Martial Peak

Chapter 1318 - Manager Lian

Chapter 1318, Manager Lian

When Yang Kai was talking with Qian Yue earlier, he learned that the one who had saved her, brought her back to Joyous Union Pavilion, and taught her this place’s Dual Cultivation Technique was this Manager Lian, a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm master and the most powerful cultivator among the three Origin Realm managers of Joyous Union Pavilion.

Below this woman were two other managers who were at the First-Order Origin Returning Realm.

If it had been one of the two First-Order Origin Returning Realm managers who had blocked his path, Yang Kai would still have confidence in being able to escape with Qian Yue, but facing this Manager Lian, he was far less certain. After all, the difference in their cultivation was an entire Great Realm and, if Yang Kai got tied down here for even a moment, the other two Origin Realm masters would certainly catch-up quickly. At that point, facing three Origin Returning Realm masters alone, and needing to protect Qian Yue at the same time, the result was easy to imagine.

After the last incident in the Corpse Cave, Yang Kai didn’t dare to rashly try to escape by tearing space while bringing along another person.

As various thoughts crossed Yang Kai’s mind, Manager Lian shot a cold glare at Qian Yue and snorted angrily, “Yue’er, your courage isn’t small, actually daring to try to flee here with an outsider. It seems your last punishment wasn’t harsh enough for you to learn!”

Saying so, her Divine Sense pulsed and Qian Yue, who was being protected behind Yang Kai, suddenly let out a cry of pain and her tender body fell to the ground, sweat dripping from her pale face.

Yang Kai’s expression became sullen, but he did not act rashly as he saw that this Manager Lian had simply activated the seal placed on Qian Yue to restrain her rather than take her life.

After a while, Qian Yue’s cries gradually weakened and Manager Lian finally turned her attention from Qian Yue to Yang Kai. A disdainful sneer flashing across her face as she scoffed, “I was wondering who had eaten a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall to gain the courage to dare try to make trouble in my Joyous Union Pavilion, but it turns out to be just a little Saint King Realm brat. Who gave you such nerve? Do you know what the consequences will be?”

Yang Kai’s face remained indifferent as he helped Qian Yue up off the ground. Sweeping her with his Divine Sense, he quickly confirmed that she hadn’t suffered any serious injuries and his expression softened a little. Turning his attention to the beautiful middle-aged woman before him, Yang Kai said lightly, “Manager Lian I presume? I was not trying to escape with her, I had reached a deal with your noble establishment to redeem her. Could it be that after providing payment I cannot take the woman I settled on and leave here? Could it be your noble establishment not only deals in prostitution but also in murdering and robbing?”

“Bold!” The beautiful middle-aged woman’s face went ice cold as she waved her hand and sent out a ray of white light towards Yang Kai.

In response, Yang Kai let out a loud roar as black flames burst from his fist and, while fiercely pushing his Saint Qi, sent out a flurry of punches.

Fist shadows visible to the naked eye blasted out, each one containing searing hot energy as they flew to intercept Manager Lian’s attack.

A great rumbling rang out and a blinding explosion of light filled the surrounding darkness of night. The countless fist shadows all collapsed but Manager Lian’s attack also dissipated halfway and was completely dispersed.

Yang Kai remained standing in place, his figure not retreating a single step while Manager Lian’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise as she stared at the young man in front of her. Although she had not exerted herself fully in the previous attack, she had still used at least thirty percent of her strength, so Yang Kai being able to resist her with ease, even under the influence of her Shi, greatly surprised her.

Forgetting the fact that this young man was just a Second-Order Saint King, even if he had been a peak Saint King it would normally be impossible to accomplish this. Manager Lian had thought that she would at least be able to punish Yang Kai for his brazen words.

Although her blow failed to produce the desired effect, given her status and identity, she was unable to strike a second time, so all she could do was stare at Yang Kai in amazement and uncertainty.

From this brief exchange it was obvious to her that Yang Kai was not an ordinary cultivator, rather he was likely an elite among the elite. Having such strength while only being a Second-Order Saint King meant that this young man’s background was not low. Before she could figure out Yang Kai’s origins, it would be unwise to act rashly lest she provoke a powerful enemy for Joyous Union Pavilion.

The noise from this conflict had naturally alarmed the entire Joyous Union Pavilion.

A moment later, two other First-Order Origin Returning Realm masters rushed to the scene from separate locations. After seeing the scene before them, they were both greatly surprised and quickly gathered around Manager Lian to inquire about the situation.

On the other side, a young man rushed out directly to Yang Kai and asked in a stunned voice, “Brother Yang, what happened?”

Naturally, it was Chen Fan Lei! But looking at the state of his clothes and his still neat and tidy appearance, it was clear he had not yet achieved ‘good things’ before rushing over to see what all the commotion was about.

Yang Kai gave him a wry smile and whispered, “It’s a bit inconvenient to explain right now, I’ll tell you later.”

“Oh,” Chen Fan Lei no longer asked anything, but instead quietly glanced over to the other side. After only a brief glance, his heart sank; never had he imagined that his first time entering this kind of pleasure-seeking establishment he would be involved in so much trouble.

The three Origin Returning Realm master managers of Joyous Union Pavilion had all gathered and were staring at Yang Kai, none of them quite knowing how to proceed while from all directions, countless guards of Joyous Union Pavilion had surrounded this place, making for a lively scene.

Chen Fan Lei felt tightness in his chest and was in the midst of a deep regret. He felt he really should not have come to this damned place today and gotten into this mess for no apparent reason.

After a short discussion, the three Origin Returning Realm masters seemed to have reached some kind of decision, with Manager Lian taking the initiative to speak to Yang Kai, “You just said you have already redeemed Yue’er, but who was it you made this deal with?”

“Manager Lian, it was I!” The young woman who had been negotiating with Yang Kai suddenly called out.

The seal Yang Kai put on her was not very strong and was only meant to buy him some time, so after a short while she had broken it and regained her freedom. After freeing herself, she hurried over to this place and upon hearing Manager Lian’s question, she did not dare conceal anything and answered immediately.

“Xiao Qing… Are you alright? Did he attack you?” Manager Lian saw that something had happened to this young woman and asked coldly.

“This maid has not been affected greatly, this Young Lord did not act with malicious intent,” The young woman actually put in a good word for Yang Kai, obviously because she was still quite impressed by the offer Yang Kai had just made.

“Even if that’s the case, daring to cause trouble in my Joyous Union Pavilion, he’s clearly looking down on us,” Another old man in azure robes coldly snorted as he turned a bad look towards Yang Kai.

“Manager Wang is correct. Such an incident cannot just be overlooked, but for the time being, tell me about this transaction that boy over there mentioned,” Manager Lian turned to the young woman and asked.

The young woman took a moment to collect her thoughts before carefully explaining the twists and turns that had taken place in her negotiations with Yang Kai. As she narrated this series of events, the three Joyous Union Pavilion managers each showed varying expressions.

When Manager Lian heard the extraordinary price Yang Kai had offered to redeem Qian Yue, she was naturally quite shocked. Although she was still annoyed by Yang Kai’s previous actions, the coldness on her face undoubtedly dissipated a lot.

On the other hand, Manager Wang appeared to think of something, and he seemingly unintentionally shot a glance towards a nearby building, an angry glare flashing across his eyes.

The last Origin Returning Realm manager simply stood by with an indifferent look upon his face.

After the young woman finished speaking, Manager Lian nodded lightly, “Good, according to our establishment’s rules, since this boy was willing to pay such a big price, there was no reason not to agree! You also have the right to complete such a deal. Manager Wang, Manager Xu, which one of you insisted on keeping Yue’er, is there any deep meaning behind this move?”

“This has nothing to do with me, I was in secluded cultivation the whole time,” Manager Xu, who still retained his indifferent expression, shook his head slowly.

Hearing this, Manager Lian set her sights on the old man surnamed Wang.

This man wore a helpless look and was just about to speak when Yang Kai suddenly grinned and cut in, “Perhaps Manager Wang doesn’t know the circumstances of this matter.”

“What do you mean?” The beautiful middle-aged woman asked coldly.

“Get out here!” Yang Kai suddenly snorted as a Golden Thread shot out from this hand and pierced towards a nearby loft. This Golden Thread flew extremely fast, as if it could leap across space, and in the next instant, a panic filled scream rang out from the targeted building. There was a burst of Saint Qi, but this faded as quickly as it had appeared.

Yang Kai flicked his wrist, and the Golden Thread flew back again, but now, there was a male cultivator that had been tied up at its end and was currently struggling to break free.

“Little brat, you dare!” Seeing this, Manger Wang shouted severely and swiftly raised his hand to attack Yang Kai.

“If you dare to move, I’ll crush him to death!” Yang Kai sneered as the Golden Thread suddenly radiated an extremely dangerous aura.

Manager Wang’s face changed and he didn’t dare act rashly; however, the glare he directed at Yang Kai was still filled with incredible hate, as if he wished to skin him alive.

The Golden Thread flew back leisurely, bringing its captured prey with it.

Manager Lian also showed an astonished look on her face. With her Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, she had naturally seen what just happened. The cultivator hiding in the nearby loft was a genuine Third-Order Saint King, but facing the assault of this Second-Order Saint King boy in front of her, the other party only managed to resist for a breath of time before he had been captured.

Possessing such extraordinary combat strength, just where did this young man come from? Moreover, the Golden Thread in his hand was also very strange. It seemed like an artifact, but also not, and the aura it revealed made it difficult to not pay attention to.

Manager Lian’s expression grew cloudy as she secretly felt that it was not a good idea to provoke this young man. He likely had an extraordinarily strong background, something far superior to Imperial City Sect.

“Senior Brother Wang!” After Yang Kai captured this man, Chen Fan Lei could not help shouting, staring at the other person in surprise, “Senior Brother Wang, why are you here? Didn’t you have somewhere to go today?”

Wang Yu Han’s expression was incredibly ugly, and he was in no mood to answer Chen Fan Lei’s question, instead turning his attention to the old man surnamed Wang nearby. Opening his mouth, it seemed Wang Yu Han wanted to ask for help, but he was unable to say anything, causing a look of extreme unwillingness to fill his face.

“Also surnamed Wang…” The beautiful middle-aged woman’s eyes flashed, as if she realized something. Turning to the old man surnamed Wang with a smile, she asked, “Manager Wang, how are you and this boy related?”

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