Martial Peak

Chapter 1281 - Kneel Down

Chapter 1281, Kneel Down

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Yang Kai wore a strange look as he stared at the burly man with an indifferent expression who had flown over and intercepted them.

This burly figured was naturally Hou Jian who had been recruited by Yin Su Die, but what Yang Kai didn’t understand was why this man had rushed over all alone while Yin Su Die and another cultivator seemed to be taking their time catching up.

Hou Jian looked Yang Kai up and down, and after confirming that the aura fluctuations coming from him were indeed those of a Second-Order Saint King, the corners of his mouth curled upwards, revealing a look of disdain. However, when his eyes glanced over at Yang Yan, he could not help showing some surprise.

Hou Jian had not expected this woman wrapped in black robes to actually have such an extraordinary appearance. What was stranger though was that after being stopped by him, this man and woman did not show any signs of panic, both of them actually remaining perfectly calm.

What was most confusing for Hou Jain though was that he could not see Yang Yan’s true cultivation. When he tried to use his Divine Sense, it seemed to pass right through her body, as if she did not even exist.

This made Hou Jian’s expression become somewhat serious as he subconsciously regarded Yang Yan as a more powerful cultivator than Yang Kai.

Hou Jian had mainly come here targeting Yang Kai and naturally had no interest in Yang Yan, so after a brief investigation, he withdrew his gaze and focused his attention on Yang Kai.

“Greetings, friend!” Yang Kai took a step forward and cupped his fists, “Is there some reason you have blocked my Senior Sister’s and my path?”

“Some reason? Heh…” The burly man let out a chuckle, “Are you surnamed Yang?”

“I am.”

“Did you just leave Grand Crystal Mountain Range?”


“Very good, this Hou is looking for you, little brat!” Hou Jian’s face went cold, and he shouted firmly, “Daring to have ideas about my Sect’s Coloured Glass Mountain, even damaging the barrier protecting it, I’d like to see how you try to escape!”

Hearing what Hou Jian said, Yang Kai was completely shocked, subconsciously thinking that his good deeds had been exposed, but after thinking about it for a moment, he felt that something was wrong. If he had really been exposed, there would not have just been three Saint Kings chasing after him. Coloured Glass Sect would have at least sent out a few Origin Realm Masters to ensure he was captured.

But if he hadn’t been exposed, why did this guy sound so sure he was guilty?

How could Yang Kai have known that this burly man surnamed Hou had just listened to Yin Su Die and assumed she had told him the truth?

Not showing any anxiety on his face, Yang Kai let out a laugh, “This friend must be joking. I came to Grand Crystal Mountain Range at the invitation of your noble Sect’s Dai Yuan and was her guest for only a few days. How could I have had any ideas about ​​Coloured Glass Mountain?”

“Dai Yuan?” Hou Jian immediately gawked and he asked in surprise, “Do you know Dai Yuan? And she actually invited you to be a guest?”

He wore a dumbstruck expression on his face as he asked this question, as if he had just heard something completely unbelievable.

“Of course! I have no reason to lie about this. You can go back to Thousand Illusion Peak and ask Sister Dai Yuan, she will surly confirm what I’ve said.”

“Ask Dai Yuan…” Hou Jian’s face flashed a fearful expression for a moment, but he quickly waved his hand in the next moment and declare unreasonably, “Don’t spout nonsense brat! No matter what you say now, you will not be able to escape. This Hou has been entrusted to capture you so that is what I will do. As for what you’ve done or whether you’re guilty, that has nothing to do with me, I’m only responsible for bringing you back to face judgement!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai grinned widely, “So what this friend is saying is that you’ve no intention of allowing me to pass?”

“Hmph!” Hou Jian coldly snorted, “That’s how it is!”

As soon as he spoke these words, Hou Jian condensed a dazzling light on his fist as a fierce aura burst from his body. Leaping up into the sky in the next moment, Hou Jian soared like an eagle before abruptly turning around and swooping down, his right hand taking on a cold, metallic appearance as he palmed towards Yang Kai’s head.

Suddenly, with Yang Kai as the centre, everything within a hundred metres seemed to freeze, and as this palm approached, it was like the entire sky was collapsing downward. The atmosphere became heavy, making it difficult to breathe or even stand. Yang Yan, who was standing behind Yang Kai, even let out a gasp as her tender body slightly trembled.

However, a light burst from Yang Yan’s body in the next instant and freed her of this suppression. At the same time, her figure quickly retreated a thousand metres, escaping the range of Hou Jian’s attack.

Seeing this, Hou Jian was quite surprised, obviously not having expected Yang Yan to break free of his technique so easily. Although he did not know what that flash of light just now was, it was no doubt created by some kind of powerful artifact.

Although the power of this artifact was clearly quite good, Hou Jian still didn’t put it in his eyes, so after only a slight hesitation, he put more strength into his palm and continued to press it down towards Yang Kai while roaring fiercely, “Kneel down!”

He wanted to suppress Yang Kai with a single blow so that Yin Su Die, who was watching, could witness his strength.

This was a rare performance opportunity, so how could Hou Jian miss it?

When this palm was just ten metres away from Yang Kai though, a sneer appeared on the latter’s face as he stared straight back at this unreasonable man indifferently.

As soon as Hou Jian acted, Yang Kai was able to see that he wanted to use his great physical strength and vigorous Saint Qi to end this battle decisively. If it had been any other Second-Order Saint King Realm cultivator facing such an attack, they would certainly be panicking right now, but how could Yang Kai even place this fool in his eyes?

The pressure from Hou Jian’s technique alone would be able to crush any ordinary cultivator, but against Yang Kai it had no effect at all. Waving his hand casually, Yang Kai easily disrupted the heavy pressure, causing it to rapidly distort and then shatter like fragile glass.

In an instant, the mountain like pressure disappeared.

At the same time, Yang Kai figure, which had been shrouded in the shadow of his opponent’s palm, suddenly blurred, and vanished from sight.

Hou Jian’s face changed dramatically when he saw this, never having expected that a mere Second-Order Saint King would be able to escape the control of his pressure field. What’s more, after breaking free of the pressure field, his opponent had actually disappeared, with Hou Jian unable to even detect a trace of his aura.

Hou Jian became frightened as he immediately understood he had kicked an iron plate. While searching for some trace of Yang Kai, he suddenly felt an oppressive and dangerous aura coming from above him.

“Not good!” Hou Jian shouted to himself as he whipped around sharply to discover that Yang Kai had reappeared above his position and was now looking down upon him coldly, like a dragon flying over Nine Heavens overlooking an ant, causing Hou Jian to shudder unconsciously. Yang Kai immediately sent out what looked like a casual palm strike, but in Hou Jian’s eyes this palm appeared to cover the entire sky, making him feel like it was impossible to avoid.

Hou Jian did not dare hold back, hurriedly condensing as much of his strength as he could in that moment and lifting both his hands up high, as if he was trying to hold up the Heavens themselves. At the same time, a bright light shone from his body as he summoned out a metallic Artifact Armour.

Simultaneously, from the centre of his forehead, Hou Jian released a spinning cone of black light that shot out to intercept the world covering palm Yang Kai had released.

Hou Jian was an elite disciple of Coloured Glass Sect so even caught off guard, he was still able to make this many moves, fully demonstrating his great strength.

But even after all this, the unease in Hou Jian’s heart did not decrease, nor did he feel the slightest sense of security.

Under Hou Jian’s astonished gaze, the black cone-like weapon he had shot out struck the giant palm print and immediately grew dim, revealing its original shape.

It turned out to be a powerful spindle-like offensive artifact, but as soon as it was struck by Yang Kai’s Heaven Covering Hand, it was blown away and appeared to have suffered catastrophic damage.

Immediately after, the Heaven Covering Hand fell onto Hou Jian without further hindrance, causing his arms to buckle and his metallic Artifact Armour to crack. A single breath of time later, this Artifact Armour completely shattered.

Hou Jian grit his teeth hard and released a ferocious shout, pouring all the Saint Qi he could into his arms and punching out countless fist shadows to intercept the still approaching palm print.

Yang Kai saw this and simply snorted coldly, pushing his Saint Qi harder as he increased the power of his Heaven Covering Hand by another thirty percent.

The innumerable fist shadows rushed into the Heaven Covering Hand and disappeared like clay oxen wading into the sea, not even causing any waves before they were devoured without a trace.

Hou Jian complexion paled. Although they had only fought for a mere three breaths, he already understood that he was completely not worthy to be the opponent of this man his Junior Sister Yin was looking for!

While he understood this in his heart, Hou Jian only showed a look of unwillingness on his face.

Before Hou Jian could take any further action though, the giant palm broke through is resistance and impacted him directly.

With a thunderous bang, Hou Jian’s body plummeted through the air and slammed into the ground, opening a giant pit upon impact. The Heaven Covering Hand did not just disappear though and instead continued to ruthlessly press down towards Hou Jian.

The earth shook once more and a giant palm print spanning a nearly thousand-metre area was carved into the ground. At the very centre of this palm print, Hou Jian knelt on one knee, his hands still lifted upwards as his entire body convulsed.

Hou Jian’s thick arms were covered in blood, giving them a horrifying appearance, and his clothes had been almost completely shredded, revealing most of his burly body. With both his arms bent into unnatural shapes, it was clear the injuries he had received were not light.

Even in such a state though, Hou Jian continued to stare stubbornly at the slowly descending Yang Kai, a mixture of panic and hatred flashing across his eyes.

On the other hand, there was a trace of surprise on Yang Kai’s face. He had not thought that this man could withstand his Heaven Covering Hand. It seemed this man’s burly body was not just for show, his physique was clearly quite intrepid.

Seeing Hou Jian’s hate-filled eyes, Yang Kai’s brow lifted slightly. Landing in front of his opponent, Yang Kai lifted his foot and pressed it onto the opposite party’s shoulder while flashing a dangerous grin.

Hou Jian’s face went pale. Although he knew what Yang Kai was going to do, he was too gravely injured right now to even move much less resist, so all he could do was wait for the inevitable.

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