Martial Peak

Chapter 1381 - Seeing A Ghost

Chapter 1381, Seeing A Ghost

After all, Yang Kai was just a Third-Order Saint King, and although this bucktoothed man was only a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, it was not an exaggeration to say most Second-Order Origin Realm masters were not his opponent, so naturally, he felt a sense of superiority.

Without sparing Yang Kai a second glance, he turned his eyes to Yang Yan.

In that instant, the face of this bucktoothed cultivator changed dramatically, as if he had just seen something impossible, causing him to stumble backwards involuntarily, directly bumping into the door he just walked through with a loud thud. With a look of shock and fear, his slit eyes shot open as he lifted his finger and pointed at Yang Yan while muttering, “You… you you…”

“Nephew Ge, what’s wrong?” Yan Pei looked at him in amazement before glancing back at Yang Yan, not knowing why he suddenly looked like he had seen a ghost.

Yang Kai was also suspicious and quietly asked Yang Yan, “Do you know him?”

Yang Yan shook her head blankly and replied, “I’ve never seen him.”

“Could he have mistaken you for someone else?” Yang Kai became even more confused. Although Yang Yan had reached an astonishing height in the fields of Artifact Refining and Spirit Array arranging, she had always maintained a temperate personality and shouldn’t have made any enemies. However, from the reaction of this bucktoothed cultivator, it was clear that the other party was absolutely terrified of Yang Yan, as if he had suffered a massive loss at her hands before, ingraining fear of her into his very soul.

“Nephew Ge!” Yan Pei called out loudly, sending an invisible pulse of Spiritual Energy to the bucktoothed cultivator which forcefully shook him out of his shock.

Under the effects of this pulse, the fear in the eyes of this cultivator surnamed Ge faded significantly, but his forehead was still saturated with cold sweat and his face visibly turned from blue to white.

[What is this all about?] Yang Kai muttered to himself unhappily. Even if this person had suffered some kind of loss at Yang Yan’s hands before, did he need to act so miserably when simply meeting her again? What’s more, Yang Yan clearly said she didn’t recognize this man, so it was quite likely the other party had simply mistaken her for someone else.

Acting so frightened for such a reason, it seemed this bucktoothed man was just an embroidered pillow. Yang Kai coldly snorted and could not help looking down on this man.

Finally recovering somewhat, the cultivator surnamed Ge continually wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hands. Unfortunately, both his hands quickly became soaked, he next resorted to using his sleeves, soaking them in short order as well.

While wiping his sweat, he kept glancing over at Yang Yan, but he never stared at her for more than a moment, quickly looking away in fear and awe.

Seeing this, Yang Yan pursed her lips and smiled, suddenly finding this person quite interesting. Immediately grinning widely, she stared at this man fixedly with her pair of beautiful eyes, and under her intense gaze, this cultivator surnamed Ge’s legs slowly began trembling and his eyes began darting around, as if he couldn’t wait to find a hole to crawl into or a way to quickly flee from this place.

Seeing this disgraceful display, Yan Pei did not know whether to laugh or cry and quickly called out, “Nephew Ge, we should continue our discussion.”

The cultivator surnamed Ge seemed like he wanted to laugh but was only able to squeeze out a smile that was uglier than if he had been crying and stutteringly asked Yang Yan, “Dare I ask this young lady’s high… no no, honoured name!”

Just speaking this sentence alone seemed to use up all his strength and after he finished, he anxiously began gulping.

Yan Pei rubbed his forehead seeing this, as he was struck speechless.

He knew a little bit about this disciple of his old friend and understood that this bucktoothed man had secluded himself from the world along with his master, but although that meant his life experience wasn’t great, his cultivation aptitude was Heaven defying. It was for this reason that even as a First-Order Origin Realm cultivator, this bucktoothed man could defeat enemies above his realm, making him an elite amongst the elite.

This time, his old friend had assigned this task to his disciple, and any troubles this bucktoothed man had encountered along the way were solved with overwhelming force.

This cultivator surnamed Ge was by no means a timid person. Despite his appearance being somewhat dreadful, he was without a doubt bold and imposing. Yan Pei even intended to ask his old friend to let this cultivator surnamed Ge take up an important position in Treasure Trove Pavilion.

All of this was why the scene Yan Pei was seeing was so unbelievable. Even if this little girl was hiding some kind of astonishing methods, there was no need for this bucktoothed man to act so scared, was there? What’s more, this little girl appeared harmless to humans and animals alike.

“Me?” Yang Yan smiled lightly and charmingly, making this cultivator surnamed Ge not dare look at her directly, “My name is Yang Yan. Is there something Your Excellency would like to say to me?”

“Yang Yan…” The cultivator surnamed Ge trembled visibly and nearly collapsed onto his butt, muttering this name repeatedly to himself before suddenly straightening himself up, cupping his fists, and bowing deeply, “This one doesn’t dare. My name is Ge Qi, but please just call me Xiao Qi.”

As he spoke, Ge Qi put on his best flattering smile, but with his great buck teeth it only made him look more dreadful than before.

“Xiao Qi!” Yang Yan gently nodded, hiding her smile and replacing it with a noble expression as she lightly called out, “Xiao Qi.”

“Yes!” Ge Qi responded quickly, bowing nearly parallel to the floor.

“Am I that ugly?” Yang Yan seemed to ask casually.

This remark boomed like a thunderbolt on the sunny day in Ge Qi’s ears, causing his face to pale greatly as he frantically waved his hand, “No, no, Young Lady’s appearance shames the moon and flowers alike, in no way related to the word ugly.”

“Is that so?” Yang Yan raised her brow and pressed the issue, “Then why did it seem like you saw a ghost when you first laid eyes upon me? I began to think my appearance was frightful.”

Ge Qi became more and more terrified as he teetered on the verge of crying, “That’s not true, Young Lady is, is…”

“Is what?” Yang Yan asked in a forceful manner as she suddenly gave off a dignified and majestic aura.

This scene caused both Yang Kai and Yan Pei to stare in shock, because the majesty Yang Yan was suddenly radiating was not something one could simply fake, but instead carried with it a kind of overwhelming pressure that made one unconsciously wish to submit. At that moment, even Yan Pei felt as if Yang Yan stood at a height far beyond his own.

Under this invisible coercion, Ge Qi became even more miserable as his knees gave out and he collapsed to the ground. Fortunately, before he could hit the floor, Yan Pei waved his hand and managed to hold him up before lightly coughing and turning to Yang Kai. “Little Friend Yang, this…”

Yang Kai gently nodded and glared at Yang Yan, “Don’t make trouble!”

Regardless of anything else, Ge Qi was still a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, so although Yang Kai did not know why he was so afraid of Yang Yan, he couldn’t allow her to continue playing tricks on him.

Yang Yan spat out her tongue playfully and pouted, “Who asked him to be so timid?”

[Timid…] Yan Pei smiled wryly, this disciple of his old friend could not be described as timid, it was just today that he had acted in such a strange fashion. As for why this was all happening, Yan Pei had no ideas.

“Brother Ge!” Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists slightly to Ge Qi, putting a smile on his face as he said, “My Senior Sister is a bit mischievous and likes making jokes, I hope Brother Ge will not take offence.”

“Senior Sister?” Ge Qi froze for a moment before the look he directed towards Yang Kai swiftly changed, all of the contempt and disdain vanishing as he nodded vigorously, “I wouldn’t dare. This friend is too polite.”

Yang Kai scratched his forehead helplessly. He could see that in front of Yang Yan this Ge Qi was like a mouse that ran into a cat. Pondering for a moment, Yang Kai proposed, “Yang Yan, could you go out first? I want to speak with Brother Ge about something.”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Yang Yan pouted with displeasure.

“There’s no need!” Ge Qi quickly waved his hand again, as if making Yang Yan wait outside for him was a sin worthy of death.

Yang Yan also secretly began feeling a headache. She had just wanted to tease this person a little bit, but now seeing him act so submissive and frantic, even she felt a bit apologetic.

Seeing Ge Qi looking at him with an almost imploring look, Yang Kai smiled bitterly and gave a glance at Yang Yan. Yang Yan understood what he meant and quickly concealed her face with her black robe and sat back quietly.

Seeing this, Ge Qi exhaled heavily.

“Brother Ge, please sit down,” Yang Kai greeted with a smile.

Ge Qi looked at Yan Pei for direction, and seeing him nod gently, he hesitantly sat down. His appearance remained that of a Junior meeting his Elders, and even though he was sitting, his muscles were taut, fully illustrating his continued anxiety.

Yang Kai and Yan Pei both saw this clearly but neither of them commented on it.

“From what Senior Yan has said, it seems that the Star Emperor Token that appeared earlier was brought here by Brother Ge, yes?” Yang Kai asked Ge Qi.

“Yes,” Ge Qi nodded bitterly while quietly glancing over at Yang Yan before for some reason taking the initiative to explain, “If not for having no choice, my Martial Ancestor would never have taken this Star Emperor Token to use in an exchange, but currently, we simply have no other options. Please understand this, Brother Yang, Sister Yang Yan.”

After hearing this, Yang Kai seemed to suddenly understand something that, if true, would explain Ge Qi’s inexplicable actions up until now.

“And what Brother Ge wants in exchange for this Star Emperor Token is a Flowing Flame Flying Fire or the whereabouts of Soul Cleansing Divine Water?” Yang Kai asked again.

“Yes!” Ge Qi nodded cautiously.

“Although this Yang made Senior Yan call Brother Ge here, I should mention up front that I have neither a Flowing Flame Flying Fire nor information about Soul Cleansing Divine Water.”

“That’s fine,” Ge Qi said completely earnestly, “If Brother Yang wants this Star Emperor Token, please just allow this Ge to report about this matter to my Martial Ancestor. If Ancestor agrees, delivering it to Brother Yang… and Sister Yang Yan should not be a problem.”

“Eh…” Yang Kai looked at Ge Qi in amazement before quickly waving his hand, “This Yang did not mean to imply that. Although this Star Emperor Token’s Divine Ability has already been used, it is still a treasure refined personally by the Starry Sky Great Emperor and is of extraordinary value. This Yang has no intention of receiving it for free. What I wished to ask from the start was, could Brother Ge’s Martial Ancestor have a problem with their Knowledge Sea?”

After listening to Yang Kai’s inquiry, Yan Pei’s eyes flashed in surprise, finding it quite astonishing that Yang Kai was able to make this kind of connection. As an old friend to this mysterious master, Yan Pei naturally knew why the other party would resort to trading this Star Emperor Token at this time.

More surprising though was that Ge Qi openly admitted this with a nod, “Brother Yang is correct. My Martial Ancestor was plotted against by a wicked enemy half a year ago and had her Knowledge Sea poisoned, which is why I need a Flowing Flame Flying Fire or Soul Cleansing Divine Water, because according to Martial Ancestor, only these two things are capable of detoxifying this poison.”

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