Martial Peak

Chapter 1320 - A Little Talk About Life

Chapter 1320, A Little Talk About Life

Facing Chen Shi Tao’s enquiry, Yang Kai only vaguely explained that Qian Yue was an old acquaintance. Even if she had her doubts, Chen Shi Tao wasn’t silly enough to interrogate him further.

On the other hand, Yang Yan’s pair of beautiful eyes stared at Qian Yue thoughtfully.

Chen Shi Tao and the others may not be clear about Yang Kai’s origins, but Yang Yan was.

Yang Kai had come from the outside world, and wasn’t even a native of Shadowed Star, yet now he had said this woman was actually an old acquaintance. Did that mean that this First-Order Saint King woman also came from the outside world?

Little did she expect that Qian Yue not only came from the outside world but even from the same place as Yang Kai.

After the host and guests were seated, Chen Shi Tao immediately began to ask Chen Fan Lei where he had gone and why he was out so late. Chen Fan Lei’s face turned bright red and he immediately turned to Yang Kai for help, really not sure how to explain himself.

He couldn’t exactly tell his big sister that while feeling bored tonight, he had decided to come over and invite Yang Kai to a brothel. If he were to really tell the truth, receiving a reprimand would be unavoidable.

Seeing Chen Fan Lei clam up so awkwardly, Chen Shi Tao seemed to guess something and turned to look at Yang Kai with a smile, “Little Brother Yang, where did you and Fan Lei go tonight? And why is there a somewhat obscene scent lingering about you?”

Yang Kai glanced over at Chen Fan Lei, saw him silently begging him not to say anything, and smiled bitterly, “Brother Chen, if none of the twists and turns of tonight had happened, staying silent would be fine, but after such a big commotion, trying to hide things is probably impossible. You should just tell the truth.”

Hearing this, Chen Fan Lei’s head immediately drooped.

After hesitating for a while, he gritted his teeth and explained what happened tonight.

After hearing that they really had gone to a pleasure house, Chen Shi Tao’s pretty face froze over, but once she learned about all the twists and turns her little brother and Yang Kai experienced, as well as how Wang Yu Han had been creating trouble from the shadows she couldn’t help feeling startled. After learning about the hidden dangers of the Dual Cultivation Technique of Joyous Union Pavilion from Yang Kai, her beautiful face lost all colour and she hurriedly asked, “Fan Lei, you didn’t really…”

Chen Fan Lei waved his hands frantically, “No, no! Thanks to Brother Yang’s warning, I only had a little talk about life with that girl, besides that, nothing else happened.”

Hearing this, Lu Ying couldn’t stop herself from giggling and even Chen Shi Tao, who was still quite annoyed and worried, had a hard time stifling her laughter.

Entering such an establishment and paying a great sum of money yet not actually engaging in the act and instead discussing life with the young woman accompanying him, it was likely only Chen Fan Lei had ever done such a thing. The girl who accompanied Chen Fan Lei was probably completely confused even now.

However, hearing that events had played out like this, Chen Shi Tao was finally able to relax.

After pondering for a while, her beautiful eyes flashed as she said, “So in short, the reason Fan Lei decided to go to that kind of place was that Wang Yu Han’s unintentionally mentioned it? And you brought Little Brother Yang along just to give you a bit more courage?”

“I don’t know if he had mentioned it unintentionally, but Wang Yu Han arriving at Joyous Union Pavilion in advance and targeting and obstructing me at every turn is definitely true,” Yang Kai said lightly.

Chen Shi Tao’s face changed slightly as she thought out loud, “Wang Yu Han should have a good understanding of Fan Lei’s character, and also know what kind of effect his words would have. It seems that his ultimate goal was Little Brother Yang, while Fan Lei was just a pawn. How hateful, to deal with Little Brother Yang, he didn’t even care about ruining Fan Lei’s future! What kind of Senior Brother is he? If he had really succeeded, wouldn’t Fan Lei have been unable to advance a single step further?”

Wang Yu Han’s actions this time had touched Chen Shi Tao’s reverse scale, causing her to become livid as a cold light flashed across her eyes.

“Fan Lei, don’t have any dealings with him in the future. After returning to Extreme Path Sect, you must also report this matter to your Master.”

“Ah, I still have to tell Master about going to Joyous Union Pavilion…” Chen Fan Lei hesitated suddenly.

“Naturally you must explain everything to him! Or what, you don’t want to? If you don’t want to, I’ll come with you to Extreme Path Sect and tell him myself!” Chen Shi Tao narrowed her eyes as she glared at her little brother.

Chen Fan Lei didn’t dare to refuse and could only helplessly nod.

After this incident came to light, even if Wang Yu Han wasn’t expelled from Extreme Path Sect, a heavy punishment would be unavoidable; however, the former was far more likely.

Chen Shi Tao remained angry for a while before suddenly remembering something, shedding her annoyed expression, and bowing to Yang Kai elegantly, “This time it was fortunate Little Brother Yang was around, otherwise, that bastard’s plot might have succeeded. This Young Lady offers her sincerest thanks.”

Yang Kai simply waved his hand and said, “It was likely I who implicated Brother Chen in this matter, it’s not his fault! En, since things have reached this point, there’s nothing more to say about this incident, but I should inform Sister Chen about a certain matter.”

“What matter? Please speak freely Little Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai flipped his hand and suddenly a piece of dried up dead wood appeared on his palm. This piece of wood was completely black and did not have any distinctive smell or aura to it, as if it was just an ordinary piece of dead wood one could find anywhere.

“Does Sister Chen know what this thing is?” Yang Kai asked.

“This is…” Chen Shi Tao frowned as she observed this piece of dead wood hesitantly, as if she recognized it but couldn’t put a name to it.

“Huh, isn’t this Beast Attracting Incense?” Chen Fan Lei called out in surprise.

“It seems that Brother Chen recognizes this, so you should also know where it came from, yes?” Yang Kai looked at him.

“En, I used this kind of thing with Senior Brother Wang before to lure out Monster Beasts that were good at concealing themselves. It is quite useful actually. As long as one burns a small portion of it, it can attract any nearby Monster Beasts. It’s odourless and we cultivators can’t detect any aura from it though,” Chen Fan Lei explained, “It turns out Brother Yang also has this kind of Beast Attracting Incense on him. Oh, it looks like it’s already been burnt slightly, where did Brother Yang obtain it?”

“I picked it up in Grand Burial Valley, next to the Thunder Pond!” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

Chen Fan Lei wore an expression of surprise, but Chen Shi Tao’s eyes flashed a thoughtful light, her expression soon changing to one of shock as she stared at Yang Kai.

“Actually, this thing wasn’t found by me, but by Yang Yan. When she was collecting the Thunder Liquid, she accidentally discovered it. If it wasn’t for Yang Yan having a broad knowledge of strange items, she might have missed it!” Yang Kai handed the Beast Attracting Incense over to Chen Shi Tao before turning to Chen Fan Lei and asking, “Brother Chen, it’s not that I wish to come off overly suspicious and pessimistic, but I have to ask whether your Senior Brother Wang visited that Thunder Pond before?”

“Little Brother Yang’s meaning is…” Chen Shi Tao narrowed her eyes sharply.

“Since Sister Chen already understands, why bother asking?” Yang Kai smiled faintly.

Chen Shi Tao gently nodded before turning to her little brother. “Fan Lei, has Wang Yu Han been to that Thunder Pond before?”

“En, he has. A few years ago, he accompanied another Senior Brother there. That Senior Brother also cultivated the same Secret Art as I and at that time wanted to use the Thunder Pond to achieve a breakthrough. It was because of that previous experience that Senior Brother Wang proposed we go there for my breakthrough,” Chen Fan Lei scratched his head in confusion, “Why? What’s the problem?”

Chen Shi Tao ground her teeth in anger as she muttered in a cold voice, “It seems falling into distress at the Thunder Pond this time was something Wang Yu Han plotted from the beginning.”

“It can’t be,” Chen Fan Lei exclaimed, “Why should Senior Brother Wang do that? If Brother Yang hadn’t arrived in time, he would probably have lost his life!”

Chen Shi Tao shook her head, “I don’t know the specific situation, but if I were to guess, when Wang Yu Han went to the Thunder Pond a few years ago, he should have discovered that Silver Night Thunder Beast as a peak Eighth-Order Monster Beast. You must have noticed that Silver Night Thunder Beast had only reached the Ninth-Order recently. This was something Wang Yu Han didn’t anticipate, which caused us to fall into such a dangerous situation! As for why he did all this…”

“Probably to create a dangerous situation he could take advantage of to play the hero rescuing a beauty and win her heart,” Yang Kai chuckled, finishing off what Chen Shi Tao didn’t say.

Chen Shi Tao’s face turned red before shooting a glare towards Yang Kai, but she didn’t try to deny his assertion, obviously agreeing with his guess.

Hearing all this, Chen Fan Lei wore a look of pure shock, murmuring out loud, “How could Senior Brother Wang do this?”

The danger at the Thunder Pond, the incident at Joyous Union Pavilion, all of it had been the result of Wang Yu Han’s scheming, something that Chen Fan Lei found difficult to accept for a while.

“Fan Lei, you have too little experience in the real world and aren’t able to recognize the true nature of others, so it’s understandable you were deceived. However, in the future, you must think more deeply about such matters. This time you were fortunate enough to meet a noble person like Little Brother Yang, but next time, your luck might not be so good,” Chen Shi Tao warned her naive little brother sincerely.

Chen Fan Lei nodded subconsciously.

While Chen Shi Tao educated Chen Fan Lei, Yang Kai kept silent. In fact, he had not planned on exposing this Beast Attracting Incense at first; after all, Wang Yu Han taking such actions were simply because he was desperate to pursue this beauty, so it wasn’t as if he had malicious intentions.

But what happened tonight had made Yang Kai extremely unhappy, so he wasn’t going to be polite with Wang Yu Han anymore.

Yang Kai didn’t mind trampling over this petty and narrow-minded man.

With something like this having happened, Chen Shi Tao didn’t have the mood to stay any longer, so she took Lu Ying and Chen Fan Lei and left Floating Snow Moon Pavilion to return to their own loft, preparing to thoroughly discipline Chen Fan Lei.

After they left, Yang Kai turned to Qian Yue and said, “Have a rest here for now, it will be two days before we leave.”

He then introduced Yang Yan and Qian Yue to each other. After learning that Qian Yue was actually from the same Star as Yang Kai, Yang Yan was also taken aback and became quite curious about the circumstances behind this situation. When facing Chen Shi Tao, Yang Yan’s attitude was neither hot nor cold, but when facing Qian Yue, a woman she had just met, she was actually quite friendly and enthusiastically invited her back to her room.

Qian Yue happened to want to ask about Yang Kai’s situation as well, so she naturally didn’t refuse.

Exhausted from all the unexpected twists and turns he had to deal with tonight, Yang Kai retired to his room alone to rest.

For the next two days, Yang Kai stayed inside the Floating Snow Moon Pavilion, spending his time meditating while, whereas, the relationship between Qian Yue and Yang Yan seemed to become much more harmonious.

It wasn’t until mid-day of the third day that one of the maidservants of Flying Spirit Palace came to report that Chen Shi Tao and the others had come to see him. Yang Kai heard this and immediately sent a Divine Sense Message to Qian Yue and Yang Yan, gathering with them before proceeding downstairs.

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