Martial Peak

Chapter 1370 - Everyone Loves Beauty

Chapter 1370, Everyone Loves Beauty

As for why Treasure Trove Pavilion would specifically send him an invitation, it was not difficult to guess.

After all, in the auction a few years ago, all the final auction items had been brought by Yang Kai. Others may not know this information, but Treasure Trove Pavilion certainly did. Not to mention, with the financial resources shown by Dragon Cave Mountain, they were completely qualified to participate in this auction.

“This invitation was personally made by Senior Yan Pei, who gave it to Elder Qian, who in turn ordered us to deliver to you. If Brother Yang has the time, you should participate,” Wei Gu Chang laughed.

Hearing that this invitation was from Yan Pei himself, Yang Kai immediately recalled a somewhat sinister-looking old man and asked, “Could it be that Senior Yan specially asking you to deliver this invitation was because it’s not just an invitation? Is there something else as well?”

Wei Gu Chang scratched his cheek and shook his head with a wry smile, “Xuan’er, I told you Brother Yang was too smart and even if we didn’t mention it, he would certainly realize.”

Dong Xuan’er also smiled bitterly.

Yang Kai looked at Wei Gu Chang and said, “Brother Wei, just say it, you and I are not strangers.”

Wei Gu Chang hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Senior Yan did give me another message to pass along, but I wasn’t planning on mentioning it. However, since Brother Yang has asked, I will just say that Senior Yan hoped you could provide a few items for the auction’s finale!”

“Final auction items?” Yang Kai parroted with a stunned voice before sneering wryly, “What does he think this place is, an inexhaustible treasure-trove? How could I possibly have so many final-auction-worthy items?”

Wei Gu Chang shrugged helplessly. This was truly what Yan Pei had requested, and if not for Elder Qian and Yan Pei having a good relationship, Wei Gu Chang would not have come to deliver such a message, so he simply said, “I’ll report back to Elder Qian that you have no more treasures here.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded. In truth, this place really was filled with a great many incredible treasures, any of which could be used as a final item in the upcoming grand auction. Even if he did not take out one of these precious treasures, all Yang Kai would need to do was ask Yang Yan to refine a few Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts so he could fulfil the requirement.

The Emperor Garden had appeared, so presumably, Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts would be highly sought after.

However, Yang Kai understood the truth of great wealth inviting criticism. The few items he had casually brought out last time had stirred up an incredibly heated competition between all Shadowed Star’s top forces. If he were to do so again, he would attract unwanted attention.

He did not even allow Yang Yan to sell her artifacts without permission, so how could he do something as foolish as exposing his true wealth?

“However, Brother Yang, you really should participate in this auction as there may be some good things you’d like to obtain,” Wei Gu Chang laughed heartily before saying, “The following pages of the invitation in your hand list some of the more precious items that are being auctioned.”

“Oh?” Yang Kai heard this and suddenly found himself somewhat interested. Flipping through the invitation, Yang Kai soon found that what Wei Gu Chang said was right. These pages were filled with exquisite pictures and descriptions of some of the most valuable items being auctioned.

There were good artifacts, pills that could increase one’s cultivation, powerful Secret Techniques, and rare and valuable materials.

Yang Kai browsed through these items one by one and was secretly surprised by Treasure Trove Pavilion’s ability. This great force was worthy of being the biggest commercial alliance on Shadowed Star. It had only been a few years since the last grand auction, yet they had already managed to collect so many treasures. This really made one wonder where they had acquired all these treasures.

Unfortunately, although there were indeed many good things listed on this invitation, nothing really caught Yang Kai’s eyes. It was not a problem of value or rarity; it was simply that Yang Kai had no use for any of these things. Whether it was artifacts, pills, or Secret Techniques, he already had more than enough, so naturally, he felt disinterested in this auction.

However, when he arrived at the last page and saw the treasure which was listed there, his expression suddenly changed as he stared at the picture fixedly, a trace of surprise and joy flashing across the depths of his eyes.

Although this change of expression happened extremely quickly, Yang Kai still failed to conceal it from the others present. Seeing this, Wei Gu Chang chuckled, “It looks like Brother Yang really found something good that he currently needs.”

“I have indeed. I never expected Treasure Trove Pavilion to even be able to take out this kind of treasure!” Yang Kai openly declared as he did not feel the need to conceal this fact in front of the people present. Carefully putting away the auction invitation, he asked, “When will this auction start?”

“A month from now, and the location is the same as last time. Has Brother Yang decided to go?”

“Such a grand event naturally shouldn’t be missed!” Yang Kai chuckled and nodded.

“Then, this Wei will look forward to seeing you there,” Wei Gu Chang also showed a happy expression. In any case, he had to attend this auction, so he naturally felt it was better to have like-minded friends to accompany him.

Next, Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er had a long chat with Yang Kai.

After all, none of them had seen each other since they entered retreat to break through. Only a few years had passed and Yang Kai was now a Third-Order Saint King, likely not far away from breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm as well. Both Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er had just finished crossing this stage and were not stingy with explaining their experiences, allowing both Yang Kai and Dai Yuan to benefit greatly.

Especially Dai Yuan, who listened with extreme interest while asking a few questions about particular details she didn’t immediately understand. Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er patiently answered any questions Dai Yuan and Yang Kai asked, not concealing anything.

Half a day later, the two Senior Brother and Junior Sister took their leave. Before setting off though, Dong Xuan’er invited Dai Yuan to come to Shadow Moon Hall for a time, the latter naturally agreeing.

After the Shadow Moon Hall pair left, Yang Kai turned to Dai Yuan with a smile.

The latter, however, shot him an angry glare as her ugly facial features suddenly distorted. In the next moment, a completely different face appeared in front of Yang Kai.

Creamy white skin with gentle crescent eyebrows, eyes that shimmered like stars, a dainty nose, and fine red lips. It was not an exaggeration to describe her as a Heavenly beauty.

This abrupt change in appearance stunned Yang Kai. Dai Yuan gently brushed her hair back behind her ear and demurely chuckled, “Does Junior Brother Yang think this look is more appealing?”

Yang Kai put on a serious look and shook his head, saying, “One’s external appearance is inconsequential, whether one is ugly or beautiful is an inherent trait that is gifted by their parents. What is most important is internal and intrinsic.”

Dai Yuan was deeply stunned and was preparing to nod in agreement when Yang Kai suddenly declared solemnly, “But you’re not wrong that your current look is more appealing; after all, everyone loves beauty.”

Dai Yuan was instantly filled with indignation as she shot a wicked glare at Yang Kai, her peerless face distorting once again and being replaced by the former pockmarked ugly continence.

Just now, she had felt deeply touched by Yang Kai’s words, but he had gone and ruined that sentiment completely before she could even digest them properly.

Yang Kai lightly coughed, knowing he had severely annoyed Dai Yuan and quickly changed the subject, “Right, Sister Dai Yuan coming here so suddenly, do you need my help with something?”

“What? Do you think I only come here when I need something from you? Could it be that I cannot just come here to say hello? Am I not welcomed here?” Dai Yuan snorted as she continued glaring at Yang Kai.

“That’s certainly not what I meant,” Yang Kai knew he had once again misspoken and suddenly found himself at a loss for what to say.

However, Dai Yuan soon grinned and said, “I’m kidding. Do you think you are the only one who can make fun of me? To be honest, I really did come here to ask for your help.”

Yang Kai’s look finally relaxed and he quickly declared, “If I can be of help, Sister Dai Yuan only needs to ask.”

Dai Yuan nodded and spoke frankly, “I need an Origin Condensing Pill!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai showed a look of understanding.

Dai Yuan still explained though, “Originally I was planning on breaking through to the Origin Returning Realm after a long secluded retreat, but now that the Emperor Garden has appeared, I cannot afford to wait that long, so I need an Origin Condensing Pill to assist me. This shouldn’t be a problem for Junior Brother Yang, should it?”

“Naturally,” Yang Kai smiled confidently. Him being an Alchemist was a secret only known to three people on Shadowed Star, Wu Yi, Yang Yan, and Dai Yuan. The first two knew for obvious reasons while the latter knew because Yang Kai had used his Alchemy skills to help detoxify her.

With Yang Kai’s current methods, refining a trivial Origin Condensing Pill required little effort.

Dai Yuan wore a delighted smile and said, “I have all the materials ready. I’ll be troubling Junior Brother Yang.”

Saying so, Dai Yuan took out several sets of herbs necessary for refining an Origin Condensing Pill from her Space Ring. Yang Kai nodded and accepted the herbs before quickly saying, “Rest here for today, I’ll bring you your Origin Condensing Pill by tomorrow.”

“En,” Dai Yuan nodded happily.

Refining an Origin Condensing Pill was truly a simple matter for Yang Kai, only requiring an incense stick worth of time to complete, but he still said he would bring it to Dai Yuan tomorrow personally.

Dai Yuan had no objections and gave her thanks.

Chatting for a while longer, Dai Yuan informed Yang Kai that there were many people stationed in Heavenly Fate City from Coloured Glass Sect to monitor the changes in the Emperor Garden, and that her Junior Sister Yin Su Die was among them.

Yin Su Die, like Wei Gu Chang, had successfully broken through to the Origin Realm, but she had only done so recently and was still in the process of consolidating her cultivation. It also seemed that she had ill intentions towards Yang Kai, which Dai Yuan thoughtfully warned him about.

Hearing this, Yang Kai wore a strange look upon his face as he tapped the table with his finger, immediately concluding that Yin Su Die had concealed the matter about their fight and even him killing a Coloured Glass Sect disciple when he last left Coloured Glass Sect.

This was good news for Yang Kai. Yin Su Die willingly covering up that incident was something he was happy to learn.

Then, however, Dai Yuan seemingly casually mentioned the accident that had befallen Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain, causing a bit of cold sweat to drip down Yang Kai’s back as he faced a meaningful stare from this woman.

Fortunately, she did not seem to have any interest in continuing this topic, just mentioning it before moving on.

After finally managing to take his leave, Yang Kai stood in front of his cave mansion with a contemplative look upon his face.

Yang Yan mysteriously appeared beside him a moment later, frowning as she said, “From her tone, it seems she knows something.”

“En, others might not be clear, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know; after all, the Stone Puppet entered Coloured Glass Mountain from her Thousand Illusion Peak. Although I concealed the tunnel it dug, she might have discovered something if she investigated carefully. Moreover, since she cultivates that Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art, she may have been able to learn something from examining Coloured Glass Mountain itself,” Yang Kai postulated.

Although he did not know what the truth was, he was fairly certain about his speculations. The reason why Dai Yuan knew there was something wrong inside Coloured Glass Mountain was largely in part due to her practising that particular Secret Art.

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