Martial Peak

Chapter 1382 - Still Not Coming Out?

Chapter 1382, Still Not Coming Out?

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“So, that’s how it is!” Yang Kai nodded confidently before reaching out, touching his Space Ring, and taking out a jade bottle which he handed to Ge Qi, “Although I do not have a Flowing Flame Flying Fire or information on a pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water, Brother Ge may wish to see if this pill meets the requirements of your Martial Ancestor.”

Even after conversing a bit, Ge Qi’s expression was still filled with caution, but his emotions had at least stabilized somewhat, so after directing a somewhat suspicious look towards Yang Kai, he nodded and accepted the jade bottle.

Ge Qi carefully opened the bottle and was instantly hit with a delicate medicinal fragrance that caused his furrowed brow to stretch as a look of surprise filled his face because the moment he inhaled this pill fragrance, he felt his soul become somewhat refreshed.

Pouring out the pill from its bottle, Ge Qi’s eyes instantly bulged.

“This is…” Yan Pei, who was sitting to the side, also straightened up, his eyes fixed on this pill, his expression filled with shock and disbelief.

Although Ge Qi had secluded himself from the world with his Martial Ancestor for many years, he was still an Origin Realm cultivator and was able to judge the quality of treasures.

Meanwhile, as the chief auctioneer of Treasure Trove Pavilion, Yan Pei had seen many valuables during his life, so his vision was naturally quite extraordinary.

The two of them instantly recognized how extraordinary this pill was.

“An Origin Grade High-Rank pill?” Yan Pei called out in alarm, paying no heed to his age or status as he quickly snatched the pill from Ge Qi’s hands and held it in his own to investigate it.

“It really is an Origin Grade High-Rank pill?” Ge Qi asked in disbelief.

“Yes! It is indeed an Origin Grade High-Rank pill! This colour, this fragrance, the medicinal efficacy stored inside it, there’s no doubt it is an Origin Grade High-Rank pill!” Yan Pei shouted.

Yan Pei could not be blamed for his extreme reaction as, on Shadowed Star, Origin Grade High-Rank pills were legendary existences. Here, the highest grade of Alchemist was Origin Grade Low-Rank; it was impossible to advance beyond that. It was also well known that when an Alchemist refined pills, there was a high chance of failure, so even those Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemists didn’t dare claim they had a one hundred percent chance to refine an Origin Grade Low-Rank pill.

On occasion, with extremely good luck and some auxiliary methods, these Alchemists could refine an Origin Grade Mid-Rank pill, each one of them selling for an incredible price or more often hidden away by the force which refined it to ensure the outside world never learned of its existence

But an Origin Grade High-Rank pill… To put it bluntly, with the level of Alchemy on Shadowed Star, no one was capable of refining one.

Over its many years of existence, Treasure Trove Pavilion had managed to obtain a handful of pills of this grade, but without exception, they were found in Ancient Ruins and had already lost most of their medicinal efficacies. Only once had one such pill which was still in relatively good condition been taken to auction and Yan Pei vividly remembered how all the great forces on Shadowed Star had competed madly for it, almost resulting in war.

During that Treasure Trove Pavilion auction, many had almost lost their lives, and whenever he thought back to that day, Yan Pei could not help trembling.

Now, after so many years, another Origin Grade High-Rank pill had appeared in front of his eyes. No matter what kind of effect this pill had, its value was inestimable.

However, since Yang Kai had taken this pill out at this time, Yan Pei had a fairly good idea about what effects it had.

“This is a Soul Cleansing Pill, perhaps Senior Yan has heard of it,” Yang Kai smiled lightly before taking a sip of his tea.

“Soul Cleansing Pill, it really is a Soul Cleansing Pill!” Yan Pei exclaimed, “This is the perfect pill for this situation!”

“Senior Yan, do you mean…” Ge Qi turned to look at Yan Pei and asked hesitantly.

“Take it,” Yan Pei poured the Soul Cleansing Pill in his hand back into its jade bottle and threw it to Ge Qi, “This Soul Cleansing Pill is enough to resolve Nephew Ge’s crisis. Although its effects are not as profound as Soul Cleansing Divine Water or a Flowing Flame Flying Fire, it is actually better suited to your need.”

“Really?” Ge Qi was overjoyed.

“You think this old master will deceive you?” Yan Pei snorted, “The reason why Nephew Ge didn’t try to exchange for such a pill was presumably because you didn’t believe an Origin Grade High-Rank pill would exist in this world and thus settled on using a Flowing Flame Flying Fire or Soul Cleansing Divine Water, but this pill’s effects are perfect to your Martial Ancestor’s condition. Nephew Ge is truly lucky.”

Ge Qi heard this, and his face filled with joy, quickly and carefully storing this Soul Cleansing Pill into his Space Ring before profusely thanking Yang Kai.

“Brother Ge is too polite, we both simply exchanged for what we wanted,” Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand. This Soul Cleansing Pill was, of course, something he refined during his last retreat. During his last seclusion, Yang Kai had refined many pills, but only a few of them were Origin Grade High-Rank, one of them just so happened to be this Soul Cleansing Pill though.

During the auction, when Yan Pei said that the owner of this Star Emperor Token wanted to exchange it for a Flowing Flame Flying Fire or the whereabouts of a pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water, Yang Kai had guessed that the other party was suffering some kind of problem with their Knowledge Sea, and if that was the case, this Soul Cleansing Pill would no doubt be the best solution to use.

Accepting the Soul Cleansing Pill, Ge Qi naturally handed the Star Emperor Token over to Yang Kai. Examining it slightly, Yang Kai found that it was no different from the Star Emperor Token he obtained in the Flowing Flame Sand Field last time and simply tossed it into his Space Ring.

Having completed his task, Ge Qi could not wait to leave this place and return to his Martial Ancestor to deliver the Soul Cleansing Pill.

Before leaving though, Ge Qi solemnly cupped his fists and said, “If Martial Ancestor recovers, we will surely come to express our gratitude. At that time, I hope Sister Yang Yan will not refuse our visit!”

Having said what he needed to say, he nodded to Yan Pei before hurrying off.

Inside the room, Yang Kai rubbed his nose as he turned a somewhat confused look towards Yan Pei. Ge Qi’s words before leaving had been quite meaningful, imply that his Martial Ancestor would pay a visit to Yang Yan rather than Yang Kai; it was all quite intriguing.

“Senior Yan, this Brother Ge…”

“Little friend does not need to inquire, if my old friend really comes to visit, you will naturally understand at that time. If they do not, then this old master will not reveal their identities. However, Little Friend Yang should know that although my old friend has been in seclusion for many years, she has an incredibly resounding name and status!” Yan Pei smiled lightly and inscrutably before suddenly asking in a low voice, “Yes, Little Friend Yang, about that Soul Cleansing Pill…”

Yang Kai, of course, knew what Yan Pei was thinking and quickly shook his head, “That was the only one.”

Obviously, Yan Pei would not believe him so easily, but instead of continuing to struggle, he gave Yang Kai a thoughtful look, “Was this pill something Little Friend Yang obtained by chance?”

“Yeah,” Yang Kai nodded, “Senior Yan should know about my origins, but even in the outside world, Origin Grade High-Rank pills are rare treasures, so I’m afraid I must disappoint you.”

“So that’s how it is,” Yan Pei sighed and smiled, “Very well, if Little Friend Yang ever finds such a good pill again, please consider bringing it to Treasure Trove Pavilion to auction, I guarantee the price will definitely satisfy you.”

“Certainly,” Yang Kai replied casually.

Yan Pei chuckled, got up, and said, “Alright then, this old master will also do his best to search for the thing Little Friend Yang asked about. If I do find an Earth Attribute treasure of appropriate grade, I will inform you as soon as possible.”

“Many thanks, Senior Yan.” Yang Kai also stood up, “This Junior will take his leave then.”

After exiting Treasure Trove Pavilion, Yang Kai cast a curious look towards Yang Yan, secretly wondering what this mysterious woman had done before he met her and why Ge Qi seemed to be so frightened and cautious around her.

However, he truly had no clues to work with. Yang Yan had always been quite a mystery, and the more he was around her, the more Yang Kai was unable to see through her.

The one thing Yang Kai could be sure of though was that Yang Yan had no malicious intent towards him, allowing him to relax.

“Yang Kai, it seems that someone is observing us,” Yang Yan suddenly whispered once they left Heavenly Fate City.

“Oh?” Hearing this, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense immediately and soon realized that there was indeed someone hidden nearby, but the cultivation level of this person was not too high, only reaching the First-Order Origin Returning Realm. On top of that, it was not just one person but a group of people.

Although it was clear these people didn’t have good intentions, Yang Kai couldn’t sense any murderous intent from them, so after a little bit of thought, he immediately understood who they were and smiled lightly as he said, “Don’t worry about them, this area is still within Heavenly Fate City’s jurisdiction, they won’t dare attack us. Let us head back first.”

Saying so, he flew off towards Dragon Cave Mountain with Yang Yan.

A moment later, the two landed outside the Mountain Defending Array and Yang Kai said to Yang Yan, “You go back first, I’ll talk to them here.”

“Understood,” Yang Yan nodded, not saying another word as she walked forward. The defensive array obviously could not block Yang Yan in the slightest and it wasn’t long before her figure disappeared completely.

After Yang Yan left, Yang Kai turned around with a smile on his face and called out loudly, “After following me all this way, you’re still not coming out?”

No response came.

Yang Kai was not surprised by this though and just continued smiling, “Since you don’t want to come out, I will say goodbye here.”

Seeing that Yang Kai really intended to leave, the cultivators who had hidden finally could not contain themselves. On his left, with a series of ripples, a group of six people appeared while on the right, in a flash of light, another group roughly the same size appeared.

As soon as these two groups appeared, they began directing fierce glares laced with hostile intent at one another.

The group on the left were contaminated with a faint Monster Qi and their robes were embroidered with various birds and beasts. Needless to say, these people were from Myriad Beast Mountain as only disciples from Myriad Beast Mountain, who dealt with Monster Beast all day, would themselves have persistent Monster Qi on them.

As for the group of people on the right, although their cultivations were about the same as the group of the left, the vitality they exuded was clearly stronger, and a faint bloody smell lingered about their bodies.

Demon Blood Temple!

Yang Kai’s eyes fell on one person in particular on his right. Raising his brow slightly, Yang Kai cupped his fists and smiled, “Brother Deng, long time no see.”

This man smiled bitterly and showed a helpless look before returning the greeting, “Brother Yang is doing well it seems!”

The words spoken between these two clearly indicated that they were familiar with one another, causing the group from Myriad Beast Mountain on the left to frown slightly while Origin Returning Realm master who led the group of the right smiled and asked, “Do you know this little brother?”

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