Martial Peak

Chapter 1231 - Luck Falling from The Sky

Chapter 1231, Luck Falling from The Sky

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In the Flame Sand Field, where flying was impossible, to traverse five kilometres in an instant was incredible. Whatever secret technique Lu Ye used it was extremely profound, and apparently wasn’t exhausted yet as his aura quickly traversed another three kilometres.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked by the seemingly endless methods Lu Ye displayed while a sense of dread also filled his heart.

He even made use of his Space Blade but still couldn’t cut down this enemy, allowing him to escape. Moreover, Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of artefact that strange black rod was, but just a casual wave of it had forced him to use two drops of Golden Blood to resist.

Origin Grade artefacts didn’t have such power, so the only explanation was that the short black rod Lu Ye used was an Origin King Grade artefact!

Did Flowing Cloud Valley have an Origin King Grade artefact? And how could it possibly have been carried by Lu Ye?

Although Yang Kai didn’t know why Flowing Cloud Valley would make such a decision, he had already made up his mind that he needed to kill Lu Ye while the latter was weakened. If he waited for Lu Ye to recovery, trying to kill him would only become more difficult.

With this in mind, Yang Kai was about to use his Wind and Thunder Wings to pursue Lu Ye when countless yells suddenly reached his ears, each one of them seemingly containing shock and panic.

Naturally these voices were from the elite disciples who were vying for the Red Candle Fruit.

Qu Chang Feng’s voice was filled with wrath while Fang Tian Zhong was shouting for someone or something to stop. Wei Gu Chang was calling out in alarm while Yin Su Die’s sweet voice was filled with shock. Apparently, some kind of serious accident had happened.

Immediately after that, Yang Kai heard a small bang, as if something had broken apart, and a red light actually shot straight from the battlefield towards the spot in the mountain valley where he was standing.

Yang Kai didn’t think much about it and simply reached out to grab whatever it was that was flying towards him because he felt this red streak of light was full of energy but not some kind of attack.

Instantly, Yang Kai felt warmth in his hand and a strong fruity fragrance lingered about his nostrils.

Yang Kai frowned and carefully observed the object he grasped, exclaiming in the next moment, “Red Candle Fruit?”

He hadn’t expected that after giving up any idea of competing for the Red Candle Fruit, this Heaven defying spirit fruit that everyone else was fighting over would simply fall from the sky into his hand.

Of course, the Red Candle Fruit in his hand wasn’t whole and looked as if it had been cut by some kind of weapon. Yang Kai was currently holding about a sixth of the entire Red Candle Fruit.

The tender flesh was exposed to the air and the rich fruity aroma was continuously wafting from it, causing Yang Kai to freeze in place for a while.

A moment later though, Yang Kai returned to his senses and quickly released his Divine Sense to track the movements of the others nearby, but after a quick check, he let out a sigh of relief. He found that these elite disciples were still fighting over the Red Candle Fruit at this moment. Though they weren’t trying to obtain the complete spirit fruit but the scattered pieces of it.

“You dare…” Qu Chang Feng roared angrily, but before he could finish what he was trying to say, he was struck by an attack and closed his mouth. Immediately after, the stern-faced man from Star Emperor Sect withdrew from the battle and in front of everyone’s angry gazes, calmly departed, disappearing soon after.

No one even thought of trying to make him stay. On the one hand, there were still other pieces of the Red Candle Fruit which had not been divided up, and on the other hand, this person was simply too strong, not someone one or two of them could defeat. Now that things had reached this point, who would try to take on such a thankless job? Everyone currently had their eyes set on the cut-up pieces of fruit.

And so, another chaotic scramble began.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai’s heart relaxed. Seeing the Red Candle Fruit’s medicinal efficacy quickly leaking though, Yang Kai once again felt aggrieved and began rummaging through his Space Ring.

This Heaven defying spirit fruit couldn’t be stored in an ordinary jade box, if one wanted to truly maintain its medicinal effects, they needed to use a wooden box.

Fortunately, Yang Kai’s Space Ring had some good Wood Attribute materials and he soon found a piece of Azure Spirit Wood. Using his Saint Qi, Yang Kai fashioned a simple wooden box and then placed the piece of Red Candle Fruit inside it, allowing him to finally breathe a sigh of relief.

If he had known that this would happen, he would have prepared some good quality wooden boxes in advance so he wouldn’t have been so flustered.

Although the wooden box made from Azure Spirit Wood was decent, if the piece of Red Candle Fruit was left in it for too long, its medicinal efficacies would still leak out. Yang Kai needed to find some time to more permanently solve this problem.

But at the moment, he didn’t have time to do so and could only take some stopgap measures.

Unfortunately, after such a delay, his plan to chase down Lu Ye had to be abandoned, because the other party had already escaped from the range of his Divine Sense and it would not be impossible to find where he was hiding.

Outside of the mountain valley, the ownerless pieces of Red Candle Fruit were tossed about in a chaotic fight for some time before they were eventually divided up.

The few who managed to obtain pieces of Red Candle Fruit wore happy smiles while those who didn’t stamped their feet and beat their chests in indignation or sighed constantly as dangerous light flashed across the depths of their eyes. The ones who were worst off, were the eight fresh corpses which littered the battlefield. These corpses were each extremely miserable in appearance and it was impossible to tell just who had killed them in that tangled melee.

The scene had been so chaotic just now, with all kinds of artefact attacks and Martial Skills being tossed about. Everyone was going all out and had no time to pay attention to the situation of others, so although some forces had suffered losses and could still see their dead comrades in front of them, unable to determine who exactly was the one at fault, no one dared take any reckless actions. Those who had suffered losses simply had to choke down their broken teeth while stifling the bitterness in their hearts.

After everyone who had managed to obtain a piece of Red Candle Fruit stuffed it into their Space Ring, as if by prior agreement, they simultaneously rushed over to the mountain valley.

Apparently, they had seen a piece of the Red Candle Fruit fly over to this side and it wasn’t until now that they found time to search for it.

However, the red mist in the mountain valley was quick thick, making it basically impossible to search for anything by sight. As such, everyone began releasing their Divine Sense, but this soon led to one Divine Sense bumping into another, causing muffled snorts to ring out. Soon, everyone began limiting the range they released their over Divine Sense to avoid further conflict.

After searching for half a day, the red mist in the mountain valley had gradually dispersed, but no one was able to find the piece of Red Candle Fruit that had landed here, and everyone was now turning suspicious eyes towards everyone else. They all felt that apart from their own allies, everyone from every other force might have obtained the last piece of Red Candle Fruit and was simply feigning innocence.

Yang Kai couldn’t help cheering. He had still been thinking about how to leave the mountain valley after suddenly obtaining this piece of Red Candle Fruit, but with the red mist steadily clearing up it solved this problem for him. Now that everyone had come down and was searching through the valley, he could easily fish in the muddy waters.

Dai Yuan glanced over at Yang Kai secretly and frowned.

She recalled that Yang Kai was still immersed in his meditation while everyone else was vying for the Red Candle Fruit, so if a piece of it had flown over here, he was the most likely to have obtained it.

However, she didn’t have any conclusive evidence and it was impossible for her to think of betraying Yang Kai now, so she quickly took back her gaze and pretended as if nothing had happened.

Dai Yuan wasn’t the only one to have such doubts about Yang Kai, but no one could determine the truth of the matter, so although some wanted to question Yang Kai, knowing he was together with Wei Gu Chang, no one dared to make rash accusations.

“Ahem, everyone …” Li You Nan of Medicine Pill Sect, with a bitter smile on his face, suddenly stood up, cupped his fists and called out, “Please listen to what I have to say.”

Everyone looked at him. The great forces which had obtained pieces of the Red Candle Fruit wore vigilant expressions while those who hadn’t were completely indifferent; however, all of them wanted to know what Li You Nan was going to say now, so the scene quickly fell silent.

“The Red Candle Fruit is unlike other spirit fruits and cannot be kept in a jade box, and now that it has been cut into several pieces by that bastard, the pieces absolutely cannot be placed into ordinary jade boxes. If they are, the medicinal efficacies of these pieces will quickly leak out and I’m afraid that before you can even leave the Flowing Flame Sand Field, these pieces will have lost all their value and turned into ordinary trash.”

“They can’t be stored in a jade box?” Qu Chang Feng’s face changed slightly as he quickly pulled out a jade box from his Space Ring.

When this jade box appeared, many people suddenly showed greedy looks on their faces as they stared at Qu Chang Feng.

It seemed that being the favoured son of Heaven Battling Union really had good luck. In that chaotic snatching battle, Qu Chang Feng had actually managed to obtain a piece of the Red Candle Fruit.

Fang Tian Zhong, Yin Su Die, and a rough-looking brawny man also wore solemn looks as they all directed their eyes towards Li You Nan intently.

“If it cannot be stored inside a jade box, I assume you know what kind of vessel should be used, correct?” Qu Chang Feng asked politely.

Li You Nan showed a contented expression and nodded lightly, “This Li naturally knows.”

“Please enlighten us, Brother Li!” Fang Tian Zhong slightly cupped his fists.

Li You Nan grinned meaningfully and returned the courtesy, “I wouldn’t dare call it enlightenment, it is only that this Li has studied Alchemy since childhood and knows a little more about pharmacology than average. En, although I don’t mind sharing my knowledge with everyone, in the recent struggle, this Li’s Junior Brothers were seriously injured and some nearly died. As to who’s poisonous hand it was that dealt such blows, this Li has a fairly good idea, but let’s not bring such things up now…”

As he said so, he swept his eyes around, putting on a pompous act.

Everyone present knew what kind of scheme he was up to.

The several elites from Medicine Pill Sect hadn’t obtained anything in this competition, so Li You Nan clearly wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to gain some benefits, otherwise, he wouldn’t be making such a fuss about the injuries his Junior Brothers suffered.

In normal times, no one would dare wound a disciple of Medicine Pill Sect, but just now, in the scramble for the Red Candle Fruit, no one cared which Sect anyone else belonged to. Besides, none of the Medicine Pill Sect disciples had actually died down there and only some of them suffered some small wounds.

What’s more, eight elite disciples had fallen during this struggle, so compared to them, the cultivators from Medicine Pill Sect’s luck was already quite good.

Although they scoffed in their hearts though, no one said anything at this time.

Fang Tian Zhong frowned slightly, but in line with his usual forthright behaviour, he quickly declared, “If Brother Li is willing to inform this Fang of the proper storage method, after the Flowing Flame Sand Field closes, Thunder Typhoon Sect will pay a million Saint Crystals as compensation!”

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