Martial Peak

Chapter 1372 - Overcrowded

Chapter 1372, Overcrowded

As she passed many bright stars, Qian Yue felt as if she could touch them if she just reached out, but she knew that these seemingly real stars were just projections from the Star Chart and were not actually material.

Nevertheless, travelling through the Star Chart still felt like a dream to Qian Yue.

Not only were there brilliant Sun Stars, but also soft glowing Moon Stars, countless Dead Stars without any vitality, and vast Asteroid Seas. It was like the entire Star Field had been shrunk down countless times over and transplanted here.

Qian Yue followed Yang Kai without a sound, and in what seemed like a flash, but felt like forever, the pair came to a halt. At this moment, Yang Kai wore a complicated look upon his face as he stared forward silently.

Following the direction of his eyes, Qian Yue saw a faint blue star. This star was not too noticeable amongst the vast Star Field. This star was not brilliant or dazzling in any way, inferior to many she had witnessed before, but the moment she laid eyes on it, this star became all Qian Yue could see.

Staring blankly at this star, a strange sense of homecoming filled her heart with warmth.

Tong Xuan Realm!

This star was none other than the homeland she dreamed of, the place she had been born and raised, Tong Xuan Realm.

After entering the Starry Sky from the Ice Sect, she had once had the opportunity to see a similar scene of this gorgeous blue star from afar. At that time, she had been filled with a sense of yearning but had no choice other than following Sect Master Qing Ya away.

Qian Yue wept bitterly!

Even if she was a Saint King Realm cultivator now, even if she had been cultivating for several dozen years, at this moment, she was still unable to control her emotions as she felt like a wanderer who had finally returned home, the deep longing in her heart bursting forth.

Yang Kai did not say anything. When he was initially exploring this Star Chart by himself and found where Tong Xuan Realm was located, his reaction wasn’t much better than Qian Yue’s. As a man, he managed not to shed tears, but his emotions were still just as chaotic.

It took a long time for Qian Yue to stop sobbing, turn to look at Yang Kai, and ask softly, “Yang Kai, can we return?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai affirmed categorically.

Qian Yue’s eyes glowed with pleasant surprise. Although Yang Kai’s answer was unfounded, and she was unable to really see any hope of achieving it right now, hearing this answer still filled the emptiness in her heart greatly.

“Thank you, thank you!” Qian Yue suddenly felt quite embarrassed for completely losing self-control in front of a junior, but when she saw her homeland, she simply could not keep her emotions in check. The grievances she had suffered in the Joyous Union Pavilion over the years had weighed down on her heavily, all of them erupting at this moment.

Fortunately, all of that was now behind her and it did not take long for her to regain her composure.

Yang Kai smiled slightly before sending out his Spiritual Energy again to wrap up Qian Yue and lead her away from the blue star.

After a while, the two stopped at a certain place in the Star Chart and Yang Kai asked, “Take a look closely, is this where you and Su Yan separated?”

Qian Yue observed her surroundings for a while before slowly shaking her head, “It’s not here. I remember the Asteroid Sea there was bigger than this one.”

Yang Kai nodded and set out together with Qian Yue again.


Half a day later, the barrier of the cave mansion opened and Qian Yue walked out. Meanwhile, Yang Kai sat alone in his cave mansion with a big smile upon his face.

Finally, Qian Yue was able to positively identify the place where she had separated from Su Yan and the others. Although the rest of Su Yan’s group had also passed through that Void Corridor at that time and it was unknown where they had ended up, this was still an extremely precious clue.

When the time came, as long as he was strong enough, Yang Kai could go directly to that place, find that Void Corridor, enter it, and hopefully find Su Yan.

Of course, all of this depended on him having the necessary strength, so it was a bit early to be considering such things.

After sorting out his thoughts, Yang Kai took out his Alchemy Furnace and a few herbs, refining some pills to calm his mood.

Time flew by and soon a month had passed. On this day, the gateway barrier surrounding Dragon Cave Mountain opened and two figures slowly emerged from it. It was Yang Kai and Yang Yan.

The two of them were naturally setting out to participate in the Treasure Trove Pavilion auction.

In fact, Yang Kai’s original attitude towards this auction was indifference, but after seeing one of the items which was going to be auctioned off, he immediately changed his opinion.

That item was of great use to him, and no matter what, he had to obtain it. As such, he brought out all of the Saint Crystals he could get from Wu Yi in preparation.

Currently, Dragon Cave Mountain did not have anywhere near its peak amount of Saint Crystals, but there were still around 70 million of them. According to his and Yang Yan’s estimates, this number of Saint Crystals would be enough to get that treasure.

After all, although that item was precious, it was just a raw material, so no matter what use others might have for it, no one except Yang Kai should be willing to pay this much for it.

Yang Kai was confident about his assumptions.

Crossing the trivial distance between Dragon Cave Mountain and Heavenly Fate City took but a moment via Star Shuttle.

Heavenly Fate City was currently filled with fishes and dragons, becoming completely overcrowded. City Lord Fei Zhi Tu had already become thoroughly exhausted attempting to maintain order in the city. He was originally a person who didn’t want to get involved in troublesome matters, otherwise, he wouldn’t have requested the Sect Master to assign him to supervise Heavenly Fate City, but with the appearance of the Emperor Garden and a sudden influx of foreign masters from all of Shadowed Star, Fei Zhi Tu’s peace and quiet had been completely destroyed.

The City Defending Array was now fully open, and no one was allowed to fight inside, or else they would be severely punished. On top of that, a powerful Flight Inhibiting Array was active inside the city, preventing anyone from flying.

This set of rules was completely different from before. Previously, when Yang Kai came to Heavenly Fate City, he was able to fly in and out directly, but now he had no choice but to land outside and enter through the city gate together with Yang Yan.

The city gate was also extremely crowded, and Yang Yan couldn’t help shrinking down towards Yang Kai. It took quite a lot of effort for the two of them to pass through safely.

After entering the city and seeing the sea of people literally rubbing shoulders as they walked through the streets, whether it was Yang Kai or Yang Yan, both of them felt a headache coming on. The population of Heavenly Fate City was now more than ten times its usual number.

Fortunately, with the auction being held today, teams of people had been specially assigned to clear roads and maintain order from all the major gates to Treasure Trove Pavilion. This allowed those people of high status who were participating in the auction to move relatively unhindered.

Making his way over to a reception area, Yang Kai took out the golden invitation from his Space Ring and handed it over. The cultivator responsible for the reception immediately showed a flattering look and respectfully said, “Welcome to Treasure Trove Pavilion’s grand auction, two Honoured Guests. You have been assigned a private room in Block B. This way please!”

Saying so, this cultivator called out to a young woman nearby and commanded, “Qing’er, take these two Honoured Guests to their room!”

Although Yang Kai and Yang Yan’s cultivations were not very high, the number of these golden invitations wasn’t large. Yan Pei was fully aware of the amazing financial strength of Dragon Cave Mountain and hoped that Yang Kai could provide a few items for the auction’s finale, so the invitation he had sent to Dragon Cave Mountain was of very high grade. Even if it was not as good as those received by first class Sects, the difference wasn’t great.

When the cultivator responsible for the reception near this city gate saw this invitation, how could he dare act disrespectful?

Upon hearing his orders, a young girl who seemed only seventeen or eighteen years old immediately responded. Bowing elegantly, she opened her red lips and gently beckoned, “Honoured Guests, please come with me!”

Although the girl did not have a particularly beautiful face, she was by no means unpleasant to the eye. Her strength was not very high, only reaching the Immortal Ascension Boundary, however, her voice was particularly charming to the ear. Every move and smile she made had a mysterious charm to it. Clearly, she cultivated a type of Beguiling Technique.

Seeing this, Yang Kai quietly nodded, knowing that Treasure Trove Pavilion had really put in a lot of painstaking effort for this auction. Probably every great force that came here to participate would be assigned a female attendant such as this young girl. Treasure Trove Pavilion wouldn’t have any difficulty cultivating maids of this cultivation, but having them serve their guests would allow them to gain some favour with those who had particular interest in women.

Perhaps if these men were happier, they would be more inclined to spend their money.

The girl named Qing’er walked ahead, leading Yang Kai and Yang Yan in the direction of Treasure Trove Pavilion. While walking, she explained warmly, “Qing’er will be responsible for the two Seniors this time. If two Seniors win anything at the auction, Qing’er will deliver the required Saint Crystals and retrieve the auction item. If two Seniors have any other orders, please don’t hesitate to ask. The managers have specifically instructed Qing’er to satisfy any requirements two Seniors may have.”

“Any requirements?” Yang Yan raised her brow, revealing a faint smile.

“En,” The girl named Qing’er gently nodded, her exquisite earlobes dying a tantalizing shade of pink.

Yang Yan giggled as she shot a meaningful glance over at Yang Kai before moving closer to Qing’er and whispering into her ear. The young girl’s face quickly turned from pink to red, but she still nodded.

Yang Kai wrinkled his nose when he saw this. Although he did not deliberately try to overhear the conversation between Yang Yan and this girl, he knew what kind of questions Yang Yan had asked.

Since this girl had awoken from her coma, her personality had changed! Yang Kai observed Yang Yan pensively as he felt she was not so bold or dissolute in the past. However, this much did not matter as he always felt that Yang Yan’s character was too shy and introverted. Such a change was actually good for her.

Along the way, there were a lot of people on the road and the surrounding area was even more crowded, but with the routes deliberately opened by Treasure Trove Pavilion, the three of them had no trouble advancing.

A short time later, the group arrived at Treasure Trove Pavilion.

There were not many people standing in front of this building, only two actually, but when Yang Kai saw them, he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

Because these two were both Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters.

One of them was City Lord Fei Zhi Tu, who was standing there with a clearly unhappy and disgruntled look on his face. Thinking about how he was able to relax freely just a short time ago, but now was inundated with problems all day long and needed to constantly deter others from causing trouble, it would be strange if his complexion was good, and indeed it was only slightly better than the man standing next to him.

The one standing next to City Lord Fei was none other than Yan Pei. This Old Black Face not only had a dark complexion but also an even darker heart. Everything auctioned by him personally was sold for a sky-high price; for example, the Origin Condensing Pill that formed Pill Veins that sold during the last auction garnered a miraculous hundred million Saint Crystals.

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