Martial Peak

Chapter 453 – Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Consolidating Essence pill

The Inheritance War was not just about personal strength, it was also a measure of a Young Lord’s contacts and heritage. During the war, some Young Lords would inevitably be able to gather less support, while others would be able to gather more.

Even when it came to the participation of the Yang Family Blood Warriors, there was no such concept as fairness.

The Inheritance War itself was governed by the law of the jungle!

“There’s one other thing you should know.” Qiu Yi Meng hesitated and frowned, some worry apparent between her brows. Clearly she was disgruntled about this topic.

“Go on.”

“It’s about those Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley. Yang Zhao, along with several of your other brothers, have jointly protested to the Yang Family Elder Hall and requested that they cancel their right to participate, especially Qin Ze.”

“Naive!” Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent; not concerned in the slightest.

Qiu Yi Meng grinned slightly, “Although I think that in terms of the intention of your Yang Family’s Inheritance War, your Elder Hall won’t risk offending Medicine King’s Valley to support Yang Zhao and your brothers, but we should discuss this matter. If you were a member of your family’s Elder Hall, would you accept your brother’s petition?”

“Impossible,” Yang Kai shook his head decisively, “The Inheritance War is a test of one’s connections. My being able to forge a good relationship with Medicine King’s Valley is something the Elder Hall would deeply desire, how could they interfere?”

“What you say makes sense, but given Yang Zhao’s personality, he shouldn’t have made such a fuss if he knew it would only be in vain, he definitely has other intentions. In any case, you should pay some attention to this matter.”

“Other intentions…” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow and pondered for a moment before nodding slightly.

“Good. Those are the only major events you missed these past few days. The only other issue is that Qin Ze and his people have been clamoring for Alchemy materials, so…”

“Is the Pill Room ready?”

“It has already been set up and all the required equipment for Alchemy has been placed inside, but those Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley all have their own pill stoves so those tools probably won’t be used.”

Yang Kai nodded in approval, “Good, then I’ll deliver the materials to them myself, you can see to your own tasks.”

Qiu Yi Meng smiled before walking off. Liu Fei Sheng also cupped his fists before quickly following after Qiu Yi Meng.

“Young Lord Kai, that Tian Yuan City Young City Lord seems to have some intentions towards Qiu Yi Meng. Since coming here, he has done nothing but follow her around,” Huo Xing Chen grinned meaningfully. “Do you have any thoughts on this matter?”

“If any random Young Lord could conquer her, she wouldn’t be Qiu Yi Meng.” Yang Kai shook his head faintly, “Why do you mention this?”

“I don’t know why, but for some reason I don’t like that Liu Fei Sheng!” Huo Xing Chen spat disdainfully, “That little brat is more handsome than this Young Lord! There’s simply no justice in this world! Well, whatever. I’m going to go cultivate now so don’t let me bother you.”

Listening to these words, Yang Kai glanced at Huo Xing Chen’s receding back blankly, wondering when this dandy Young Lord had suddenly become so diligent.

Yang Kai thought that during his time here, Huo Xing Chen had probably begun to feel a sense of pressure. The people who had come to support him were all leaders of the younger generation of their respective forces, and all of their aptitudes were excellent. Huo Xing Chen, as the sole heir to one of the Eight Great Families, definitely wasn’t willing to appear worse than these others and it was precisely because of this reason that he had reigned in his previous debauchery.

Walking over to the Pill Room, Yang Kai went inside and took out all the Alchemy materials he had stored up so far.

When Qin Ze and the other Alchemists saw this pile of Alchemy materials, all of them smiled happily and rolled up their sleeves.

“Senior Brother Qin, I’ll have to entrust this hard work to you.”

“Nonsense,” Qin Ze smiled, “Being able to study the Alchemic Way from Master Aunt Xia, how could it possibly be hard?”

Xia Ning Chang was now a top level Alchemist comparable to Xiao Fu Sheng himself. Qin Ze and his fellow disciples almost never had the chance to speak with Xiao Fu Sheng much less watch him perform Alchemy. Now that they were given an opportunity to work with Xia Ning Chang, no matter how many pills they were asked to refine they would only be excited and anxious to do so.

“Little Senior Sister will need a day or two to of meditation to study some new knowledge she has just recently acquired. So for now, you should just familiarize yourselves with this place.” Yang Kai said with a slightly strange expression. The names they referred to each other by were all messed up; Qin Ze called Xia Ning Chang Master Aunt while Yang Kai called Qin Ze Senior Brother. The generational confusion was quite serious.

“Junior Brother Yang doesn’t need to concern himself with us, just go about your own business.” Qin Ze said carelessly, turning around and joining the rest of the Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists as they began examining the pile of Alchemy materials.

After that, no one paid any attention to Yang Kai.

With a helpless chuckle, Yang Kai simply turned around and left.

Just as Yang Kai predicted, Xia Ning Chang really exited her room two days later after she had completely digested the information he had taught her from the True Alchemic Way and was eager to put what she had learned into practice.

Inside the mansion, countless pairs of eyes monitored the movements from the Pill Room. In Yang Kai’s compound, besides the group from Medicine King’s Valley, there were a total of eleven forces gathered. These people had all come to support Yang Kai in the Inheritance War, so Yang Kai naturally had a responsibility and obligation to provide them with supplies and arms to enhance their strength in order to cope with the increasingly fierce battles to come.

Now that the Pill Room was up and running, auxiliary pills to help them cultivate would definitely become available; therefore, everyone, regardless of which force they belonged to, was looking forward to what kind of pills would come out in the first batch, what use they would have, and how many each of them could receive.

The atmosphere in Yang Kai’s house was calm, and all of War City was calm. After two Yang Family Young Lords were swiftly eliminated, the Inheritance War seemed to have entered a lull period.

Every Young Lord was actively recruiting more support and Alchemists and Artifact Refiners were constantly in short supply. There were also fewer and fewer materials circulating throughout the Great Han Dynasty and what was available was becoming more and more expensive, this situation had even spread to the Central Capital.

Pang Chi and Mu Nan Dou of the Bamboo Knot Gang had also gathered a lot of materials during this time and had managed to quietly smuggle them over to Yang Kai’s compound in the dark of night undetected.

However, such good luck would only occur once. The next time they entered War City, they would very likely be intercepted.

Yang Kai had also exchanged Yang Tie’s flag for a large amount of supplies from the main family and placed all of them into the Pill Room.

Even with things proceeding so smoothly though, Yang Kai was still anxious. Another group of people who he thought would be of great help to him had, until now, still not shown up, so he couldn’t help worrying that something had come up to either delay or stop them.

Finally, half a month later, the first batch of pills from the Pill Room was finished!

The various representatives from the different gathered forces assembled in the main hall, all of them looking forward to Yang Kai’s announcement.

With the exception of the Duan Mu Family, everyone else in the room was either a handsome young man or a beautiful young woman, creating a somewhat dazzling picture.

This was a stage for young people!

“Young Lord Kai, does my Huo Family have a share this time?” Huo Xing Chen asked with a chuckle, “If there isn’t enough, then you can let others use them first, my Huo Family people aren’t in a hurry to receive pills!”

“Are you sure you’re alright with that?” Qiu Yi Meng looked at Huo Xing Chen and smiled meaningfully.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Huo Xing Chen said casually. “Qiu Yi Meng, you shouldn’t look down on this Huo Xing Chen. My Huo Family is also one of the Eight Great Families, what pill can I not obtain? I just can’t get things as easily from my Father right now is all.”

“My Dong Family is willing to stand by this round if need be as well, everyone else has come from afar, you can give priority to them.” Dong Qing Han also said graciously. He and Huo Xing Chen both figured that with only half a month having passed since the Pill Room had begun operating, even if these Alchemists were from Medicine King’s Valley and the supply of materials was sufficient, there probably weren’t many finished pills, at least there certainly wouldn’t be enough for so many people.

The Dong Family was Yang Kai’s mother’s family. Yang Kai wouldn’t neglect them no matter what, so drinking this round of fresh soup didn’t matter so much.

As soon as Dong Qing Han spoke, a chorus of other humble declarations rang out. All the young leaders clamoured to say they were willing to give priority to others.

Such a harmonious atmosphere spontaneously appearing brought a warm smile to Qiu Yi Meng’s face.

After so many days getting along with each other, she had deeply understood that these young leaders gathered in Yang Kai’s House weren’t like typical Young Lords and Young Ladies from great forces. They all did their best to cooperate and get along with each other, and even if there was some occasional friction between their juniors, they would voluntarily step forward to mediate the situation; obviously, they wanted to minimize Yang Kai’s troubles.

These small details were enough to illustrate just how much weight Yang Kai held with these people! If they didn’t have heartfelt respect for Yang Kai, given all of their individual statuses, they would never have acted to modestly.

All of this was because Yang Kai was here.

“Everyone, settle down.” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and said, “Do you think that if there wasn’t enough for everyone, Yang Kai would ask all of you to gather? It is precisely because everyone has a share that we’ll be distributing pills today.”

When they heard this, everyone couldn’t help showing looks of wonder.

Xiang Tian Xiao nodded slightly, commenting, “Sure enough, Alchemists from Medicine King’s Valley are different, their Alchemy’s speed is extraordinary.”

Zuo Fang laughed loudly, “Even this Zuo is able to use the pills refined by Medicine King’s Valley’s disciples, this really is a great blessing bestowed by Brother Yang.”

The entire hall smiled and suddenly felt that it was a very wise choice to come support Yang Kai. No matter what else happened, as long as there was a steady supply of such pills from now on, all of their strengths would steadily improve.

Yang Kai grinned wryly but didn’t say anything.

This first batch of pills didn’t come from the hands of Medicine King’s Valley, but was entirely refined by Xia Ning Chang. The Medicine King’s Valley Alchemists were still studying the Alchemic Way from Xia Ning Chang and he estimated that it would still be a few days before they really started refining pills.

It wasn’t that their Alchemy aptitudes wasn’t good, it was just that the height Xia Ning Chang was too high. Even if they were learning directly from her, it would still take them a considerable amount of time and experience to comprehend her methods.

“Qiu Yi Meng, distribute the pills.” Yang Kai authoritatively said.

With a clap of her hands, Qiu Yi Meng summoned a group of people from her Autumn Rain Hall in. Each of these people was carrying a small tray with two bottles of pills on them.

“Two bottles per force. So many?” Huo Xing Chen stared at these bottles in surprise, he had thought that in such a short period of time, if each force could have a single bottle, it would already be good, but the result was actually twice as high as he expected.

However… with such a large number of pills, it probably meant that the grade of each one wasn’t high.

[Right, these should be Heaven Grade pills.] Young Lord Huo secretly speculated.

After everyone received their two bottles of pills, they smiled even more happily. Although they all thought these were Heaven Grade pills, they didn’t have any dissatisfaction.

Heaven Grade pills were by no means low quality, especially considering they needed to be supplied to so many people.

“These two bottles contain Consolidating Essence Pills used for cultivation,” Qiu Yi Meng smiled and added, “Mysterious Grade Low-Rank Consolidating Essence Pills!”

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