Martial Peak

Chapter 380 – I Guarantee You That Pill Will Be Refined Successfully

“Two months ago?” Yang Kai frowned, “Two months ago I was still stuc… battling the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land forces. Naturally you didn’t see me, I only actually stayed on Hidden Cloud Peak for a few months before leaving.”

Suddenly thinking of something, he asked, “Since Senior Si has already been to Hidden Cloud Peak, why did you not ask Grandmaster Xiao to help you already?”

Lu Si grinned, “At the time, Medicine King’s Valley was still in turmoil and Grandmaster Xiao was extremely busy. According to his disciple, it seemed as though he was immersed in studying something. This old master had the privilege of climbing Hidden Cloud Peak, but unfortunately never got the chance to speak with Grandmaster Xiao.”

Speaking of this experience, Lu Si didn’t display the slightest embarrassment on his face.

This was Xiao Fu Sheng!

Xiao Fu Sheng wasn’t a powerhouse, and Medicine King’s Valley was just a second-class Sect, but even an apex master like Lu Si has gone there yet failed to even see Xiao Fu Sheng face to face.

However, Lu Si didn’t dare to complain in the slightest, and his words still contained the utmost level of respect for Grandmaster Xiao Fu Sheng!

“I see…” Yang Kai smiled wickedly and said, “If I could let Grandmaster Xiao help you refine that spirit pill, would that count as fulfilling our agreement?”

“You?” Lu Si looked at him awkwardly and slowly shook his head, “How could you so easily move Grandmaster Xiao?”

Outside, Lu Liang also interjected, “Young Master Yang, some things cannot be spoken casually.”

Yang Kai continued staring at Lu Si indifferently and also shook his head, “Whether I have the qualifications to speak such words, you’ll have to see for yourself. Although I didn’t stay on Hidden Cloud Peak for a long time, asking Grandmaster Xiao for such a small request is no trouble at all.”

Lu Si stared hard at Yang Kai, not capable of blinking at this point.

Outside, Lu Liang and the Lu Family Elders were also surprised. They all knew Xiao Fu Sheng’s name, and they also understood what kind of status he held. Even the Lu Family’s top person, Lu Si, was shrugged off by him! As such, they all couldn’t think of how a young kid like Yang Kai could move Grandmaster Xiao.

On top of that, a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank pill wasn’t some ordinary pill. Even for Grandmaster Xiao, refining it would take quite a lot of time and effort.

“This will be your best chance to obtain that pill, Senior Si should think over it carefully.” Yang Kai continued looking at Lu Si with a smile.

Lu Si remained uncertain, obviously he was torn whether or not to believe Yang Kai.

Logically, this Yang Family Young Lord didn’t need to deceive him like this, but on the other hand he was still just a junior, and it was normal for young people to like bragging.

After brooding over this decision for a long time, Lu Si suddenly said, “It is not that this old master doesn’t trust Young Master Yang, but since you’ve dared to say this, it means that your relationship with Grandmaster Xiao isn’t something casual.”

Yang Kai nodded, still remaining indifferent.

“If Young Master Yang has really spent some time on Hidden Cloud Peak, then this old master would like to ask you a few questions.” Lu Si obviously wanted to verify whether Yang Kai was telling the truth or not.

“Senior Si, feel free.”

Lu Si saw no signs of panic in his expression and nodded slightly, quickly proceeding, “Grandmaster Xiao has a disciple, is Young Master Yang acquainted with her?”

Yang Kai laughed and said, “Did Senior Si not inquire about that disciple’s name?”

“It seems her name was Dong Qing Yan, the eldest daughter of the Dong Family.”

“The Dong Family is related to my Yang Family by marriage, Dong Qing Yan is my cousin!”

Lu Si’s brow furrowed, suddenly recalling something and calling out in shock, “So that person was originally Young Master Yang!”

“Em? What person?” Yang Kai asked in confusion.

“When this old master went to Hidden Cloud Peak, he heard some people say that half a year ago, Grandmaster Xiao had put on a trial to receive disciples. At that time one man and one woman successfully passed. The woman was Dong Qing Yan and the man was said to be Young Lady Dong’s guard… it seems that this guard was actually Young Master Yang!”

“En!” Yang Kai didn’t deny this but supplemented quickly, “While that’s true, I did not officially become Grandmaster Xiao’s disciple.”

When the rest of the Lu Family members heard this, all of them couldn’t help feeling stunned.

Unexpectedly, there was still a connection between Yang Kai and Xiao Fu Sheng. Passing the test of Xiao Fu Sheng meant that he was qualified to become Xiao Fu Sheng’s direct disciple! With such an Alchemy Grandmaster as his teacher, even if he were to lose in the Yang Family’s Inheritance War, he wouldn’t have any worries about his future prospects.

As this thought flashed through Lu Liang’s head, he felt he should revise his opinion of Yang Kai once more.

Lu Si was already eighty percent convinced that Yang Kai was telling the truth by this point, but to be prudent he still asked one last question, “This old master stayed on Hidden Cloud Peak for a few days and had the privilege of seeing what Grandmaster Xiao was studying thanks to Young Lady Dong, Might I ask Young Master Yang, what exactly was it that Grandmaster Xiao was so zealously studying?”

Yang Kai’s expression was incomparably calm as he casual replied, “A Spirit Array!”

Something that Xiao Fu Sheng would be so anxious to study was definitely related to those Alchemy Spirit Arrays.

It should be the Spirit Arrays that Yang Kai had asked Xia Ning Chang to give to Grandmaster Xiao when he had left Hidden Cloud Peak.

Lu Si was shocked and finally determined that the relationship between Yang Kai and Xiao Fu Sheng was indeed extraordinary, otherwise it would be impossible to know this information.

“It should be such a Spirit Array!” Yang Kai said as he drew a Spirit Array on the floor.

Lu Si quickly held his breath and stared in concentration. The Spirit Array was mysterious and complex and it was unclear what its function was even to a powerful master like Lu Si. Even though he had seen it a few times on Hidden Cloud Peak, Lu Si could still only recall about half of its contents.

However, Yang Kai had now casually drawn the entire Spirit Array in front of him; obviously he was already extremely familiar with it.

“Indeed!” Lu Si nodded his head firmly. Although he still didn’t understand its function, after closing his eyes and focusing, the Spirit Array before him was definitely the same one he had seen on Hidden Cloud Peak.

After he finished drawing it, Yang Kai casually wiped away the Spirit Array and looked up at Lu Si.

At this moment, this powerful master of the Lu Family finally dared not question Yang Kai as he was likely the key to him obtaining that spirit pill.

Staring at him nervously with some traces of expectation, Lu Si even spoke with some trepidation, “Young Master Yang, about that pill…”

“Give me a brush and paper, I’ll write a letter for you!”

“Get a brush and paper, quickly!” Lu Si shouted anxiously at the crowd outside, and a ruddy glow suddenly appeared on his old face.

Everyone outside the house felt their hearts jump as they heard Lu Si’s command, all of them nearly overcome with excitement. Lu Liang quickly shouted to one of the Elders in the back, “Go quickly!”

This Immortal Ascension Boundary Elder didn’t dare delay in the slightest, as he transformed into a blue streak of light and disappeared from the courtyard.

After only ten breaths of time, this Elder returned with a brush, ink, and paper in hand and respectfully stepped into Lu Si’s room, and placed these items in front of Yang Kai before quickly withdrawing.

“Young Master Yang, please!” Lu Si personally spread out the paper and dipped the brush into the ink before handing it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took up the brush, smiled lightly and began writing.

Lu Si stared at him with frightening concentration, refusing to miss a single stroke of his brush.

Yang Kai’s letter was very plain and the content was just as Lu Si thought, a simple request to Grandmaster Xiao to help Lu Si refine a pill.

After he finished writing, Yang Kai handed the letter over to Lu Si who carefully used his True Qi to dry it. Then he folded it neatly and tucked it into his chest pocket, at last exhaling a long breath.

It was so exaggerated one might be think he Lu Si was handling his newborn son instead of a simple letter.

“I’ve let Young Master Yang see something embarrassing.” After completing this, Lu Si gratefully cupped his fists and bowed.

“It’s nothing!”

“Young Master Yang, please rest a few more days in my Lu Family, this old master will go to Hidden Cloud Peak immediately, if what you’ve said is all true, this old man will surely deliver you this jade bed!” Lu Si said sincerely.

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed, “I’m afraid that’s not possible, I’d like to take this jade bed now as I still have to hurry back to the Central Capital.”

Lu Si immediately showed an embarrassed expression, “But this is a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank pill. Even if Grandmaster Xiao comes forward personally, it isn’t an absolute certainty it can be refined. In case the refining fails, this old master will still need this jade bed.”

What Lu Si said was also true. Although Xiao Fu Sheng could indeed refine Mysterious Grade Top-Rank pills, even the greatest of Alchemists did not dare say they would certainly be successful. It was entirely possible that Grandmaster Xiao would not be successful in refining this pill.

At that point, if the jade bed was gone, Lu Si would really have no place to cry.

“Hmm, in that case, can you can help me deliver something to Grandmaster Xiao, if so, I guarantee you that the pill you want will be refined successfully!” Yang Kai paused for a moment and thought before shouting to the Lu Family members outside, “Does anyone have a jade slip they don’t need?”

Outside the house, the various Elders all glanced back and forth at one another, their eyes all eventually landed on a piece of pure white jade hanging around Lu Liang’s neck.

Lu Liang subconsciously clutched this jade pendant and glared back at the crowd, “What are you staring at? This old man’s jade has been worn on my neck for so many years! It is irreplaceable!”

“Take it off!” Lu Si yelled decisively, causing Lu Liang to cringe.

Stepping into the house, Lu Liang reluctantly took the jade pendant from his neck, grit his teeth and with an ugly smile asked Yang Kai, “Young Master Yang, what do you want with this old master’s jade pendant?”

Yang Kai grinned, took the ade slip from Lu Liang and then released his True Qi into it, carving an elaborate set of markings into it.

Lu Liang suddenly felt his heart clench. In front of his eyes, he watched as his jade pendant now in Yang Kai’s hand had streams of True Qi drill into it, yet no apparent damage seemed to be done.

Contemplating for a moment, both Lu Si and Lu Liang couldn’t help but feel amazed, and the more they watched, the more they were shocked, even gradually displaying a look of respect.

How could they not see that Yang Kai was manipulating his True Qi to carve a set of inscriptions into the jade pendant?

In simple terms, he was using this method to transmit a message!

This would allow him to pass along a massive amount of information on a very small medium!

This was easy to describe, but extremely hard to do. Very subtle and precise manipulation of one’s True Qi was required to accomplish this, and any slight mistake would lead to complete failure!

After a long time, Yang Kai opened his fist and handed the jade pendant to Lu Si, “Give this to Grandmaster Xiao and I guarantee you that he’ll refine you that pill!”

His tone portrayed absolute confidence.

Lu Si once again handled this jade with great care.

Yang Kai suddenly grinned at that moment and said, “The information on this jade can only be read once before it will disappear, so Senior Si must be gentle while handling it.”

Lu Si was stunned for an instant before immediately smiling, understanding that the information contained in this jade was extremely important so Yang Kai had used such a method to maintain its confidentiality.

Not minding these thoughts, Lu Si expression become solemn again.

To the side, Lu Liang coughed awkwardly before saying, “Elder Si, this is my precious jade pendant which has accompanied me for many years, please make sure to bring it back!”

Lu Si simply glanced at him, causing Lu Liang to chuckle helplessly before quickly stepping back.

“Might this old master ask what information is contained in this jade slip?” Lu Si couldn’t help asking curiously.

“An Alchemic Spirit Array, but a different one from the one you just saw. If you bring it to Grandmaster Xiao, he’ll know what it is.” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

When he had left Hidden Cloud Peak, Yang Kai had only glanced through a few Spirit Arrays from the True Alchemic Way but now he had studied several more of them, passing along this new knowledge was not a big deal for him.

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