Martial Peak

Chapter 1189 - Soul Cleansing Divine Water

Chapter 1189, Soul Cleansing Divine Water

With a crackling sound, a dark ball of lightning appeared atop the horn of the angered Silver Horned Lightning Python. With a flourish of its head, the python sent out this black ball of lightning towards the cultivators at a speed barely visible to the eye.

One of them paled and hurriedly dodged while the other seemed to have all his attention focused on Yang Kai who was about to run away, but in his distracted state, he was unable to avoid the lightning sphere and was instantly enveloped by it.

Lighting flashed about as this unfortunate cultivator twitched, his hair standing on end. In a panic, he pushed his Saint Qi to resist the current from invading his body.

However, a massive whip-like object suddenly struck him, nearly knocking the soul from his body.

Having been struck by the lightning ball, this man had already been paralyzed and had no way to avoid this blow, so he was struck dead on and flung out several dozen meters.

The sound of bones shattering rang out as this man was sent flying, his chest caving in and blood spurting from his mouth as his face became unnaturally pale. Only now was he able to tell what it was that had struck him, it was the Silver Horned Lightning Python’s tail!

After hitting the ground, he convulsed a few times but somehow managed to get to his feet before staggering and falling over again, this time not getting up.

Suffering a direct hit from an Eighth-Order Monster Beast’s lightning attack, followed by a heavy tail whip, this Second Order Saint King cultivator only had death to look forward to.

The remaining cultivator’s face changed greatly as he had never imagined the situation would end up like this. In his head, after his first attack killed Yang Kai, he would snatch his Space ring then take advantage of the Silver Horned Lightning Pythons attacking Yang Kai to escape with his companion, allowing them to reap all the gains without facing any of the danger.

However, the course of events deviated greatly from his expectations.

Yang Kai remained unharmed while his companion had suffered calamity and died on the spot.

Now he had no thoughts of finding trouble with Yang Kai because he was in the same boat. Both of them were being entangled by one of the Silver Horned Lightning Pythons, and with only a Second-Order Saint King cultivation, facing an Eight-Order Monster Beast, he was barely able to protect himself. He didn’t dare to remain and fight, so he decisively chose to withdraw, drawing one of the Silver Horned Lightning Python’s out of Yang Kai’s sight.

Before leaving, however, the glare filled with resentment he shot towards Yang Kai let the latter know he had contracted an inexplicable and irresolvable grudge.

The other side had attacked first, attempting to kill him and steal his treasures, yet now Yang Kai was the one being blamed for everything. Naturally, Yang Kai had no plans to let this situation end so simply. Besides settling this grudge, Yang Kai also needed to silence this man otherwise once word of these Emerald Silk Grasses spread, he would only have more trouble to deal with.

Here wasn’t a good place to silence witnesses to the crime though as the Silver Horned Lightning Python was quite difficult to deal with. Yang Kai found that his Demonic Flame didn’t actually cause this python much damage because its scales were as hard as armour and were resistant to the elements.

This Monster Beast was clearly at the peak of the Eighth-Order, on the verge of evolving to the Ninth-Order and becoming a Flood Dragon.

If it were given a dozen years or so, it would definitely succeed.

On top of that, this Silver Horned Lightning Python seemed to have undergone some kind of mutation and was not only capable of using Thunder Attribute Divine Abilities like shooting lightning bolts from its horn, it was also able to spit a green poisonous mist from its mouth which caused Yang Kai much headache.

Yang Kai would have to expend a lot of effort to kill it!

Contemplating it for a moment, Yang Kai gave up the idea of ​​killing it. Even if he killed such a Monster Beast, all he would get was an Eighth-Order Monster Core plus some low-grade Artefact Refining materials, it really wasn’t worth it.

Eliminating the fleeing source of trouble took precedent.

Thinking so, Yang Kai immediately withdrew from the fight and dashed off in the direction the other cultivator escaped, soon losing the Silver Horned Lightning Python far behind.

Along the way, Yang Kai saw the other Silver Horned Lightning Python which had gone to chase the fleeing cultivator returning to the cave. Seeing this, Yang Kai understood that his target had, like him, managed to shake off this difficult opponent.

In the jungle, a certain Second-Order Saint King leaned against a huge tree, his Divine Sense spread out around himself, panting heavily as he guarded against anyone or anything that tried to approach, cursing under his breath the whole time.

More than a dozen Emerald Silk Grasses had been within his grasp, but it seemed the Heavens had other plans; not only had he failed to pick those precious spirit herbs, his companion had also died.

He directed all his hate towards Yang Kai, feeling that if it weren’t for Yang Kai, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a miserable state. If it weren’t for Yang Kai suddenly jumping out and snatching his things, how could he have acted so hastily?

That was a dozen Emerald Silk Grasses! If he could have handed them over to the Elders of his Sect, he would have received a massive reward, but now he had less than nothing.

He simply couldn’t let this matter stand, no matter what, he needed to snatch those Emerald Silk Grasses from that bastard.

Taking out his communication artefact from his Space Ring and pouring his Divine Sense into it, this man wanted to notify his fellow Sect Brothers and Sister of what had just happened when suddenly a hot and cold, good and evil aura descended upon him from above.

Looking up blankly, all this man could see was a giant black palm that was patting towards him ruthlessly.

With a scream, he immediately summoned his defensive artefact while at the same time forcing his body to retreat a dozen meters, trying to avoid the attack of this huge palm print.

Someone was attacking him!

This man was astonished, he had spread out his Divine Sense but still failed to notice any trace of this person’s approach, which showed that the other party’s cultivation realm was far higher than his own. However, if that was the case, why would he suddenly be attacking him?

The next moment though, as a black flame enveloped him, he understood. Staring at Yang Kai who appeared not far from him, he couldn’t help calling out in shock, “You…”

He didn’t have the hard skin of the Silver Horned Lightning Python, so after being contaminated with the Demonic Flame, he was unable to put up any meaningful resistance and a moment later was reduced to a pile of ashes.

His Space Ring and communication artefact both dropped to the ground.

Yang Kai secretly breathed a sigh of relief after seeing this communication artefact as he knew his previous assumptions had been correct. This man really was planning on contacting his friends as soon as he escaped from the Silver Horned Lightning Python. Fortunately, Yang Kai had arrived in time, otherwise, he would have been in for a lot of hassle.

Bending down, Yang Kai picked up the Space Ring and checked its content. Unsurprisingly, there were some Saint Crystals and pills, but in addition to this, there were several Saint King Grade High-Rank herbs and a few bean-sized Fire Crystal Stones, obviously things this man had acquired along the way.

Indifferent to these things, Yang Kai stored them away in his own Space Ring before picking up the communication artefact.

While preparing to also throw this into his Space Ring, Yang Kai sensed a pulse of Divine Sense from this communication artefact.

Someone was sending a message!

Yang Kai was startled, wondering if he had been one step too late. Had the other party managed to contact someone before he arrived?

Frowning, Yang Kai sent his Divine Sense into the artefact, his expression turning strange in the next instant.

While it was true that someone had sent a message, it had nothing to do with Yang Kai or what had just happened now. Instead, it seemed whoever was sending the message was trying to gather together all of his companions as he had seemingly found something extraordinary.

Yang Kai didn’t want to meddle in this affair; after all, he had just killed someone from the Sect which was now gathering together, so avoiding this group was the sensible choice, but the four words ‘Soul Cleansing Divine Water’ were actually mentioned in this Divine Sense Message!

This startled Yang Kai.

He had read many of Zong Ao’s ancient books back on Rainfall Star and learned about many different treasures, not just information about herbs and pill recipes.

Soul Cleansing Divine Water was one of the treasures he had learned of.

This treasure wasn’t a natural product but was instead formed through a series of chance coincidences.

Three conditions had to be met for Soul Cleansing Divine Water to be created. First, the location where it was formed needed to be extremely rich in World Energy, preferably an Earth Vein or Spirit Spring. Second, an Origin King Realm master had to have died there. Third, after the death of this Origin King Realm master, their Spiritual Energy must not have dissipated and instead perfectly integrated with the Earth Vein or Spirit Spring. If all these conditions were met, there was a slim chance Soul Cleansing Divine Water would be formed.

Of these conditions, the third condition was without a doubt the most difficult to achieve, because no matter how powerful a cultivator was, once they died, their Spiritual Energy would escape from their body and soon dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere. This was essentially unavoidable.

However, there were some exceptions.

For example, a Soul Warming Lotus had the ability to completely preserve a cultivator’s Spiritual Energy. When Yang Kai found the Soul Warming Lotus, it had been surrounded by a massive amount of Spiritual Energy.

If Yang Kai accidentally died, his Spiritual Energy would also likely not dissipate but instead be preserved by the Soul Warming Lotus.

The birth of Soul Cleansing Divine Water was another such exception.

A person’s Soul contained their entire life’s experiences and memory, something no one dared to absorb at will. Yang Kai was only able to refine remnant Souls after purifying them with his Demon Eye of Annihilation.

However, Soul Cleansing Divine Water was different, it was actually a mixture of Spiritual Energy and a massive amount of World Energy. Because of the special conditions required for its formation, all of the dead cultivator’s memories and life experiences were washed away, leaving behind only a pure form of energy.

Soul Cleansing Divine Water could not only quickly improve a cultivator’s Soul cultivation, but if one was lucky enough, one would even be able to gain some of the insights in the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao of the fallen Origin King Realm cultivator.

Of course, the chance of this was even smaller than the chance of Soul Cleansing Divine Water being formed.

Zong Ao’s ancient books had recorded all of this, but Soul Cleansing Divine Water was too scarce. Origin King Realm cultivators already stood at the pinnacle of the Star Field, each of them possessing long life spans, so how could any of them die casually, much less die in a land where there was abundant World Energy?

As such, Zong Ao had only heard about this treasure and hadn’t actually seen it before.

What truly surprised Yang Kai about this Soul Cleansing Divine Water though was the fact that it had appeared here given the conditions required for its formation!

If it was really was the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, wouldn’t that mean that at one point, an Origin King Realm master died on Shadowed Star? Since there was an Origin King herein the past, why weren’t there any now? Also, why was the overall level of Alchemy and Artefact Refining on Shadowed Star so low?

While Yang Kai was contemplating all this, many more Divine Sense messages reached the communication artefact in his hand as people asked questions in amazement and also tried to determine where they would rendezvous.

[Should I take a look?] Yang Kai frowned. If it really was Soul Cleansing Divine Water, it was worth the risk. Even if it turned out to be something else, he wouldn’t suffer any loss other than wasting a bit of time.

Considering all this, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and while secretly paying attention to the information coming into the communication artefact, he ran towards the gathering point indicated.

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