Martial Peak

Chapter 1285 - You Won’t Regret It?

Chapter 1285, You Won’t Regret It?

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It had to be said that Yin Su Die’s Beguiling Technique was unique and powerful. With this strange technique, she could easily defeat cultivators in the same realm without ever facing them directly.

Unfortunately, the one she was now trying to use this Beguiling Technique on was Yang Kai.

Firstly, Yang Kai’s Soul was far stronger than average cultivators in the same realm, so he would not easily be manipulated, and secondly, Yang Kai had cultivated the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art so he had a natural resistance to Beguiling Techniques.

A burst of screams rang out as the girls inside the pink mist barrier were slaughtered by Yang Kai.

Yang Kai wasn’t actually targeting them directly as they were all simply illusions manifested by Yin Su Die, so even if he did kill them it would achieve nothing. Instead, Yang Kai was targeting the artifacts these illusionary girls were carrying.

There were more than twenty Saint King Grade High-Rank artifacts in total. The fact that Yin Su Die could collect this many high-rank artifacts and even use all of them at once was quite surprising because although it appeared that this illusionary girls were the ones manipulating them, Yin Su Die would have first had to refine these artifacts before that was possible.

Collecting and refining more than twenty artifacts must have taken Yin Su Die a great deal of time and effort, so if they were all destroyed, she would undoubtedly be distressed.

Sure enough, after seeing five or six of the precious Saint King Grade artifacts she had painstakingly refined being melted into slag by Yang Kai’s Demonic Flame, Yin Su Die’s anger soared as she ground her teeth and screamed, “If you destroy any more of my artifacts, I’ll make you pay!”

Hearing her frustrated scream, Yang Kai’s mood became more carefree as he spun around to face another of the young girls standing next to the wine pool. This illusionary girl was holding a long whip that let out a flash of lightning each time it was cracked. Among the more than twenty artifacts, it could be ranked in the top three in terms of power and value.

The price of such an artifact was certainly not low, and if it were to be destroyed, Yin Su Die’s mood would surely worsen.

Yang Kai rushed towards this girl immediately, his figure flickering a few times before suddenly appearing in front of her. This illusionary girl’s senses were connected with Yin Su Die, so she immediately noticed Yang Kai’s attack and her pretty face was filled with panic. The long whip cracked as it struck towards Yang Kai, releasing a blue flash of lightning.

Yang Kai coldly snorted, and made a sweeping motion with his hand, releasing a wave of Demonic Flame that neutralized all the lightning, causing it to disappear without a trace.

Yang Kai then reached out his other hand and grasped towards the air ruthlessly.

The series of whip shadows that had just been blotting out the sky instantly solidified as it was caught by Yang Kai. The Demonic Flames on his palm burst forth and the long whip’s glow quickly grew dim. At the rate it was losing its spirituality, it wouldn’t be long before this whip was destroyed like the other artifacts before it.

At that moment, a dream-like whisper brushed Yang Kai’s ear. This whisper seemed to contain an infinite charm and it swiftly slipped into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.

Yang Kai’s Saint Qi circulation was instantly disrupted and the intensity of the Demonic Flames covering his hand rapidly weakened.

Simultaneously, an extremely burly figure suddenly emerged from the wine pool. This figure was abnormally tall, with muscles as strong as forged iron, and two eyes like those of a fierce beast that were glaring hatefully towards Yang Kai. In this figure’s hand was a kind of broken blade, one that was obviously cutting into its wielder’s hand. Strangely though, there was no blood dripping from the wound opened by this broken blade, instead, it seemed the blood which should have been leaking out was being absorbed by the broken blade, dying it a crimson colour.

A bloody smell thick enough to make others nauseous quickly filled the air.

This burly man was none other than Hou Jian who was previously injured by Yang Kai.

At some point he had obviously snuck into the pink fog barrier and hidden himself in the wine pond. With Yin Su Die coordinating with Hou Jian, even Yang Kai wasn’t able to notice him until he attacked.

While Yang Kai’s attention was attracted to the long whip artifact, Hou Jian saw an opportunity and immediately launched a sneak attack.

The broken blade Hou Jian held, released a crimson sword wave as he swung it ruthlessly towards Yang Kai’s waist. At that moment, Hou Jian was releasing a thick murderous intent as a cold grin crept onto his face.

Hou Jian had suffered a big loss at Yang Kai’s hand and understood that this young man was extremely powerful, but since he dared to rush out at this time, Hou Jian was naturally completely confident in his ability to win. His source of confidence was the broken Origin Grade High-Rank artifact he was wielding. It was an evil artifact that Hou Jian had picked up during one of his trips outside for life experience and was twenty or thirty percent more powerful than an average artifact.

Normally, which his current cultivation, Hou Jian didn’t dare to use this artifact; after all, if it were used too many times, the evil aura inside it would likely begin to affect his personality.

But today he had been humiliated again and again and all that was on Hou Jian mind right now was saving face in front of Yin Su Die, so how could he care about such trivial consequences now? As such, he had immediately summoned this artifact in order to kill Yang Kai.

His timing was quite good. Yang Kai’s concentration had just been disturbed by Yin Su Die and also had his attention focused on trying to destroy the long whip artifact. So even if Yang Kai’s strength was outstanding, he wouldn’t be able to easily avoid this sneak attack.

As long as he was hit by this sword wave, he would definitely die!

Yang Kai was naturally able to notice the strangeness of this broken blade and for the first time showed a dignified expression. Just as he was about to dodge though, the girl who was standing in front of him manipulated the long whip in her hand to entangle Yang Kai.

Before Yang Kai could escape, he was bound in place while at the same time, lightning flashed from the long whip as the power of this artifact was stimulated to the fullest.

Bolts of lightning crackled and flooded Yang Kai’s body. Facing this situation, Yang Kai’s face grew cold and gloomy as he pushed his Saint Qi fiercely, releasing a surge of flames from his body that burned down the long whip.

In an instant, the long whip was destroyed and broken into countless pieces that fell to the ground, but this momentary delay was enough for the blood-red sword wave to arrive in front of Yang Kai, making it impossible for him to evade!

Facing this blood-red sword wave that was about to cut his body, Yang Kai calmly summoned his Purple Shield and injected his Saint Qi into it. A purple halo flashed from the shield as a series of runes lit up on its face. These runes rotated rapidly and soon leapt out from the shield, transforming into a giant illusionary shield that blocked the path of the approaching sword wave.


With a loud bang, the blood-coloured sword wave landed on the light shield, causing it to explode, but at the same time the blood-coloured blade was repelled.

Seeing this, Hou Jian’s expression was dumbfounded, as if he hadn’t anticipated Yang Kai would actually possess such an excellent defensive artifact, one that was even capable of resisting his killing blow!

He had greatly underestimated Yang Kai’s depths.

When the Purple Shield was first refined, it was just an Origin Grade Low-Rank artifact, but after being enhanced once by Yang Yan, it had been upgraded to the Origin Grade Mid-Rank. Later, inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Yang Kai had used the Purple Shield to fight against the Artifact Spirit, resulting in its spirituality being greatly damaged. After bringing it back, Yang Kai had Yang Yan enhance it a second time, resulting in today’s Purple Shield already being an Origin Grade High-Rank artifact.

Its defensive capability was even more outstanding than before.

Being an Origin Grade High-Rank artifact as well, the Purple Shield was naturally able to block the strike of Hou Jian’s broken blade. If this hadn’t been the case, Yang Kai wouldn’t have summoned it out with such confidence.

After blocking the bloody blade, Yang Kai took back his Purple Shield and stared straight at Hou Jian with a stern look, a sneer soon creeping onto his face.

How could Yang Kai have missed the strong murderous intent the other party had released during that strike just now.

This man had already decided to kill him!

If they just wanted to bring him back to Coloured Glass Sect, Yang Kai wouldn’t have taken things too far, but now…

Waving his hand, a scroll-like object appeared in front of Yang Kai who wore a fierce grin. In an instant, the illusionary shadows of several mountains rushed out from this scroll. When these shadows rushed out, they immediately expanded to the point where they covered the sky before pounding down towards Hou Jian with incredible force.

Hou Jian’s face changed drastically and he could no longer care about anything else, hurriedly pouring all his strength into the broken blade, allowing it to wantonly consume his blood as he lifted it up high and slashed out.

A blood-red sword wave impacted the bottom of the approaching phantom mountain and split it in half, causing the broken pieces to fall away from Hou Jian. The earth trembled on this series of impacts as several giant pits were created.

However, Yang Kai had used dozens of phantom peaks this time, each successive one bigger than the last, so how could Hou Jian defend against all of them?

Hou Jian only managed to defend himself for three breaths before his strength was completely consumed and he powerlessly watched the approaching mountain peak press down on him. Hou Jian’s face became ashen as his gaze became hollow.

He was certain that he would die in the next moment! Instantly, he regretted following Yin Su Die out here.

At that moment though, the pink mist in the surrounding as well as the grand palace and wine pool all suddenly twisted and disappeared. The figure of Yin Su Die appeared in front of the Hou Jian like a ghost, her usual charming expression replaced with solemn on as she lifted up a white bead that released a soft light in to the surrounding.

When he was hit by the light from this bead, Yang Kai suddenly felt his murderous intent decrease and his mood become tranquil. Even his desire to ruthlessly kill Hou Jian faltered.

However, in an instant, Yang Kai dispelled this hesitation as he stared at Yin Su Die coldly.

He knew that the reason why his will had suddenly weakened was related to the strange bead in her hand.

Yin Su Die on the other hand stared at the bead in her hand for a moment, seemingly looking for something, but she soon wore a happy smile as she called out to Yang Kai tenderly, “Do you really want to do this? You won’t regret it?”

When she spoke these words, she stood in front of Hou Jian, completely disregarding the illusionary mountain peaks above her, seemingly unafraid of death.

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