Martial Peak

Chapter 1232 - Transaction

Chapter 1232, Transaction

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“A million… heh heh,” Li You Nan chuckled as he turned to look at Fang Tian Zhong and said, “Brother Fang thinks this piece of Red Candle Fruit is only worth one million? If so, then this Li will take his leave!”

“Five million!” Fang Tian Zhong’s look remained unchanged while he directly increased the price he offered by five times.

Li You Nan’s lifted foot dropped as he felt slightly tempted.

This time, his Medicine Pill Sect had failed to snatch the Red Candle Fruit, but if he could collect five million Saint Crystals from each great force that obtained a piece of the Red Candle Fruit, it would still be a great harvest.

What’s more, these cut up pieces of Red Candle Fruit weren’t really Heaven defying treasures anymore.

So at this moment, he was debating whether he should continue trying to raise the price.

While he was thinking though, over on Coloured Glass Sect’s side, Yin Su Die suddenly cast her beautiful eyes towards Dai Yuan and then her red lips wriggled a few times, seemingly saying something to Dai Yuan.

Dai Yuan’s brow furrowed and a look of displeasure appeared on her face, but she still answered back promptly.

The next moment, Yin Su Die’s coquettish face filled with a happy expression as she giggled lightly, “I wish several Senior Brothers good luck in your negotiations, little sister will say goodbye first.”

Saying so, she quickly left together with the other elites from Coloured Glass Sect.

The crowd was stunned, because just now, Yin Su Die had relied on her ribbon-like artefact to snatch a piece of the Red Candle Fruit, yet she had suddenly decided to leave without even obtaining the proper method of preserving it.

But soon, everyone realised what had happened.

Besides Li You Nan, an elite disciple of Medicine Pill Sect, there was also Dai Yuan who was familiar with the handling of spirit herbs! It seemed that Yin Su Die had learned some information from Dai Yuan, allowing her to leave so freely.

Holding such a precious treasure, Yin Su Die naturally didn’t dare to remain in this dangerous place for long.

Immediately, several people began staring at Dai Yuan with burning eyes as they wondered how to obtain the method of preserving the Red Candle Fruit from her.

Seeing this, Li You Nan knew that if he continued to bargain, those five million Saint Crystals would slip through his fingers. In his disgruntled mood just now, he had forgotten about the existence of Dai Yuan, and although this woman was from Coloured Glass Sect, due to some special reasons, she was extremely well versed in spirit herbs and Alchemy so she definitely knew how to properly store the Red Candle Fruit. Pushing down his annoyance, Li You Nan hurriedly nodded to Fang Tian Zhong, “Good, five million. I’ll take Brother Fang at his word!”

Fang Tian Zhong gently nodded, not showing any intention of going back on his word. Li You Nan quickly sent him a few words, after which Fang Tian Zhong thought for a moment before he silently led the rest of Thunder Typhoon Sect’s group away.

On the other side, Qu Chang Feng and the brawny man hesitated for a moment before also communicating with Li You Nan, both of them soon departing with looks of satisfaction on their faces.

“Let’s go too,” Wei Gu Chang grinned. He had also obtained a piece of the Red Candle Fruit. Although Shadow Moon Hall only had two disciples on the scene, him and Dong Xuan’er, their luck had actually been quite good. Originally Wei Gu Chang didn’t have any hope of obtaining anything in this struggle, but when that Star Emperor Sect disciple cut apart the Red Candle Fruit, he was actually close by and had immediately snatched a piece. The entire incident went off smoothly and simply, far easier than everyone else who had to literally kill others to obtain their pieces.

It was as if the bad luck he had been carrying since entering the third layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field had suddenly disappeared.

With Dai Yuan and Dong Xuan’er sharing a close relationship, obtaining the method of preserving this piece of fruit wouldn’t be an issue so there was no need for him to bother with Li You Nan.

“Brother Wei, please wait a moment!” Li You Nan saw that Wei Gu Chang intended to leave and hurriedly called out to him.

“What’s wrong? Does Brother Li have some advice?” Wei Gu Chang halted his steps and glanced back with a cold look on his face, secretly condensing his strength as he prepared to take action at any moment.

Seeing Wei Gu Chang look like he was preparing for a fight, Li You Nan immediately realised that the other party had misunderstood his intentions and quickly waved his hands, “Brother Wei doesn’t have to be so nervous. Although this Li and Brother Wei haven’t had many dealings in the past, this Li is not an underhanded person, Brother Wei should know this much.”

Hearing this, Wei Gu Chang slightly relaxed the vigilance on his face and gently nodded, “Brother Li’s manner, this Wei naturally knows, but… heh heh, this place is really not one to remain at for long.”

Saying so, he swept his eyes around seemingly unintentionally. All around, there were cultivators who had gained nothing in this scramble for the Red Candle Fruit, and many of them were staring at Wei Gu Chang, seemingly considering whether or not to act against him.

Seeing this, Li You Nan called out loudly, “Everyone shouldn’t act hastily. If the Red Candle Fruit was still whole, it would be worth fighting over, but now it has been cut into several pieces and Brother Wei has only obtained one portion. Provoking a powerful enemy for something so uncertain is not something anyone here should desire, right?”

Li You Nan speaking up for Wei Gu Chang, dispersing the surrounding danger for him, was something Wei Gu Chang found odd.

“Brother Li, I’ll only ask you this, can that piece of Red Candle Fruit’s medicinal efficacies allow an Origin Returning Realm master to break through to the Origin King Realm?” A young man in a white robe frowned and asked. Atop this youth’s chest was an embroidered white cloud.

This was the sigil of Floating Mist Palace.

“Brother Tang asks a good question,” Li You Nan nodded, “But unfortunately, this Li cannot give a clear answer, because this Red Candle Fruit is something this Li has only ever heard about; this is the first time I have seen it. I believe that even my Sect’s Elders cannot give a precise answer; however, the Red Candle Fruit by itself only provides a possibility to make an Origin Returning Realm master breakthrough, so now that it has been split into several parts, that possibility… I assume this Li doesn’t need to explain any more. Brother Tang should also understand.”

The Floating Mist Palace youth surnamed Tang frowned for a moment before nodding, “I see, goodbye!”

Having said so, he immediately left with the disciples of Floating Mist Palace.

The other cultivators saw Tang Yong of Floating Mist Palace give up on seizing the Red Candle Fruit and after sighing also chose to leave.

Soon, only those from Medicine Pill Sect and Shadow Moon Hall remained in the mountain valley.

Wei Gu Chang looked at Li You Nan with a smile. From beginning to end, he hadn’t said anything, but his expression said enough. He didn’t believe that Li You Nan would help him for no reason, he definitely had some ulterior motive; however, since the other said wasn’t saying anything, Wei Gu Chang wasn’t stupid enough to bring it up himself.

“Now can we have a decent chat, Brother Wei?” Li You Nan looked at Wei Gu Chang with a sense of contentment on his face, seemingly thinking he was quite skilful to be able to send everyone away with just a few words.

“If Brother Li has something to say, please don’t hesitate,” Wei Gu Chang nodded slightly.

“This Li would simply like to ask if Brother Wei has any intention to sell that piece of Red Candle Fruit?” Li You Nan got straight to the point.

“Sell it?” Wei Gu Chang’s eyes narrowed, “Does Brother Li want to buy it?”

“Exactly,” Li You Nan nodded sincerely.

Wei Gu Chang grinned meaningfully, “Didn’t Brother Li just say that this piece of Red Candle Fruit didn’t have nearly as much value as its complete form? I wonder why Brother Li wants to buy such a thing?”

Li You Nan shook his head and said calmly, “Even if the value of this Red Candle Fruit piece is not longer as great as before, it is still part of a Heaven defying spirit fruit that one may not see in ten thousand years. My Medicine Pill Sect has been studying various spirit grasses and spirit medicines for many millennia but now that such a rare opportunity has presented itself, if this Li does not make every effort to seize it, when I return to Medicine Pill Sect, the Elders will surely punish me. If I can buy this piece of Red Candle Fruit from Brother Wei and bring it back to the Sect so the Elders can study it, perhaps it will allow our level of Alchemy to surge. Of course, if Brother Wei is willing to sell this piece of Red Candle Fruit to me, this Li can guarantee that not only will we provide Shadow Moon Hall with enough Saint Crystals as compensation, on behalf of Medicine Pill Sect I can also guarantee that the Elders of the Sect will refine five pills for you for free!”

Wei Gu Chang originally had no intention of agreeing to the transaction, but after hearing the last condition, his expression changed greatly, and he couldn’t immediately refuse.

After all, the effects of the Red Candle Fruit were only rumours, no one knew if they were true. And now, there was even a chance that after being cut apart it was completely useless, but being able to obtain five pills from the Elders of Medicine Pill Sect was a truly valuable opportunity.

These years, the five Elders of Medicine Pill Sect rarely performed Alchemy, and each time they did they charged an enormous price.

Weighing the two options, Wei Gu Chang found it a bit difficult to decide.

But soon, he said, “Brother Li, even if this Wei doesn’t say it, you must know that this is not something I can decide on my own. If you are really intent on buying this piece of Red Candle Fruit for Medicine Pill Sect, I suggest you wait until after the Flowing Flame Sand Field closes to let the Elders of your Medicine Pill Sect come to Shadow Moon Hall to discuss it in person. Anything the two of us say here is irrelevant.”

“Naturally I understand this,” Li You Nan saw that Wei Gu Chang wasn’t flatly refusing and sense that there was room for discussion, so he smiled happily and said, “Since that is the case, after the Flowing Flame Sand Field closes, I’m certain my Sect’s Elders will soon pay your Sect a visit.”

“That would be for the best,” Wei Gu Chang nodded with satisfaction. “If Brother Li doesn’t have anything else to say, this Wei will take his leave first.”

“En, very good!” Li You Nan smiled and withdrew.

After everyone else had left, Li You Nan’s smile gradually receded as he looked towards a certain spot in the mountain valley where a withered body that seemed to have died innumerable years ago lay.

This was, without a doubt, the Junior Brother he had sent to collect the Red Candle Stalk earlier, but now this Junior Brother had clearly suffered a vicious attack and died a miserable death. Worse though, his Space Ring was missing.

Li You Nan’s expression became quite gloomy, but he didn’t mention the matter of this Junior Brother and instead suddenly declared, “Let’s go, we must return to the Sect!”

“Ah? Senior Brother Li, you want to return now? But there’s still two or three months left before the Flowing Flame Sand Field closes,” A female disciple turned to Li You Nan and said with surprise.

“There’s no need for us to remain, the second layer Treasure Area had been completely dug through and the third layer is filled with crisis. I’m afraid that everything good has already been found, so what we must do now report to the Sect about the Red Candle so the Elders can make preparations to visit those Sects to purchase those Red Candle Fruit pieces.”


Li You Nan sneered lightly, “Even if the Red Candle Fruit pieces were taken by them, in the end, they will need to ask our Medicine Pill Sect to help them use them. Regarding this kind of treasure, besides our Medicine Pill Sect, no one else knows much about it, so they definitely won’t use it rashly, leaving us an opportunity.”

After hearing what he said, the Medicine Pill Sect disciples who were upset about not being able to seize any benefits here threw away their depressed looks and began smiling broadly again, seemingly rejoicing in their Sect’s power and influence.

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