Martial Peak

Chapter 1286 - Blossoming Lotus

Chapter 1286, Blossoming Lotus

After Yin Su Die asked this, she showed no further signs of resistance, her tender body seemingly delicately blowing in the wind.

But the look on Yang Kai’s face changed greatly as he stared at her, immediately waving his hand and retrieving the phantom mountain peaks that had been smashing down towards her. Even the Hundred Mountains Picture was tightly grasped in his hand.

He gazed incredulously in the direction of Yin Su Die, his eyes filled with tenderness as his lips trembled a few times before finally whispering, “Su Yan?”

At this moment, the one standing in front of Hou Jian was no longer Yin Su Die but rather the woman that Yang Kai longed for deep in his heart, the beauty who appeared in his dreams every night and had enchanted his heart and soul.

His expression immediately solidified as infinite longing filled his mind and tenderness that could melt even the coldest ice flashed across his eyes.

The opposite Su Yan also looked at him with the same kind of infinite tenderness, but imperceptibly, the corner of her mouth twitched slightly, as if he she had just heard a stranger’s name, changing her appearance ever so slightly.

Just when she thought that Yang Kai had been thoroughly confused by herself, his expression suddenly became ice cold and all the tenderness in his eyes disappeared, replaced with a thick disgust and anger.

Seeing Yang Kai’s look change, Yin Su Die realized that the situation had taken a turn for the worse, immediately reached out to grab the pale and bloody Hou Jian in an attempted to escape.

But before she could even move a step, Yang Kai’s low voice suddenly sounded, “Blossoming Lotus!”

Yin Su Die’s tender body, which was still facing Yang Kai, suddenly stiffened as she saw the vague vision of a lotus bud appear in his eyes. This vision was incredibly beautiful and exuded a soft seven coloured light, instantly attracting her completely attention, making it impossible for her to look away.

In the next instant, this lotus vision suddenly disappeared from Yang Kai’s eyes and strangely appeared in Yin Su Die’s Knowledge Sea.

[Soul Skill!] Yin Su Die’s face changed dramatically as he comprehended what had just happened, but as she tried to raise her defences, she noticed that the Spiritual Energy in her Knowledge Sea was rapidly being drained towards a certain location. It seemed that a huge vortex had appeared and was absorbing her Spiritual Energy. At the source of this attraction though was the ethereal lotus bud she had just seen.

Yin Su Die groaned as her vision was completely covered by the slowly blooming seven coloured lotus. For every petal that unfurled, the Spiritual Energy in her Knowledge Sea decreased, as if it were the nutrient required for it to blossom.

Yin Su Die was terrified and hurriedly tried to defend her Soul, but no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to slow the speed at which her Spiritual Energy was being swallowed.

In the blink of an eye, the greater part of her Knowledge Sea had dried up! But the lotus blood had only slightly blossomed.

If blossoming only a tiny bit had consumed so much of her Spiritual Energy, would her Knowledge Sea be completely drained once it fully bloomed? At that point, even if she did not die, her Soul would surely suffer a grievous wound, something that couldn’t easily be healed.

At this point, Yin Su Die’s face suddenly paled. She had not expected that Yang Kai would really dare to kill her, and for a time, her beautiful eyes flashed a deep regret and pleading, becoming incredibly pitiful.


Yin Su Die fell to the ground, her tender body covered with dust, no longer exuding any of her previous charm. At this moment, her face was pale white and she behaved as if there was a vice gripping her head, causing laboured gasps to escape her lips and large drops of sweat to drip from her body, soaking her clothes in the blink of an eye.

She could not even beg for mercy!

The pain she felt from having her Soul drained out was harder to bear than any pain she had suffered before, but all Yin Su Die could do was grit her teeth and stubbornly defend the last vestiges of her Knowledge Sea.

Even so, she knew that once the seven coloured lotus fully bloomed, she would meet her end.

*Sha sha…*

The sound of footsteps leisurely approaching reached Yin Su Die’s ear. Barely managing to turn her head in the direction of the sound, she saw Yang Kai’s gloomy staring down at her coldly, no trace of emotion in his eyes at all.

Yin Su Die opened her mouth and tried to say something but failed to vocalize any words.

Yang Kai then snapped his fingers.

The seven coloured lotus blooming slowly in Yin Su Die’s mind suddenly stopped opening and soon disappeared into a scattering of light.

Seeing this, Yin Su Die’s expression relaxed as she quickly examined the situation in her Knowledge Sea. A brief glance was all it took though to fill her with terror again. Her Knowledge Sea was almost completely dried up. If Yang Kai had not stopped his secret technique just now, the consequences would have been dreadful. Even so, if Yin Su Die wanted to completely recover, it would cost her a significant amount of time and resources.

From beginning to end, Yang Kai had only used his Blossoming Lotus for three breaths.

During these three breaths, the burly man who had originally been protected by Yin Su Die was unable to understand what had happened, only further realizing that this time the three of them had really kicked an iron plate.

Seeing Yang Kai not paying any attention to him, Hou Jian glanced over at the extremely disheveled Yin Su Die and steeled his heart, condensing his Saint Qi as he prepared to flee.

He did not have the ability to care about Yin Su Die.

But the moment his body move, a figure flashed in front of him, and an indifferent Yang Kai blocked his path.

Hou Jian’s mouth went dry as he stared at the figure in front of him, his eyes overflowed with horror, not daring to move.

Yang Kai simply pointed his finger at Hou Jian and sent out a blast of Demonic Flame that punched a hole directly through his left chest. The burly man couldn’t even muster the will to resist, stumbling backwards a few steps while covering the hole where heart once was. A look of utter disbelief flashed across his face before his eyes grew dim and he collapsed to the ground, the black Demonic Flames wrapping up his body and quickly burning his corpse to ash.

After finishing this, Yang Kai figure blurred and returned to Yin Su Die.

Yin Su Die was still gripping her head with both her hands and panting heavily. It seemed that the Blossoming Lotus Yang Kai used on her had caused her such a heavy injury she was unable to even move.

Beside her, a delicate white bead had fallen to the ground.

Yang Kai glanced over at this bead, reached out, and pulled it into his hand. Although he didn’t know what this bead was, he was certain that Yin Su Die had used it just now to probe his mind, allowing her to use her Beguiling Technique to make it appear like Su Yan was standing in front of him.

After hesitating for a moment, Yang Kai tightened his grip and condensed a rich Demonic Flame to melt this bead down, completely destroying it.

Regardless of what this bead was, or how precious it might be, Yang Kai was not willing to let it remain.

After incinerating this bead, Yang Kai stared coldly at Yin Su Die and said indifferently, “Did you think I wouldn’t dare to kill?”

Fright flashed across Yin Su Die’s eyes and she did not dare to respond.

The scene just now of Yang Kai killing Hou Jian was seen clearly by her. She realized that what she had done just now had touched her opponent’s psychological bottom line, otherwise Yang Kai would not have acted so ruthless. Given his strength, the first time Hou Jian attacked him, Yang Kai could have killed him if he wished.

The woman named Su Yan must be especially important to him, otherwise how could things have become so serious so quickly?

Realizing all of this, Yin Su Die felt a deep sense of regret. If she had known Yang Kai’s strength was this tyrannical, how could she have run out here to embarrass herself?

“Do you think I won’t dare kill you?” Yang Kai asked again.

“You can’t kill me…” Yin Su Die said haltingly, “My Senior Brother should have succeeded by now, you need to consider the safety of your companion.”

“Succeeded?” Yang Kai’s mouth curled into a sneer as he waved his hand, releasing an extremely slender ray of light just like a golden silk thread that shot off towards the distance.

A moment later, the panic-stricken shout of a male cultivator rang out and a flash of light appeared mid-air, revealing Luo Min’s figure.

After Yin Su Die inexplicably collapsed and Hou Jian had been killed, it seemed Luo Min realized the situation was beyond saving and immediately used his Flowing Light Escaping Shadow secret technique to escape. But before he could get far, a strange golden thread chased after and swiftly broke his technique. No matter how he tried, Luo Min could not escape from the pursuit of this gold thread and in the blink of an eye, was captured by it.

This golden thread was naturally the Golden Blood Thread Yang Kai had been cultivating for the past year or so, an existence similar to an artifact.

Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Thread was derived from Demon Blood Temple’s Demon Blood Thread secret technique. Yang Kai had been wanting to test the power of his Golden Blood Thread, so he had quickly displayed it here. Now seeing how the Golden Blood Thread had easily captured Luo Min and rendered him unable to escape, Yang Kai felt that all his effort was worth it.

Waving his hand once more, the Golden Blood Thread that bound Luo Min dragged him back over to Yang Kai.

Yin Su Die’s expression became extremely gloomy upon seeing this.

Just now, she had engaged in a battle with Yang Kai even though she knew she would lose because she was confident that her Senior Brother Luo would be successful, so she hadn’t paid any attention to the situation with Yang Yan, only instinctively thinking the latter had been captured.

But looking at it now, Yin Su Die immediately realized her thinking had been too naive.

When Luo Min was captured, Yang Yan in her black robe also walked over. Looking at her appearance, besides being a bit frightened, she was completely unscathed, even her black robe did not have any wrinkles. It was a mystery how she had resisted Luo Min for so long without suffering the slightest loss.

“Succeeded was it? Have you woken up yet?” Yang Kai sneered.

Yin Su Die’s face went from blue to red, wishing she could find a find a hole to crawl into and hide. At the same time, she glared coldly at Luo Min, secretly blaming him for being useless.

Luo Min was also full of bitterness. He had not expected Yang Yan to have so many artifacts on her, each of which possessed great power. While he was attempting to capture her, the other party had not fought back at all and just passively defended herself. But no matter how he attacked, he was unable to break through Yang Yan’s defenses, so now, after being captured by Yang Kai, he really did not have the face to look at Yin Su Die.

Seeing Yin Su Die fall silent, Yang Kai coldly snorted and launched a palm strike towards Luo Min, pounding him into the ground and breaking many of his bones. This single blow had caused Luo Min very heavy injuries.

But even in this condition, Luo Min was feeling quite lucky, because it seemed Yang Kai did not intend to kill him.

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