Martial Peak

Chapter 1276 - Detoxification , 

Chapter 1276, Detoxification ,

According to Dai Yuan, Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass could not be suppressed by any of the five elements, and now Yang Kai was experiencing this firsthand. The light emanating from Dai Yuan’s body directly penetrated his Knowledge Sea defenses and was even able to somewhat suppress his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy.

Fortunately, Dai Yuan had not deliberately been targeting Yang Kai and Yang Kai himself was not an ordinary cultivator. So, although he was a little shocked initially, he was immediately able to resist the influence of this Coloured Glass Divine Light and subsequently release his Conflagrated Divine Sense to envelop Dai Yuan.

Currently, Dai Yuan was experiencing severe pain, causing her already disfigured face to warp into an even more unsightly appearance. However, what Yang Kai found surprising was that her entire body was covered in pockmarks and pustules, completely opposite to an ordinary beautiful woman’s smooth and delicate skin.

Even after disrobing, Dai Yuan’s black undergarments had concealed much of her bare skin from Yang Kai’s sight, but after she entered the Yin Pond, these thing coverings became soaked and clung tightly to her figure. At the same time, Yang Kai was covering her with his powerful Divine Sense, so he immediately discovered this issue.

It seemed that besides her two exposed hands, which seemed to be carved from the finest jade, the rest of Dai Yuan’s body was just like her face, nothing short of unsightly.

The side-effects of this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Art were simply too great! Yang Kai immediately understood that it was Dai Yuan’s special Secret Art that had caused her to become like this.

“Junior Brother Yang…” Just as Yang Kai was slightly distracted, Dai Yuan grit her teeth and shouted tremblingly.

Yang Kai came back to his senses when he heard her voice and nodded, “Let’s begin!”

In the next instant, Dai Yuan completely opened an acupuncture point on her chest and madly began drawing the Yin Pond’s water into her body. When the frigid cold water poured inside her chest, Dai Yuan shuddered uncontrollably, but she still clenched her teeth tightly as her lips went purple and gazed fixedly towards Yang Kai with her beautiful eyes.

Yang Kai did not say a word, poured his Conflagrated Divine Sense into Dai Yuan’s open acupuncture point, and immediately began forming several sets of Alchemy Spirit Arrays inside her body.

“Conflagrated Divine Sense!” Dai Yuan’s eyes bulged in surprise. She had not expected Yang Kai to possess a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea. According to her original plan, Yang Kai would need to press his hands onto her chest to carefully infuse his Saint Qi into her body, treating it like an Alchemy furnace and using the various medicinal efficacies contained in the Yin Pond’s water to refine then expel the Coloured Glass Toxin.

When discussing the details of this method before, Yang Kai had not disclosed that he possessed a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, but at this moment, Dai Yuan wasn’t the slightest bit dissatisfied, because since this was the case, Yang Kai wouldn’t need to have any intimate contact with her body.

This shocked her and also put her at bit more at ease; after all, she was an unmarried, innocent young woman. Being touched all over by a young man she wasn’t in love with was naturally not something she wished for.

Just as such thoughts were flashing across Dai Yuan’s mind, centred on her chest’s open acupuncture point, a six-centimetre-wide circle of her skin was flooded with a swirl of the Yin Pond’s water. Under the control of Yang Kai Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, the medicinal efficacies contained in this water were incorporated into Dai Yuan’s flesh, causing an uncomfortable ache to spread from her chest. Dai Yuan’s breathing instantly became laboured as it felt like something had suddenly blocked the flow of her strength in that spot.

Under the effects of the Spirit Arrays Yang Kai had portrayed, however, the various conflicting medicinal efficacies in the Yin Pond’s water blended, then forced a thread of strange glowing material out of Dai Yuan’s chest.

This glowing thread-like object did not dissipate in the Yin Pond though and instead began swirling about without the slightest hindrance.

Soon, another similar thread was forced out, and as time passed, more and more filaments were driven from Dai Yuan’s body, causing the entire Yin Pond to take on a strange luminescence.

After half an hour, Dai Yuan felt the feeling of suffocation in her chest suddenly disappear and her blocked Saint Qi began circulating again. The frigid chill which had originally been difficult for her to resist also no longer caused her any discomfort.

Dai Yuan was overjoyed and could not care about anything else, quickly releasing her Divine Sense to examine her chest.

There was no more Coloured Glass Toxin in the parts of her physique, which was centred on the previously open acupuncture point and her skin had finally been restored to its normal state, taking on a rosy, jade white complexion with none of the previous ugly, pitted areas remaining.

Because she was still soaking in the Yin Pond though, there was a bluish tint to her flesh from the cold, but that could not cover the stark contrast this portion of her body had with the rest of her figure.

Dai Yuan’s eyes nearly teared up and under the trembling of her emotions she almost allowed the Yin Pond’s water to pour into her body unchecked.

“Stabilize your mind and don’t get distracted, you can inspect yourself all you want after everything is finished!” Yang Kai’s firm shout entered Dai Yuan’s ears in the next instant, waking her from her surprise. Glancing over and seeing Yang Kai sitting cross-legged nearby, still pushing his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy into her body to blend the medicinal efficacies for the procedure, his expression calm and steady, not showing the slightest trace of embarrassment, Dai Yuan calmed down, nodded, and opened another of her acupuncture points to draw in the Yin Pond’s water.

Yang Kai immediately coordinated with her, not daring to hesitate!

Under the intense scrutiny of his Divine Sense, although Yang Kai was able to see every part of Dai Yuan’s body, equivalent to her standing in front of him completely naked, at this moment he had not the slightest stray thought, instead focusing all of his attention on meticulously urging the efficacies of the Yin Pond.

Dai Yuan had mixed a large number of herbs into this Yin Pond over the years so it was not difficult to resolve the Coloured Glass Toxin in her body, the tricky part was fusing these medicinal efficacies into Dai Yuan’s physique at a rate she was able to bear.

Fusing the medicinal efficacies into Dai Yuan’s body was not too troublesome as she was an Alchemist as well. So, when Yang Kai used his Conflagrated Divine Sense, she only needed to cooperate with him.

However, Yang Kai could do nothing about the speed at which they proceeded as that was completely dependent on Dai Yuan’s own willpower.

The Coloured Glass Toxin had penetrated deep into her body, so every time a part of it was is expelled, not only were the toxins removed, but part of her vital energy was as well. Doing this once or twice was not an issue, but as it was done more and more, Dai Yuan’s life would increasingly be at risk.

The reality of the situation was unfortunately as brutal as they had expected. Every time the toxin was forced out of a section of Dai Yuan’s body, it would take at least a stick of incense worth of time, so after half a day, less than one-fifth of her body had been purified, but Dai Yuan’s aura had already begun to fluctuate and her complexion had grown as pale as paper.

Fortunately, Dai Yuan had fully prepared for this. Taking out some pills from her Space Ring, she tossed them into her mouth and was able to restore some colour to her face.

Seeing this, Yang Kai also slightly slowed down the movement of his hands, giving her enough time to refine these pills.

However, Yang Kai and Dai Yuan did not dare to waste too much time; after all, Dai Yuan experienced enormous consumption for every moment she remained immersed in the Yin Pond. As such, after just a short break, the two began the detoxifying process again.

As time passed by, more and more of the Coloured Glass Toxin in Dai Yuan’s body was expelled, but Yang Kai’s expression only became graver.

He could not see whether Dai Yuan could overcome this challenge, because even now, she was beginning to overdraw her vitality and was barely maintaining her bodily functions and cooperating with Yang Kai on the detoxification. This was not a sustainable situation, and once she could no longer endure, Dai Yuan would definitely die.

Even if she managed to insist, Dai Yuan would end up a convalescent for a long time afterwards.

However, there was no turning back now; whether it was Yang Kai or Dai Yuan, they had no choice but to finish the detoxification one way or the other.

Seemingly feeling the concern in Yang Kai’s gaze, Dai Yuan, who was even now struggling to support herself, suddenly opened her eyes and forced out a smile that was uglier than a grimace and said, “I can handle it, so Junior Brother Yang does not need to have any scruples, please act fully!”

Yang Kai look became solemn, and after feeling her determination, he nodded silently and pushed his Conflagrated Divine Sense even more forcefully, forming a new set of Spirit Arrays inside Dai Yuan’s unguarded body, drawing in the Yin Pond’s water, and cleansing her physique with the medicinal efficacies.

Dai Yuan released pitiful screams again and again, her voice extremely bleak, as if she was suffering inhuman torture.

Another day passed by, and most of Dai Yuan’s body had been restored to its original state. Under the investigation of his Divine Sense, Yang Kai confirmed that she had the capital ordinary women could only dream of. Her skin was jade white and had a mesmerising tenderness to it, while her figure was nothing short of astonishing with rich curves in all the right places, even her pockmarked face had transformed into an alluring vision. Besides her complexion being slightly blue, there was no trace of her former, unbearable appearance and all that remained was a stunning beauty that could ignite a fire in any man’s heart.

Combined with her severely weakened and fragile state, Dai Yuan currently appeared incredibly charming.

Yang Kai had long expected this though, so he was not surprised and continued to focus on the task at hand.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai took back his Conflagrated Divine Sense and shouted vigorously, “Quickly swallow the Blood Invigorating Mushroom!”

Dai Yuan was barely conscious now, her pair of beautiful eyes dull and glazed over. Currently, she only knew how to unconsciously cooperate with Yang Kai’s movements and was relying solely on the obsession in her heart to persist.

Nevertheless, after hearing Yang Kai’s shout, a touch of clarity returned to Dai Yuan’s eyes and she swiftly took out the wooden box containing the Blood Invigorating Mushroom from her Space Ring, opened it, and swallowed the contents. Immediately after, she took out the jade bottle Yang Kai had handed her and drank down the medical liquid it contained.

When these precious medicines entered her abdomen, Dai Yuan’s conditional finally began to improve, the paleness on her face was quickly replaced with a strong crimson blush as the blood in her veins began to rapidly circulate. The massive amount of vitality contained in the Blood Invigorating Mushroom began coursing through her body, rapidly restoring the vital energy she had lost.

Yang Kai did not wait for her to completely refine the Blood Invigorating Mushroom’s medicinal efficacies before wrapping her in his Conflagrated Divine Sense again.

Success or failure would depend on these final moments. If Dai Yuan’s will was strong enough, she should have a thirty percent chance of making it; if not, she would exhaust her vitality completely and fall.

Dai Yuan understood this better than anyone else and immediately began fully cooperating with Yang Kai.

In an instant, the entire Yin Pond became turbulent as its water madly flooded into Dai Yuan’s body, causing her figure to be enveloped in layers of thick white mist while strange glowing filaments were constantly forced out of her physique.

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