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Chapter 1287 - Who Is Su Yan

Chapter 1287, Who Is Su Yan

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Acting together with her two Senior Brothers, Yin Su Die had thought it would be easy to bring Yang Kai back to Coloured Glass Sect, but the result was actually one of them dying here while the other two had suffered grievous wounds. Seeing Yang Kai still staring down at her coldly, Yin Su Die suddenly realized that she had made a big mistake.

“Even if I fought against the entire world, she would willingly stand behind me, never barring my path or asking if I will regret,” Yang Kai suddenly said some inexplicable words to Yin Su Die, the corners of his mouth rising into a sneer as he snorted, “A cheap woman like you actually daring to transform into her likeness, you really court death!”

As soon as these words fell, a jet black ray shot into Yin Su Die’s tender body from Yang Kai’s hand.

Yin Su Die beautiful face lost all colour as she felt the hand of death reach out for her, two tears involuntarily falling from the corners of her eyes.

These black Demonic Flames had just now easily burned her Senior Brother Hou’s body to ashes, and now they had actually been shot into her body; how was she supposed to survive? What surprised Yin Su Die though was that these Demonic Flames weren’t hot like she imagined, but extremely cold. As soon as they entered her body, she shivered involuntarily and the Saint Qi in her body began to freeze, a layer of frost soon appearing on her pale skin.

“I won’t kill you this time! But if you dare act against me again, I’ll give you a fate worse than death!” Yang Kai coldly snorted before waving his hand and retrieving the golden thread which had bound Luo Min.

Under the complex gaze of Yin Su Die, Yang Kai turned around and led Yang Yan away.

Only after the figures of Yang Kai and Yang Yan had disappeared for a long time did Yin Su Die and Luo Min dare to move. Although both of them had suffered greatly, neither had fatal injuries. Luo Min had many broken bones in his body, but overall he was still able to move; on the other hand, Yin Su Die’s injuries were more severe. The damage to her Soul and the frigid chill permeating her body made her feel very uncomfortable.

“Junior Sister Yin… are you okay?” Luo Min stood forced himself to his feet and asked with concern, reaching out his hand as he spoke, seemingly wanting to help Yin Su Die up.

“Do I look like I’m fine?” Yin Su Die’s pretty face twisted in anger as she swatted away Luo Min’s hand and staggered to her feet. Her hair and clothes were in a state of chaos and she was covered in dirt, her beforehand exquisite image completely destroyed.

Luo Min knew that she was blaming him for his incompetence, but even if he was angry about this inside, he didn’t dare to say anymore.

However, if he had known that surnamed Yang was so powerful, he would never have agreed to accompany Yin Su Die to intercept him. How was that any different from seeking destruction? Fortunately, that surnamed Yang did not seem intent on killing him, otherwise, he would currently be accompanying his Senior Brother Hou to the next life.

Luo Min hadn’t figure out why Yang Kai had only killed his Senior Brother Hou though, was it simply punishing one to warn the others?

“Junior Sister, shouldn’t we find a hidden place to rest first? We’re not too far from Myriad Beast Mountain so their disciples should pass by here quite often. If they were to see us in this state, it would become troublesome,” Luo Min asked Yin Su Die gently as she fixed her clothes. Although Yin Su Die was currently quite angry with him, he did not dare ignore her wellbeing. After all, if he were to really abandon her, after going back, he was the one who would suffer.

Hearing this, Yin Su Die’s expression lightened somewhat as she nodded, “Yeah, let’s find a place to heal first. Moreover, we need to discuss how to explain what has transpired here to the Sect Elders before returning.”

Luo Min was startled for a moment but soon nodded, “It is as Junior Sister says.”

The two of them then supported each other as they dragged their injured bodies to a well-concealed spot nearby to meditate and heal.


Several thousand kilometres away, Yang Yan followed behind Yang Kai without saying a word, both of them using their respective Star Shuttles to fly towards a certain direction. As she stared at Yang Kai’s back, Yang Yan didn’t know why, but she felt as if it was revealing a desolate and lonely air. Since separating from Yin Su Die and her group, Yang Yan had noticed a change in Yang Kai’s mood. He now seemed to be in quite low spirits and his mind was obviously elsewhere.

Yang Yan didn’t step forward to disturb him though, instead just following behind him quietly.

She knew that Yang Kai becoming like this was somehow related to the last secret technique Yin Su Die had displayed and the woman whose name he had called out.

After a whole day and night, Yang Kai, who had been rushing ahead, suddenly came to a stop and landed on a nearby hill. At this moment, the lonely aura coming from his back suddenly disappeared.

Yang Yan controlled her Star Shuttle to land beside Yang Kai and observing his profile, she found that he had indeed returned to normal. Secretly breathing a sigh of relief, she shifted her eyes slightly and asked, “Who’s Su Yan?”

“Why do you ask?” Yang Kai turned his head to her and asked back.

“Just curious,” Yang Yan smiled, immediately understanding that Yang Kai was reluctant to say more; but even if she didn’t ask this question or get any kind of response, she could still guess that this Su Yan must be the most important woman in Yang Kai’s life.

While Yang Yan did not ask anything more, Yang Kai actually wore a smile and began talking, “She is my real Senior Sister, different from the fake Senior Sister you are.”

“Then you’re…” Yang Yan’s smile faded, as if she had just learned something serious, a curious look appearing on her face.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded calmly, “But I don’t know where in the Star Field she is now.”

“She’s not on Shadowed Star?” Yang Yan was startled.

“No, arriving here was a complete accident for me. As for her, she entered the Star Field earlier than me, but I don’t know where she went.”

“Is that so… are you worried about her?” Yang Yan asked softly.

“I am worried, therefore I want to find her as soon as possible, but I don’t even know when I’ll be able to leave Shadowed Star,” Yang Kai sighed sadly, “For now, all I can do is cultivate as quickly as possible. When I grow strong enough, I’ll have a chance to leave Shadowed Star and enter the outside world to search for her.”

Yang Yan’s eyes turned, as if she wanted to say something, but after thinking carefully, she swallowed the words back down and waved her hand, “Let’s not discuss this anymore, you seem quite sad when you do. En, I was meaning to ask actually, why didn’t you kill those two just now? Could it be you couldn’t bring yourself to kill her because she was a woman?”

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “If I could, I would naturally have killed them, but Yin Su Die’s status in Coloured Glass Sect makes things difficult. If I was to really kill her, Coloured Glass Sect would definitely not let me off. More importantly, before pursuing us, those three definitely informed others about their intentions; without such worries, I wouldn’t have minded silencing them all.”

“If that’s the case, you shouldn’t have killed any of them then,” Yang Yan frowned secretly. She had witnessed all of Yang Kai’s battles with Hou Jian and Yin Su Die and felt that there were only two appropriate choices, either kill none of them or kill all of them. Killing just one person obviously didn’t have any benefit.

Yang Kai smiled, “I killed him because he wanted to kill me, nothing more!”

As for Coloured Glass Sect’s reaction, Yang Kai didn’t care too much, at worse he would become enemies with them; after all, one of their disciples died at his hand. However, Hou Jian’s status was obviously not as high as Yin Su Die’s, so even if this incident created some trouble for Yang Kai, it would not be on the level of all Coloured Glass Sect’s Elders would be after his head. If Coloured Glass Sect really wanted to seek revenge, they would only send a small number of people after him. With the current defensive strength of Dragon Cave Mountain, Yang Kai didn’t fear a small raid.

In any case, he already had a grudge with the Xie Family, so adding one or two more enemies wouldn’t change his situation much.

Besides, which great Sect didn’t have a number of disciples encounter accidents or even die each year? If these Sects always sought trouble with others because their disciples died, they would not be able to develop themselves.

As such, Yang Kai didn’t worry about killing Hou Jian much.

During this battle, Yang Kai not only got to test out his Golden Blood Threads, but also the power of the Soul Skill derived from his Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus.

The Blossoming Lotus was a Soul Skill Yang Kai comprehended after the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus evolved.

The first time he used it, Yang Kai was able to instantly incapacitate Yin Su Die.

However, although the power of this Blossoming Lotus technique was extremely powerful, the load it placed on him was also great and the amount of Spiritual Energy it consumed was also significant. Yang Kai thought about the pros and cons for a moment and decided that this Soul Skill should be reserved for critical situations.

Currently, Yang Kai had his Space Blade, Blossoming Lotus, Golden Blood Thread, Demon Eye of Annihilation, and hot and cold Demonic Flame along with the Hundred Mountains Picture, Purple Shield, Origin King Grade Artifact Refining Furnace and Artifact Spirit, so even if he was just a Second-Order Saint King, he was confident he could compete with an ordinary Origin Returning Realm master.

As for whether he would be able to win such a battle, that would mainly depend on his opponent’s cultivation.

There was also Leng Qing of Star Emperor Mountain and Lu Ye of Flowing Cloud Valley that Yang Kai wasn’t certain he could kill in a head-on confrontation, especially the former who gave him quite a strong feeling of danger.

Naturally, this kind of matter was just a feeling as the two hadn’t actually fought yet.

After sifting through some of these thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly asked, “Where are we now?”

“You’re only asking that now?” Yang Yan snorted, “Why didn’t you think about that yesterday when you were rushing around all depressed?”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Yang Kai’s face. After being affected by Yin Su Die’s mysterious technique yesterday, although there was nothing physically or mentally wrong with him, it had still sunk him into a kind of dazed, nostalgic state, and it was only after a day of adjustment that his mood had recovered.

Yang Yan saw this and simply laughed lightly, “Fortunately we didn’t deviate too much from our original route; we probably added three or four hours to our journey at most.”

“That’s good,” Yang Kai gently nodded. For this trip, he and Yang Yan had not only wanted to visit the Coloured Glass Sect, but also take care of another matter. If this wasn’t the case, it wouldn’t have been necessary for Yang Yan to come along in the first place.

“But before that, should you release Xiao Xiao and see how much Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass he swallowed?” Yang Yan suddenly proposed excitedly.

Although Yang Kai summoned the Stone Puppet back the night before, for the sake of safety, neither of them dared to check the results of their heist. Now that they finally had the time and opportunity, Yang Yan naturally couldn’t wait to see how much Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass they’d obtained.

Seeing this, Yang Kai nodded slightly before releasing his Divine Sense and investigating their surroundings. After confirming that there was no one within a few-dozen-kilometre radius, he summoned out the Stone Puppet with a wave of his hand.

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