Martial Peak

Chapter 379 – Conditions

Lu Liang’s tone was extremely harsh, but as Yang Kai listened, his expression remained calm and composed.

Lu Si observed Yang Kai’s reaction and secretly nodded, he knew that this Yang Family Young Lord was not some unreasonable brat.

Grinning lightly, Yang Kai casually waved and said, “Since the Patriarch Lu has said so much, then let’s not mention this Yang Crystal Jade Bed any further.”

Outside, Lu Liang quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and his expression finally loosened somewhat.

As long as Yang Kai gave up on the Yang Crystal Jade Bed, anything else was open to discussion.

“Senior Si, if you don’t mind, how about we discuss your situation?” Yang Kai grinned as he glanced over Lu Si’s form.

Even if he was an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, Lu Si couldn’t help feeling bewildered and pointed to himself and curiously asked, “About this old master?”

“En. “ Yang Kai nodded politely.

“If Young Master Yang has something to say, then this old master is willing to listen.” Lu Si smiled and showed a glimmer of interest.

It was truly interesting seeing this young man actually boast so calmly in front of himself, speaking as if he was in the commanding position.

Since breaking through to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, it had been a long time since anyone had dared act so casually before him.

For a time, Lu Si couldn’t help wondering what exactly Yang Kai would say next, and if he could bring him any other surprises.

“Good, this junior begs your forgiveness if he offends you,” Yang Kai said respectfully, but his expression showed no hesitation as he casually said, “Senior Si has achieved a cultivation at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary and reached the summit of this world. Unless you meet with others whose cultivation have reached a similar height, it could be said that there are few who could oppose you.”

Lu Si smiled neither warmly or coldly.

“What kind of realm the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary is, this junior doesn’t know, but I do know that at such a height, it is difficult to use external forces to further enhance one’s cultivation. Regardless of what Precious Treasures or Spirit Pills you may take, I’m afraid it would provide little help in increasing Senior Si’s strength! In order to further improve your cultivation, it seems that the only thing Elder Si can rely on is deepening your understanding of the Martial Dao and attempting to break the shackles of Heaven and Earth!”

Lu Si’s expression finally became dignified as he stared slightly at Yang Kai, not knowing how this youth had learned such profound knowledge.

Yang Kai took a look at him and suddenly wore a confident grin, “But from the moment this junior entered the room, Senior Si has been sitting on this jade bed. It also appears that you don’t leave it often, perhaps sitting atop it for months or even years at a time!”

“En.” Lu Si nodded slightly.

“There are only two reasons why Senior Si does so, one is to use this jade to cultivate and strengthen yourself, but as I just said, at Senior Si’s current cultivation borrowing external forces provides little benefit to you, so this reason can be ruled out!”

“Young Master Yang speaks too arbitrarily,” Lu Si smiled slyly, “Although at this old master’s realm it is indeed difficult to borrow any external force to enhance my cultivation, but it is entirely possible to use this jade bed to help consolidate my realm.”

“No no no, Senior Si, you don’t cultivate any kind of Yang attribute Secret Art, so sitting atop this Yang Crystal Jade Bed won’t help you consolidate your strength!” Yang Kai said confidently.

Lu Si’s brow couldn’t help but twitch slightly as he started suspiciously at Yang Kai, “How do you know that this old master doesn’t cultivate a Yang attribute Secret Art?”

At Lu Si’s realm, he could completely conceal his aura, so if he didn’t voluntarily release any True Qi, even a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master shouldn’t be able to examine his Secret Art’s attribute. Given that, how was Yang Kai so sure about his assumption then?

However, Yang Kai simply grinned and didn’t explain any further.

Lu Si’s momentary lapse in composure had already affirmed Yang Kai’s guess so he didn’t deny it any further, “Young Master Yang speaks correctly. Me sitting on this jade bed has nothing to do with cultivating.”

Yang Kai’s smile became even more brilliant as he continued, “En, then there is only one explanation left. Senior Si spending so much time sitting atop this Yang Crystal Jade Bed must be… in order to heal yourself or something similar.”

Lu Si’s eyes narrowed slightly while all the other members of the Lu Family sucked in a sharp breath. The atmosphere suddenly became tense as everyone felt their hearts tighten, secretly marveling at how sinister Yang Kai’s eyes were!

Lu Si’s existence was the foundation upon which the Lu Family’s first-class family status was built, so it was also the Lu Family’s greatest secret that he had a chronic disability! If this secret were to become known, it would cause no small turmoil.

Forget the world’s true top influences, just the other nearby first-class families would surely try to take advantage of this information.

Seemingly not noticing the dangerous light which flashed across Lu Si’s eyes, Yang Kai continued to talk indifferently, “Senior Si, although you have concealed your aura to the extreme, there is still a lingering sense of weakness around you while the True Qi circulating through your meridians is somewhat turbid. At times it seems rushed and at others unsteady. If junior is not mistaken… Senior Si’s meridians are partially obstructed, correct?”

Lu Si’s pupils shrank sharply as he stared at Yang Kai like he was seeing some kind of monster, and his calm demeanor vanished as his expression became filled with waves!

Noticing carefully, this young man in front of him really was just a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage cultivator!

However, in terms of knowledge and vision, he had exceeded many Immortal Ascension Boundary masters! His opinions and speculations had almost perfectly exposed Lu Si’s current condition!

(Silavin: Well, he barely goes out and sits on his bed most of the time :/)

Lu Si’s look gradually became ugly as all the Lu Family Elders outside stared in horror!

Obviously they were terrified that this incredible secret had become known to an outsider.

Yang Kai suddenly laughed heartily before saying, “If it was someone else who dared say this in front of Senior Si, they would probably be immediately turned into a corpse.”

“En!” Lu Si nodded as he composed himself, “For the sake of the Lu Family’s peace, what does it matter if a few people die!”

“Good! But it’s different for me, right? It’s impossible for the Lu Family to even think of killing me.” Yang Kai said in a carefree manner, completely unconcerned about this potential life or death crisis.

Lu Si ground his teeth bitterly as Lu Liang and the other Elders outside hung their heads.

“Now that I know the Lu Family’s greatest secret, what does Senior Si want to use in order to seal my mouth?” Yang Kai smiled innocently at him.

Lu Si’s expression cramped up again, for the first time feeling like he was being played around with by a junior, but just thinking about Yang Kai’s status and the colossus behind him gave Lu Si a headache.

“No matter what conditions Young Master Yang has, my Lu Family will do its best to meet them; however, this Yang Crystal Jade Bed is still out of the question.” Lu Si was filled with regret, had he only known how perceptive and cunning this little brat was he would never have called out to him just to satisfy his curiosity. He had simply lifted a stone only to pound his own foot; he’d invited a thief into his own home!

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled, even after reaching this point, Lu Si was still adamant about the Yang Crystal Jade Bed, obviously this treasure’s importance was out of the ordinary to him.

This large piece of Precious Jade was no doubt a Mysterious Grade Quality Precious Treasure that contained a vast amount of pure Yang Qi. Lu Si must be using the Yang energy within it to dredge and warm his meridians, so if Yang Kai were to really take it away, Lu Si would also die shortly afterwards. It was absolutely impossible for the Lu Family to let go of it.

Sinking into thought for a moment, Yang Kai suddenly looked up and asked, “Is there no other solution to Senior Si’s condition?”

If Lu Si no longer need to use the Yang Crystal Jade Bed to stabilize his meridians, then pursuing this issue any further would be pointless. If there was no other way, Yang Kai could only reluctantly give up.

“There is!” But to Yang Kai’s surprise, Lu Si immediately gave an affirmative response.

“Oh? What is this alternative solution?” Yang Kai suddenly saw a glimmer of hope and hurriedly asked.

“A special spirit pill!” Lu Si glanced at Yang Kai and grinned, “If you can help this old master acquire this pill, this old master will gladly hand this Precious Jade over to you.”

Lu Si making such a bold statement clearly indicated to Yang Kai that what he needed was definitely no ordinary pill.

“A Mysterious Grade pill?” Yang Kai smiled perceptively.

“Good, a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank pill!” Lu Si added.

Yang Kai expression shook. A Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank pill! In this world, only a handful of Grandmasters were able to refine this type of pill, even just finding the required materials would not be easy not to mention there was a decent chance of failure when refining it. Which Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank pill was not worth millions of silvers?

However, while others would break their heads trying to find someone to refine such a pill, Yang Kai actually knew two people he could immediately ask.

Xiao Fu Sheng and Xia Ning Chang!

Xiao Fu Sheng was the best Alchemist in the world and could even refine Mysterious Grade Top-Rank pills!

Xia Ning Chang was able to refine Mysterious Grade Low-Rank pills the last time Yang Kai had seen her, and given her talent and special physique, after such a long time, her skills had no doubt improved greatly. Refining a Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank pill shouldn’t be difficult for her.

Seeing the awkward expression on Yang Kai’s face, Lu Si laughed again, “This old master will take a step back. The alchemy’s material, my Lu Family will help you cobble together, if you can then find someone to help this old master refine this pill, then this Yang Crystal Jade Bed will belong to you!”

“Really?” Yang Kai’s face suddenly lit up.

Lu Si’s brow couldn’t help twitching, and an unpleasant feeling filled his heart, as he wondered why this little brat suddenly seemed extremely excited! But it didn’t seem like a cunning expression, more like one filled with confidence.

Did this kid really have a connection with an Alchemy Grandmaster?

However, Lu Si was also an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, when water was poured out, it was naturally impossible take it back, so immediately recovering, he nodded his head firmly, “This old master means what he says!”

“Hahahaha!” Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing joyously, “If so then this matter is easy to resolve, Senior Si, it seems like your Jade Bed must change its surname!”

Seeing him boast so shamelessly, Lu Si couldn’t hold back his curiosity any longer and hesitantly asked, “Does Young Master Yang really have a way?”

“En en, naturally I have a way!” Yang Kai nodded.

Lu Si felt his breath choke up; he had been trapped atop this Yang Crystal Jade Bed for several years now because of the problems with his meridians. To the outside world, he was an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master, feared and admired by all, but in private, he had actually become a suffering old man trapped in his room.

If he could really get his hands on that profound pill, Lu Si could not only cure himself, he could also regain his freedom! Even if it were to cost him this Precious Jade, the gains were completely worth it!

Swallowing audibly, Lu Si did his best to suppress the trembling in his voice and asked, “Which illustrious Grandmaster is Young Master Yang acquainted with?”

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully and replied, “This junior lived atop Medicine King’s Valley Hidden Cloud Peak for some time!”

Lu Si’s look changed slightly while the Lu Family leadership outside also thought they had misheard.

After a long pause, Lu Si asked once again, “Hidden Cloud Peak? Grandmaster Xiao Fu Sheng’s secluded retreat?”


Lu Si’s expression suddenly became strange as he looked Yang Kai up and down and frowned, “Young Master Yang isn’t cracking a joke, right?”

“Of course I’m not joking.”

Lu Si’s face became even more confused, before slowly shaking his head as he slowly spoke, “It is not that this old master doesn’t trust Young Master Yang’s words, but… Grandmaster Xiao seems to have only one apprentice, and she’s a young woman. Not to mention, this old master has personally been to Hidden Cloud Peak two months ago, but didn’t see Young Master Yang there.”

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