen, Senior Sister Lan seems to care quite a bit about you, even just how when she came to see me, she talked a lot about you.”

“It’s precisely because of that,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Let’s say, if I wasn’t a child of the Yang Family, or a former disciple of High Heaven Pavilion any longer, would that change your attitude towards me, Little Senior Sister?”

“No! No matter who you become, you’ll always be my Junior Brother.”

“I knew you’d say that, but not everyone is like you. Our Senior Sister Lan is like that, I’m afraid a large part of her caring about me right now is because of my identity. If, one day, I was no longer a Yang Family person, she may change her opinion of me again. Of course, these are just my personal opinions, but I still feel that I should try to contact her as little as possible. I can’t say that the way she does things is wrong, in fact it may even be the appropriate way for her to think, all I can say for sure is that Little Senior Sister is too good, there’s no comparison between you.”

Yang Kai shook his head and explained his thoughts to Xia Ning Chang who appeared slightly sceptical.

However, Yang Kai knew that in her heart she understood. Although Little Senior Sister was innocent and cute, she was not ignorant of worldly matters, she was simply too kind-hearted and didn’t like seeing the ugly side of others.

“Right, what about my pills?” Yang Kai asked.

“They’re on the bed, I’ll get them.” Xia Ning Chang leapt from Yang Kai’s lap and walked over to her bed, taking out a small bag and handing it over to Yang Kai.

Opening the bag, six bottles of pills appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes.

“There are three bottles used for cultivating True Qi, all of which are Yang Attribute, and three bottles used for restoring Spiritual Energy.” Xia Ning Chang said slightly regretfully, “Time was too tight, so I could only refine these for now.”

“This is more than enough,” Yang Kai said, extremely satisfied; after all, these pills are all Mysterious Grade Low-Rank.

Like the Consolidating Essence Pills from before, all of these should have been Heaven Grade Top-Rank pills but they had been upgraded by Xia Ning Chang to the Mysterious Grade Low Rank.

Myriad Drug Liquid wasn’t only useful for cleansing the body, but by adding a drop during the pill refinement process it could also enhance the quality of that pill. By using Myriad Drug Liquid in conjunction with the Spirit Arrays from the True Alchemic Way, accomplishing this seemingly impossible task had become a breeze for Xia Ning Chang.

If there was no help from the Myriad Drug Liquid and Spirit Arrays, given Xia Ning Chang’s current Alchemic ability, there would have been no way to refine so many Mysterious Grade pills in a short half a month. Yang Kai didn’t have so much Mysterious Grade material for her to play with.

“Don’t tire yourself out.” Yang Kai looked at her somewhat worriedly.

“I’m not tired at all. When I perform Alchemy, my strength also steadily improves, in fact, I feel as if I’m going to break through to the Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage soon so I hope I can refine even more pills. If I can grow up quickly, I can be of more help to Junior Brother and master sooner!” Xia Ning Chang said happily.

[To her, Alchemy is cultivation; the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body is really special!] Yang Kai secretly thought to himself.

Finishing his conversation with Xia Ning Chang, Yang Kai too began to cultivate.

As always, Yang Kai started by absorbing the three bottles of Yang Attribute pills first and converted them into Yang Liquid, then used the other three bottles’ recovery pills to supplement his Spiritual Energy as he studied the True Alchemic Way.

In addition, by using the Spiritual Energy cultivation technique taught to him by Treasurer Meng, Yang Kai noticed a marked improvement in the speed his Spiritual Energy recovered.

While Yang Kai cultivated, Xia Ning Chang stayed quietly by his side, either restoring her strength or napping on her bed.

Such a scene reminded Yang Kai of the time the two had spent together in his secluded cave under the Coiling Dragon Stream.

Two days later, Xia Ning Chang once again went to the Pill Room to perform Alchemy, leaving Yang Kai suddenly feeling a bit lonely.

As time passed, Yang Kai could clearly feel that his strength was improving step by step, and he was only a step away from breaking through to the True Element Boundary Ninth Stage.

With the Immortal Ascension Boundary within sight, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

As long as he arrived at the Immortal Ascension Boundary, he wouldn’t need to care about the surveillance of the eight Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters in War City.

In the quiet hours before dawn, Yang Kai was silently studying the mysteries of the True Alchemic Way when all of a sudden; he felt something slightly out of place. Opening his eyes rapidly, his brow furrowed as he used the full force of his Divine Sense to sweep the mansion.

At the same time, Yang Kai clearly felt that from the room next door, Meng Wu Ya also completely let loose his Divine Sense. Compared with his own, Meng Wu Ya’s Divine Sense was incredibly subtle, nearly undetectable, but its tyrannical strength was undeniable.

The two powerful Divine Senses simultaneously probed the entire mansion and quickly locked onto an anomaly.

“Courting death!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, condensing his Spiritual Energy and launching his Soul Skill towards the intruder.

In the darkness, a wisp of purple light burst out followed by a cry of surprise as a thin blurry figure suddenly appeared.

“Who goes there!” All of the strong masters in the mansion immediately noticed something amiss and Yang Kai’s mansion immediately became noisy.

The next moment, the sound of whistling wind rang out as countless people flew towards the disturbances’ source.

The thin and fuzzy figure was obviously stunned, apparently never having through they would be noticed.

Not daring to hesitate, the figure suddenly swayed and became engulfed in flowing lines of water. As this water curtain rippled open, the person’s body gradually blurred again.

Just as the figure was about to disappear completely, a ghostly figure flashed behind it and two daggers with shimmering cold light slashed open the surrounding several meters of space.

Ying Jiu!

With a great splashing noise, the figure exploded and scattered.

Ying Jiu’s eyes swept the area once before he quickly retreated into the shadows, fixing his gaze on the spot where the figure had just stood; however, there was no trace of anyone there, only a faint watery mist gently floating about.

A thousands meters away, a blurry figure was escaping at lightning like speed, causing Ying Jiu to furrow his brow slightly.

[Such speed…]

*Shua Shua Shua* A moment later, countless figures landed in the hallway and Yang Kai strode forward, glancing at a trace of blood on the ground then in the direction the invader had fled before letting out a cold grunt.

“What’s all the racket about?” The door to the Pill Room was suddenly opened and Qin Ze stepped out while muttering unpleasantly, but upon seeing so many people present along with Yang Kai, he quickly converged his expression and wrinkled his brow.

He could also see that the situation was unusual.

“Someone snuck in, did anything happen to any of the disciples from Medicine King’s Valley?” Yang Kai asked quickly.

“No.” Qin Ze shook his head.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense again and carefully swept the area, confirming that there were no casualties amongst the Medicine King’s Valley group and that Xia Ning Chang was safe.

However… the Pill Room was the most heavily defended position in the entire compound, yet someone had still managed to invade all the way here. This alone was enough to alarm Yang Kai.

This was nothing less than a slap across his face!

“Quickly check if there are any losses inside the mansion!” Yang Kai ordered firmly, his expression akin to the gathering clouds before a great storm, causing all those present to feel their hearts clench.

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