Martial Peak

Chapter 221 – Crisis

In this area, there was no absolutely safe place. Yang Kai could only conceal and restrain his aura as far as possible while covering his tracks along the way, so as not to expose his whereabouts.

He hid himself in the center of a hollow tree and kept vigilant of the surroundings for any changes while absorbing the Blood Bead.

This time’s harvest of Blood Beads was about twenty, out of which, more than half were third order Monster Beast Blood Beads and the remaining were fourth order Monster Beast Blood Beads. In addition, he also had three Blood Beads which he obtained by killing the Golden Light Palace disciples.

One could easily distinguish a Blood Bead’s scale by its side.

A fourth order Monster Beast’s Blood Bead was only the size of pea and a third order Monster Beast’s Blood Bead was about half of that, while the Blood Beads condensed after the deaths of three Separation and Reunion Boundary experts were about the size of a thumbnail.

Yang Kai took a third order Monster Beast’s Blood Bead in his palm and slowly started to revolve his True Yang Secret Art.

Yuan Qi started flowing from his Palm, the energy completely pure. This pure energy started to flood into his body through his meridians, then into his dantian, where the Unyielding Golden Skeleton directly absorbed it.

After practicing only a little of his True Yang Secret Art, this single Blood Bead disappeared and became his strength.

This event astonished Yang Kai. Although he had learned from Ling Tai Xu that Blood Bead could easily be refined without any hidden danger, Yang Kai did not expect that it would be easy to this extent.

The energy contained in the Blood Bead was very pure, without the least bit of waste. This energy is simply pure, like the morning dew, this Blood Bead does not need to be refined and directly can be absorbed.

No wonder Ling Tai Xu had such a high evaluation of the Blood Beads of this place. If someone could acquire a large number of Blood Beads, their strength would experience a meteoric rise. Except for when promoting to a big boundary, where everyone needs comprehension, when promoting within the small boundaries there would not be any hindrance.

Anyone who has once absorbed the Blood Bead’s energy would be unable to resist this enticement. For becoming strong and promoting their strength, they would not let off any living creature, whether its person or a Monster Beast; in their eyes, Blood Beads were the only power worth anything in this place.

It is very rare to have an opportunity to absorb the energy without any worry, and there are no other places capable of breeding Blood Beads.

Taking a deep breath and restraining his mind, Yang Kai took all the Blood Beads he had in his palm and started to revolve his True Yang Secret Art.

A huge amount of pure energy poured into his palm. In a flash, due to this huge energy, his meridians started to bulge. This energy constantly poured from the Blood Beads into his body, where the Unyielding Golden Skeleton absorbed it. The speed of abortion was impossible to describe.

Yang Kai absorbed all the Blood Beads in his palm, rapidly transforming them into his own energy.

Yang Kai could feel himself getting stronger by the minute. Moreover, he could feel himself reaching the peak of Separation and Reunion third stage.

When only two Blood Beads remained in his palm, an invisible shockwave spread with Yang Kai as the center, disrupting the Energy of Heaven and Earth.

He broke through to the fourth stage of Separation and Reunion Boundary easily, and without any hindrance.

Yang Kai did not feel any joy. Rather, his heart sunk. Cursing in his heart, he did not stop the Blood Bead absorption but increased his speed.

Within only a moment, the two Blood Beads also disappeared. Those two beads were able to stabilize his recently promoted realm.

Hurriedly and without any hesitation, Yang Kai left his hiding spot.

Although he had expected that boundary promotion would cause some kind of phenomenon, he did not expect it to be so obvious.

If anyone was in the vicinity, then they would have realized. Therefore, if he did not leave, others would find him.

After running at a full speed for a few miles, Yang Kai did not dare to stop as his heart started to feel anxious. He felt like someone was watching him, but was unable to find any clue as to where from.

This feeling was not his imagination; Yang Kai guessed that the person who was watching him was higher than his current boundary. That is why he was unable to find any clue, or perhaps they were simply watching him from afar and had not pursued him.

If it were the latter then it would be great! After all, if an expert was eyeing him, then there was no reason for him to hide and waste time.

Could he be lucky this time?

At the same time Yang Kai thought that he could not promote in this particular region any more. Through his strength of Separation and Reunion Boundary fourth stage, he felt that he did not have any immediate danger, but if he bumped into a true expert then he definitely will not be able to retreat safely. If each small promotion made this type of ruckus then it would be bad for him.

After rushing dozens of miles more, the feeling of observation became even thicker, and his back began to feel cold.

Suddenly Yang Kai stopped and his complexion became ugly.

He felt someone’s Yuan Qi fluctuation coming from behind the tree in front of him. . It seemed that the opposite party did not want to continue hiding anymore and was waiting for him in that spot.

This person’s speed had been very fast in order to overtake him then wait for him.

The situation looked bad. They were surely not friendly and Yang Kai did not even know whom he had bumped into and what kind of strength they had. So naturally, he did not dare to move rashly.

“Hey, hey, hey…” A gloomy sneer came from behind the tree as someone slowly walked out from behind it.

Looking at his face, Yang Kai had an impulse to vomit blood.

This person turned out to be the disciple of Ghost King Valley!

Three people came from Ghost King Valley this time, and all of them were True Element Boundary martial artists. One of them, called Jing Hao, had a grudge against Yang Kai and swore to kill him. The second one was a woman and third one was a man. This was Ghost King Valley’s lineup.

Really, as the saying goes, enemies often cross each other’s paths. In this vast site, how could he be so unlucky to meet this group of disciples?

If they would have been someone other than the disciples of Ghost King Valley then there was a possibility of solving this incident through discussion, but as Gui Li had told them to kill him, there was no way for any other result than fighting.

Yang Kai would have also attacked them if an opportunity arose. Unfortunately, now was a bad time; they had only come in for a few days, and he only had a single breakthrough. Facing such an enemy, how could he possibly think of winning?

Any one of them was enough to eat him whole, without even sparing his bones, and now they had three of them.

It looked bad, very bad!

“Haha, see who we have here!” Ghost King Valley disciple Yu Chengkun said with a surprise as he surveyed Yang Kai, his face showing satisfaction. “It turned out to be the little brat from the High Heaven Pavilion! It didn’t take a lot of effort to find him.”

He apparently did not think that the person who he had intercepted would be Yang Kai. This was really a chance that came out of a mistake.

Yang Kai just looked at him and did not dare to stay. With a flash, he moved using his self-made movement technique and tried to escape.

It was definitely a good choice to use the movement technique to escape, and his speed was very fast, capable of running a few thousand feet in a matter of seconds. Opponents of the same level are no match for this speed.

Nevertheless, Yang Kai was only able to move his body slightly before he heard the sound of wind shrieking and howling before him, and a large, pale hand came from a blind spot.

“Hahaha… High Heaven Pavilion’s little brat, we really are predestined!” with a laugh Jin Hao reviled his stature pale and without blood like an assassin hidden in dark and ready to kill at any moment.

Yang Kai’s mood became even heavier. Taking position, he attacked with Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast.

Their fists collided as Jin Hao gave a cold snort and stimulated the movement of his True Qi, his five fingers became like sharp blades.

On collision, three muffled sounds transmitted and Yang Kai flew through the air while looking pale. Suppressing the blood that tried to come out of his mouth, he staggered while landing.

Jin Hao’s strength was True Element Boundary fourth stage. Of the three Ghost King Valley disciples, he was the most powerful one. Yang Kai was simply no match for this type of enemy. Just trying to face him will result in a loss.

Landing on the ground, Yang Kai did not even have time to take a breath when he felt killing intent from his back. Dodging in a hurry, a flash moved past him and tore his clothes like they was made of paper.

“Good response!” Jin Hao did not attack again but, with a calm face, folded his arms and looked at Yang Kai in joking manner.

Looking back in a hurry Yang Kai found that the female disciple of Ghost King Valley had also caught up and the attack from behind was her.

THIS WOMAN! Yang Kai swore in his heart.

Three people on each corner surrounded Yang Kai.

This three were not like the Separation and Reunion Boundary disciple of Golden Light Palace that Yang Kai could kill easily. While facing this three he did not dare to take them lightly.

“Little brat, how do you want to die?” Jin Hao asked while looking at Yang Kai in hatred. After all, on their way to the Netherworld Mountain, Yang Kai nearly killed him when the Golden Eyed Silver-Back Python attacked him. That is why he hated Yang Kai to the marrow of his bones.

However, at present, the three had surrounded the little brat. Even with wings, he would not be able to escape. After all, he was not in a hurry to take Yang Kai’s life, and sometimes it was better to torture and humiliate the enemy for fun rather than simply killing them.

Yu Chengkun said with a laugh, “Senior Brother, should we cut him limb to limb or drain his blood until he dies?”

Jin Hao slowly shook his head, “It will be too kind, I say we should make him into a ghost slave and make him never be able to reincarnate, being only a slave of my Ghost King Valley forever.”

Yu Chengkun frowned, “This little brat’s strength is too low, and even if we refined a ghost slave, he won’t be able to play a major role.”

Listening to their discussion about Yang Kai, the woman from Ghost King Valley said with impatience, “Just kill him, why do you need to waste so much time? After all, there is still the Blood Bead.”

Jin Hao and Yu Chengkun gave a quick laugh, “Junior Sister said to kill, so we should just kill him and be done with it.”

after deciding, Jin Hao walked towards Yang Kai, his face showing ruthlessness and killing intent, “Little brat, be happy that it will be a painless death, so when you reach hell don’t forget to thank me.”

Yang Kai said with a sneer, “Talk after you have killed me.”

After speaking, he directly moved towards the female disciple of Ghost King Valley.

After observing them for a long time, he knew that, among the three disciple of Ghost King Valley, this woman’s strength was lowest. Nevertheless, maybe due to her beauty, this female’s status was not low, making Jin Hao and Yu Chengkun very respectful. Therefore, this woman was absolutely a breach in their strength.

If Yang Kai wanted to break through, then his best method would be to use the Flaming Yang Wings. Although True Element Boundary experts can fly, they are absolutely no match for the Flaming Yang Wings. However, this place had many hidden dangers, so if he made an escape by using Flaming Yang Wings to fly in the air, it would only attract more attention. Therefore, Yang Kai did not want to use Flaming Yang Wings until it was absolutely necessary.

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