Martial Peak

Chapter 1275 - , Yin Pond

Chapter 1275, Yin Pond

“I’ve remembered it all!” Yang Kai nodded lightly before casting a thoughtful glance at Dai Yuan, pausing for a moment before saying, “Your mood is a bit unstable right now, you should rest and adjust yourself for a bit. How about we begin two days from now?”

Although Dai Yuan couldn’t wait to start right away, since Yang Kai had said so, she was not in a position to object. Nodding her head, she mentioned a few small details with Yang Kai before getting up and returning to her room.

After Dai Yuan left, Yang Kai sat on the stone bed in the room and rubbed his chin for a while. A short time later, he waved his hand and brought out a number of herbs from his Space Ring.

Immediately after, Yang Kai summoned his Alchemy furnace and pushed his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy, wrapping up the different spirit herbs and rapidly condensing the medicinal liquid inside them.

Two days passed by rapidly and when Yang Kai opened his eyes from his meditation and swept his surroundings with his Divine Sense, he discovered Dai Yuan standing outside. After two days of restoration and adjustment, her mood had become tranquil and all traces of joy and sadness had disappeared from her face. There was no urgency in her aura as she stood outside, waiting patiently for Yang Kai to come out.

Yang Kai smiled lightly when he saw that Dai Yuan had adjusted herself appropriately and quickly got up, walked over, and opened the door.

Dai Yuan noticed this movement and raised her eyes to meet Yang Kai’s, smiling lightly as they did.

“Let’s begin!” Yang Kai gestured. Dai Yuan nodded and led the way.

Passing through the massive stone chamber with the Natural Spirit Array, Dai Yuan led Yang Kai to separate tunnel. This tunnel gently spiralled down into the depths of the mountain; stairs were cut into the ground though so it wasn’t difficult to descend. On both sides of this tunnel were numerous luminous stones that gave off a soft radiance.

As Dai Yuan descended these stairs Yang Kai said nothing, but he did release his Divine Sense to investigate down below.

After descending to a certain depth, Yang Kai suddenly felt a cold chill in the air. This kind of cold wasn’t solely the result of low temperatures, but rather a spiritual chill that caused one’s skin to crawl. This phenomenon was a result of highly concentrated Yin Qi.

It seemed that the Yin Pond Dai Yuan mentioned was at the bottom of this tunnel Yang Kai thought to himself.

Naturally, this kind of coldness couldn’t cause any trouble to Yang Kai; even without pushing his Saint Qi, he could easily resist it with his flesh body alone. The same was also true of Dai Yuan. Although her physique wasn’t as powerful as Yang Kai’s, her Third-Order Saint King cultivation wasn’t for show. On top of that, the Yin Pond had been here for many years so presumably Dai Yuan had visited it countless times in preparation for the detoxification and gradually adapted to it.

The further down the pair went, the stronger the feeling of coldness became.

After half an incense stick worth of time, Dai Yuan finally had to circulate her Saint Qi to protect her body, releasing a faint light barrier that surrounded her figure.

Sometime later, bright light appeared before Yang Kai and Dai Yuan and the pair arrived at a large stone room. This stone room was completely empty, but if one looked around, they would notice that a thick, cold aura permeated the air as eerie white wisps floated about randomly.

The stone walls of this chamber were covered in white frost and the temperature here could only be described as frigid.

In the middle of the stone chamber, there is a small pool less than ten metres in diametre out of which plumes of visible Yin Qi wisps were escaping.

Yang Kai’s face changed slightly, “Sister Dai Yuan, is this Yin Pond a thousand-year Yin Pond or a ten-thousand-year Yin Pond?”

Dai Yuan seemed to know what Yang Kai wanted to ask and replied with a smile, “According to my Senior, this Yin Pond is somewhere between five and six thousand years old.”

Yang Kai frowned, “The innate chill in a Yin Pond this old is not something you can withstand, are you sure you want to continue?”

Yin Ponds were categorized by their age. Yang Kai hadn’t heard Dai Yuan describe this Yin Pond in detail, but assuming it wouldn’t be too dangerous for her to immerse herself in it, he hadn’t asked anything. However, such an old Yin Pond would likely turn Dai Yuan into a frozen sculpture the moment she entered it.

Dai Yuan smiled slightly, “Please don’t worry, Junior Brother Yang, I have done plenty of preparations and merged the essence of many Fire Attribute and Yang Attribute herbs into this Yin Pond’s water to temper its cold power. On top of that, I am an Alchemist myself and have cultivated a set of Fire Attribute Secret Arts, so as long I am careful, there shouldn’t be any problems, not to mention… if I don’t continue now, I can only sit waiting for death. If it Junior Brother Yang in my situation, what choice would you make?”

Yang Kai fell silent, knowing that Dai Yuan had been forced into this situation and had no other choice, so he no longer tried to dissuade her.

“Junior Brother Yang may rest assured; I have left a letter in the room where I normally meditate. If something unexpected happens this time and I fall, you can take the letter to my Honoured Master. The letter explains everything we have discussed and are about to attempt. After seeing it, she will not embarrass you. My Honoured Master is Great Elder Gong Ao Fu, if you go to Myriad Crystal Peak, you will be able to find her!”

This conversation which sounded like a last will made Yang Kai feel a little bit uncomfortable, but he still nodded and said, “Understood!”

Dai Yuan smiled and nodded before motioning, “Please follow me.”

A moment later, the two arrived beside the Yin Pond. Yang Kai looked inside and discovered that the water in this pool wasn’t very deep, only about a metre or so in total, but what was noticeable was that it didn’t have the slightest impurity in it and was completely still, allowing one to peer through it as if it didn’t even exist. It seemed like pure, ordinary water, but if someone who cultivated a Yin Attribute Secret Art were to see this stagnant pool, they would undoubtedly be ecstatic and try to obtain it at any cost.

This Yin Pond’s effects on such a cultivator would simply be too great, no less than some top-class precious treasures or rare elixirs.

Looking closer, Yang Kai noticed traces of a Spirit Array arranged around this Yin Pond. It was probably a Spirit Array left by the Senior who moved this Yin Pond here to bind and stabilize it.

Dai Yuan pointed to a place nearby and said, “Please sit here, Junior Brother Yang. This will be the optimum location for us to cooperate.”

“Alright!” Yang Kai nodded, immediately moved to the indicated position, and sat down cross-legged.

“Is there anything left to prepare?” Dai Yuan asked, but seemed to be talking to herself as she turned to stare at the Yin Pond with a somewhat complex look. After a moment, she smiled again and said, “Junior Brother Yang, no matter what happens next, Dai Yuan would like to sincerely thank you. You are the only one who has been willing to help me these past two decades and the only friend I have made during that time.”

Saying so, with a serious look upon her face, she cupped her fists and bowed elegantly to Yang Kai.

Twenty years…

Yang Kai brow twitched slightly. It seems that Dai Yuan’s situation in Coloured Glass Sect was a bit different from what Wu Yi’s previously managed to inquire about. The outward changes may have only happened ten years ago, but they clearly started more than ten years before that.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er must have become friends with her before that point so they couldn’t be counted.

Yang Kai waved his hand lightly, “Sister Dai Yuan is too polite. This matter is only a slight effort for me. En, take this bottle of medicinal liquid.”

Saying so, Yang Kai handed her a jade bottle.

“This is…” Dai Yuan took the Jade Bottle and looked at Yang Kai curiously.

“This is a medicinal liquid I concocted myself. Although I can’t refine the Blood Mushroom Pill, if you take this bottle of medicinal liquid together with the Blood Invigorating Mushroom, it can stimulate its efficacies an additional ten or twenty percent. It should have some use for you. At my current Alchemy level, this is the best I can do,” Yang Kai said with some slight regret.

The Blood Invigorating Mushroom was extremely rare, and the Blood Mushroom Pill was very difficult to refine. The value of a Blood Mushroom Pill was definitely not under that of an ordinary Origin King Grade pill, possibly even more so than some, because a Blood Mushroom Pill could bring a cultivator back from the brink of death. This kind of life-saving pill was the most valuable treasure for cultivators who constantly risked their lives.

It was truly a pity he was unable to refine such a pill at his current level and could only use this kind of shoddy method to somewhat stimulate the medicinal effects of the Blood Invigorating Mushroom.

Over the previous two days, Yang Kai had spent much of his time preparing this medicinal liquid.

When Dai Yuan heard his explanation, she wore a look of surprise and unconsciously tightened her grip on the jade bottle. Without even checking its content, she joyfully thanked Yang Kai, “Many thanks for Junior Brother Yang’s efforts. Dai Yuan will certainly live up to your expectations.”

At this moment, she felt that asking Yang Kai for his help was the best decision she could have made, because even if she went to Grandmaster Xiao of her Sect or invited one of the Medicine Pill Sect Elders, they would definitely not have taken the initiative to concoct this bottle of medicinal liquid to help her.

With this bottle of medicinal liquid, her chance of success had instantly increased by at least ten percent, how could Dai Yuan not be happy?

“I’ll be troubling Junior Brother Yang!” Dai Yuan put away the bottle of medical liquid and said solemnly to Yang Kai and before waiting for his response, she spun around and dropped her robes, leaving her in only her undergarments.

Seemingly having prepared for this moment as well, her undergarments were all black and although they outlined her exquisite figure, they were as unrevealing and plain as possible.

That said, a crimson glow still adorned her face. Not willing to remain in such an embarrassing state for a moment longer than necessary, Dai Yuan’s figure flickered as she jumped directly into the Yin Pond.

Without the slightest splash of water, the moment Dai Yuan entered the Yin Pond, she let out a groan as a look of pain flashed across her face. The Yin Pond water also seemed to be stimulated by the invasion of a foreign body and immediately began to roil up, creating a white mist that seemed to come to life and spread towards Dai Yuan.


With a crisp crackling sound, a thin layer of ice quickly began forming on Dai Yuan’s tender body; however, Dai Yuan quickly circulated her Secret Art and began releasing a blazing heat from her skin, dispersing this layer of ice.

The white fog, however, did not retreat and instead began spread more and more fiercely towards her. Dai Yuan finally could not bear it any longer and let out a pitiful cry as a multi-coloured light erupted from her body.

This light was incredibly strange. Rather than saying it was a single light halo, it appeared more like tens of thousands of individual rays all being released simultaneously. Yang Kai head suddenly ached and he felt as if his soul had been shaken. His Knowledge Sea also trembled slightly and a kind of invisible pressure descended upon him, making his thoughts become slightly sluggish.

Coloured Glass Divine Light!

Yang Kai was shocked by this but quickly steadied himself and focused his attention on Dai Yuan’s body.

Although he had long heard Yang Yan say that the Coloured Glass Divine Light from Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain had the effect of suppressing Souls, he had never expected that it would actually be so mysterious. This suppression was virtually impossible to guard against.

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