Martial Peak

Chapter 1321 - Ambush

Chapter 1321, Ambush

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Chen Shi Tao brought good news. The Origin Returning Realm Senior who Chen Fan Lei knew had returned from his mission and when Chen Fan Lei went to ask him this morning about using the Space Array, the other party had readily agreed. Now that Black Crow City’s Space Array was open to them, Yang Kai could travel to Heavenly Fate City at any time.

Moreover, all the expenses accrued by Yang Kai and his group to use the Space Array were paid for by Chen Fan Lei.

Yang Kai was not surprised by this; after all, the Chen Family brother and sister both had a deep sense of gratitude towards him, so a few trivial Saint Crystals were nothing to them. Yang Kai kindly accepted their generosity before he, Yang Yan, and Qian Yue followed Chen Shi Tao to the Black Crow City Space Array.

The Space Array of any city had many layers of protection around it and was overseen by numerous experts, Black Crow City was naturally no exception.

Upon entering the hall where the Space Array was located, Yang Kai immediately noticed that there were at least four Origin Returning Realm masters concealing themselves nearby. Beside the Space Array, a middle-aged man dressed in scholarly robes stood waiting, who, upon seeing Chen Fan Lei, smiled and nodded lightly. Apparently, the relationship between these two was quite good.

Yang Kai immediately understood that this middle-aged scholar was the Senior Chen Shi Tao had mentioned.

Leading Yang Kai and his group over, Chen Fan Lei greeted the middle-aged man before hurriedly saying with a smile, “Brother Yang, it seems everything has been prepared.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Brother Chen!” Yang Kai cupped his fists politely before walking over to the Space Array with him.

Chen Fan Lei pointed to the middle-aged man and introduced him, “This is Senior Jiang Wen Jie. Being able to use the Space Array so easily this time is all thanks to Senior Jiang’s assistance.”

“Many thanks, Senior Jiang.” Yang Kai gently nodded to the middle-aged man.

The other party looked Yang Kai up and down and smiled slightly, “Sure enough, a heroic young man. Nephew Yang looks quite young but like Nephew Chen, is already a Second-Order Saint King. It seems a promising future awaits you.”

Jiang Wen Jie only said this out of consideration for Chen Fan Lei’s face. Yang Kai didn’t have a deep relationship with this Senior, but receiving such praise, he still acted humble.

Immediately, Jiang Wen Jie ordered people to open the Space Array, and after Yang Kai said goodbye to the Chen sister and brother, he led Yang Yan and Qian Yue onto the platform.

In the next moment, the Space Array began to glow and Space Force fluctuations appeared. Just as the figures of Yang Kai’s group of three began to blur though, Jiang Wen Jie suddenly looked at Yang Kai and mouthed something silently.

A ray of light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes, but it was too late for him to ask anything as a slight dizziness overcame him.

On a Space Array platform hundreds of thousands of kilometres away from Black Crow City, Yang Kai and his group appeared.

Yang Kai had cultivated Space Force, so this long-distance teleportation did not affect him greatly. He could even use this transmission to gain some small insight into the Dao of Space.

However, neither Yang Yan nor Qian Yue could ignore the side-effects of such a teleportation and felt quite dizzy after emerging from The Void. After circulating their Saint Qi a bit though, this fit of discomfort eased.

Sweeping her eyes over their surroundings, Yang Yan’s expression quickly became puzzled while Qian Yue called out in surprise, “Is this Heavenly Fate City? Why is there no one here?”

“This isn’t Heavenly Fate City!” Yang Kai said in a solemn tone, finally understanding what Jiang Wen Jie’s last minute warning to be careful meant.

Looking around, although they were indeed in a grand hall with a Space Array platform beneath their feet, everything seemed quite run down and clearly did not match with the Heavenly Fate City hall in their memory. This place was clearly a deserted ruin!

“Correct, this is not Heavenly Fate City!” An eerie voice suddenly called out from nearby. Qian Yue and Yang Yan were startled and simultaneously turned their heads in the direction the voice came from. There, a familiar person, wearing a look of self-satisfaction upon his face, was strolling over towards their group. However, when this man’s eyes landed on Yang Kai, a look of deep hatred and anger replaced his smug expression.

Seeing this man’s face, Yang Kai understood everything and grinning towards him said, “Brother Wang, we meet again! The world is far too small!”

Wang Yu Han laughed loudly, “I’ve been waiting for you, this is the place I specifically chose for your grave. I hope Brother Yang is satisfied.”

“En, not bad at all, this place is a good spot to make a grave, but whether it will be mine or yours is still uncertain!” Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he coldly snorted and shouted, “Manager Wang, since you’ve come as well, stop hiding and come out.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai turned to look at a certain spot in these ruins.

An old man with a dark expression on his face slowly appeared from behind the crumbled walls, followed closely by several other Saint King Realm cultivators, all of them glaring at Yang Kai menacingly while occasionally shooting obscene looks towards Qian Yue.

Seeing this situation, Qian Yue’s face went pale. How could she not understand that these people had been waiting here in ambush for them? Although she did not know much about the specific course of events, she vaguely guessed that these people had somehow meddled with the Space Array they just used.

“Young kids really know how to boast, completely ignorant of how high the Heavens are!” The old man surnamed Wang coldly snorted.

Wang Yu Han laughed wildly as he glared fiercely, “Yang Kai, I bet you didn’t think things would end up like this, but it’s far too late to regret now.”

“Regret? You think far too highly of yourself,” Yang Kai shot him a look of indifference. Not seeing any of the fear he had expected, Wang Yu Han could not help feeling surprised. He thought for sure Yang Kai would break down in a panic, maybe even get down on his knees and beg for mercy, that way he could torture and humiliate him to vent his anger. How could Wang Yu Han have anticipated that even in this situation, it would not cause the slightest bit of change in Yang Kai’s demeanor?

Although Yang Kai knew that Wang Yu Han would not be willing to simply let these matters drop, he hadn’t expected to be redirected to this abandoned city via the Black Crow City Space Array.

Yang Kai had thought that with his group of three teleporting directly from Black Crow City to Heavenly Fate City, even if Wang Yu Han wanted to retaliate against him, he wouldn’t have any opportunity to do so, not that Yang Kai was afraid of him in the first place.

Yang Kai had not expected that his group would be sent here, nor did he expect that this old man surnamed Wang’s status was great enough that he could get the authorities of Black Crow City to cooperate with him. Jiang Wen Jie must have known something like this would happen so he had given Yang Kai a warning at the last moment as a way of giving face to Chen Fan Lei. As for whether Yang Kai and his group lived or died, he probably did not care; after all, there was no friendship between them.

“Wasting time here will just cause more problems later. Go!” Manager Wang saw Yang Kai acting so calmly and inexplicably felt a hint of discomfort in his heart, decisively waving his hand as he shouted, “This little brat is a bit unusual, I’ll deal with him personally, you lot take care of the two women behind him. That Yue’er still has her innocence and has cultivated Joyous Union Pavilion’s special Dual Cultivation Technique, she will be of great benefit to several of you, as for the other girl…”

“I want her!” Wang Yu Han smiled coldly.

“Good, Young Master Wang will have her!” The several Saint Kings behind Manager Wang nodded in agreement before turning their wicked gazes towards Qian Yue, causing her to feel both fearful and angry.

“Since you all court death, I’ll fulfill your wishes!” Yang Kai shouted as he pushed his Saint Qi, condensing a layer of black flame around his body, turning himself into a human fireball as a strange aura pulsed from him.

Immediately after, Yang Kai formed a black sword in his hand and, with a single swing, sent out a powerful sword wave towards the enemy.

“Daring to show off with mere paltry tricks!” The old man surnamed Wang saw Yang Kai dared to take the initiative and flew into a rage, shouting angrily as an invisible power suddenly spread out from his body.

Under the influence of this force, the sword wave which Yang Kai shot off immediately slowed down, as if it had sunk into a quagmire, even some scraping sounds could be heard as it tried to advance through this thickened space.

Although Manager Wang was just a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, he had been immersed in this cultivation realm for many years and had piled up some understanding of the application of Shi. He wanted to use this opportunity to swiftly suppress Yang Kai’s arrogance.

Seeing this, Wang Yu Han and the several other Saint Kings looked overjoyed and were just about to act when suddenly, the black sword wave distorted and transformed into a number of lifelike serpents. These snakes immediately regained their full speed and rushed out towards these Saint Kings.

“Yuan Control Mastery!” The old man surnamed Wang’s eyes bulged as he shouted in surprise, immediately increasing the power he was putting into his Shi by thirty percent.

At the same time, Wang Yu Han and the others quickly assumed a defensive stance.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

With a series of explosions, the blocked black snakes burst apart and Demonic Flames splashed about. Although these flames were unable to cause any harm, they still left all of the enemy Saint Kings in quite a distressed state, many of them wearing terrified looks on their faces now.

Manager Wang had also gone pale!

Taking his status into consideration, and having received a request from Wang Yu Han, Manager Wang had not immediately taken action to kill Yang Kai and was only planning on constraining him slightly, allowing his grand nephew to obtain his revenge personally. How could Manager Wang have anticipated that this brief moment of carelessness had resulted in his grand nephew suffering such a big loss?

Yuan Control Mastery was an extremely profound ability, not something Saint King Realm cultivators were supposed to be able to use at all. Only when one reached the Origin Realm and gained comprehension of Shi would they be able to display Yuan Control Mastery.

But today, Manager Wang had witnessed a mere Second-Order Saint King break this convention; how could he not be shocked?

On top of that, the black flames this little brat used were quite unusual. When Manager Wang used his Divine Sense to investigate these black flames, he felt an aura from them that frightened him greatly and realized that being contaminated with them would lead to very bad consequences.

He did not dare underestimate Yang Kai again and quickly strengthened his Shi, suppressing Yang Kai and his group. Yang Yan and Qian Yue, who were standing behind Yang Kai, both let out a gasp as they felt invisible shackles lock them in place, making it impossible for them to move or even circulate their Saint Qi.

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