Martial Peak

Chapter 222 – Cliff

Yang Kai sprinted out; however, the three Ghost King Valley disciples only sneered. Although Jin Hao and Yu Cheng Kun saw Yang Kai race towards their female companion, instead of showing panic, they only had expressions of disdain. Obviously, they felt that she had more than enough strength to block Yang Kai.

The young woman’s expression also remained unchanged as she began circulating her True Qi, her pair of beautiful eyes locked onto Yang Kai as if she were staring at a dead man, completely confident of her abilities.

However, when he had approached to within fifteen meters of her, Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi ferociously burst out.

[Unyielding Will!]

(Silavin: This ability is from his Golden Skeleton – boosting his cultivation level.)

If he wanted to escape from a True Element Boundary cultivator’s grasp, he would have to go all out.

Feeling the surge in Yang Kai’s strength, the woman’s complexion darkened slightly. Lifting her small pale hands, a few nearly invisible, silk-like threads shot out from her fingertips towards Yang Kai, trying to envelop him.

Her True Qi had not condensed these silk threads. Someone had made them from an especially strong material that became incredibly sharp after one poured their True Qi into them. Since they were not technically an artifact, the female disciple could still use them in this isolated world.

Aware of the danger these threads posed, Yang Kai’s expression turned dignified, but since he was unable to turn back now, he quickly condensed a few drops of Yang Liquid at his fingertips.

As soon as these drops of Yang Liquid appeared, Yang Kai shaped them into a number of shields and layered them in front of his body.

Finishing just in time, he then crashed head long into the threads.

*Pu…* The Yang Liquid shields were quickly shredded, but with that brief delay, Yang Kai managed to position himself so that the threads only pierced non-vital positions on his body.

While trembling involuntarily from the pain, Yang Kai grit his teeth and continued towards the young woman as he launched a flurry of punches.

The woman sneered again, responding to Yang Kai’s attacks by swiping at him with her ghostly hands, her sharp nails tearing into his flesh.

Letting out a low grunt, Yang Kai’s face went pale, but he still desperately endured these few vicious attacks, quickly escaping past the young woman, kicking the ground as he activated his movement skill, dashing into the jungle.

“Get back here!” The young woman cried out, once again releasing her silk threads in an effort to capture Yang Kai. However, as her threads enveloped Yang Kai and she attempted to reel in her catch, all she felt was a brief resistance before her threads flew back to her, dripping a little fresh blood.

The young woman’s eyes flashed a trace surprise, while Jin Hao and Yu Cheng Kun’s faces, which had previously been leisurely, also displayed shocked expressions.

“What happened?” Jin Hao raced over and asked in a puzzled voice; his Junior Sister’s silk threads were extremely tough and had clearly pierced that little brat’s body, so how could he have escaped?

“My threads were snapped!” The woman looked down at her broken silk threads and couldn’t help feeling a little pain in her heart, her expression quickly filling with murderous intent, crying out, “What the hell are you looking at!? Quickly chase him!”

Yu Cheng Kun’s eyes shrunk as he quickly dashed out, Jin Hao and the young woman hurriedly chasing after him.

Caught in this crisis, Yang Kai had exerted all of his strength in order to escape.

Paying a small price in blood, he had finally managed to open a gap in his encirclement; if his three pursuers surrounded him again, the situation would probably force him to expose his Flaming Yang Wings in order to break out.

Pushing his self-created movement skill to its limit, Yang Kai still could not shake the shadow chasing him from behind.

It was the fastest Ghost King Valley disciple! He was always a step faster than the other two, leaving them to fall behind gradually, with each step he took.

Racing forward for half a day, Yu Cheng Kun was still persistently chasing Yang Kai, neither of them slowing down in the slightest. One was desperate to escape, while the other was determined to kill.

By now, Yang Kai had a stomach full of grievances.

Spotting a group of four or five Monster Beasts only a couple dozen meters in front of him, Yang Kai acted decisively, not only not avoiding them, but instead running head long into them.

His body flickering, he dove in and out of this group of Monster Beasts as quick as lightning before quickly glancing back, only to see Yu Cheng Kun also rush through unharmed, not hindered at all by this group of Monstrous Beasts.

At the speeds they were traveling, it was actually rather simple to avoid the vast majority of conflicts; even most Fifth-Order Monster Beasts would have difficulty pursuing them.

“Little High Heaven Pavilion brat, even if you flee to the ends of the Earth, you’ll never escape me. Just give up already.” Yu Cheng Kun shouted, “Your speed is really impressive, but since you’re only a Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator, how much longer will the Yuan Qi in your body hold out? The moment it’s fully exhausted is the moment you’ll die. Obediently surrender now and I’ll give you a swift death, but if you force me to catch you, I’ll make you beg for death first!”

Yu Cheng Kun was furious. Others considered his speed to be second to none amongst his True Element Boundary peers, but now, a little Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator had been forcing him to eat dust for half a day. Thus, while he greatly shocked by the speed of Yang Kai’s movement skill, he had also increasingly become annoyed, and was now determined to catch Yang Kai and brutally torture him for this humiliation.

Yang Kai did not pay any attention to Yu Cheng Kun’s threats, silently revolving his Yuan Qi to heal himself as he continued rushing forward, not caring in the slightest about his Yuan Qi consumption as he wracked his brain in order to find the opportunity to turn this situation around.

As he was escaping, Yang Kai deliberately moved through various Monster Beast gathering places, climbed over mountains, and weaved his way through various jungle obstacles. Unsure of just how far he had traveled, the only good news was that, although Yu Cheng Kun was not far behind, Jin Hao and that young woman from the Ghost King Valley had long since disappeared.

However, Yang Kai still did not stop; if it were only Yu Cheng Kun, he would have a chance to win, but Jin Hao and that young woman were definitely still chasing them, so if he became entangled in a fight and they caught up he would only end up dead.

After an entire day of desperate escaping, Yang Kai still could not shake off Yu Cheng Kun’s pursuit.

As he was running, Yang Kai suddenly leapt out of the jungle and rushed directly towards a high cliff.

Finally arriving at this place, Yang Kai involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief! While scanning his surrounds as he was escaping, he had spotted this cliff, towering into the sky with clouds that completely obstructed one’s view of the bottom filling its depths.

Half a day ago, when he had spotted this cliff, Yang Kai realized his chance had come. Therefore, he deliberately led Yu Cheng Kun all the way to this place.

Standing at the cliff edge, breathing heavily, Yang Kai glared back towards the direction he had just come from.

Yu Cheng Kun also rushed out from the jungle a moment later and quickly glanced around to see the terrain here, a look of surprise appearing on his face before he suddenly let out a vicious laugh.

Slowly walking towards Yang Kai, with a big grin on his face, he said, “Come on, keep running you little son of a bitch! Even though your strength is pathetic, your speed is not bad. You’ve caused me, your uncle, to chase you for quite some time now.”

[I’ve won! I’ve had sealed off the path behind this brat with a high cliff directly in front of him. This little Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator made me waste so much time, but now, you are stuck in a dead end! Neither a path towards the Heavens nor a door into the Earth is here for you!]

Yang Kai took a deep breath as he stared towards Yu Cheng Kun, remaining there motionless.

“Not going to run?” Yu Cheng Kun looked at Yang Kai coldly as he continued approaching him.

“There’s nowhere to run!” Yang Kai simply spoke the truth.

“Hahahaha!” Yu Cheng Kun laughed wildly, “You certainly don’t have anywhere you can run!”

“Give me a way out!” Yang Kai said.

“You’re trying to beg for mercy?” Yu Cheng Kun flashed a contemptuous smile, “That’s not how you beg for mercy! First, kneel down, crawl over in front of me, then kowtow and beg! If your uncle here is in a good mood, maybe he’ll consider sparing you!”

“You and I have no grievances between us, why must you act so ruthlessly?”

Yu Cheng Kun’s grin only became bigger, “You and I really don’t have any hatred between us, but our Elders do. Who told you to have such shit luck? In this giant, isolated world, you just had to encounter us. Enough nonsense, first waste your cultivation, and then pray I’ll be kind to you.”

“If you let me go, I can give you some compensation!”

Yu Cheng Kun’s face became a bit more serious, coldly asking, “How many Blood Beads are you offering?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’ve already absorbed all the Blood Beads I’ve obtained, but I do still have a few bottles of high quality pills.”

While he was speaking, Yang Kai reached into his sleeve and pulled out a few bottles of pills from his Universe Bag, shaking them in front of Yu Cheng Kun before re-stowing them.

“These are all healing pills. In this dangerous place, they’ll definitely be useful for you.”

Seeing those few bottles of pills, Yu Cheng Kun could not help revealing a look of greed as he laughed maliciously, “Good, good, it looks like today my harvest is not small. Damn brat, hand over those pills!”

“Are you willing to let me go?” Asked Yang Kai.

Yu Cheng Kun slowly shook his head, “Why should I let you go? Once I kill you, not only will I get those pills, but I’ll also get a Blood Bead. This uncle would never make such a bad deal.”

“If you think so, then I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for nothing!” Yang Kai’s face suddenly became ruthless, slowly stepping backwards towards the edge of the cliff, making a gesture as if he was prepared to jump off.

Yu Cheng Kun’s expression instantly became cold as he shouted, “Since you refuse a toast, you must eat a loss! You don’t have the guts to jump!”

Done talking, Yu Cheng Kun took another step forward as he prepared to rush forward and capture Yang Kai.

However, to his astonishment, Yang Kai actually exposed a smile before turning around and leaping forward more than thirty meters off the cliff.

[He really jumped?] Yu Cheng Kun was dumbstruck; he really had not thought Yang Kai would act so decisively. Originally, he thought Yang Kai was just bluffing. After all, he was only a Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivator and could not fly; jumping off such a high cliff was equivalent to seeking death. If instead, he turned and fought, considering his speed, he might still have had a chance to escape.

Nevertheless, reality was different from his assumptions; Yang Kai did not hesitate to jump off the cliff, causing Yu Cheng Kun to stand there stupidly for a moment.

After a moment of absence, Yu Cheng Kun suddenly became furious. This little bastard clearly would rather take his own life rather than let him gain the slightest benefit, a truly ruthless decision.

Filled with anger, Yu Cheng Kun also hurriedly rushed towards the cliff edge and jumped down.

Who cares how high this cliff is? He was a True Element Boundary cultivator who had transformed all his Yuan Qi into True Qi, so he could fly! As long as he quickly killed that damn High Heaven Pavilion brat, he would only have to exert some effort and time to fly back up.

While the Blood Bead that would be condensed from Yang Kai dying was just of some use, those few bottles of healing pills were something Yu Cheng Kun absolutely could not let slip through his fingers.

After plummeting several dozens of meters, Yang Kai looked up and saw Yu Cheng Kun quickly diving towards him, like a bird of prey swooping down towards its victim, his face filled with ruthlessness.

Yang Kai grinned; he had actually been extremely worried that Yu Cheng Kun would not jump off the cliff to follow him. If he did not even have that much courage, all of his efforts to put on this show would have been for nothing. Thus, when he saw Yu Cheng Kun also jump down after him, Yang Kai could not help but cheer inside!

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