Martial Peak

Chapter 1277 - Coloured Glass Bead

Chapter 1277, Coloured Glass Bead

Thousands of metres below Thousand Illusion Peak’s summit, beside a ten-metre-wide Yin Pond, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, his brow slightly furrowed as he stared at an unremarkable looking grey bead he was playing with in his hand.

Dai Yuan’s detoxification had been completed, and by the Heaven’s grace, she was able to survive and purge all the Coloured Glass Toxin from her body. Currently, she was in a comatose state, but before she fell completely unconscious, she had suddenly opened her mouth and spat out this small bead and told Yang Kai it was a Coloured Glass Bead, then passed out.

Yang Kai brought her out of the Yin Pond, used his Saint Qi to dry the frigid water from her body, then draped his robes over her before settling down nearby.

If possible, Yang Kai wanted to carry her back to her room to rest, but with Dai Yuan currently only wearing tight fitting undergarments, picking her up and holding her close was a bit inconvenient.

There didn’t seem to be anything special about the bead in his hand, and could have been written off as worthless by those who only casually saw it, but as Yang Kai carefully observed this bead, he discovered to his amazement that its interior contained thousands of rays of multi-coloured light that perfectly matched the Coloured Glass Divine Light he had seen before. These rays of light were even capable of suppressing his Divine Sense and penetrating his Knowledge Sea defenses to shake his Soul.

Yang Kai immediately understood that this seemingly ordinary bead was an extraordinary treasure.

Although Yang Kai had not personally seen Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass before, he could tell that the formation of this bead must have something to do with the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass that Dai Yuan had been ingesting to cultivate her Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art. However, after thoroughly inspecting it, Yang Kai discovered something quite strange. While this bead was somewhat like an Alchemy pill, it also had properties resembling an Artifact Refining material. It seemed to be an existence that was situated somewhere between these two, making it difficult to classify.

As he was holding this Coloured Glass Bead appreciatively, Yang Kai expression suddenly changed, and he quickly glanced over towards Dai Yuan who was still lying nearby.

Dai Yuan’s long eyelashes had just fluttered slightly, and her delicate jade fingers seemed to have flexed. Obvious signs that she was about to wake up.

Looking at her completely unrecognizable face, Yang Kai could not help letting out a sigh of admiration. Before purging the Coloured Glass Toxin, Dai Yuan’s appearance had been quite unsightly, but now she had become an extraordinary beauty, even slightly superior to Yin Su Die.

Yang Kai was not confident that if she had such an appearance before she entered the Yin Pond, he would have been able to maintain a completely calm state. Thinking about it carefully, he felt that his heart would have been at least a bit unsteady; after all, what man would be able to remain completely indifferent when facing such an alluring woman when she was nearly naked.

A short time later, Dai Yuan opened her eyes and began to stir, quickly discovering that she was currently very weak.

“Since you’re awake, quickly adjust your breathing, your current state is quite frail,” Yang Kai lightly encouraged.

Hearing this, Dai Yuan moved her gaze and quickly found Yang Kai sitting close to her, looking at her with a smile. Seeing him, she tried to say something, but did not have the strength to form the words.

After discovering that the robes Yang Kai had previously been wearing were missing and that there was something covering her, Dai Yuan’s beautiful eyes flashed a trace of gratitude and security, immediately closing her eyes again and silently circulating a healing art.

Two hours later, Dai Yuan slowly sat up, and after properly dressing herself, she took out many restorative pills she had prepared in advance from her Space Ring and began swallowing them while continuing to meditate.

Another day later, Dai Yuan exhaled deeply and opened her eyes again. This time, her beautiful eyes were full of vitality, and it even seemed that her cultivation had grown. Although her face was still pale, it was no longer moribund; if she continued to meditate, it would only be a matter of time before she completely recovered.

Getting up lithely, Dai Yuan walked over to Yang Kai and bowed deeply, “Dai Yuan thanks Junior Brother Yang. If I had not had Junior Brother Yang’s help this time, I am afraid I would have already fallen. Dai Yuan will never forget Junior Brother Yang’s life saving grace.”

Yang Kai also stood up and shook his head with a smile and said lightly, “It was thanks to your own efforts that you managed to pass through this ordeal, I did not do anything.”

Dai Yuan shook her head slowly, “Junior Brother Yang thinks too highly of me, I know that if I had not sought out Junior Brother Yang but instead asked Grandmaster Xiao or one of the Elders from Medicine Pill Sect, I would definitely not be standing here now. If nothing else, the bottle of medicinal liquid Junior Brother Yang gave me must have been refined from many precious herbs, yes? Without that bottle of medicinal liquid, I would not have been able to endure the last few hours of the detoxification.”

Dai Yuan had clearly felt that after taking the Blood Invigorating Mushroom and the bottle of medicinal liquid, her lost vital energy had been greatly restored, and as time passed, it continued to be supplemented.

It was precisely because of this that she was able to persist until the end. Otherwise, she would have fallen halfway through.

Taking the Blood Invigorating Mushroom directly would not have produced such an effect. If it had been the Blood Mushroom Pill Dai Yuan had taken, such a result would not be unexpected, but simply consuming the Blood Invigorating Mushroom without refining it at all could not achieve this. As such, it was obvious that this long-lasting effect was due to the unknown bottle of medicinal liquid!

Although Dai Yuan did not know what the medicinal liquid Yang Kai gave her had cost him, she was clear that it wasn’t something ordinary. Yang Kai did not even mention this though, showing the depths of his generosity, but how could Dai Yuan not be concerned about it?

Hearing her say this, Yang Kai did not try to deny or confirm anything.

What Dai Yuan did not know was that although the bottle of medicinal liquid had indeed cost Yang Kai a lot of precious spirit herbs, the most important ingredient was actually a drop of his Golden Blood. Yang Kai’s Golden Blood contained an enormous amount of vital energy, which was naturally the best supplement for Dai Yuan’s damaged vitality.

“Regardless of the process, Sister Dai Yuan ultimately succeeded, something worth celebrating! En, congratulations!” Yang Kai let out a laugh as he changed the subject.

A charming smile blossomed on Dai Yuan’s face as she turned around and gazed at her peerless appearance reflected in the calm Yin Pond water, her beautiful eyes flashing a clear and vibrant light.

Yang Kai stood to the side without disturbing her, allowing Dai Yuan to savour the joy of regaining her original beauty.

After a while, Dai Yuan suddenly reached out and waved her sleeve, causing her mesmerizing reflection in the Yin Pond to ripple and disappear.

Immediately, Dai Yuan circulated her Saint Qi and under Yang Kai’s stunned gaze, the beautiful appearance she had just regained reverted back to the ugly pockmarked one she had just rid herself of!

Seeing this, Yang Kai could not help frowning slightly.

All women wished to be beautiful, and Dai Yuan was no exception. If that were not the case, she wouldn’t have lost her calm when the Heaven Battling Union disciple had taunted her so back in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, nor would she have revealed such a strong look of nostalgia just now.

However, since she had done this, she must have her own reasons. Yang Kai did not ask anything, but feeling a bit curious, he used his Divine Sense to sweep her face and was amazed to discover that he couldn’t see any flaws in this disguise. It was as if Dai Yuan’s face had really reverted to its former ugly appearance.

This surprised Yang Kai quite a bit; after all, he had seen Dai Yuan’s true face just now with his own eyes.

Although Yang Kai had not asked anything, Dai Yuan took the initiative to explain, “Junior Brother Yang may laugh if he likes. I simply think that now is not a good time to reveal this matter, so I can only conceal it for the time being. It won’t be too late to inform my Honoured Master about this after I break through to the Origin Returning Realm.”

“Sister Dai Yuan has clearly considered this matter carefully,” Yang Kai nodded in agreement before immediately asking, “May I ask Sister Dai Yuan what the use of this bead is?”

Saying so, he took out the Coloured Glass Bead and held it up.

Dai Yuan looked at the Coloured Glass Bead and smiled lightly, “Right, I was only able to take out this bead and didn’t inform Junior Brother Yang about its uses. En, in a sense, to me, this bead is somewhat similar to a Monster Core from a Monster Beast!”

“A Monster Core?” Yang Kai was stunned.

“En, because the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art was created based on how Monster Beast’s cultivate. Junior Brother Yang should know that some Monster Beasts have an innate ability to devour various minerals, extract mineral essence, and then store them in their Monster Core, right? Cultivating the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art imitates this process by taking Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass into my body and producing this bead.”

Yang Kai was truly surprised by this revelation, but quickly realizing a certain point, he hastily asked, “If that is the case, now that you’ve lost this bead, won’t it have a negative effect on you?”

“There is indeed some negative impact, but it’s nothing serious. While it is analogous to a Monster Core, it is not as vital to me as a core would be to a Monster Beast. As long as I have enough time and enough Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass, I can continuously produce such beads.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai felt relieved while secretly thinking to himself that the master who created this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art was really a Heaven defying genius. A Secret Art that actually allowed a cultivator to produce a bead similar to a Monster Beast’s Core in their own body. It was no wonder when he was investigating it, Yang Kai had felt it was like an Alchemy pill while also resembling an Artifact Refining material.

Dai Yuan looked at Yang Kai with a smile and exhaled an orchid scent as she continued, “Although this Coloured Glass Bead is important to me, having it or not will not affect me greatly. On the other hand, it will be extremely useful for Junior Brother Yang.”

“Oh? I hope Sister Dai Yuan can explain clearly!” Yang Kai looked at her curiously. He had been investigating this Coloured Glass Bead for quite some time but had yet to figure out what exactly he was supposed to do with it. He had planned on asking Yang Yan, but now that he heard Dai Yuan say this, it would obviously be easier to get an explanation from her.

“If Junior Brother Yang can refine this Coloured Glass Bead, perhaps you will be able to comprehend some of its mysteries; after all, it is formed from concentrated Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass essence. If Junior Brother Yang can comprehend the mysterious of the Coloured Glass Divine Light, it will allow you to obtain a powerful technique to use in battle. With Junior Brother Yang’s aptitude, and the assistance of this Coloured Glass Bead, I would estimate you have an eighty percent chance of success.”

“Coloured Glass Divine Light!” Yang Kai expression brightened. Before, when he was helping Dai Yuan with her detoxification, he had suffered a small loss from this Coloured Glass Divine Light, clearly illustrating the power of this strange multi-coloured light. Ordinarily, without cultivating the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art, no other cultivator had any chance of comprehending how to use Coloured Glass Divine Light, but with the help of this Coloured Glass Bead, such a feat might be possible. Yang Kai was naturally overjoyed to learn this.

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