Martial Peak

Chapter 1317 - Twists And Turns

Chapter 1317, Twists And Turns

Sure enough, the young woman smiled apologetically and said, “Young Lord, I’m afraid this deal cannot be completed!”

“Can’t be completed?” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed in annoyance as he asked coldly, “Is this offer not enough?”

“Not at all!” The young woman shook her head helplessly, “It’s just that this Mistress suddenly received orders from above saying that Yue’er cannot be redeemed. As for the specific reason, I’m afraid I cannot say anything more!”

When Qian Yue heard this, her tender body couldn’t help trembling slightly and her face went pale. She had just seen hope of freedom yet now it had been mercilessly taken away.

Yang Kai’s face was turned ugly and he directed a cold glare at the young woman opposite him, but upon seeing the look of embarrassment on her face, he quickly understood that this was not her doing, so becoming angry with her was useless. Taking a deep breath, he asked thoughtfully, “Did the message you received say that Lady Yue’er cannot be redeemed or that no one can be redeemed?”

“Is there a difference?” The young woman asked in surprise.

“Just answer the question.” Yang Kai snorted.

It seemed that because she had suddenly reneged on their agreement this young woman felt somewhat embarrassed, so after pondering for a moment, she replied, “Only Yue’er’s name was mentioned. As for the others, nothing else was said.”

“Is that so!” Yang Kai sneered deeply, a light flashing across his eyes before he continued, “I believe that there is no such thing in this world as a deal that cannot be reached, only prices that cannot be paid. If I were to pay another pill, do you think there’d be room to negotiate?”

Having said this, Yang Kai took out an exquisite jade bottle, held it tightly as a pained look appeared on his face for a moment before solemnly handing it to the young woman.

The young woman however just smiled helplessly, “Young Lord, please don’t make things difficult for this Mistress. Since the managers have already made a decision, this matter is really no longer within my ability to negotiate.”

“Whether you can negotiate this matter or not, please take a look at this pill first. If you really aren’t able to conclude this deal, I hope you can at least contact the person who sent you the message just now and ask him what price I need to pay.”

A trace of surprise flashed across this young woman’s eyes as she said with some astonishment, “It seems that Yue’er is truly important to Young Lord. It is definitely Yue’er’s blessing to be so appreciated by Young Lord.”

When she glanced over at Qian Yue again, she couldn’t help revealing a look of jealousy. Yang insisting on redeeming Qian Yue like this clearly showed how much value she had to him. For a woman who lived in this kind of place, such care was undoubtedly extremely enviable.

As a fellow woman, she could naturally empathize with this.

So instead of refusing Yang Kai again, she opened the small jade bottle and glanced inside. After seeing just what was inside, the casual expression on her face disappeared and was replaced with one of great shock.

There was only one pill in this bottle, and it was round, white, and flawless. It exuded a very pleasant aura, and after sniffing it lightly, the young woman felt her mood quickly become calm.

Immediately after, this young woman shot an amazed look at Yang Kai, and seeing him smiling faintly at her, she didn’t dare to act carelessly, pouring out the pill inside this bottle and examining it carefully.

After a long time, she put the pill back into its bottle and let out a light sigh before turning an unusual look towards Yang Kai, “Although this Mistress doesn’t know much about pills, would I be correct in assuming this is an Extinguishing Demons Pill?”

“It seems your knowledge is quite good, it is indeed an Extinguishing Demons Pill!” Yang Kai nodded as his face twitched slightly as if he was distressed.

“This is one of the best auxiliary pills for Saint King Realm cultivators who are attempting to break through to the Origin Returning Realm. It can even drive out heart demons. Although it is not as rare as the Origin Condensing Pill, its value is comparable. Young Lord, are you sure you want to use this treasure as collateral?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “It’s not collateral, it’s a bargaining chip, if you allow me to redeem Yue’er, this Extinguishing Demons Pill will belong to your Joyous Union Pavilion!”

“A bargaining chip?” A look of joy flashed across the young woman’s face upon hearing this. Gritting her teeth, she declared, “Young Lord, please wait a moment while I contact the managers to see if they are willing to release Yue’er. To be honest, if it were up to me, this deal would have long ago been completed, it’s just…”

She smiled bitterly as she realized just how rare and valuable this Extinguishing Demons Pill was. Not daring to neglect, she quickly took out her communication artifact and poured her Divine Sense into it.

While she was conversing with this unknown party, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed and he released a thread of his Divine Sense quietly to begin sweeping Joyous Union Pavilion. A moment later, besides a few places where there were particularly powerful Spirit Arrays and where there seemed to be Origin Realm masters sitting in meditation, Yang Kai had probed the entire Joyous Union Pavilion.

Not long afterwards, he obtained the information he wanted, and realizing his suspicions were correct, he snickered to himself before quietly withdrawing his Divine Sense, never once exposing anything on his face.

Glancing over at the young woman opposite him, Yang Kai saw her arguing strongly with the party on the other end, her expression quite stern. Obviously, she was unwilling to give up this Extinguishing Demons Pill.

This was only reasonable though. An Extinguishing Demons Pill’s usefulness was very much dependent on the situation. If a small heart demon appeared when a cultivator was trying to break through, there would be no need for this Extinguishing Demons Pill, but if they had a profound heart demon, this kind of pill would be invaluable.

Having such a pill could greatly affect the success or failure of a cultivator breaking through.

The Extinguishing Demons Pill Yang Kai had put out was also something he had refined; he had prepared it for Chang Qi and Hao An when the two of them were attempting to break through to the Origin Returning Realm, but these two already had the Ten Thousand Year Incense Yang Kai brought back from the Flowing Flame Sand Field so they didn’t face any influence from heart demons in the end.

As such, Yang Kai had saved this Extinguishing Demons Pill, and now it happened to come in handy.

Yang Kai also had a number of Origin Condensing Pills on him, but he wasn’t foolish enough to bring these out. Origin Condensing Pills and Extinguishing Demons Pills were supposedly of equal value, but in reality the former was rarer and more precious.

While the young woman continued to converse through her communication artifact, Yang Kai put on an anxious expression. He had to take Qian Yue away from here. It would be best if this deal could be concluded successfully, but if it couldn’t, he could only use more forceful means, subduing this young woman and then immediately fleeing with Qian Yue.

Of course, if the situation devolved to such a point, he would be unable to remain in Black Crow City, so Yang Kai would only use this method as a last resort. He didn’t want to fall out with Joyous Union Pavilion; after all, strong dragons don’t oppose local snakes. Not to mention, he was only a Second-Order Saint King while there were three Origin Realm masters guarding Joyous Union Pavilion. This establishment also seemed to be supported by the local City Lord, so it was definitely not a place to be casually provoked.

With a plan in mind, Yang Kai’s expression became indifferent as he secretly sent a message to Qian Yue, telling her to quietly prepare herself.

Some time later, with an annoyed and somewhat dejected look on her face, the young woman put away her communication artifact and turned an apologetic look to Yang Kai as she slowly shook her head, “This Mistress is really helpless. I don’t know why, but the managers insist that Yue’er cannot be redeemed. Please give up, Young Lord.”

Yang Kai slowly got up and nodded, “Good, since that’s the case, then I won’t embarrass you any further. Just rest here for a while!”

Saying so, he flashed a fierce grin at the young woman.

The young woman’s heart clenched but before she could react, a powerful pressure burst through her Knowledge Sea’s defenses, causing her to suddenly become dizzy.

At the same time, she saw that the young man opposite her flicker and re-appear in front of her, his big hand reaching out towards her. The young woman was thoroughly shocked and wanted to resist, but immediately discovered she was unable to circulate her Saint Qi at all.

She was also a Second-Order Saint King, but when facing Yang Kai, an opponent who was supposedly at the same level, she was unable to fight back at all.

In the next instant, a scalding hot force poured into her body and quickly moved to form an ingenious seal which made it impossible for her to use any of her strength.

The tender body of the young woman went limp as she became unable to even lift her fingers. Only her mouth was still able to move and she hastily called out, “Young Lord, what is the meaning of this? If you dare act unruly in Joyous Union Pavilion, you won’t have a good end!”

Yang Kai grinned before snapping his fingers, causing the young woman to lose the ability to speak as well before he leisurely said, “I’ll be taking her away with me, but I’ll be leaving these items here as agreed, so your noble establishment won’t suffer any kind of loss and instead will be making a big profit. As for your managers… I suggest you check carefully with them after you regain your freedom, perhaps you’ll find a little fool who was intentionally interfering with our transaction. En, after a thorough investigation, I’m certain you won’t be punished.”

The young woman looked at Yang Kai in surprise, not knowing what he was trying to reveal by saying these words.

She wanted to ask for more details, but she was unable to open her mouth, so she could only watch the figures of Yang Kai and Qian Yue disappear from her field of vision. Feeling quite anxious, she forcibly urged a secret technique she had practiced to shatter one of her earrings.

The moment the young woman’s earring burst, Yang Kai immediately noticed and his face changed greatly, shouting under this breath, “Let’s go!”

Saying so, he grabbed Qian Yue’s waist and tried to quickly escape from this place.

“You want to go?” Suddenly, a tender voice with a hint of coldness rang out through the air, “You dare act dissolute in my Joyous Union Pavilion? Don’t even think of leaving!”

As these words fell, an invisible force suddenly enveloped Yang Kai, making him feel as if the surrounding space had solidified, his body which had just leapt up into the air falling down in the next moment.

“Shi!” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed. It was not the first time he had experienced this power so he was able to recognize it instantly.

After landing, Yang Kai immediately moved to put Qian Yue savely behind him and looked towards a certain spot. On the other side of his vision stood a beautiful middle-aged woman in a light blue dress that tightly wrapped around her enchanting figure; a stark contrast to the cold gloomy look on her pretty face.

Seeing this middle-aged beauty, Qian Yue’s face changed drastically as she exclaimed, “Manager Lian!”

Hearing Qian Yue’s shout, Yang Kai’s face sank as he felt the situation had become quite troublesome.

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