Martial Peak

Chapter 1230 - Short Rod

Chapter 1230, Short Rod

Superb Divine Sense strength, which was one of the foundations of Yuan Control Mastery, was naturally not something difficult for Yang Kai. In this fight against Lu Ye, Yang Kai also had the intention to experiment with what he had comprehended these past few days, and the results had really given him a pleasant surprise.

The black fireballs had transformed into sharp arrows under Yang Kai’s control and pierced straight through the red mist coving the mountain valley, breaking it apart and allowing the thick malevolent aura in his surroundings disperse, reducing the pressure he felt greatly.

Yang Kai grinned as the sound of wind and thunder behind him whirled up and before Lu Ye could react, Yang Kai charged in front of him and chopped down with his Demonic Flame sword.

Lu Ye had already witnessed the terrifying power of these Demonic Flames, and although he was confident he wouldn’t be directly burned to death by them, he still thought it best to avoid contact with them as much as possible. His strange wicked laughter came to an abrupt halt as he swiftly withdrew. At the same time, he formed a series of strange hand signs that and condensed a giant red palm above his head that he smashed down towards Yang Kai.

Lu Ye could also use Yuan Control Mastery, and it was apparent that his proficiency with it wasn’t inferior to that of Yang Kai who had just realised this Divine Ability, perhaps even above it.

The moment the red palm appeared, it was as if the surrounding space had been blocked, making it difficult to breathe and stiffening Yang Kai’s movements significantly.

Yang Kai grunted as he madly pushed the Saint Qi in his body, breaking free of this suppression and sending out a palm of his own.

Another giant hand appeared in the sky. The Nine Heavens Divine Skills Heaven Covering Hand met Lu Ye’s red palm head-on, causing an explosion that made the entire mountain valley tremble.

Taking this opportunity, Yang Kai advanced even further, waving his Demonic Flame long sword through the air as he used his Yuan Control Mastery to transform more of his Demonic Flame s into various attacks that flew towards Lu Ye.

Yang Kai realised that Lu Ye had stronger Soul cultivation than him, but his strength was still limited. As long as Yang Kai remained alert enough, Lu Ye’s Divine Sense wouldn’t pose too much of a threat. On top of that, Lu Ye’s Saint Qi wasn’t as pure or vigorous as Yang Kai’s, while the difference in their physical strengths was even further apart.

That was why Yang Kai chose to enter a melee, as this was his biggest advantage!

The other reason Yang Kai chose this course of action was in order to prevent Lu Ye from escaping. Yang Kai poured his Saint Qi into his purple shield, causing it to emit a brown glow and a moment later create a large-scale sandstorm that engulfed the entire mountain valley!

This was one of the hidden powers of his purple shield, one that Yang Kai was using for the first time.

The purple shield was refined from the carapace of the Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion, and Yang Yan had incorporated the Ninth-Order Monster Beast’s Monster Core into it, allowing it to use some of the Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion’s own Divine Abilities from before it died.

This sandstorm was an ability that came with this shield!

Sand and dust whirled about as Yang Kai’s figure drifted from place to place in an impossible to read pattern. Submerged in this violent sandstorm, Lu Ye had to divert part of his focus to resist this strange attack, finding the position of host and guest suddenly reversed by Yang Kai and slowly being suppressed.

Lu Ye quickly became annoyed. He had never expected that, after finally regaining his freedom from a few tens of thousands of years of imprisonment, the first enemy he bumped into would be so strange and powerful, making it impossible for him easily kill.

This made him feel like he had lost a great deal of face and made him become angry out of shame.

The two of them were just about equally proficient in Yuan Control Mastery as well. Yang Kai’s Yuan Control Mastery was rough because he had only just comprehended it while Lu Ye’s was unsteady because the Saint Qi in this current body wasn’t dense and pure enough. On top of that, in a frontal clash, his Saint Qi was falling greatly behind Yang Kai’s Demonic Flame in terms of destructive power.

Inferior in terms of Saint Qi, unable to suppress him in terms of Spiritual Energy, and with a weaker physical body, Lu Ye quickly found himself on the losing end of this battle.

Yang Kai didn’t say a word as he was focusing entirely on suppressing his opponent. The Demonic Flame sword in his hand caused some damage to Lu Ye from time to time, but what made Yang Kai depressed was that even his seemingly unstoppable Demonic Flame was unable to contaminate his opponent. A strange flash of blue light Yang Kai couldn’t identify would appear from Lu Ye’s body and actually extinguish the Demonic Flames which would normally have burnt him, reducing the damage Yang Kai could deal this way to mere flesh wounds.

Since he had made up his mind to kill this inexplicable enemy though, Yang Kai was naturally not planning to hold back.

He hadn’t used his Space Force yet though.

His self-created Space Blade wasn’t perfected yet so the best time to use it would be when he found a decisive opening. If he failed to hit his opponent and as a result caused Lu Ye to become more vigilant, it would severely reduce this trump card’s effectiveness.

Yang Kai was constantly searching for a suitable opportunity to surprise Lu Ye, thinking at as long as he could successfully hit him with his Space Blade, he could seriously injure him if not kill him outright!

Unsurprisingly though, Yang Kai so thoroughly suppressing him aroused great anger from Lu Ye, and after suffering a series of injuries, he roared, “Brat, you court death!”

Saying so, Lu Ye suddenly spat out a puff of black blood. The smell of this blood was extremely pungent, making one want to vomit, but the power it contained was even more terrifying. Obviously it was Lu Ye’s Blood Essence.

This Blood Essence transformed into a blood mist before rapidly condensing into a strange short rod in Lu Ye’s hand.

This short rod was only about two palms in length and could be easily gripped within one’s hand. It looked completely ordinary and inconspicuous, but when it appeared, Yang Kai’s heart clenched and an inexplicable sense of crisis well up inside him.

Yang Kai rarely felt this way, but whenever he did, it meant that he was facing incredible danger.

A fierce grin appeared on Lu Ye’s face as he madly poured his Saint Qi into this black short rod and a moment later, the entire world inexplicably went dark.

It was as if all the surrounding light was being absorbed by this short rod, making it impossible for Yang Kai to see anything around him and even rendering his Demon Eye of Annihilation useless.

The sandstorm which had been filling the mountain valley was suddenly interrupted, the dust drifting down the ground as all the howling winds abruptly came to a stop.

Yang Kai’s face changed greatly. At this moment, he realised that he could barely circulate the Saint Qi in his body regardless of how hard he pushed it. It was also impossible for him to draw out Spiritual Energy from his Knowledge Sea, as if it had been sealed off somehow.

In the darkness, Yang Kai instinctually sensed something approaching him, a kind of death aura that could extinguish anything it touched, sending chills down his spine.

[It can’t be resisted! It can’t be blocked!]

At this moment, all kinds of thoughts flashed across Yang Kai’s mind and he quickly determined that neither his Saint Qi nor Spiritual Energy could block this strange attack, not that he could access either of those under his currently suppressed state. He also couldn’t escape as most of his strength was being cut off, much less tear space.

Swiftly making a decision, Yang Kai condensed a drop of Golden Blood at his fingertip, sending out a sensational wave of vitality into the surroundings. He then shot out this drop of Golden Blood towards the deepest part of the darkness.

When the Golden Blood’s surging vitality and black death aura collided with one another, there was surprisingly not a single sound, only an explosion of golden and black light which filled the mountain valley. For a time, these two forces actually perfectly counterbalanced one another.

“How is that possible?” Lu Ye’s face finally changed. Although he had been suppressed by Yang Kai previously, he wasn’t panicked because he had not yet gone all out. But now that he had used such a powerful artefact with complete determination to kill Yang Kai, he firmly believed that this boy wouldn’t be able to resist.

However, to his great surprise, when he sent out this trump card, the scene of hashed meat and splatter blood did not appear and instead, an astonishing explosion of vitality had come out and managed to block his attack.

[This boy has to be killed as soon as possible!] Such thoughts flashed through Lu Ye’s mind as his expression became fierce.

With just a First-Order Saint King Realm cultivation, this boy could fight evenly with him. If he were to be allowed to truly mature, wouldn’t he become an invincible existence? Lu Ye’s tens of thousands of years of experience had taught him that such dangers must absolutely be snuffed out while in the cradle.

At this moment, he regarded Yang Kai as a thorn in his side, one that needed to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

A ruthless light flashed across Lu Ye’s eyes as he spat out another mouthful of Blood Essence, causing the black light which was competing against the golden radiance to rapidly grow in intensity. The golden light was quickly suppressed and was on the verge of collapsing, after which the death aura would swiftly engulf Yang Kai.

In response, Yang Kai flicked his wrist and set out another drop of Golden Blood, causing the golden light of vitality to instantly grow strong again and pierce though the darkness.

“Ah…” Lu Ye let out a cry of shock as the dark shroud he had condensed was torn apart and the light of day reappeared.

In the mountain valley, both Yang Kai and Lu Ye stood in place, but at this moment Lu Ye’s body was shivering and his face was extremely pale, seemingly having suffered serious injuries to his foundation.

On the other hand, although Yang Kai’s expression was extremely ugly, it wasn’t hard to see that he was both unharmed and full of energy.

Through the red mist, Yang Kai glared at Lu Ye with eyes as cold as an ancient snow-capped mountain.

Lu Ye couldn’t help feeling startled!

A jet black blade-like attack suddenly flew towards him, and before Lu Ye could react, it was upon him.

Lu Ye panicked and hurriedly twisted his body to avoid his vitals from being hit, but a moment later, a slight stinging sensation came from his left arm.

Turning his head to look, Lu Ye’s soul nearly leapt out of his body as he found that one of his arms had actually be cut off by the attack just now.

What kind of attack was that? Why hadn’t he noticed it sooner? It didn’t seem to ripple with any kind of aura at all, so why was it so powerful?

What frightened Lu Ye even more though was that the wound on his arm and his fallen severed limb obviously didn’t match up. A sliver was missing which made it impossible to simply re-attach his arm. Lu Ye couldn’t understand what had happened.

While Lu Ye was in this state of panic, Yang Kai’s murderous intent soared and he was clearly preparing to take advantage of this opportunity to settle things once and for all, but before he could act, Lu Ye’s figure flickered, transformed into a red light, and quickly vanished.

Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of secret technique Lu Ye used, but by the time he found him again with his Divine Sense, this mysterious enemy was already five kilometres away.

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