Martial Peak

Chapter 1278 - Changes In the Mountain

Chapter 1278, Changes In the Mountain

If this was really the case, this gift from Dai Yuan could not be underestimated!

“Junior Brother Yang need not worry, this Coloured Glass Bead is different from the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass I took, it has no toxic side effects. If Junior Brother Yang carefully refines it, there should be no problems. This is the compensation I promised Junior Brother Yang before. Dai Yuan has no other things of real value as all my resources have been spent on preparing for this detoxification. I hope Junior Brother Yang will not refuse.” What Dai Yuan did not tell Yang Kai was that this one Coloured Glass Bead was the result of her diligently cultivating the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art for more than twenty years. Although she had now reached the minor accomplishment stage in this Secret Art and could condense another Coloured Glass Bead, doing so would take several years of effort.

Yang Kai grinned, “I am very satisfied with this reward, Sister Dai Yuan is too considerate.”

Saying so, he put away the Coloured Glass Bead before turning to look at the nearly drained Yin Pond and said, “Since this matter has been settled, we should head back up.”

“En, after so many days of delay, Sister Yang Yan must have grown anxious,” Dai Yuan smiled lightly and led Yang Kai back up to the main cave. It seemed that because she had restored her original appearance, every movement Dai Yuan made now contained a kind of innate charm, completely different from her indifferent aura from before, a fact that secretly surprised Yang Kai.

Not long after, the two returned to the upper cave where they separated and returned to their respective rooms.

After taking out the Coloured Glass Bead and playing with it for a while, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he had just thought up something, a grin slowly appearing on his face. At that moment though, the door to his stone room was pushed open and Yang Yan, wrapped in her trademark black robe, walked inside.

“Is everything done?” Yang Yan asked.


“Good, then we should leave,” Yang Yan seemed a little anxious but did not ask about what Dai Yuan had wanted Yang Kai to help her with.

“What happened?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Nothing happened, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to remain here for too long. Xiao Xiao has been gone for seven or eight days now so it’s about time for him to come back. Being too greedy may cause unnecessary troubles.

Yang Kai thought about it for a moment and felt what Yang Yan said made sense, nodding in agreement, “Alright. Then, we’ll leave in the morning.”

Although they were still inside Thousand Illusion Peak, Yang Kai could investigate the situation outside with his Divine Sense. It was the middle of the night right now so leaving would be inconvenient so he could only wait for dawn before setting out.

After reaching an agreement, Yang Yan also returned to her room to rest.

After a peaceful night, Yang Kai immediately informed Dai Yuan about his intention to leave. Although Dai Yuan enthusiastically invited Yang Kai to stay a few more days, hoping to discuss their shared interest in Alchemy, with Yang Kai having a guilty conscience at the moment, how could he continue to linger? Seeing that there was no way to persuade him, Dai Yuan reluctantly agreed and personally saw Yang Kai and Yang Yan out of Grand Crystal Mountain Range.

On the way, Dai Yuan told Yang Kai that after taking a few months to fully recover, she would enter retreat to break through to the Origin Returning Realm. Once she succeeded, she would visit Dragon Cave Mountain again to thank him in person!

Yang Kai naturally agreed.

While the two were talking, a thunderous sound suddenly spread across the entire Grand Crystal Mountain Range and immediately after, a beam of multicoloured light shot up into the sky. Even though they were thousands of kilometres away, the group of three were still able to see this beam of light clearly.

“Coloured Glass Mountain!” Dai Yuan’s expression changed dramatically as she stared towards the beam of multi-coloured light and exclaimed. The spot where this beam originated from was obviously where Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain was situated. Seeing this situation, it seemed that the grand Spirit Array arranged around Coloured Glass Mountain had become unstable, allowing Coloured Glass Mountain’s Coloured Glass Divine Light to break through.

Yang Kai’s face also changed slightly as he and Yang Yan exchanged a knowing glance, the two of them having a myriad of thoughts flash across their minds. But soon, Yang Kai restored a calm expression and asked, “Did something happen with your noble Sect’s Coloured Glass Mountain?”

“En, I don’t know exactly what’s happened, but it seems that the barrier surrounding it was somewhat triggered. Junior Brother Yang, I originally wanted to send you all the way, but it appears I will not be able to accompany you any further. Since I cultivate the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art, I must immediately head out. I will have to say goodbye to you and Sister Yang Yan here!”

“Since such a big event has occurred in your noble Sect, Sister Dai Yuan truly should respond promptly. We’ve already arrived at the edge of Grand Crystal Mountain Range, so as long as Yang Yan and I follow the path, we shouldn’t have any problems leaving,” Yang Kai gently nodded.

“Thank you. One day, I will surely patronize your Dragon Cave Mountain. At that time, I hope we can have a long discussion,” Dai Yuan smiled apologetically before her tender body flickered and transformed into a stream of light, returning along the path they had just flown at a very fast speed.

After her figure disappeared, Yang Kai pulled Yang Yan’s hand and shouted, “Let’s go!”

The two also summoned their Star Shuttles and quickly took off. Although they did not know what had happened, Yang Kai was certain it was related to the Stone Puppet, so how could they foolishly remain any longer?

After all, there was an accident when he had retrieved the Stone Puppet last night.

Fortunately, they had decided to leave today, otherwise with such a development happening right now, Yang Kai and Yang Yan would have had a hard time trying to leave Coloured Glass Sect. With Dai Yuan acting as a guarantor, he wasn’t worried that any harm would come to them inside Coloured Glass Sect; however, if any kind of clue had been left behind that could trace back to them, the Coloured Glass Sect would definitely not let them go, no matter how Dai Yuan advocated for them.

At the same time, beside Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain that Yang Kai had seen from afar before, dozens of Origin Returning Realm masters were on high alert. Among them, there were at least ten Third-Order Origin Realm masters, all of them releasing an incredible momentum.

Half of these masters were shuttling back and forth around Coloured Glass Mountain, constantly pouring streams of pure Saint Qi into a translucent energy barrier. Receiving so much Saint Qi, this great barrier fluctuated visibly and released a series of big and small ripples that gave off a strong suppressive power. These ripples were gradually suppressing the Coloured Glass Divine Light that was shooting up into the sky back into the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain. As for the remaining Origin Realm masters, they all had their Saint Qi condensed as they stared solemnly at the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain, preparing to act at a moment’s notice.

“What happened!” A booming voice suddenly resounded as an old man with a thin figure, silver hair, and a long beard appeared beside Coloured Glass Mountain.

Many Origin Returning Realm masters saw this old man and immediately cupped their fists, “Greetings, Sect Master!”

This old man was the Sect Master of Coloured Glass Sect, Gong Xing He.

Gong Xing He just waved his hand, motioning for everyone to dispense with the formalities as he turned his gaze towards a pair of Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters who were rapidly flying over.

The man appeared middle-aged and had an imposing stature. Although it was impossible to tell his exact age, the vicissitudes which permeated his eyes clearly indicated he was not young. As for the woman, she had the appearance of a beautiful middle-aged woman with a slender figure that while a bit older was still quite charming.

The pair arrived in front of Gong Xing He and respectfully greeted him.

“Elder Ma, Elder Du, the two of you have been defending this place for years, what happened just now?” Gong Xing He looked at them and asked with a solemn expression.

The middle-aged man surnamed Ma and the beautiful woman surnamed Du exchanged a quick glance before the man cupped his fists and replied, “Reporting to Sect Master, the situation is like this. Last night, for some unknown reason, Elder Du suddenly felt that the grand barrier below Coloured Glass Mountain seemed to show some signs of loosening. I immediately sent the Mountain Quarrying Beast to investigate, but soon after I unexpectedly lost contact with it. Even now, it has still not responded to my attempts to communicate with it or returned on its own. Then, just now, the Coloured Glass Divine Light suddenly erupted. The two of us believe that a section of the barrier underground has been damaged, otherwise this kind of matter could not have occurred.”

“The barrier has been damaged?” Gong Xing He frowned, quickly asking, “This has not happened in hundreds of years. Every few years we stabilize the Spirit Array and barrier, so how could it suddenly have become damaged?”

“This…” The man surnamed Ma hesitated for a while, unable to offer an explanation.

Seeing him behave like this, Gong Xing He naturally knew that inquiring further would be pointless and instead turned to the beautiful woman and asked, “Elder Du, do we only have one Mountain Quarrying Beast available?”

The beautiful middle-aged woman smiled bitterly, “We indeed have more than one Mountain Quarrying Beast, but only one is capable of withstanding the intensity of the Coloured Glass Divine Light close to the Coloured Glass Mountain’s barrier, the others aren’t mature enough yet. These beasts were purchased specially from Myriad Beast Sect for the purpose of guarding Coloured Glass Mountain but Myriad Beast Sect has not given us the complete method to cultivate and control them.”

“So, we have no way of finding out what happened to the barrier below Coloured Glass Mountain in its current condition?” Gong Xing He immediately looked displeased.

The man surnamed Ma and the beautiful woman surnamed Du hung their heads down without saying a word.

“Do we have any idea what could have caused this?” Gong Xing He asked again.

The two Elders’ expressions became even more awkward.

Seeing this situation, another Elder nearby said, “Although we don’t know if the barrier was damaged as a result of some natural phenomenon or if it was damaged artificially, the most important thing right now is to suppress the outbreak of the Coloured Glass Divine Light. If we allow things to continue like this, the entire Spirit Array might collapse, and we might lose this treasure mountain. While we suppress the outbreak here though, we must thoroughly investigate all the outsiders who entered Coloured Glass Sect recently. If this was not some kind of accident, it may be related to one of these outsiders.”

“Yes!” A number of others immediately agreed.

Gong Xing He pondered for a moment before turning to look at the Elder who had spoken just now and nodded, “I leave it to you to investigate the outsiders in the Sect right now, don’t allow any of them to leave Coloured Glass Sect but also don’t embarrass them. If it really was one of them, they must have been after the Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass. Good! I want to see just who has the guts to try something so audacious!”

“Yes!” The Elder received this order and immediately went to work.

Not far away, when Yin Su Die overheard all this, she suddenly smiled and quickly chased after this Elder, seemingly wanting to report something.

At the same time, another graceful young woman wearing a gorgeous dress walked up to Gong Xing He and said, “Sect Master, please restrain your anger. In fact, there is another method besides the Mountain Quarrying Beast to investigate what has happened with the barrier down below.”

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