Martial Peak

Chapter 223 – Fierce Mid-Air Battle

Although the two jumped off the cliff one after the other, Yang Kai simply stepped off, whereas Yu Cheng Kun used his True Qi to descend; the difference in speed couldn’t be compared, with the latter undoubtedly being much faster.

“Little brat, even if you want to die, you must do so in my hands!” Yu Cheng Kun rushed down headfirst towards Yang Kai, roaring out coldly.

In mid-air, a ghastly distorted face suddenly appeared as Yu Cheng Kun made several gestures with his pale white palms; this wailing face was very similar to the one Old Demon had shown when Yang Kai had first encountered him, a strange mix of resentments and Evil Qi, like a tormented wraith, instantly flew at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai responded by unleashing a palm strike towards this twisted face, but as he struck it there was no resistance, instead the tormented soul rushed into the body.

Yang Kai could not help but shiver as his whole arm quickly covered with frost.

Yu Cheng Kun instantly let out a burst of wicked laughter, “You’re dead!”

This was the Ghost King Valley’s unique evil martial skill, the Ghost King Seal. It formed from the Soul of a human cultivator whom they captured alive, then constantly tortured and humiliated without letting him or her die so that the Soul filled with anger, hatred, and resentment. Finally, once the Soul built up a certain amount of malice, they killed the cultivator. Using a special method, they extracted the tormented Soul and implanted it into the body of a Ghost King Valley cultivator.

(Silavin: :/ I wonder what will happen to the soul if this cultivator dies. Will the resentment consume him?)

When a Ghost King Valley disciple used this attack, it was extremely difficult to defend against, and once the wraith had infiltrated their opponent’s body, they would essentially be a slaughtered lamb.

Yu Cheng Kun did not want to waste time, so he naturally employed the fastest method he had to kill Yang Kai and condense him into a Blood Bead.

His attack succeeding, he unceremoniously reached out and grabbed Yang Kai, at last successfully capturing him.

However, the next moment, Yu Cheng Kun’s body convulsed, his face suddenly dyed as white as paper as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Just now, he had felt the innate connection to his Ghost King Seal’s Soul cut off! He had carefully nurtured this Soul with his own Blood Essence, True Qi, and Soul, so once it received any kind of damage, Yu Cheng Kun would also experience a negative feedback.

“What happened!?” Yu Cheng Kun was horrified as he looked down, only to see the frost on Yang Kai’s arm retreat at a rate visible to the naked eye as a smug smile appeared on this wretched High Heaven Pavilion disciple’s mouth.

“HA HA HA HA …” Old Demon inside Yang Kai’s body laughed evilly, “What a surprise, this old master cannot come out and attack, but instead, someone was good enough to send this old master a delicious meal! Good! This resentment and Evil Qi is so good!”

Chewing happily, Old Demon had soon swallowed up this tormented Soul, laughing happily as he licked his lips, “Young Master! Ask him if he has any more of these things and tell him to bring them out so that Old Servant doesn’t have to remain only half full.”

“I’m afraid he’s fresh out!” Yang Kai saw how devastated Yu Cheng Kun was after losing this wraith, so he was certain it was something precious, and definitely not something which he could casually brought out.

Listening to Yang Kai talking to himself, Yu Cheng Kun’s expression became ice cold, “Bastard! How did you destroy my Ghost King Seal!?”

Yang Kai only grinned and shouted, “Why don’t you make a guess?!”

“I’ll kill you!” Yu Cheng Kun shouted furiously, his free ghostly white hand radiating an eerie light as he swiped towards Yang Kai, his murderous intent surging.

*Whoosh* Two crimson lights suddenly burst forth from Yang Kai’s back; feeling this fierce Yuan Qi fluctuation, Yu Cheng Kun trembled, quickly releasing Yang Kai and forcibly pulling back his attacking claw in order to put up a defensive stance.

But just as he finished this action, he saw that Yang Kai, who had leapt off the cliff before him, suddenly hover in place while he continued to fall faster and faster towards the valley below.

Looking up, Yu Cheng Kun’s pupils instantly shrank.

He saw the High Heaven Pavilion disciple he had been chasing all this time standing mid-air, coldly gazing down at him like an eagle overlooking the Earth, displaying a proud and awe-inspiring aura.

And behind him…

There was actually a pair of crimson wings! Seemingly composed entirely of searing flames, the heat they gave off twisted and warped the atmosphere around them.

Standing there, he looked down arrogantly, his eyes filled with disdain!

Yu Cheng Kun almost could not believe his eyes.

[What kind of artifact is that?! No wait, in this isolated world, one can’t summon artifacts, so it can’t be an artifact. Is it a martial skill? But what kind of martial skill can produce such an amazing effect? What the hell kind of martial skill can allow a person to summon a pair of giant burning wings?]

His heart in turmoil, Yu Cheng Kun briefly lost his ability to think.

However, now that Yang Kai had shown his Flaming Yang Wings, he would not hold back any longer, quickly chasing after Yu Cheng Kun.

The situation reversed, and the two young cultivators had completely switched positions. Although Yu Cheng Kun was deeply shocked, in such a dangerous situation, he did not dare show any neglect, immediately pushing his True Qi in order to slow his rapid descent, trying to stabilize his position.

Yet how could Yang Kai give him such an opportunity? Rapidly arriving above Yu Cheng Kun, he punched down heavily.

Yu Cheng Kun cursed bitterly inside. Although he was a True Element Boundary cultivator, in the end, he had only reached the True Element Boundary third stage; if nothing distracted him, flying was not too difficult. Unfortunately, when facing such fierce attacks, how could he possibly have time to concentrate on flying stably?

In other words, even though a True Element Boundary cultivator could fly to a certain extent, it was nearly impossible for them to engage in combat while doing so.

In order to block Yang Kai’s punch, he had to divert the True Qi in his body away from keeping himself afloat in order to counterattack.

As soon as he did so, the speed at which Yu Cheng Kun fell increased dramatically, his descent rate now so fast it was difficult to keep his eyes open as the harsh winds burned against his face.

As he desperately tried to circulate his True Qi in order to stabilize himself, Yang Kai dealt a devastating blow to him from above once again.

Yu Cheng Kun’s heart jumped; he had never dreamed that Yang Kai could move so fast. Caught off guard again and only awkwardly able to defend himself, how could he hope to stop Yang Kai’s full powered strike?

Yu Cheng Kun only felt a burst of pain from his hand as a scorching hot Yuan Qi flooded into his meridians, almost bursting into his dantian.

It was not until now that he realized that this High Heaven Pavilion disciple was not as easily to deal with as he seemed. Along with somehow being able to easily resolve his Ghost King Seal and his shocking martial skill which produced those flaming wings on his back, his Yuan Qi was also extremely dense and pure, he was the perfect example someone playing a pig to eat a tiger!

All the weakness he had shown up to now was just to lure him into this hopeless situation.

Remorse filled Yu Cheng Kun; he should not have coveted those few bottles of pill and followed this little brat off the cliff. Now that they were falling through the air, and he could not even bring out thirty percent of his full strength, it was only a matter of time before he died.

Looking up, all he could see was Yang Kai swooping down towards him to attack, but where was the cliff? Clearly, the two of them had already fallen five thousand meters or so; even if he was somehow escaped this crisis, he would not be able to fly up so easily.


Yu Cheng Kun cried out miserably, feeling a heavy impact on his shoulder as Yang Kai landed another blow, negating all his hard work to try to slow his descent and even causing him to fall slightly faster than before.

Falling at such a speed, once he hit the ground, even his bones would shatter into dust!

Aware that death was approaching; a cold chill ran down Yu Cheng Kun’s spine as his stomach churned. Trying to beg for mercy, he opened his mouth to shout, but the strong winds around him drowned out his voice, denying him even the chance.

The pair rapidly fell through the sky, the only difference was that Yu Cheng Kun on the bottom did so involuntarily while Yang Kai above him furiously flapped his Flaming Yang Wings, trying to catch up and attack him.

*Boom… Boom… Boom…*

An increasingly large gap separated every attack since Yu Cheng Kun was falling faster. Therefore, each time Yang Kai wanted to catch up it would take him slightly longer.

Falling for what seemed like forever down this ridiculously high cliff, Yang Kai and Yu Cheng Kun both plunged into the misty layer enveloping the valley, like they had sudden dove into a cloud.

Suffered a massive slew of attacks wasted Yu Cheng Kun’s shoulders, and the bones in his arms were completely broken. Covered in blood, he looked extremely miserable.

Fighting mid-air, with the aid of his Flaming Yang Wings, Yang Kai was invincible!

If not for Yu Cheng Kun desperately pushing his True Qi in order to slow his descent, Yang Kai would have no way to catch up with him, but even so, Yu Cheng Kun continued to fall faster and faster.

Once again looking up, as Yu Cheng Kun saw Yang Kai swooping in to attack again, panic and despair filled his eyes.

His arms were already wasted and he was now completely unable to resist. If this attack landed, he would no doubt die!

Therefore, Yu Cheng Kun was briefly stunned to see Yang Kai’s expression suddenly change as he aborted his attack and frantically flapped his crimson wings in order to slow himself down, gradually coming to a hover.

Having just escaped death, Yu Cheng Kun did not feel the slightest joy, because he knew why Yang Kai had suddenly stopped and desperately tried to slow down his descent.

Looking down, sure enough, as he had guessed, the ground was rapidly approaching.

Frantically pushing his True Qi, Yu Cheng Kun made one last desperate attempt to land safely.

Nevertheless, in the end his speed was simply too fast, and with only a few dozen meters to go, the outcome was inevitable.


Yang Kai, who was slowly falling through the air, could not help but cringe slightly.

In the place where the falling Yu Cheng Kun hit the ground, a giant dark red splatter appeared like a blooming bloody red flower; chunks of meat and pieces of limbs scattered everywhere and painted an appalling picture.

If he had to face a True Element Boundary Third Stage cultivator head on, Yang Kai was certain he would have no chance of victory, but by using the terrain to his advantage, he managed to condemn such a foe to a death without burial and did not even receive a scratch.

[One must never underestimate or look down upon their opponent!] Yang Kai quietly thought to himself.

The moment Yu Cheng Kun died, at the top of the cliff, the expressions on Jin Hao and the young woman’s faces suddenly became bitter.

The three Ghost King Valley disciples had a special method with which they could determine each other’s location and vitality, so when Yu Cheng Kun died, Jin Hao and the young woman were instantly aware.

“Is Senior Brother truly dead?” The young woman’s mouth slightly opened as she stared towards the cliff edge.

Jin Hao rushed to the edge of the cliff and looked down, but all he could see below was clouds, letting out a shout filled with resentment, “He must have been dragged down to his death by the High Heaven Pavilion brat!”

“How could he have been so careless?!” The woman bitterly stomped her foot, “Senior Brother was a True Element Third Stage elite, so even if he really got dragged off this cliff, as long as he was a little cautious he should have been able to fly back up.”

Jin Hao’s face became uglier, “It looks like we all underestimated that High Heaven Pavilion brat; he must have some incredible hidden methods that allowed him to entrap Junior Brother Yu! *Haa…*”

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