Martial Peak

Chapter 1212 - Ugly Woman

Chapter 1212, Ugly Woman

After transferring everything to his Space Ring, Yang Kai sat cross-legged under the boulder to adjust his breathing.

Yang Kai had been cultivating in the canyon for more than a month and had just experienced a battle, so although he had not consumed much of his strength, he still wanted to maintain his peak condition in case he encountered any unexpected problems.

After half an hour, Yang Kai opened his eyes.

Just as he was about to leave the pit under the boulder though, Yang Kai saw a gray figure in front of him. This figure was small, flexible, and extremely fast. Although not as ridiculous as the Flowing Flame Flying Fire, its speed was still substantial.

The moment Yang Kai found this figure, he swept it with his Divine Sense and after confirming what it was, he couldn’t help showing a look of surprise.

It was actually a kind of Monster Beast and looked a bit like a fox. Its eyes were sharp and gave it a sly appearance. Its whole body was surrounded by a Wind Attribute aura, allowing it to move at great speed.

What Yang Kai cared about most though was the fruit which this Monster Beast was carrying in its mouth. This fruit was bright red and gave off a potent hot aura.

Golden Sun Fruit? Yang Kai raised a brow and immediately stood up to quickly chase after this fox-like beast.

The Golden Sun Fruit was an Origin Grade High-Rank Spirit Fruit and the primary ingredient in a number of Origin Grade pills. Since Yang Kai was planning on refining some pills to assist Wu Yi and the others with their cultivation, now that he had suddenly encounter such a spirit fruit, he wasn’t about to let it go.

On top of that, this Monster Beast’s strength didn’t seem very high, only reaching the Sixth-Order, so regardless of how quick it was, Yang Kai was confident he could easily catch up with it.

Robbing a single spirit fruit from a Monster Beast’s mouth was a bit ridiculous, but what Yang Kai cared more about was that since one Golden Sun Fruit had appeared here, there must be a Golden Sun Fruit Tree growing nearby. After catching this Monster Beast, perhaps Yang Kai could get it to lead him back to the fruit tree.

If Yang Kai could transplant this tree back to Dragon Cave Mountain, it would be best. Yang Kai believed that with the vitality contained in his Golden Blood, it wouldn’t be a problem to transplant this Golden Sun Fruit Tree.

This was the third layer Flame Area of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, so all of the spirit grasses and spirit medicines were extremely old, their value far higher than anything present in the outside market.

Yang Kai wasn’t slow and had begun his pursuit the moment he noticed the little beast passing by, but he had apparently underestimated this little beast’s ability. By the time he chased after it, it was nearly three kilometers away.

Frowning slightly, Yang Kai summoned his Wind and Thunder Wings and slowly but surely closed in on the little beast.

After half an hour, just as Yang Kai was about to catch up to the little beast, from up ahead, he suddenly heard the sounds of battle, and from the powerful energy fluctuations he felt it appeared to be quite an intense one at that.

Yang Kai wasn’t looking for trouble and wanted to avoid this fight, but the little beast he was chasing was heading straight towards the source of the sound.

Having pursued it for so long, Yang Kai naturally didn’t want to give up halfway, so he simply continued onwards.

However, a moment latter, Yang Kai showed a stunned look, because he saw with his own eyes the beast he had chased all this way dart over to the place where two figures were fighting and leap into a young women’s chest.

Was this little beast someone else’s pet? Yang Kai’s expression became ugly.

If he had known this before, how could he have engaged in such a fruitless pursuit? Since this was a Monster Beast raised by someone else, its owner must have released it to search for spirit grasses and spirit medicines. Yang Kai had only spotted it by coincidence on its way back and chased it all the way here.

This could easily lead to a misunderstanding with others.

However, the little beast really had some impressive skills, able to find a Golden Sun Fruit for its owner. Judging from how smooth its movements were, it also didn’t seem this was the first time it had done this.

The one fighting the owner of this little beast was a man dressed in shining golden robes, and when Yang Kai saw this, he couldn’t help showing a look of disgust.

Heaven Battling Union truly had many cultivators enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field; Yang Kai had encountered them no matter where he went. Back when he collected the Emerald Silk Grasses, two had died, then Yang Kai had killed four back in the long canyon, yet now, only a short time later, he had met another, it was truly some bad luck.

The scene where the little animal burrowing into the woman’s robes with a spirit fruit in its mouth was naturally seen by the Heaven Battling Union disciple and he exclaimed, “Golden Sun Fruit?”

As he spoke, greed flashed across his eyes and his attacks became even more ruthless.

After the arrival of Yang Kai, the woman seemed to become far more vigilant, diverting a part of her focus to monitor this newcomer’s movements. Doing this caused her to fall into a disadvantage immediately as her opponent’s battle-axe began raining down blows upon her, putting her in a perilous position.

As for the Heaven Battling Union disciple, he didn’t put Yang Kai in his eyes at all, shouting out loudly in order to rile up his opponent, “You ugly woman, what did you come out here for? To show other’s your ugly face? Hahaha, since you’re so ugly, why not just stay in your room obediently and never expose yourself? It’s your own fault for running out and disgusting people! What? Don’t like what I’m saying? Bite me then! Or, I’ll say whatever I want!”

Sure enough, facing this man’s poisonous tongue, the woman’s tender body trembled and a cold murderous glint flashed across her eyes. Although she was constantly pushing her Saint Qi to resist and she desperately wanted to rip the foul mouth off of this man, with anger clouding her judgement the strength she was able to display was less than eighty percent of her peak, causing her already bad situation to become even more precarious.

Yang Kai then noticed this woman’s face, and at a glance, felt deeply sorrowful.

Although the words of the cultivator from Heaven Battling Union were truly vile, it was also undeniable that this woman was truly unattractive.

Describing her at simply unattractive was actually a kind evaluation of her. She possessed an exquisite and rich figure, one that would tickle any man’s fantasies, but her face was filled with pock-marks and scars along with a number of yellow pustules that gave off an unpleasant smell. Not only that, her face’s skin tone was extremely sallow and appeared malnourished.

This formed an extraordinarily stark contrast with her fair arms and pink neck.

People with poor mental strength would be frightened if they saw her face.

Without these shortcomings though, her appearance would have been excellent; after all, her underlying facial features were delicate and neat.

Yang Kai frowned slightly, wondering whether this woman was born like this or if there was some other reason, but regardless of the reason, her appearance was obviously her Achilles’ Heel. The cultivator from Heaven Battling Union kept attacking her looks and was successful in stimulating her anger.

If not for this, she could probably have killed this Heaven Battling Union cultivator with her ability.

She used a white silk-like artefact that was incredibly sharp and stealthy. As she danced upon the battlefield, white flashes of light silently appeared in a several dozen meter radiuses around her and sharp cutting noises constantly rang out, but even so, she was barely able to remain undefeated.

Whatever reason these two were fighting for, Yang Kai didn’t plan on getting involved. Although he didn’t like the cultivators from Heaven Battling Union, as long as the other party didn’t provoke him, he wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke them. All those who provoked him though, would die.

On top of that, since this little beast that could find spirit fruits was this woman’s pet, Yang Kai didn’t plan on capturing it anymore.

But contrary to his wishes, the cultivator from Heaven Battling Union for some reason or another, in the middle of his battle with this woman, called out to Yang Kai, “Boy, what do you think of this woman’s appearance? Isn’t she beyond ugly? Say a few good words and your Uncle here will reward you.”

He apparently wanted to use Yang Kai to stimulate his opponent even further.

After hearing what he said though, Yang Kai just frowned, abandoning his plan to simply walk away as he stared towards the cultivator from Heaven Battling Union with a funny look.

The woman also intentionally or unintentionally glanced over towards Yang Kai, and it was apparent that there was some worry in their depths, her red lips becoming a bit pale and colourless as she bit them tightly.

Did she really care so much about her appearance? Obviously. So, she was worried that Yang Kai would echo the words said by this Heaven Battling Union disciple.

Yang Kai didn’t know what this woman was thinking, but to himself, he thought that even if she was ugly… extremely ugly, there was no reason to care so much about it, right?

However, seeing Yang Kai not say anything allowed the woman to breathe a sigh of relief. The white artefact in her hand danced more and more fiercely and she actually wrapped up the other party’s battle-axe. The cultivator from Heaven Battling Union was shocked and hastily tried to take back his artefact but was unable to free it from the bindings of the white silk immediately. Seeing his artefact on the verge of being taken away, he pushed his Saint Qi violently and finally managed to stabilize his situation.

The two sides instantly reached a tenuous stalemate, with the man and woman stopping in place, both desperately pouring their Saint Qi into their respective artefacts as they continued to struggle against one another.

“Boy, are you mute or something? Uncle here asked you a question, why don’t you answer?” Then cultivator from Heaven Battling Union seemed to become angry out of shame as he was being matched evenly by this woman, so he shouted once more to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai maintained his strange smile, paused for a moment, then began walking towards the deadlocked pair.

The woman and the cultivator from Heaven Battling Union both showed stunned expressions as they stared blankly at the approaching Yang Kai, wondering what this small First-Order Saint King wanted to do.

But soon, the cultivator from Heaven Battling Union came up with an idea and shouted to Yang Kai once more, “Kid, I don’t care whether you’re mute or not, hurry up and kill this woman for me, kill her and I will give you some benefits.”

As soon as these words came out, the woman’s look changed drastically. She was currently in a stalemate with her opponent, but once an outsider intervened, this deadlock would instantly be broken.

Although she wasn’t afraid of an attack from Yang Kai as he was just a First-Order Saint King, if he were really to attack her, the man from Heaven Battling Union would take that opportunity to free his battle-axe from her white silk artefact, destroying her hard-won advantage.

As such, she was quite nervous.

Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t seem to have any intention to attack and simply shook his head, allowing her to calm down. She even flashed a look of gratitude towards him briefly.

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