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Chapter 1214 - Wei Gu Chang’s Call For Help

Chapter 1214, Wei Gu Chang’s Call For Help

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Moreover, the Divine Tree was sleeping in his Black Book Space, so there was a chance its aura would be able to nourish and support this Golden Sun Fruit Tree.

Of course, even if this transplant effort wasn’t successful, there would be no loss.

“What do you want this fruit tree for?” The woman who was just about to leave stopped in place and stared at Yang Kai strangely. “This kind of spirit tree has very strict requirements for its growth environment. If you take it away from here, perhaps it will die. What’s more, a Space Ring isn’t suitable to store it.”

After speaking these few words though, she suddenly realized that she was inadvertently poking into Yang Kai’s business and smiled awkwardly, asking “Would you like me to help?”

“No thanks, your intentions are more than enough, I can handle this myself.” Yang Kai smiled slightly before stretching out a finger and condensing a long, sharp blade of Saint Qi. Stabbing this blade into the ground, Yang Kai traces a wide circle around the Golden Sun Fruit Tree.

The land around the fruit tree wasn’t anything special so Yang Kai was naturally able to cut through it with ease. In order to not damage any of this Golden Sun Fruit Tree’s roots, Yang Kai carefully used his Divine Sense and Saint Qi.

After completing a circle around the Golden Sun Fruit Tree, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and turned it into a big net that completely covered it.

The next moment, a light flashed, and the ten-metre-tall Golden Sun Fruit Tree disappeared from sight. It had been taken into the Black Book Space by Yang Kai and placed beside the Divine Tree, leaving only a huge pit in its place.

The woman’s eyes flashed an unusual light. Although with her cultivation she could also easily bring such a big spirit tree into her Space Ring, a First-Order Saint like Yang Kai accomplishing such a feat without even breaking a sweat was a bit surprising.

After all, collecting such a huge living thing would put a heavy load onto one’s Divine Sense.

Finished collecting the Golden Sun Fruit Tree, Yang Kai smiled slightly to the woman and was about to bid farewell to her when his brow suddenly furrowed. Wiping the Space ring on his finger, Yang Kai took out his communication artefact.

Just now, when his Divine Sense accidentally swept his Space Ring, he suddenly noticed that a message had been sent to him, something that caught his attention.

This communication artefact was given to him by Wei Gu Chang. Not long after entering the third layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Yang Kai had found the bodies of two Shadow Moon Hall disciples. At that time, he had tried to contact Wei Gu Chang but had never heard back from him. Yang Kai didn’t know how he or Dong Xuan’er was doing. Now though, after more than a month had passed, Yang Kai had suddenly received a message, which made him very surprised.

Before Yang Kai could even check the content of this message though, the woman standing nearby called out in surprise before asking Yang Kai in a stunned voice, “Are you a disciple of Shadow Moon Hall?”

Yang Kai turned a confused look of his own towards her and asked back, “Why would you think that?”

Although he had some small friendship a few people from Shadow Moon Hall, Yang Kai himself was not from Shadow Moon Hall. Why would this woman suddenly ask him such a question after he took out this communication artefact?

The woman simply smiled lightly and pointed to the communication artefact in Yang Kai’s hand, “The artefact in your hand was made by Shadow Moon Hall’s Grandmaster Ge Lin. It has his unique mark on it. I also have an artefact refined by Grandmaster Ge Lin so I’m quite clear about this. Since you have such a communication artefact, how could you not be related to Shadow Moon Hall? On top of that, only core disciples from Shadow Moon Hall should have this kind of communication artefact.”

For some unknown reason, after suspecting that Yang Kai was a Shadow Moon Hall disciple, the woman’s attitude towards him seemed to improve. Before, she had spoken in a more reserved tone but now her words seemed more natural and relaxed.

Yang Kai gawked for a moment before looking at the spot she was point and noticing a small triangular sign atop the communication artefact.

Grandmaster Ge Lin was a name Yang Kai was familiar with. It was said that he was the only Origin Grade Low-Rank Artefact Refiner in Shadow Moon Hall, one of the few such Grandmasters on all of Shadowed Star. It seemed this small triangle mark was Grandmaster Ge Lin’s personal signature.

This kind of practice was quite normal. Generally, famous Artefact Refiners would possess their own unique mark. After refining an artefact, this mark would be added and not only would it increase the value of an artefact, it would grant the owner of the artefact a lot of face.

This was something Alchemists couldn’t do, because no Alchemist was so idle and bored that he would add a distinctive mark to the pills he refined. Once someone swallowed a pill, it would be gone forever, would anyone show it off before eating it?

This woman was extremely observant; Yang Kai hadn’t even realized this mark existed until she had pointed it out.

Understanding this, Yang Kai nodded and said, “This should have been refined by Grandmaster Ge Lin, but I’m not a disciple of Shadow Moon Hall, this thing was given to me by Wei Gu Chang.”

“Senior Brother Wei gave it to you?” The woman covered her mouth with a look of surprise. She was well aware of Wei Gu Chang’s demeanor; even most of the Core Disciples from Shadow Moon Hall weren’t put in his eyes. Besides Dong Xuan’er, no one else was even able to enter his discernment, yet Wei Gu Chang had actually given Yang Kai this communication artefact. What did that imply?

“Do you know Brother Wei?” Yang Kai was surprised this time. He hadn’t expected a random woman he met to have some kind of friendship with Wei Gu Chang.

“En, I’m know him because I’m familiar with Xuan’er…” The woman smiled sweetly and said, but suddenly realizing something, her expression sank as she hurriedly said, “Did Senior Brother Wei send you a message? Take a look quickly!”

The ones capable of reaching this place were the Core Disciples of Shadow Moon Hall, so it was very likely that Wei Gu Chang was the one who had sent a message. The most likely reason he had sent out a message though would be because he encountered some kind of danger.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er had always been inseparable, so if Wei Gu Chang was in danger, Dong Xuan’er must be as well. Realizing this point, the woman became anxious and quickly urged Yang Kai.

This woman’s sudden anxiety surprised Yang Kai. He didn’t know what kind of background this woman had but it was clear from her sudden reaction just now that she was very close with Dong Xuan’er.

Not wasting any more time, Yang Kai poured his Divine Sense into the communication artefact to investigate as the woman stared towards him nervously.

A moment later, Yang Kai frowned, looked up, and said, “Brother Wei indeed sent out a message, and it seems he’s ran into some trouble.”

“What happened?” The woman asked hurriedly.

“They seem to have fallen into some kind of ancient Spirit Array and can’t escape. They were only able to send out a message calling for help. I sent a message back, but they haven’t replied,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

“An ancient Spirit Array?” The woman turned pale, “Is Little Sister Xuan’er alright?”

“I don’t know,” Yang Kai shook his head, “Only Brother Wei sent out a message, I haven’t heard anything from or about anyone else.”

Upon hearing this, the woman’s complexion improved slightly, and she began muttering to herself under her breath, “Little Sister Xuan’er should be together with Senior Brother Wei, so only Senior Brother Wei sent out a message. Do you know where they are?”

Yang Kai shook his head again, “I didn’t hear anything from Brother Wei, but I should soon. If he really is calling for help, he’ll definitely report his position, and since I can receive a message from him, he shouldn’t be too far from here.”

If they were too far away, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to receive a message from him.

“Alright!” The woman gently nodded. Although she understood what Yang Kai said, her two small hands still clenched into fists as she stared at the communication artefact in Yang Kai’s hand with some anxiety.

Yang Kai was now absolutely sure that this woman’s relationship with Dong Xuan’er wasn’t light, otherwise she wouldn’t be acting so tense. Just when Yang Kai looked over at her, the woman’s pair of beautiful eyes also happened to meet his, and seemingly realizing she was acting a bit improper, she couldn’t help smiling awkwardly.

“It’s here!” Yang Kai suddenly exclaimed, and as he expected, Wei Gu Chang had reported his position. After carefully noting the details of this message, Yang Kai looked up towards the woman and asked, “Brother Wei said they were about a hundred kilometres west of a giant piece of Silver Star Ore… Have you seen such a landmark?”

“Silver Star Ore?” The woman smiled, “I know where that is, I came across it once before.”

“Lead the way!” Yang Kai was a decisive person and immediately put away his communication artefact as he motioned to the woman.

The woman nodded and quickly used her movement skill to rush off, following closely by Yang Kai.

Nothing was said along the way, and they also didn’t encounter any danger or other cultivators. About half a day later, a massive piece of ore at least three hundred metres tall appeared in front of the two. Standing erect amidst the fiery red landscape, this piece of ore seemed as if it had been untouched since ancient times, giving it a desolate aura.

When he saw this huge ore, Yang Kai couldn’t help but frown.

He had heard about Silver Star Ore before and could help wanting to take it away. Silver Star Ore was an excellent Artefact Refining material. When refining an artefact, if some Silver Star Ore could be added, it would improve the resilience of an artefact, meaning that it was less likely to be destroyed in combat, as such, it was quite valuable. A fist-sized piece of Silver Star Ore could easily sell for tens of thousands of Saint Crystals; it was a treasure which was difficult to acquire even if one had money.

Now, seeing such a huge piece of Silver Star Ore in front of him, Yang Kai couldn’t help freezing in place.

Something like this couldn’t be put into his Black Book Space as is.

If it were another type of ore, Yang Kai would have broken it down into pieces, but Silver Star Ore was incredibly firm so he would have to first melt it down with his Saint Qi to collect it. Such a task would take more than a day or two.

It would have been perfect if the Stone Puppet was here, but unfortunately, the Stone Puppet had been confiscated by Yang Yan before he departed, so such thoughts were useless. Yang Kai glanced at this huge piece of Silver Star Ore with a look of reluctance before turning his eyes away indifferently.

“This is it,” The woman, who was leading the way, called out.

Yang Kai nodded, “A hundred kilometres to the west!”

Saying so, he took out his Yuan Magnetic Compass, determined his bearings, then rushed off again.

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