Martial Peak

Chapter 1213 - I Just Found Him Unpleasant To The Eye

Chapter 1213, I Just Found Him Unpleasant To The Eye

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Seeing Yang Kai actually refuse him, the cultivator from Heaven Battling Union wore a cold look and cursed, “Good good good, a mute and an ugly woman, you two are a perfect match. Do you want this Sir to act as a matchmaker so you can ‘comfort’ one another?”

The woman’s sallow face blushed red then went pale, her finally calm mood becoming angry again. It was as if her entire mood would change greatly when she heard the words ‘ugly woman’.

“There’s no need for that, I have a wife already, there’s no need for you to worry about my business,” Yang Kai suddenly sneered.

The cultivator from Heaven Battling Union was stunned momentarily but soon let out a laugh, “Turns out you’re not a mute. Well whatever, just pretend I hadn’t said anything. Boy, scram, there’s nothing here for you.”

He also saw that Yang Kai looked like he was harbouring ill intent and although he wasn’t afraid of Yang Kai, he still decided to warn him off.

How could he have known that the always indifferent looking Yang Kai would suddenly push his Saint Qi and condense a long sword out of jet black flames? Seeing this, the Heaven Battling Union cultivator couldn’t help wearing a grim look and barking, “What? You want to start something with me? You best think twice, if you dare to act, you’re dead!”

“I certainly don’t want to die, but I’m afraid you are going to. Friend’s mouth is so foul I can smell its stink from ten kilometres away, I really can’t stand it, so I’ll have to take your life to put an end to the stench!” Yang Kai said while slashing his Demonic Flame sword forward.

The Profound Heavenly Sword condensed from Demonic Flame gave off an earth-shaking power as Yang Kai unleashed a dozen slashes, sealing off all avenues of retreats for the Heaven Battling Union cultivator.

The instant Yang Kai attacked, the Heaven Battling Union cultivator’s face changed greatly. How could he not feel that the power behind Yang Kai’s attack was incomparable to what an ordinary First-Order Saint King could produce? No longer having the leisure to entangle with the ugly woman anymore, he took the initiative to withdraw his Saint Qi from his battle-axe and instead condense a shield in front of his body.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

After just two hits, the wave of sword slashes Yang Kai sent out smashed this Saint Qi shield, allowing the remaining attacks to chop down directly towards the Heaven Battling Union cultivator.

The man from Heaven Battling Union called out in alarm and tried to dodge, but the woman nearby used her white silk artefact to bind him in place at that exact moment. The white silk had an outrageous sharpness and after binding this man up, the woman pushed her Saint Qi and the white silk suddenly tightened.

A flash of light erupted from the man as he pushed his Artefact Armour’s protection to its maximum, but that still wasn’t enough to stop the white silk from cutting into him. After a light snapping sound, the Heaven Battling Union cultivator’s body suddenly had dozens of bloody lines appear all over his body.

“No…” The man let out half a scream before his body was cut into a dozen pieces by the white silk.

Before his corpse fell, Yang Kai’s jet black sword swept forward and burned his body to ashes.

A Third-Order Saint King Heaven Battling Union elite disciple had been slaughter by Yang Kai and the woman in less than a breath. Yang Kai wasn’t surprised by this result though, because even if he was alone, he was confident he could have killed this man, much less working together with this woman.

However, the power of the woman’s white silk artefact had surpassed his expectations; if he had known it was so strong, he wouldn’t have sent out so many slashes.

The woman was also quite surprised by the means Yang Kai displayed, and after easily killing the Heaven Battling Union disciples, she shouldn’t help glancing over at him in shock.

Yang Kai noticed now that not only did this woman have an enchanting figure, her eyes also had a brilliant light to them. If she covered her face and only exposed her eyes, she would certainly be able to make many men crazy for her.

But with her face’s appearance… It was truly unfortunate. Yang Kai thought so, but didn’t show anything on his face.

“Many thanks!” After killing her opponent, the woman exhaled heavily, causing her plump chest to bounce exaggeratedly, tracing a thrilling and beautiful arc, bowing her head gently to Yang Kai as she managed to squeeze out a smile. Although this smile was full of sincerity, matched with her visage, it was a difficult sight to behold.

Her voice on the other hand was extremely gentle and sweet, incredibly pleasant to the ear.

“It’s nothing, I just found him unpleasant to the eye,” Yang Kai said lightly.

“You may rest assured, I won’t tell anyone about this, and the one who killed him was me, so it has nothing to do with you. If the people from Heaven Battling Union really want to track down the culprit, you won’t be found responsible,” The woman said, taking all responsibility onto herself. This gave Yang Kai a favourable impression of her and made him feel like that taking action just now had not been in vain.

As they spoke, the woman took the ring that had fallen to the ground after the Heaven Battling Union died and without even glancing at its content tossed it over to Yang Kai, “I’ll give you this.”

Yang Kai didn’t try to act polite and accepted it, tucking it into his sleeve.

The woman thought for a moment, blushed somewhat red again before reaching into her chest and taking out a red fruit and also tossing it over, “You pursued it for this, right?”

Yang Kai caught it and smiled embarrassedly, “I didn’t know it was raised by you.”

The fruit in his hand was warm to the touch, but whether that was because of the fruit’s nature or where the woman had been keeping it, Yang Kai didn’t know. There was however a faint fragrance lingering about it which made one feel refreshed.

“I know,” The woman nodded lightly, “Although my Spirit Fox cannot be used to fight, it has a natural ability to find spirit grasses and spirit medicines, you pursing it after you encountered it is only normal.”

Saying so though, the woman frowned as she suddenly remembered that her Spirit Fox was extremely fast. Outside, cultivators might be able to catch up to it, but in this place, where no one could fly, it should be able to easily shake off anyone who tried to pursue it. How did Yang Kai catch it then?

Despite her suspicions, she chose not to ask anything. Since this young man was able to chase down her Spirit Fox, he certain must have his own methods, and asking about it would only make things awkward. Although her appearance was bad, she was born a beautiful and intelligent woman and knew some things were best left unsaid.

“Spirit Fox?” Yang Kai frowned. It was the first time he had heard of this kind of Monster Beast; however, he did know about some Monster Beasts that specialized in seeking out spirit grasses and spirit medicines. This Spirit Fox was probably one of them. These kinds of Monster Beasts were incredibly precious and were usually raised by Sects specifically to find treasures.

“En, it grew up with me from a young age.” When the woman talked about the Spirit Fox, she wore a smile on her face. It was a much more natural one than the forced one she had shown before. Reaching out, she lightly touched a small head which had popped out from her robes and was now vigilantly looking towards Yang Kai. Suddenly being reminded of something, she asked, “Would you like to go and find the Golden Sun Fruit Tree with me? Since my Spirit Fox found this Golden Sun Fruit, it means that there was a fruit tree and many more fruits. We can split them half and half if you’d like.”

She seemed very reluctant to accept favours from others. Yang Kai had just helped her a moment ago and she had already given him both the Heaven Battling Union cultivator’s Space ring and the Golden Sun Fruit, but it seemed she didn’t feel it was enough so she made this suggestion.

This was exactly Yang Kai’s original intention. He had wanted to find the Golden Sun Fruit Tree but had no clue where to look, so now that this woman had made him such an offer, he quickly nodded, “Yes.”

Yang Kai could also tell that this woman wasn’t bad or he wouldn’t have agreed so easily. If this wasn’t the case, how could she, a Third-Order Saint King, have proposed to split the fruits evenly with him?

Having reached an agreement, the woman released her Spirit Fox, whispered something into its ear, and then she and Yang Kai followed after it as it ran forward.

Yang Kai had been chasing the Spirit Fox for about half an hour before, but it took the Spirit Fox over an hour to lead them to the place where the Golden Sun Fruit Tree grew because the woman’s speed wasn’t that fast.

There was indeed a Golden Sun Fruit tree growing nearby the place Yang Kai had stopped to take a rest, and it was in a very well hidden location. In a small mountain valley surrounded by steep cliffs, behind a large rocky outcropping stood the ten-metre tall Golden Sun Fruit Tree which seemed to bask in the intense heat surrounding it.

Only this Spirit Fox, a Monster Beast that was extremely good at seeking out spirit grasses and spirit medicines, could have found this Golden Sun Fruit Tree. Even if a cultivator has passed by this place, if they hadn’t stopped and done a thorough investigation, they would have missed it.

Yang Kai and the woman walked into the mountain valley peacefully. Neither asked the other’s name or origin because they both knew that they would part ways after this brief cooperation, so naturally there no need to get to know one another.

A moment later, the two stood beneath the Golden Sun Fruit Tree staring up at the large fruits hanging from its bows with shocked faces.

There seemed to be at least thirty fruits on this tree, each one of them a brilliant and eye-catching red while on the ground there were also a dozen or so fully mature fruits which had fallen from the branches.

It was hard to tell how many years this Golden Sun Fruit Tree had been here or how many fruits had gone to waste during that time.

After staring at it for a while, the woman turned to Yang Kai and said, “I’ll have my Spirit Fox pick all the fruits first before we distribute them.”

“Sure!” Yang Kai naturally had no objections.

On the woman’s order, the little fox-like beast quickly climbed up the Golden Sun Fruit tree and as if leapt from branch to branch, the Golden Sun Fruits fell down one by one.

The woman’s face turned bright as she caught the falling fruits.

When there were no more fruits on the tree, she proceeded to pick up the mature fruits which had fallen to the ground before dividing the whole batch up into two and handing one half to Yang Kai, “There are forty-four in total, so we each get twenty-two.”

Yang Kai gently nodded before tossing his half into his Space Ring.

After the fruits were divided, the woman said, “For this time, I offer you my thanks once more. If there’s a chance in the future, I will definitely repay you.”

“No need, these Golden Sun Fruits are enough,” Yang Kai smiled and shook his head. He had only taken action at will, but the other party had actually treated him so generously that Yang Kai was becoming somewhat embarrassed.

The woman thought for a while but did not insist, instead just nodding, “Since that’s the case, I will take my leave first.”

“Okay, I’ll collect this fruit tree first then also leave!” Yang Kai didn’t conceal his plans. This fruit tree was incredibly old so as long as he could transplant it back to Dragon Cave Mountain, perhaps it could once again bloom and bear fruit. There were no spirit grasses or spirit medicines of note on Dragon Cave Mountain, so this fruit tree would be just right to decorate it.

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