Martial Peak

Chapter 1280 - Pursuers

Chapter 1280, Pursuers

Fortunately, only Dai Yuan cultivated the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art, so even the Sect Master wouldn’t be able to discover anything was amiss unless the entire Coloured Glass Mountain was moved. Having pushed the blame onto the Mountain Quarrying Beast, Dai Yuan was confident that Yang Kai wouldn’t be subject to any doubt.

At this point, Dai Yuan felt strangely calm in her heart as she decided to bury this matter permanently and not tell another soul about it. She even took some time to completely erase all traces of the small tunnel deep underground leading to the room where Yang Kai had lived.

Yang Kai hadn’t thought that Dai Yuan would actually have a method to uncover his little scheme. He thought everything had gone smoothly with no one being the wiser.

Before he and Yang Yan left, Yang Kai made the Stone Puppet destroy the underground tunnel, but both of them had apparently underestimated the power of the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art and the Coloured Glass Divine Light.

At this moment, Yang Kai and Yang Yan were already a hundred thousand kilometres away from Grand Crystal Mountain Range and were flying towards a certain destination.

But Yang Kai still felt a slight sense of discomfort so with a solemn look he released his Divine Sense to investigate the situation nearby.

“Why do you seem on edge?” Yang Yan asked with a frown.

“En, when the Stone Puppet returned, it mentioned it encountered a strange Monster Beast. Although it was only a Sixth-Order Monster Beast and the Stone Puppet instantly patted it to death, the change in Coloured Glass Mountain must be related to this. I don’t know if that Monster Beast was able to pass any information back to its master. If it did, we need to pick up our pace.”

“Xiao Xiao killed a Monster Beast?” Yang Yan exclaimed; she had only just learned about this matter.

“It should be a Monster Beast specially raised by Coloured Glass Sect. I don’t know what species it was, only that it was able to ignore the barriers under Coloured Glass Mountain. It was probably released by the Elders of Coloured Glass Sect to investigate the underground situation. Fortunately, the Stone Puppet acted swiftly and killed it before it had time to react; otherwise, I’m afraid things would have become troublesome…”Just as he said these words, Yang Kai raised his head and stared up ahead, narrowing his eyes slightly.

“What happened?”

“Someone is coming this way,” Yang Kai squinted as he continued to stare forward, a thoughtful look appearing on his face.

Yang Yan also looked in the direction Yang Kai was staring, but she was unable to discover anything. However, knowing that Yang Kai was different from ordinary people, she wasn’t surprised that he sensed something she couldn’t and simply asked lightly, “Are they after us?”

If someone was pursing them from Coloured Glass Sect, they should have appeared behind them, so why were they coming from the front?

“It’s Yin Su Die! It seems they really are targeting us,” Yang Kai smiled bitterly.

Yang Yan thought about it for a moment before suddenly saying, “Coloured Glass Sect must have a Space Array that is connected to the nearby city, otherwise this situation would be impossible. What should we do?”

“What else can we do? If we try to avoid them it would be like admitting we’re guilty,” Yang Kai shook his head; he decided to pretend he hadn’t discovered that some people were approaching and prepared to openly meet them.

Because he found that Yin Su Die, while not alone, wasn’t accompanied by an Origin Returning Realm master, Yang Kai wasn’t afraid to meet her.

At a position a few hundred kilometres ahead, Yin Su Die and two other Third-Order Saint King cultivators were flying towards Yang Kai with a faint trace of satisfaction apparent on her face. Before, when she heard the Sect Master order a thorough investigation of all the visitors to the Sect, Yin Su Die rejoiced; after all, she had suffered a small loss when she used her Beguiling Technique on Yang Kai a few days ago, allowing him to take advantage of her and stirring up a great deal of resentment in her heart.

Without even mentioning this though, Yang Kai being a guest of Dai Yuan alone was enough to stimulate Yin Su Die. She had been worried that she would be able to find an opportunity to make trouble for Yang Kai, but such an opportunity had actually presented itself much faster than she anticipated.

She was quite interested in what kind of relationship Dai Yuan and Yang Kai shared and what purpose she had for inviting Yang Kai back to Thousand Illusion Peak this time.

However, how could Yin Su Die have imagined that this so-called thorough investigation of all outsiders was just loud thunder with light rain? When she had reported to the Elder in charge of this investigation that Yang Kai was just a Second-Order Saint King, they had immediately lost any interest and didn’t have any intention of sending out a pursuit team. However, the Elder also seemed to understand Yin Su Die had her own motives for this so they didn’t prevent her from taking some people to chase after Yang Kai.

As such, Yin Su Die recruited two relatively strong helpers then used Coloured Glass Sect’s Space Array to travel to a city roughly one hundred thousand kilometres away.

Of the two cultivators Yin Su Die brought with her, one of them had a burly figure and bulging muscles which he exposed with his sleeveless robes named Hou Jian. This man looked like a great bear that possessed immense physical strength and constantly had a malevolent look upon his face, giving him a cruel impression.

But when this menacing man looked at Yin Su Die, his face filled with tenderness, and when he spoke to her, he also deliberately lowered his voice, seemingly afraid he would frighten this beautiful woman.

The other man Yin Su Die recruited, named Luo Min, wore refined robes and had a dignified face, giving him an intelligent and handsome appearance. At this moment, a light seemed to flash across the depths of his eyes as he continuously scanned his surroundings searching for something. With his pair of eyes, nothing within a radius of a hundred kilometres could escape his vision.

“Junior Brother Luo, have you found them yet?” The burly man suddenly glanced over at the other person and asked, “You’ve been looking for so long yet haven’t discovered any clues yet, are you even trying?”

“What are you implying?” Luo Min heard his burly companion’s question and immediately wore a displeased look upon his face, “They left Grand Crystal Mountain Range some time ago, and although we managed to get in front of them, who knows which direction they went? If Senior Brother Hou doesn’t feel relieved, you can try searching for them yourself. I heard that Senior Brother has recently put a lot of effort into cultivating his Divine Sense, this is a good opportunity to see the results of your training! It seems Master even rewarded Senior Brother with a bottle of Clear Spirit Pills, so presumably Senior Brother’s Divine Sense is much stronger than before, yes?”

Listening to the ridicule in this Junior Brother Luo’s voice, Hou Jian’s face immediately became gloomy. His Secret Art didn’t pay much attention to the growth of his Soul and it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was his biggest shortcoming. As his strength had grown, this shortcoming had become more and more obvious and some time ago, he had been forced to start single-mindedly cultivating his Spiritual Energy.

Now that this sore spot had been pointed out by his Junior Brother, and in front of the beauty he was pursing no less, Hou Jian couldn’t help feeling annoyed. The two of them, as fellow brothers, usually didn’t have any kind of friction between them, but now, in front of Yin Su Die, a kind of rivalry inevitably arose.

Seeing the face of the burly Hou Jian became dark, as if his anger was about to erupt, Yin Su Die quickly said, “Two Senior Brothers, please don’t quarrel. This time, I asked both of you to come out because I needed to borrow both of your strengths. Senior Brother Lou cultivates the Farsight Spirit Eye Technique which is necessary to find the people we’re looking for, but after finding them, Senior Brother Hou’s strength is necessary to capture them. Two Senior Brothers both know about the incident with the Sect’s most precious treasure, the Coloured Glass Mountain, and understand that the Elders suspect that it may have been caused by an outsider, yes? That man surnamed Yang leaving right at this moment is clearly suspicious, so we absolutely cannot let him escape.”

Yin Su Die didn’t show any annoyance at being competed over by these two men, even seemingly enjoying them clamouring for her attention, but right now, tracking down Yang Kai was her top priority, so she spoke to persuade them.

Hearing this, Hou Jian expression became somewhat more serious, seemingly taking Yin Su Die at her word and asking, “Then, was that incident really some kind of plot that brat set up?”

“I don’t know,” Yin Su Die smiled and shook her head. “But this matter is of great importance. Anyone who is even slightly suspicious can’t be let off. We must capture him and bring him back to the Sect Elders. Afterwards, it will be up the Elders to decide if he is guilty or innocent!”

By saying it was all the Elders’ orders, how could these two men refuse? However, Yin Su Die’s rhetoric was only able to confuse the muscle headed Hou Jian while the Luo Min thought otherwise. He clearly knew there was more going on here but he didn’t dare expose this truth.

For him, looking for someone was just a trifling matter; the important thing was that doing so allowed him to please Yin Su Die.

“Good good good, Junior Brother Luo, look again carefully, once you find that little brat, Senior Brother will make sure to capture him. Hmph, daring to have ideas about our Coloured Glass Mountain, I must see if this brat has the guts!” Declaring so, Hou Jian flashed a terrifying grin.

Just as Luo Min was about to make another snide comment, he suddenly glanced in a certain direction and shouted, “I found them!”

“Where?” Yin Su Die wore a look of happiness and hurriedly asked.

“That way, they’re coming towards us!” Luo Min pointed his finger and said with confidence, “It’s exactly as Junior Sister described, a young man and a woman with the woman wearing all black robes. It’s definitely them.”

“So it seems.” Yin Su Die smirked.

“Interesting, they’re actually coming right to us!” Hou Jian struck his chest and shouted, “Senior Brother will go on ahead, Junior Brother Luo, you protect Junior Sister. This won’t take long!”

When Luo Min heard this, he knew that his Senior Brother was trying to grab some credit; after all, he had been the one to discover them, so if he went forward to capture them now, Hou Jian would have come along for nothing. Nevertheless, Luo Min felt it was a good opportunity to enjoy some time alone with Yin Su Die so he didn’t bother objecting, smiling and saying, “Senior Brother Hou is still so impatient. Good, Junior Sister, let’s take our time. Presumably, by the time we arrive, Senior Brother Hou will have finished up everything; after all, how could a trivial Second-Order Saint King raise any fuss?”

Yin Su Die eyes flashed slightly, seemingly thinking of something, but quickly nodded as if nothing happened and said, “That’s true. Fortunately, I asked Senior Brother Luo to come along this time, otherwise, it would have been quite troublesome to find these two.”

“Junior Sister is far too polite, if you ever have a need for Senior Brother’s help in the future, all you need to do is ask and Senior Brother will surely not refuse. Junior Sister’s Myriad Crystal Peak is also not far from our Swift Bird Peak, so if another day Junior Sister has time, it would be Senior Brother’s honour to receive her. Senior Brother promises to provide the finest of entertainment should Junior Sister decide to visit.” Luo Min took this chance to send out an invitation, expressing as much admiration and affection as he dared to.

Hearing this, Yin Su Die let out a giggle and gave him a perfunctory answer. Although Luo Min understood this, just seeing Yin Su Die smile at him and being able to listen to her silver-bell-like laughter was enough for him to become somewhat absentminded. In the next instant, he shook his head slightly and focused his blurry vision as he felt a chill in his heart, understanding that this Junior Sister of his had once again made progress in her Beguiling Technique. He had also heard that as long as Grandmaster Xiao finished refining an Origin Condensing Pill for her, Yin Su Die would be able to break through to the Origin Returning Realm. Now, it seemed those rumours were true.

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