Martial Peak

Chapter 1282 - Bond of Fate

Chapter 1282, Bond of Fate

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Under the uneasy gaze of the Hou Jian, a powerful force suddenly impacted his shoulder. This force instantly overcame any resistance he could muster and pressed Hou Jian into the ground. His face being shoved into the dirt, Hou Jian was embarrassed, but no matter how he struggled, Yang Kai’s foot pressing on his shoulder remained as heavy as a mountain, rendering him unable to move at all. Even covered in dust, the crimson glow on his face from indignation was apparent.

A thousand metres or so away, Yin Su Die and Luo Min who had finally arrived witnessed this unbelievable scene and could not help doubting their eyes.

The two of them had followed behind Hou Jian at a leisurely pace, and although they seemed to be chatting casually, both had witnessed the entire conflict between Yang Kai and Hou Jian.

Of course, this short exchange of blows could barely even be called a fight.

Hou Jian had charged forward in an imposing manner, sent out a powerful strike, and shouted arrogantly for Yang Kai to kneel. Yin Su Die and Luo Min had clearly heard all this but instead of Yang Kai being the one on the ground now, it was their companion who was having his face pressed into the dirt.

Yin Su Die and Luo Min were naturally clear that among Coloured Glass Sect’s Saint Kings, Hou Jian’s strength ranked among the top ten; but such an elite disciple had actually been defeated in a single blow by Yang Kai and was being suppressed to the point where he was unable to even fight back. How could Yin Su Die and Luo Min not be shocked?

None of the Saint Kings in Coloured Glass Sect could achieve such a feat.

Didn’t that mean that this Yang Kai was far more powerful than all the elites in their Sect? Luo Min’s complexion went slightly pale as he nervously swallowed. He considered his own strength and imagined if he had been the one to go forward instead of his Senior Brother Hou, quickly estimating that his end would not have been much better.

Being defeated was one thing, but the key point here was that this loss had happened in front of Yin Su Die. Worse, Hou Jian had been arrogantly boasting just moments ago so the embarrassment he was suffering right now was even greater. Presumably, Hou Jian would not have any face to continue pursuing Yin Su Die in the future. Realising this, Luo Min secretly took some pleasure in Hou Jian’s misfortune.

Yin Su Die was also learning for the first time how powerful Yang Kai truly was. Although she had met Yang Kai a few times before, she did not have any kind of deep relationship with him, so how could she have known that a small unknown character like him would possess such strength?

Perhaps even Fang Tian Zhong and Qu Chang Feng would not be Yang Kai’s match. Moreover, he seemed to have a close relationship with her Senior Sister Dai Yuan.

Thinking so, Yin Su Die was not discouraged in the slightest and instead had a different kind of light flash across her eyes. As she stared at Yang Kai, she covertly whispered to Luo Min, “Senior Brother Luo, you see that woman in black robes over there?”

“En, what is Junior Sister thinking?” Luo Min Zhe Yan glanced over at Yang Yan

“Can you quietly capture her?” Yin Su Die smiled lightly, as if she was asking about some trivial matter.

Luo Min’s face changed slightly. Although he wanted to strike his chest and agree right away, seeing the scene in front of him, he hesitantly said, “Junior Sister can see the current situation, even Senior Brother Hou isn’t that surnamed Yang’s opponent, so how am I supposed to capture that woman right in front of his eyes? Also, he does not seem like an affable fellow, if attacking that woman enrages him, the gains won’t be worth the cost.”

“Senior Brother Luo may rest assured. Since Junior Sister has proposed this, naturally I have my own arrangements,” Yin Su Die smiled slightly, “While I keep him occupied, Senior Brother Luo just needs to take the opportunity to seize that woman.”

Even hearing this, Luo Min still hesitated to agree.

Seeing this, Yin Su Die pretty face sank slightly, but light soon flashed across her beautiful eyes as she thought of something and said, “Senior Brother Luo, I know what you’re worried about but I only need you to capture that woman. So long as you don’t hurt her, that man won’t have any reason to find trouble with you later. Not to mention, Senior Brother Luo, although you are not his opponent, with your Flowing Light Escaping Shadow, even if he attacks could he catch you? Can Senior Brother Luo really not satisfy Junior Sister’s little request?”

Contemplating Yin Su Die’s words, Luo Min pondered for a moment before nodding, “Fine. Since Junior Sister thinks so highly of Senior Brother, just leave that woman to me. However, Junior Sister, you must be careful. That surnamed Yang does not seem to be an ordinary person, you must make sure to not suffer a loss at his hand.”

Luo Min seemed to be greatly confident in his Flowing Light Escaping Shadow, so even after witnessing Yang Kai instantly force Hou Jian onto the ground in defeat, he still agreed to Yin Su Die’s request.

Yin Su Die let out a peal of enchanting laughter and nodded, “If Junior Sister fought him head-on, I would surely lose within ten moves, but how could I give him such a chance?”

Luo Min turned his head and glanced at Yin Su Die upon hearing this only to discover that a faint halo of light was being emitted from his Junior Sister. This halo of light didn’t have any kind of aura to it, but the moment Luo Min saw it, his mind shook and it seemed as if his Junior Sister’s body was now exuding an overwhelming attraction, pulling directly on his soul, making him unwilling to move his eyes away from her, as if he couldn’t wait to be drawn in and submit his entire being to her.

Luo Min was dazed for a moment but quickly bit his tongue to extricate himself from this attraction, cold sweat dripping from his forehead in the next moment as he turned his eyes away. He didn’t dare gaze at Yin Su Die again as he realized that his Junior Sister’s Beguiling Technique had improved far more than he earlier estimated, to the point where he had no confidence in resisting it should he be targeted by her. This boosted Luo Min’s confidence in Yin Su Die greatly.

At that moment, Yang Kai, who was still stepping on Hou Jian’s shoulder, suddenly looked over towards Yin Su Die and Luo Min, as if he had only just now noticed them. Smiling widely, he called out, “Sister Yin, what a coincidence! To actually meet you here, it seems we share a bond of fate.”

“Bond of fate, hehe…” Yin Su Die covered her mouth and smiled, a bewitching light flashing across her beautiful eyes as she exuded a seemingly infinite charm and said, “We do seem to share some fate, but this time is not a coincidence. I deliberately used Coloured Glass Sect’s Space Array to travel to the nearby city in order to find you.”

“You came to look for me?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, feigning surprise, “What for? Does Sister Yin have something she needs from me?”

The smile on Yin Su Die’s face faded and was replaced with a sad one, “It’s nothing so important, I just wondered if Little Brother forgot about the agreement with me from the other day? Didn’t you say that you would come to visit my Myriad Crystal Peak when you have time? Now you have suddenly decided to leave without even saying goodbye… could it be that Senior Sister Dai Yuan didn’t provide you with an appropriate reception? If so, please allow Junior Sister here to make up for it. Senior Sister Dai Yuan is not fond of communicating with others and can be somewhat difficult to get along with. I hope Little Brother can be forgiving and not haggle over such small matters.”

Saying so, Yin Su Die really bowed in apology, cleverly displaying just enough of her astonishing assets in the process as she also cast her eyes towards Yang Kai elegantly, exuding a kind of charm that seemed to pull directly on one’s soul.

In response though, Yang Kai put on a flattered appearance and quickly waved his hand, “Sister Yin is far too serious. Sister Dai Yuan’s entertainment wasn’t lacking in any way, it is just that Junior Brother has some important matters to attend to, so it is inconvenient to remain in Coloured Glass Sect for a long time. That is why I departed so anxiously.”

While appearing completely at ease on the surface, Yang Kai was silently sighing with relief. As soon as Hou Jian appeared, he had charged Yang Kai with breaking the barrier around Coloured Glass Mountain, but now Yin Su Die was not even mentioning it. It seems the Stone Puppet had not been exposed, so Yang Kai no longer had anything to worry about.

“So that’s how it is!” Yin Su Die nodded her delicate chin lightly before lifting her jade white hand and gently brushing her hair behind her ear, exposing her dainty pink earlobe and saying with a smile, “Little Brother, before we speak any further if you don’t mind, could you release my foolish Senior Brother? It seems that there was a misunderstanding between him and you just now, but Little Brother has given him an appropriate punishment already, so can you let him off with just that?”

“He is your Senior Brother?” Yang Kai wore a startled look before putting on an apologetic look, “So he is also a disciple from Coloured Glass Sect. I was wondering who this blind fellow who suddenly appeared and started looking for trouble with me was, even attacking without asking anything. Since he is Sister Yin’s Senior Brother, naturally I will return him to you!”

Saying so, as if he was just casually sweeping his foot, Yang Kai kicked Hou Jian’s abdomen.

A cracking sound rang out and Hou Jian’s complexion, which had been bright red with embarrassment, suddenly went white as he flew through the air towards Yin Su Die.

Yin Su Die pretty face changed slightly, apparently not having thought Yang Kai would act so ruthlessly. Although that kick seemed to have been delivered lightly, judging from the sound just now, it was likely that more than half of her Senior Brother Hou’s ribs had been broken by it. This kind of injury, while not heavy, was certainly not light either and would take at least three of four months of bed-rest to completely recover from.

Yin Su Die’s eyes flashed with a trace of irritation, secretly annoyed that Yang Kai did not sell her any face at all. Waving her jade white hand lightly, she condensed a kind of pink cloud in front of herself.

When Hou Jian’s body hit this pink cloud, it was as if he had sunk into a ball of cotton and all the force from Yang Kai’s blow was resolved, allowing him to land without suffering any further injuries.

Yin Su Die raised her hand once more, placing it on Hou Jian’s shoulder and spinning him about. After everything was over, Hou Jian was calmly standing beside her, but his complexion was pale white, and he could not wait to find a hole to crawl into and disappear.

What made him most uncomfortable was that Yin Su Die did not even spare him a glance, completely ignoring him after helping him land, leaving him to stand there awkwardly, unable to utter a single word.

On the other side, when Yang Kai saw this scene, he could not help feeling a bit of surprise. A moment ago, he had poured a significant amount of Saint Qi into Hou Jian’s body, but Yin Su Die was able to resolve it without any difficulty. It seems that this woman was not as simple as she appeared; since she was able to become the leader of Coloured Glass Sect’s younger generation though, it was natural for her to have some means.

“If there’s nothing else Sister Yin has to say, this Yang will take his leave,” Yang Kai decided not to tangle with this woman; after all, she was the head disciple of Coloured Glass Sect, so there was no way he could kill her. If Yang Kai continued to engage with her, he was the one who would inevitably suffer a loss, so he decided to leave immediately.

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