Martial Peak

Chapter 1319 - Deal

Chapter 1319, Deal

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The old man surnamed Wang wore a bitter look but he still replied honestly, “I’ve shown Manager Lian something embarrassing. This boy is one of my descendants and is currently a disciple of Extreme Path Sect. He happened to be visiting Black Crow City and came to visit this old man!”

“Came to visit?” The middle-aged beauty nodded slightly. “It’s good that he is so filial, but… it seems visiting isn’t the only reason he came here. Why is Manager Wang’s manager token in this boy’s possession?”

As she said this, she suddenly waved her hand and an invisible suction force appeared, pulling a token Wang Yu Han had in his sleeve over to her. It was the token Manager Wang had given Wang Yu Han before.

The old man surnamed Wang’s complexion instantly filled with resentment.

He did not know that Wang Yu Han would act so stupidly, actually daring to use his manager token to impersonate him and order the young woman called Xiao Qing to block a profitable transaction for Joyous Union Pavilion. If he had known this would happen, how could he have so easily handed Wang Yu Han this token?

Manager Wang had not wanted to personally intervene in the matters of his juniors, so he had made an exception and given his grand-nephew some extra authority to handle things himself.

But now that something like this had happened, and it had even alarmed this beautiful middle-aged woman, the situation was not going to end well.

Facing the middle-aged beauty’s question, the old man surnamed Wang did not know how to answer and could only remain silent. Manager Lian was a worldly woman, so after a little thought she had a fairly good idea of what was happening, but this only caused her expression to grow colder. Sending a Divine Sense Message to Manager Wang, she scolded, “I don’t care what kind of grievance your descendant has with that boy, but allowing an outsider to interfere in Joyous Union Pavilion’s business, and even hindering such a high-level transaction, you should know what the consequences of this will be!”

Manager Wang’s heart sank as his expression grew even more bitter.

The beautiful middle-aged woman snorted and continued with another Divine Sense Message, “Seeing how everything has already happened, it would be inappropriate for me to continue rebuking you in front of outsiders. The price this boy has offered is not low, so as long as he still wants to take Yue’er away, this deal can still be done! Manager Wang, this time your punishment will be a year’s worth of salary, do you have any opinion?”

“I wouldn’t dare, I will abide by whatever Manager Lian decides!” The old man surnamed Wang heard this and finally relaxed somewhat.

“Moreover, don’t let your descendant ever set foot into Joyous Union Pavilion again, otherwise don’t blame this Mistress for being acting impolitely!” The middle-aged beauty issued another warning and received a prompt nod from Manager Wang.

This Divine Sense exchange was naturally not missed by Yang Kai, and although he did not know what exactly these two were discussing, considering the current situation, it seemed things weren’t going to be too bad. Seeing that there was still plenty of room to manoeuvre, Yang Kai’s expression immediately relaxed.

After a moment, the middle-aged beauty finished dealing with Manager Wang and turned her eyes to Yang Kai, a light smile forming at the corner of her lips, “Boy, although the price you offered was quite attractive, enough to redeem Yue’er, it’s still the case that before the deal was completed you tried to force your way out with her and even took action against Xiao Qing. It seems you don’t take this Mistress or my noble establishment seriously.”

Yang Kai’s expression flashed as he broke into a grin and cupped his fists, “Junior’s previous actions were indeed reckless, I can only hope that several Seniors will be broadminded. Ms Xiao Qing, I also apologize for raising my hand against you.”

With his shrewdness, how could Yang Kai not see that the previous obstruction was all due to Wang Yu Han severely overstepping his authority? The beautiful middle-aged woman was obviously very satisfied with the price he offered, so now the only trouble was how to compensate for the damage Yang Kai had done to Joyous Union Pavilion’s face. After all, there were currently many guests who had come here seeking pleasure who had been attracted by this disturbance and were now observing curiously.

If Manager Lian really let him go just like that, her dignity and the dignity of the other managers would be completely lost. The other party needed a way to de-escalate the situation and to preserve face, so Yang Kai was naturally willing to cooperate with them.

Seeing him being so cooperative, the smile on the middle-aged beauty’s face became thirty percent brighter, but she still turned her head to look at the young woman named Xiao Qing and asked solemnly, “Xiao Qing, what do you think? No matter what he says, this boy attacked you just now. If you want me to teach him a lesson, just say the word and guarantee he won’t feel better.”

The young woman glanced over Yang Kai before replying in a low voice, “Although this Young Lord indeed acted against me just now, he did not cause any harm and only slightly restricted my freedom. Manager Lian can decide how to process this matter.”

“Good!” The middle-aged beauty nodded in satisfaction, pondered for a while, then turned to Yang Kai, “The transaction you discussed is still valid, but the content of the deal must be modified.”

“Modified?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“En, I won’t ask you to pay a greater price, so as to avoid others saying I am using my strength to bully you, and since you are so determined to take Yue’er away with you, obviously you truly love her. So, I won’t try to come between such a happy couple, but the items you used as collateral will now become the chips for this transaction. You need not try to redeem them anymore. This will suffice as the penalty for your actions just now. After this deal is completed, Yue’er and my Joyous Union Pavilion will no longer have any involvement with one another, and my Joyous Union Pavilion will not seek trouble with you in the future!” The beautiful woman stared at Yang Kai with a smile. Obviously, the two bottles of Origin Grade pills he had used as collateral were of great interest to her.

“This…” Yang Kai immediately wore an awkward and hesitant expression.

“What? Do you want to disagree?” The beautiful woman’s face went cold. “If so, then this deal will be invalidated, Yue’er will remain, and we’ll need to have a little chat about the disrespect you’ve shown my noble establishment.”

Yang Kai’s face twitched before he put on a forced smile and declared firmly, “Senior must be joking, this Junior is very satisfied with Senior’s proposal, how could I dare disagree? Such being the case, everything will be done in accordance with Senior’s will, but before that, this Junior has a small another request!”

Seeing Yang Kai really agree, a happy light flashed across the depths of the beautiful woman’s eyes, but she still wore a sullen look as she snapped, “Boy, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch.”

“For Senior, this request will only take a slight effort,” Yang Kai responded calmly.

“Very well, but let me warn you, if you have some kind of excessive request, you need not open your mouth.”

Yang Kai laughed lightly, “This Junior simply wants to request Senior lift the seal on Lady Yue’er.”

“If that is all, then I can accommodate you!” The beautiful woman nodded lightly. After all, the seal on Qian Yue’s body was planted by her, so how could lifting it be any trouble? “Yue’er, come here!”

Qian Yue looked at Yang Kai subconsciously but upon seeing him nod to her, she slowly walked over to Manager Lian.

Yang Kai stood by and calmly waited.

Strictly speaking, Yang Kai could break a seal a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm created, but it would take him a fair amount of time and energy. Also, while he was breaking this seal, he would need to have some close physical contact with Qian Yue, which would undoubtedly be awkward for both of them. Now that an opportunity to have it lifted had appeared, Yang Kai was naturally going to take advantage of it. Judging from his performance just now, the people from Joyous Union Pavilion probably felt they had won a huge advantage just now so Manager Lian had agreed to this request quite easily.

Lifting the seal did not take long and after just a half cup of tea’s time, Qian Yue returned with a happy face. Seeing the questioning look in Yang Kai’s eyes, she nodded quickly to indicate that the seal had been completely lifted.

“Good, this matter ends here! Boy, take Yue’er and quickly leave. Be kind to her, if you dare make her do anything dangerous in the future, I will certainly not let you off!” The middle-aged beauty gestured towards the exit.

Yang Kai did not know how much sincerity was behind her last words, but he figured she was just trying to create some goodwill. In any case, a few words did not cost her anything.

Bringing Qian Yue and Chen Fan Lei with him, Yang Kai took his leave.

Wang Yu Han also wanted to go, but under the watchful eyes of Manager Lian, he did not dare to move, only able to turn to his Senior with a pleading look on his face.

Manager Wang was completely furious now, however, and was unable to even protect himself, so how could he have the leisure to care about Wang Yu Han?

After Yang Kai and his group left, the beautiful woman coldly snorted and ordered, “Manager Wang, bring your descendant and come with me. We need to have a thorough discussion of this time’s matter.”

In front of outsiders, it was inconvenient for her to rip this old man surnamed Wang’s face. However, she still needed to hold him accountable.

Manager Wang wore a bitter look but still nodded compliantly, glaring at Wang Yu Han fiercely before following after the middle-aged beauty.

Back at Flying Spirit Palace, Yang Kai and his group quickly returned to the Floating Snow Moon Pavilion.

Along the way, Chen Fan Lei kept looking at Qian Yue curiously. He really wanted to know how Yang Kai and him, who had gone out for a little fun, had wound up actually bringing a woman back. And from what he had heard just now in Joyous Union Pavilion, it seemed that in order to bring back this woman, Yang Kai had paid a huge price.

Was there something special about this woman? Chen Fan Lei was very puzzled.

Yang Kai had no intention of giving him an explanation, and Qian Yue only followed Yang Kai silently, enjoying her newly regained freedom while secretly feeling shocked at Yang Kai’s growth and wealth.

When she first met Yang Kai, his cultivation had been several steps lower than her own, but now, he had surpassed her. Moreover, back at Joyous Union Pavilion, he had taken Manager Lian’s attack and come out unscathed, so he was undoubtedly among the strongest Saint Kings out there.

As for the price to redeem her, Qian Yue did not even dare to think about it.

Yang Kai had left Tong Xuan Realm and entered the Star Field later than she had, so how did he manage to achieve such astonishing growth in strength and accumulate so much wealth in such a short period of time? Qian Yue felt truly shocked.

As soon as the trio arrived at Floating Snow Moon Pavilion, they saw Chen Shi Tao and Lu Ying chatting on the first floor under Yang Yan’s hospitality, but from Yang Yan’s stiff expression, it was obvious she wasn’t good at handling such matters, so when Yang Kai returned, her eyes lit up and she quickly called out, “You’re back? Sister Chen and Sister Lu Ying have been waiting for you for more than an hour here.”

“Is something wrong?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.

“It’s nothing, it was just that Fan Lei wasn’t in his room, so I came here to look for him as it seemed he had come here to see Little Brother Yang a while ago. Oh, who is she?” Chen Shi Tao suddenly saw Qian Yue and asked with a confused expression.

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