Martial Peak

Chapter 1371 - Lead You To Have A look

Chapter 1371, Lead You To Have A look

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“What should we do?” Yang Yan asked with some worry.

“It’s fine to do nothing. She purposefully brought the subject up as a subtle way to tell me not to worry about it. No one else in Coloured Glass Sect should know about this, otherwise she wouldn’t have come here to ask me to refine her an Origin Condensing Pill.”

“That being said, we should act carefully; after all, Coloured Glass Mountain is Coloured Glass Sect’s foundation and most precious treasure. If they were ever to find out what we’ve done, Coloured Glass Sect would definitely not let it go.”

“I know,” Yang Kai gently nodded, “Right, is Qian Yue in retreat right now?”

“Nope.” Yang Yan shook her head.

“Tell her to come see me then, I have something I need her to help me find!” Yang Kai said briefly before turning around and walking into his cave mansion.

Inside his cave mansion, Yang Kai was sitting cross-legged, his expression calm and indifferent, seemingly thinking about something. When he noticed someone approaching from the outside, he immediately opened the barrier and let them in.

As expected, it was Qian Yue.

“Yang Kai, you wanted to see me?” Qian Yue asked.

“En, come in and sit down!” Yang Kai gestured to her. Qian Yue was somewhat confused about why Yang Kai suddenly summoned her, but she still quickly sat down cross-legged on a futon while glancing around curiously.

Besides Yang Yan, who came and went frequently, Yang Kai’s cave mansion was basically unvisited by others. Only when one of Dragon Cave Mountain’s cultivators wanted to break through a bottleneck or when they needed to enter a long secluded retreat would they come here to use one of the specially prepared cultivation rooms. Using these cultivation rooms was of great benefit because the aura from the Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree and the fragrance of the Ten Thousand Year Incense which permeated the cave mansion were both useful for achieving breakthroughs.

This was Qian Yue’s first time coming here, in fact, so naturally she was a bit curious.

This was one of the most confidential places in all of Dragon Cave Mountain.

“What did you need from me?” After looking around for a moment, Qian Yue collected herself and asked. She and Yang Kai were natives of Tong Xuan Realm, and although many years ago her strength was enough to tower over Yang Kai, the good cultivation environment and abundant resources she had now were all thanks to Yang Kai’s blessings. On top of that, Yang Kai’s current strength far exceeded her own.

As such, Qian Yue treated Yang Kai as someone from the same generation, even feeling a hint of awe towards him in her heart.

“I need your help with something.”

Qian Yue smiled lightly, “Oh. I was just worrying about not being able to contribute anything here. Whatever you need from me, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“I need your Soul Avatar to enter my Knowledge Sea!” Yang Kai stared into her eyes and said seriously.

“Ah?” Qian Yue looked surprised as she stared back at Yang Kai in shock. She had never expected him to make such an unbelievable request. It was not a trivial matter to allow someone else’s Soul Avatar to enter your Knowledge Sea. Generally speaking, this practice was only done between the most trusted of friends or the most intimate of partners.

After all, there were too many private things stored in a person’s Knowledge Sea that no one would want outsiders to know about.

Last time, Yang Kai diving into Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea was also thanks to Yang Yan lowering her Knowledge Sea’s defences, otherwise, there would have been no way for Yang Kai to enter.

Listening to Yang Kai say this, Qian Yue was of course extremely surprised as well as grateful.

Regardless of what kind of request Yang Kai had for her, him allowing her into his Knowledge Sea proved first and foremost how much he trusted her.

“It’s fine for me to enter your Knowledge Sea, but what do you want me to do once inside? Are you cultivating some special Secret Technique?” Qian Yue guessed casually.

“No, you don’t need to think too much about it, I just want you to help me find a place,” Yang Kai explained.

“Find a place?” Qian Yue frowned, even more confused. Why would she need to enter Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea to find a place?

“The place where you separated from Su Yan!” Yang Kai’s complexion became slightly gloomy as he let out a sigh. Not waiting for Qian Yue to ask any more questions, he quickly continued, “It’s a bit troublesome to explain in words but you’ll understand once you’re inside.”

Qian Yue was still confused, but she no longer made any inquiries, simply nodding, “Then lower your Knowledge Sea defences.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, closed his eyes, and immersed his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea. The next moment, his Soul Avatar appeared, standing at a position high above the flames.

Before long, Yang Kai felt another Soul attempting to enter his Knowledge Sea. Not making any attempt to resist, he allowed this newcomer inside and soon after, a light flashed in front of him and Qian Yue’s Soul Avatar appeared.

The moment she appeared though, she couldn’t help letting out a scream and quickly circulated her Spiritual Energy to resist the heat coming from all directions.

The situation inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea was similar to that of Yang Yan’s but more powerful. The seawater below was essentially comprised of burning hot flames so Qian Yue, who was just a First-Order Saint King, was naturally affected by them.

Seeing this, Yang Kai waved his hand to create a barrier of Spiritual Energy around Qian Yue, isolating her from the impact of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.

“Your Knowledge Sea… is quite dangerous…” Qian Yue’s face was filled with lingering fear as she scanned her surroundings. With her vision, she could naturally tell that Yang Kai possessed a mutated Knowledge Sea, and one of great power at that. If not for Yang Kai providing her protection in this place, she wouldn’t be able to remain for long.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai beckoned to her and immediately flew upwards while focusing his consciousness.

A moment later, an incredible scene appeared as a vast starry expanse began to appear above Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. One by one, twinkling stars like fireflies began flickering into existence and rapidly spreading out across the sky. Qian Yue’s thoughts froze up as she involuntarily felt like she had suddenly been transported to the Starry Sky.

“This is…” Qian Yue looked around in shock. The scene around her had changed so dramatically and so rapidly that if she was not conscious of being inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, she would definitely have believed she had somehow entered the Starry Sky.

Looking at this astonishing scene, Qian Yue couldn’t help recalling the various trials and tribulations she experienced after entering the Star Field together with Sect Master Qing Ya and her fellow Sect Brothers and Sister from Ice Sect.

These stars were so massive, dazzling, and imposing that Qian Yue could deeply feel how small and insignificant she was. The devastating Starry Sky Storms and endless Asteroid Seas also appeared in her eyes as she examined her surroundings.

Reminded of the tragic death of several of her fellow Ice Sect Elders, Qian Yue’s expression dimmed.

Everything that had happened during that perilous journey was still vivid in her memory and Qian Yue was capable of recalling it all like it was yesterday.

Suddenly, a figure appeared beside her; naturally, it was Yang Kai. Qian Yue turned her head to look at him as a hint of loneliness filled her beautiful eyes.

At the moment, Yang Kai was the only person close to her that she was familiar with. She had no sense of belonging to the Star Field. Qian Yue soon whispered, “Yang Kai, I want to go back to the Tong Xuan Realm. I want to go back to the Ice Sect.”

The weakness in her heart seemed to be completely exposed because of the scene before her, making her look extremely delicate and fragile.

A slightly unusual light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as he said lightly, “Such a day will definitely come, but before then, you need to first improve your strength.”

As if there was some kind of mysterious power in his voice, Qian Yue heard these words and her beautiful eyes began to cloud over. Yang Kai frowned when he noticed this and quickly let out a shout.

With the loud shout ringing in her ears like spring thunder, Qian Yue’s tender body shook and the weakness clouding her eyes quickly disappeared, allowing her original demeanour to restore itself. After understanding what just happened, she couldn’t help revealing a trace of fear and gratitude.

When she saw this scene of the Starry Sky just now, a crack in her heart had appeared. This flaw in her mind might currently seem unremarkable, but if it was allowed to fester, it would definitely become a Heart Demon, one that would pose a great danger to her whenever she tried to break through in the future.

Once a Heart Demon surfaced during a breakthrough, not only would one fail to reach the next realm, they would suffer from severe backlash and quite possibly have their Soul extinguished on the spot.

Although Yang Kai’s shout wasn’t too loud, he had used his own Spiritual Energy to deliver a shock to Qian Yue, allowing her to awaken her from weakness and reminiscence.

After understanding this point, Qian Yue naturally felt grateful and even rejoiced somewhat. At the same time, she secretly felt like her will was inferior to Yang Kai’s as he was able to maintain control while carrying an even heavier burden.

Taking a deep breath, Qian Yue collected herself before asking, “What is this, and why does it exist in your Knowledge Sea?”

“This is a Star Chart!” Yang Kai stood beside her while also observing the surrounding stars.

This Star Chart was something he obtained from a Chart Master named Wu Suo, who belonged to Purple Star when he first entered the Star Field.

Although Yang Kai didn’t know how Chart Master Wu Suo obtained this strange Star Chart, when the latter died aboard the Purple Star Starship, his Remnant Soul was swallowed by Yang Kai and this Star Chart had remained after using the Demon Eye of Annihilation to purify Wu Suo’s memories.

Yang Kai had explored this Star Chart before but hadn’t paid too much attention to it. After arriving on Shadowed Star, he hadn’t actually taken the time to study this Star Chart thoroughly.

However, after finding Qian Yue and learning that she had been separated from Su Yan and the others from Ice Sect at some point, Yang Kai began searching this Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea for probable locations where the separation might have occurred.

He had once asked Qian Yue to carefully describe the surrounding scene where she had been separated from Su Yan, but he had so far found several matching positions, making it impossible to determine which was the correct one. As such, he needed Qian Yue to enter his Knowledge Sea to confirm the location he was looking for.

Yang Kai was currently unable to find Su Yan, but if he could determine her approximate location, Yang Kai felt he would at least have a place to start looking.

After briefly explaining the mysteries of this Star Chart to Qian Yue, the latter couldn’t help showing a look of shock, never having imagined such a magical thing existed in the Star Field!

The Chart Master profession was non-existent on Shadowed Star; after all, Shadowed Star was extremely remote and isolated from the outside world. Sometimes, people would travel the nearby Starry Sky to look for ores and Saint Crystals, but there was no need for a Chart Master on such a short journey.

“You mean, this Star Chart includes every star in the entire Star Field?” Qian Yue asked with surprise and joy.

“En, even if it doesn’t have absolutely everything, it shouldn’t be missing much,” Yang Kai nodded.

“What about Tong Xuan Realm?” Qian Yue turned to look at him.

“Do you want to have a look?” Yang Kai smiled.

Qian Yue nodded repeatedly, an impatient expression filling her face.

“Then I’ll lead you to have a look!” Yang Kai waved his hand and wrapped Qian Yue in his Spiritual Energy before shuttling through the Star Field in the Star Chart.

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