Martial Peak

Chapter 381 – Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank Precious Jade

If he remembered correctly, the Spirit Array he left behind was one that could occasionally improve the quality of a refined pill.

But now, Yang Kai had also learned a great deal more of the mysteries of the True Alchemic Way. The Spirit Array he had just given Lu Si was one that could improve the success rate of refining a pill, and its grade was much higher than the previous one, so he was absolutely confident in his statement.

With Xiao Fu Sheng’s Alchemy level coupled with this Spirit Array, it could be said that refining the pill Lu Si wanted was guaranteed.

“Can you be sure that the pill refining won’t fail?” Lu Si asked trepidatiously.

“Absolutely!” Yang Kai stated once more.

“But what if…”

“There are no ifs!”

Lu Si grinned wryly, really not knowing what to say.

Yang Kai had already stood up and cupped his hands towards Lu Si, “Senior Si, it’s best to act decisively, I believe it shouldn’t take you long to rush to Hidden Cloud Peak.”

“En, good!” Being prodded so, Lu Si made up his mind and stood up excitedly.

The pill ingredients had long ago been gathered. Although these materials weren’t easy to find, given the Lu Family’s capital and the importance of Lu Si, it wasn’t too difficult to collect them.

Lu Si acted swiftly, pulling out a number of jade boxes from a hidden storage in the room, each one carefully storing one of the required spirit herbs.

After packing everything carefully into his travel bag, he turned around and saw that Yang Kai had at some point hoisted the Yang Crystal Jade Bed onto his shoulder, grinning happily and showed his teeth.

“Senior Si, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you.” Yang Kai laughed and strode out with the jade bed.

Lu Si opened his mouth to say something but quickly swallowed his words back down.

As of now, all he could do was hope that what Yang Kai had said was true.

Lu Liang and others who were waiting outside and stared awkwardly as Yang Kai arrogantly walked off with this Precious Treasure.

This… this…

This was Grand Elder Si’s lifesaving Yang Crystal Jade Bed. Was it really going to be carried off just like that? Prying their eyes away from Yang Kai, they saw Grand Elder Si wearing a helpless expression.

All the Lu Family Elders were dumbstruck.

“No need to see me out!” Yang Kai smiled and nodded towards everyone before carefreely walking out.

It was as if a robber had come, taken all their money, and showed off his haul before departing. What was worse, the Lu Family masters could only stand there and watch as it happened.

A moment later, Yang Kai felt a hand on his shoulder.

Looking back, Yang Kai saw Lu Si standing behind him awkwardly, traces of nervousness and hesitation flashed across his face.

“Hm, what is it?” Yang Kai suddenly became impatient, haggling over this Yang Crystal Jade Bed with Lu Si for so long was not something he had intended.

“Young Master Yang, this old master wants to ask one last time, are you really certain the Alchemy refinement will succeed?” He apparently still felt a bit worried. As he asked, his eyes unconsciously drifted to the jade bed on Yang Kai’s shoulder, seemingly like he was staring at his old lover, reluctant to part with it.

“If you don’t have the courage to even bet then give me back that letter. I don’t want to do this kind of thankless thing.” Yang Kai coldly snorted, clearly displeased.

Lu Si felt a headache coming on and remained indecisive for a while longer before gritting his teeth and nodding, “Good, this old master will believe you!”

“Good,” Yang Kai declared, “I’ll take my leave!”

Lu Si struggled for a moment to remove his hand then reluctantly stared at the jade bed as Yang Kai walked off.

When Yang Kai’s back had disappeared, the Lu Family group also became extremely worried. Lu Liang quickly stepped forward and asked, “Senior Si, isn’t this all a bit hasty?”

“Then what do you suggest I do about it? With such an opportunity right in front of me, do you want me to just let it slip through my fingertips?” Lu Si was also depressed and sighed. “This is akin to a life or death battle, there’s only one choice, to fight! This old master must set out right away, I will return in a few days.”

Saying so, he leapt into the air, and shot out like lightning, disappearing off into the horizon.

After Lu Si disappeared, Lu Liang stood in thought for a long time before ordering, “All of you, arrange some manpower to observe Young Master Yang and see what he does over the next few days, but don’t expose yourselves.”

The gathered masters nodded somewhat begrudgingly.


Behind the Lu Family main yard.

Yang Kai returned to his temporary accommodations with great enthusiasm and stepped through the gate. Upon entering, he saw Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man sitting at a table in the yard, looking somewhat bored, Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian sat nearby accompanying them.

After realizing Yang Kai had returned, Qiu Yi Meng was immediately shocked upon seeing the Yang Crystal Jade Bed he was carrying.

“Little Lord!” Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian also quickly stepped forward. The two of them had nearly fully recovered after several days of healing, and no signs of injury or weakness could be seen on them anymore.

“Where did you find such a large piece of Precious Jade?” Qiu Yi Meng asked curiously.

“It’s the Lu Family’s treasure,” Yang Kai responded in an off-handed manner before walking to a nearby stone table in the courtyard to set the jade bed down.

“It’s beautiful.” Luo Xiao Man exclaimed, not understanding much about this treasure, stepping forward to touch the jade bed and muttering, “It’s still warm, it looks like it would be comfortable to sleep on.”

(PewPew: Really? Sleep on a giant rock? Sounds painful…)

(Silavin: We Asians used to sleep on wooden pillows. My great grandmother actually still sleeps on one. It will feel uncomfortable to us but to them, they probably got so used to it that missing that hard cool feeling just seems wrong.)

Qiu Yi Meng’s expression suddenly became dignified; she had thought that Yang Kai had simply taken a large piece of Precious Jade from the Lu Family, but upon examining it closer, she realized there was a terrifying amount of energy stored inside this Precious Treasure.

If it were to be used in Artifact Refining, it would definitely have a huge effect.

The more she gently stroked the Yang Crystal Jade Bed, the more she felt that it was not simple.

[This treasure… it seems like its grade is not low.]

Both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were also observing, and the seriousness of their expressions was easy to see.

Such a large piece of Precious Jade was a rarity even for the Yang Family, Heaven knows how much money the Lu Family must have spent to acquire this thing.

“Is this… Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank Yang Crystal Jade?” After a long time, Tu Feng hesitantly asked.

Hearing this, everyone wore a shocked expression as all their faces went blank.

Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank… the grade of this treasure was surprisingly high. In this world, amongst all Precious Treasures, Mysterious Grade Top-Rank was the highest, and Mid-Rank and Top-Rank were only a single rank apart.

What was rarest though was that this thing appeared to be a single large piece of Yang Crystal Jade that had naturally formed over an extremely long period of time. It was the ultimate natural bed, even if one didn’t cultivate a positive attribute Secret Art, just sitting above it and cultivating would bring many benefits.

“Are you certain it is Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank?” Qiu Yi Meng looked at Tu Feng in surprise. Although her eyesight wasn’t bad, it was still somewhat inferior to a top rank Immortal Ascension Boundary master.

“It’s definitely Mysterious Grade Mid-Rank.” Tang Yu Xian confirmed, a strange expression slowly spread across her pretty face as she turned towards Yang Kai, “Little Lord, did you really get this from the Lu Family?”

“Of course.”

Qiu Yi Meng frowned and muttered under her breath, “I remember that the Lu Family’s Above Immortal Ascension Boundary Lu Si encountered some difficulties during his breakthrough which led to his meridians becoming damaged. I was told by the Grand Elder of the Qiu Family at that time that it would be best for him to make a bed out of Yang Crystal Jade and cultivate atop it in order to dredge his meridians with mild Yang Qi. My family’s Elder also said that if the Lu Family’s Grand Elder didn’t seek out such a jade bed quickly, not only would his strength fall, but even his life would be threatened… Yang Kai… this couldn’t be Lu Si’s bed, right?”

Qiu Yi Meng heart clenched as she thought of this.

Yang Kai looked at her with slight surprise and said, “You know quite a lot.”

“It is?” Qiu Yi Meng immediately covered her mouth and couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

This time even Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were shocked. Naturally they knew who Lu Si was, as one of the few Above Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, he had become world famous long ago.

However, no one here could understand what kind of skill Yang Kai had used in order to obtain this jade bed. This thing was comparable to Lu Si’s life!

Wasn’t this like… Yang Kai had killed Lu Si?

“Little Lord…” Tang Yu Xian looked awkwardly at Yang Kai and asked, “What price did you pay in order to get this from Lu Si?”

Qiu Yi Meng and Tu Feng also looked at him curiously.

The pure monetary value of this jade bed was immeasurable, coupled with its special use for Lu Si, if Yang Kai hadn’t paid an enormous price, how could he have safely brought it back with him?

“I just helped him with a little something and he gave it to me as thanks.” Yang Kai smiled indifferently, not saying any more.

Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes flashed, seemingly thinking about something while both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian were also obviously not convinced by Yang Kai’s statement, and all of them sunk into contemplation.

“Fine, I’ll just ask Lu Liang myself!” Qiu Yi Meng didn’t bother asking anything anymore, simply declaring somewhat begrudgingly.

With the relationship between the Qiu Family and Lu Family, she could naturally obtain the truth by speaking a few words to Lu Liang.

“Do as you’d like!” Yang Kai shrugged indifferently, in any case, it wasn’t like he had anything to hide. Suddenly, his expression became somewhat treacherous, “We’ll spend a few more days here and then set out. Qiu Yi Meng, if you can’t wait, you can head back to the Central Capital ahead of us.”

“Of course I’ll wait for you!” Qiu Yi Meng smiled sweetly.

Clicking his tongue, Yang Kai quickly picked up the Yang Crystal Jade Bed and headed back to his house to cultivate.

“Hmph, trying to act all mysterious!” Qiu Yi Meng lightly snorted, waving her sleeve as she led Luo Xiao Man off, obviously going to seek out Lu Liang to get some answers.

“Young Lady Qiu, once you learn the truth, please inform us too.” Tu Feng laughed.

“En,” Qiu Yi Meng nodded casually.

After Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man departed, Tang Yu Xian and Tu Feng both shocked their heads and smiled.

“The longer I stay with the Little Lord, the more I can’t see through him.” Tu Feng whispered.

Tang Yu Xian also deeply nodded, “It seems that he can often bring forth amazing surprises.”

When they had first found Yang Kai, he had been facing off in a life or death battle against four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters. His unyielding heart and aggressive demeanor had made both Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian feel like his disposition suited them. His little trick which had caused the two of them to help him snap the Nan Family’s Young Lord’s fingers and the way he had subdued the Golden Feather Eagle were also impressive.

Upon returning to High Heaven Pavilion, they learned that Yang Kai and the new Demon Lord actually shared the same root.

While at High Heaven Pavilion, Qiu Yi Meng had also strongly advocated for Yang Kai which had brought them no small shock.

A few days ago, when they were sensing his cultivation technique, both of them had inadvertently injured themselves yet the Little Lord remained safe and sound, and now, he had managed to obtain an extremely valuable piece of Precious Jade from the hands of an Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master with seemingly very little effort.

After experiencing all of these events, how could the two of them not marvel at the ability of this Little Lord of theirs?

Tu Feng and Tang Yu Xian counted silently and soon realized that from the time they had found Yang Kai to the present, it had only been about one month.

In such a short period of time, whether consciously or unconsciously, he had displayed many unparalleled methods which had slowly made the two Blood Warriors dare not underestimate him.

Without even mentioning his formidable background, just the Little Lord himself seemed very unusual!

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