Martial Peak

Chapter 1383 - Price

Chapter 1383, Price

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“En,” Hearing his Elder’s question, the cultivator surnamed Deng nodded helplessly.

“Oh?” The Origin Returning Realm master grinned. “Since you know him, this will be easy to handle. Deng Ning, explain to this little brother here carefully about how Elder Jin Shi needs that Profound Gold. See if you can make him see reason.”

This Demon Blood Temple disciple was none other than Deng Ning, whom Yang Kai had met once before. When Yang Kai emerged from the Flowing Flame Sand Field, he happened to encounter this Deng Ning being chased down by two of his fellow Sect Brothers. After helping him conveniently, Yang Kai had acquired the Demon Blood Thread Secret Technique from Deng Ning. This Secret Technique’s power was immense and had helped Yang Kai quite a lot.

Later, Deng Ning had also brought Yang Kai to Demon Blood City, where he used a mixture of personal connections and contribution points to allow Yang Kai to use the Space Array to teleport to a city nearby Heavenly Fate City.

From their brief interaction, Yang Kai’s perception of Deng Ning was quite good. Although the Demon Blood Temple that Deng Ning belonged to had a rather poor reputation, that was not a problem when it came to private relationships.

Yang Kai had not expected Deng Ning to come to Heavenly Fate City this time though; but seeing how he was just part of a group from Demon Blood Temple, Yang Kai wasn’t about to blame him for following orders.

What’s more, the relationship he shared with Deng Ning wasn’t even on the level of friendship, so a minor event like this didn’t matter much, to begin with.

Receiving orders, Deng Ning turned a helpless look to Yang Kai, but before he could speak, Yang Kai simply raised his hand to stop him and declared, “Brother Deng need not say any more since this Profound Gold is of great use to me. I will not hand it over to anyone, please withdraw!”

The expression on the face of the Origin Realm master leading Demon Blood Temple’s group instantly became gloomy, but just as he was about to say something, a burly man over on Myriad Beast Mountain’s side let out a laugh, “Boy, don’t be in such a hurry to make a decision, you should first hear the price we’re offering. Although my Myriad Beast Mountain is not quite on par with Heaven Battling Union or Thunder Typhoon Sect, it is still a first-class Sect. I’m certain we can make you an offer you won’t be able to refuse.”

This man spoke casually, but the meaning of threat in his voice was not lost on anyone present.

The Demon Blood Temple Origin Returning Realm master immediately sneered, “Your tone is quite bold, what are you planning on offer? If you had enough capital from the beginning, why did you shrink back during the auction?”

The burly man leading Myriad Beast Mountain’s group just coldly snorted, not bothering to address the Demon Blood Temple man and instead stared directly at Yang Kai, his lips wriggling as he used his Divine Sense to send a message, “Boy, I can see you don’t lack Saint Crystals, otherwise you wouldn’t have offered such a high price back at the auction, but my Myriad Beast Mountain has our own unique means of bargaining. I can take responsibility here to offer you thirty Seventh-Order Monster Beasts and ten Eighth-Order Monster Beasts, with a method of controlling them of course, as long as you hand over that Profound Gold. En, your little hill here is not very broad, so if you were to have these Monster Beasts to help you guard it, it would become far more secure. I cannot make any guarantees, but such a force would be more than enough to deter most troubles. How about it?”

Objectively, this price was neither high nor low, but it was definitely not equal to the amount of Saint Crystals Yang Kai had paid; after all, Seventh-Order Monster Beasts were only equivalent to Saint Realm cultivators while Eighth-Order ones were on par with Saint Kings.

Myriad Beast Mountain clearly wanted to pick up a bargain here, but with all the layers of protection around Dragon Cave Mountain, what use would Yang Kai have for these few Monster Beasts?

So even if the other party had shown some slight sincerity, Yang Kai decisively shook his head.

The lead man from Myriad Beast Mountain frowned slightly but continued to bargain, “I can add five more Eighth-Order Monster Beasts, but that is as high as my Myriad Beast Mountain is willing to go, you best think hard about your answer!”

“I already said, this Profound Gold is mine now, I won’t be selling it for any price. Please withdraw,” Yang Kai looked at him lightly.

“Little brat, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! Don’t think I don’t dare flatten your tiny hill right here and now!” The burly man flew into a rage seeing Yang Kai bluntly refuse his face-saving offer.

Hearing his intimidation though, Yang Kai simply grinned, “Sure. I look forward to seeing how you plan to flatten my Dragon Cave Mountain!”

“You court death!” A murderous intent flashed across the eyes of the burly man, but soon, as if remembering something, he suddenly glanced over to his side to see the people from Demon Blood Temple staring at him happily, as if they couldn’t wait for him to attack.

This burly man immediately realized that once he took action, he would only be helping this group from Demon Blood Temple. Quickly pressing down his anger, the burly man sneered and stepped back, as if he was preparing to watch a good show.

He was unable to obtain the Profound Gold, but he was not going to help the Demon Blood Temple group obtain it by acting rashly. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself to Elder Feng when he returned.

Moreover, this place was too close to Heavenly Fate City, so he could not just kill at will. If this were not the case, how could he have been here in the first place? Old Woman Feng or Jin Shi would have already personally dealt with Yang Kai if they could settle things by force.

Because this area was technically still under Heavenly Fate City, and because they didn’t want to lower themselves to deal with a Junior, these two Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters had sent their respective disciples to negotiate with Yang Kai about this Profound Gold, hoping he would understand his limits and turn it over to one of them.

The Demon Blood Temple Origin Returning Realm master saw the man from Myriad Beast Mountain snickering towards him but didn’t back down, declaring out loud, “I don’t know what price this friend from Myriad Beast Mountain has offered you, but my Demon Blood Temple is willing to offer you twenty virgin Blood Slaves in exchange for that Profound Gold, what do you think?”

Having said this, he looked down at Yang Kai smugly, as if he could not imagine this young boy refusing such an offer.

When the group from Myriad Beast Mountain heard this, all of their faces changed greatly, with the burly man even drawing in a sharp breath as he shouted, “Twenty virgin Blood Slaves, your Temple is willing to go that far?!”

After he finished speaking, he turned a rather nervous look towards Yang Kai, worrying he might agree; after all, the temptation of twenty Virgin Blood Slaves was too great for most to refuse.

If Demon Blood Temple was willing to give himself such benefits, he would immediately betray Myriad Beast Mountain and join them instead.

“Heh heh, compared to allowing Elder Jin Shi’s Secret Technique to advance, what do twenty Blood Slaves count for?” The leader of the Demon Blood Temple’s group smiled slightly as he looked towards Yang Kai and said, “Only my Demon Blood Temple has the ability to train Blood Slaves on Shadowed Star, but by following a few special rituals, these Blood Slaves can be made to faithfully and whole-heartedly serve you until death. Each of the Blood Slaves you receive would also have their Primordial Yin intact which can help you significantly enhance your vitality.”

Saying so, he suddenly turned his eyes to a woman standing behind him and flashed an evil grin, “This is one of my Blood Slaves!”

Immediately after declaring so, he issued a stunning command, “Take off your clothes!”

The woman froze for a moment, her face turning pale and her tender body trembling lightly.

This woman’s face was beautiful and her figure was enchanting; moreover, probably due to cultivating some kind of Charm Technique, she gave off a kind of seductive aura that drew men’s eyes to her.

This woman’s cultivation was not low either, reaching the First-Order Saint King Realm; however, after listening to the orders of this Demon Blood Temple man, in full view of the public, she began to undress.

Biting her thin lip strongly, this woman’s face was completely white, making it obvious she was extremely unwilling, but she seemed incapable of disobeying this man’s orders.

As the sound of rustling clothes echoed through the air, the male disciples of Myriad Beast Mountain stared dumbfounded as they constantly made audible gulping noises while the few female disciples present eyes them with extreme scorn.

Finished removing her dress, the woman was soon left with just her undergarments covering her most sensitive places. Her skin was pure white, like warm jade, and there was an attractive lustre on her face, causing a primal reaction to stir in the men present, making it hard for them to keep their composure.

Seeing that she was actually on the verge of removing her undergarments as well, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown while revealing a look of impatience as he said, “I’ll only say this one last time, I won’t hand this Profound Gold over to anyone, there’s no room for negotiation.”

Demon Blood Temple’s Origin Returning Realm master’s complexion changed slightly as he stared at Yang Kai and muttered in a low voice, “Do you really want to act so stubbornly, boy? You won’t even consider my offer?”

Yang Kai looked at him indifferently, too lazy to say anything more.

“Hmph, good, kids nowadays all think they are mightier than the Heavens, I hope you don’t regret your rashness!” The man sneered as he left his ruthless remark, no longer interested in engaging in any discussion with Yang Kai. Waving his hand, he quickly led the other Demon Blood Temple disciples away.

Before leaving, the female Blood Slave gently nodded to Yang Kai as she flashed a look of gratitude, grabbing her clothes which were on the ground and disappearing in the next moment.

Deng Ning also cupped his fists to Yang Kai somewhat apologetically before following after the others.

After the group from Demon Blood Temple withdrew, the burly man leading Myriad Beast Mountain’s group chuckled, “Boy, you’d best reconsider our offer. My previous offer still stands, once you’ve cleared your head, come find me in Heavenly Fate City.”

His face flashed a temperate look, as if all the unpleasantness from a moment ago had not happened.

Finished here, he too took his people away.

After temporarily resolving this issue, Yang Kai secretly frowned. He found that he had been making more and more enemies recently, but there was nothing he could do about it; after all, this Profound Gold had an important use to him, there was no way he could easily hand it over.

Dragon Cave Mountain was situated near Heavenly Fate City, so naturally, it fell under Shadow Moon Hall’s protection, and although they had agreed to not get involved in Yang Kai’s grievances with the Xie Family, if Myriad Beast Mountain and Demon Blood Temple were to openly attack Dragon Cave Mountain, Shadow Moon Hall wouldn’t just stand idly by.

As such, Yang Kai could ignore these two forces for the time being; however, a method to handle the Xie Family needed further consideration.

Originally, Yang Kai planned to handle the Xie Family after coming out of his latest seclusion, but now that he learned that Lu Ye was currently staying with the Xie Family and even Sea Heart Sect’s people had joined them, it was a bit difficult for Yang Kai to immediately take action.

The strength of Dragon Cave Mountain’s defence was unquestionable, but in terms of offensive power, it was indeed somewhat lacking. This matter needed further consideration. Yang Kai still dreaded Lu Ye, especially after seeing the other party had some mysterious method which allowed him to regrow his severed arm. Before he was able to completely understand Lu Ye’s capabilities, Yang Kai felt it was unwise to openly challenge him.

Thinking so, Yang Kai turned and walked into the Mountain Defending Array.

Yang Yan had not gone inside to rest but instead waited for him. Seeing Yang Kai return safe and sound, Yang Yan did not seem too surprised, instead just beckoning to him to walk towards the cave mansion.

Yang Kai smiled faintly before leisurely following after her.

Inside the cave mansion, the two sat face to face and Yang Yan reached out and said, “Show me that Star Emperor Token.”

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