Martial Peak

Chapter 1188, - Emerald Silk Grass

Chapter 1188, Emerald Silk Grass

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This kind of monstrous talent could only have come from that place, which was why Meng Hong Liang had panicked so much at the last moment.

It was rumoured that people from that place always acted indifferently towards everyone else, but now it seemed that it is not the case, at least this guy named Yang Kai was quite approachable.

It seems that rumours were just rumours after all.

Regarding the Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence, Yang Kai didn’t mention it, and Huang Xi Ran didn’t ask, both of them silently reaching an agreement.

For Huang Xi Ran, it was enough to be able to get revenge, how could he then reach out for a yard after taking an inch and ask Yang Kai for the Brilliant Fire Crystal Essence? After all, he had already lost it to someone else, so he had no right to it anymore.

When Yang Kai’s figure disappeared, Huang Xi Ran hurriedly picked up the few Space Rings scattered around, stuffed all the Saint Crystals and pills inside into his own, then quickly left this place, preparing to find a hidden place to heal himself. Along the way, he also tried to contact his fellow Sect members to help guard him.

Five days later, Yang Kai passed through the Flame Area and arrived at a place where World Energy was extremely rich. There was no omnipresent heat like in the Flame Area, and there was no fire poison which threatened to invade his body at all this time. Instead, the scenery here was beautiful and refreshing like a spring day, the air was clean and crisp, it was nothing short of a paradise.

Treasure Area!

Yang Kai was somewhat shocked as he stepped from the First-Layer Flame Area and into the First-Layer Treasure Area.

The Flowing Flame Sand Field was truly strange, the boundary between the first Flame Area and the first Treasure Area was clearly defined and the environments were extremely different. None of the heat or fire poison from the Flame Area spilled into the Treasure Area at all.

After separating from Huang Xi Ran of Extreme Path Sect, Yang Kai had constantly moving for five days.

As he advanced inward, he had encountered several cultivators from, most of them in small groups who were searching for Fire Spirit Beasts in the Flame Area or Fire Attribute spirit grasses and spirit medicines. Of course, if they were able to find something precious like the Brilliant Fire Crystal, these people would be extremely happy.

Basically, most of the cultivators who entered would remain in the Flame Area to carry out this kind of task while the rest would enter the Treasure Area to search for spirit grasses and spirit medicines. Those who were eligible to enter the Treasure Area were elites from big Sects.

It didn’t seem fair on the surface, with those possessing low aptitude and poor strength forced to fight outside while those with high aptitude and good strength treasure hunted in the Treasure Area, but that was simply the way things were. Those with high aptitude and high strength always received better treatment than their cohorts.

The rich became richer while the poor became poorer for this exact reason.

To obtain good resources, one needed to first improve their strength.

Yang Kai had nothing to do along the way as he didn’t run into anyone like Meng Hong Liang who was looking for trouble with him. Everything was fine with the exception of the strange looks all the other cultivators kept giving him.

Those cultivators could all see Yang Kai’s low cultivation and the fact that he was walking around alone in the Flame Area and could only conclude he was a reckless kid who didn’t know how to write the word death. Most people simply took the attitude of aloof observers or interest spectators; however, there was one young woman who actually ran over to Yang Kai and tried to persuade him to turn back and stop courting destruction.

In fact, due to this person’s kindness, Yang Kai simply gave a few perfunctory replies. The young woman soon saw that Yang Kai was determined to continue forward and no longer wasted her breathe, simply shaking her head and sighing as she thought this world really had a lot of fools in it.

The Flame Area, which he should have been able to cross in about ten days, had taken Yang Kai a month to traverse thanks to the delays he suffered in the strange mountain valley and the Bewildering Array.

There were certainly quite a few people already inside the Treasure Area by now, so Yang Kai didn’t act impatiently, releasing his Divine Sense all around him as he began searching for spirit grasses and spirit medicines.

Wei Gu Chang had said that although there were no Fire Spirit Beasts in this Treasure Area, there were many Monster Beasts here so he had to remain vigilant.

For the first few days, Yang Kai did not meet anyone.

His harvest was also not great, possibly because others had rushed here ahead of him. Whatever the case was, over the past few days, Yang Kai’s expectations for this place have gradually diminished; after all, he had already experienced the great bounty of the floating continent.

The floating continent was a place where materials incredibly abundant, with spirit grasses and spirit medicines everywhere one looked, many of them Origin Grade or even Origin King Grade.

The herbs Yang Kai harvested in the Treasure Area were mostly Saint King Grade High-Rank with a few being Origin Grade. Such a harvest would be huge for anyone else, but Yang Kai was indifferent to it.

Worst of all, he couldn’t find the herbs he wanted.

After the Flowing Flame Sand Field closed this time, he planned to refine some pills for Wu Yi, Yu Feng, and the others because their strength was simply too weak.

On this day though, Yang Kai was walking when he suddenly stopped and sniffed the air.

He smelled a familiar aroma that while fresh and a hint of bitterness to it.

Emerald Silk Grass! Yang Kai’s eyes brightened.

Obtaining Emerald Silk Grass was one of Yang Kai’s objectives for this trip. It wasn’t that Emerald Silk Grass wasn’t found elsewhere on Shadowed Star, but once it appears, it would be snatched up by the major forces because it was the primary ingredient required to refine Origin Condensing Pills.

Although the highest level of Alchemist on Shadowed Star was only Origin Grade Low-Rank, these people could still attempt to refine Origin Condensing Pills, possibly even succeeding once or twice out of ten attempts. Any success, however, represented a great chance of producing an Origin Returning Realm master.

Because of this, Emerald Silk Grass simply wasn’t available on the market at all as it was one of the most sought-after herbs.

Yang Kai could only place his hopes on this trip to the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

However, he didn’t expect he would actually find some.

This faint bitterness could only be emitted by Emerald Silk Grass, and judging from the richness of this scent, there seemed to be quite a few stalks, otherwise, it would have been impossible for the fragrance to travel so far.

Yang Kai didn’t even need to use his Divine Sense, all he had to do was breathe in to quickly determine where the medicinal fragrance was coming from, dashing off in that direction as soon as he had.

About half an hour later, Yang Kai finally arrived, but instead of rushing out to collect the Emerald Silk Grass, he concealed his aura and scanned his surroundings.

Because he knew that where there was Emerald Silk Grass, there was likely one or more special of Monster Beasts lurking nearby.

He decided to see if there were any traces of such Monster Beasts here.

Looking around though, Yang Kai’s heart leapt wildly, and he was barely able to contain his joy.

Because in front of him were more than a dozen green stalks, each with seven small leaves, spread out across a wide area.

When an Emerald Silk Grass grew seven leaves, it meant they were fully mature and had medicinal ages of at least five hundred years. In Yang Kai’s hands, that means it could make more than a dozen Origin Condensing Pills.

Not far from the dozen or so Emerald Silk Grasses though, there was a large cave that had a foul odour wafting from it as well as some traces of sticky looking slime around a wide entrance.

Seeing this, Yang Kai understood exactly what type of Monster Beast was guarding these Emerald Silk Grasses.

Silver Horned Lightning Python!

The Silver Horned Lightning Python was a Seventh-Order or Eighth-Order Monster Beast. When it reached its peak, it could evolve further into a species of Flood Dragon which was a Ninth-Order Monster Beast. Silver Horned Lightning Pythons liked the bitter aura given off by Emerald Silk Grass so it wasn’t a surprise one had chosen to live here.

Yang Kai knew this information because he had seen it in the ancient books Zong Ao had given him back on Rainfall Star, otherwise, he wouldn’t have known so much about herbs in the Star Field.

Whether it was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast or an Eighth-Order Monster Beast though, Yang Kai didn’t care much. He believed that with his speed, he could quickly leave here after collecting those Emerald Silk Grasses.

Using his Divine Sense to sweep the cave, Yang Kai immediately noticed that there were two Silver Horned Lightning Pythons inside, both of them were Eighth-Order!

These two Monster Beasts had clearly lived here for many, many years, so them reaching the Eighth-Order wasn’t unexpected.

However, what made Yang Kai a little bit concerned was that there were actually two other cultivators here as well.

Obviously, the other two knew the Monster Beasts inside the cave weren’t to be trifled with so even though they had arrived here earlier than Yang Kai, they hadn’t dared to act rashly and were even now seemingly discussing how to collect those Emerald Silk Grasses.

The best way would naturally be for one person to lead the pythons out from the cave, pulling the tiger away from the mountain, while the other person collected the spirit herbs.

But these two were both just Second-Order Saint Kings. Even if they couldn’t defeat a single Silver Horned Lightning Python, running away wouldn’t be a problem, but if either of them had to deal with two of these beasts, they would face great danger, therefore they were still debating.

However, before these two could resolve their discussion, they saw a man in black robes walk straight out from nowhere and quickly approach the dozen or so Emerald Silk Grass stalks.

The two of them gawked slightly but soon realized that someone was trying to snatch their prize.

The man in black robes seemed to now be aware of the danger he was in and simply rushed out with a happy smile on his face.

After a short pause, the two hiding cultivators couldn’t hold back anymore. Whether this person could collect the Emerald Silk Grass or not, once he stepped forward and alerted the two pythons, all hope they had of succeeding would disappear.

As such, both of them swiftly rushed out.

Yang Kai frowned after he noticed the movements of these two men, and he too raced out, faster than anyone else, and immediately arrived at the Emerald Silk Grasses.

Quickly plucking the dozen or so stalks of Emerald Silk Grass, Yang Kai tossed them directly into his Space Ring.

Only then did the two Silver Horned Lightning Pythons seem to realize something was wrong and two faint blue bolts of lightning shot out from the cave directly towards Yang Kai.

At the same time, a washbasin size python head emerged from the cave and two triangular snake eyes stared towards Yang Kai coldly, crackling lightning dancing around a single silver horn atop its head.

With a rumble, this Silver Horned Lightning Python’s huge and imposing body slithered out from the cave. Yang Kai plucking the Emerald Silk Grass had obviously enraged it.

The other Silver Horned Lightning Python swiftly followed suit.

Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he avoided the first bolts of lightning and was about to run away when he suddenly heard a rage-filled voice shout, “Leave the Emerald Silk Grass if you don’t want to die!”

As soon as these words rang out, Saint Qi erupted, condensed into a majestic tiger head, and bit towards Yang Kai.

How could something he had snatched for himself be so easily given away? Yang Kai knew that these two were quite anxious, otherwise, they would not have rushed out so suddenly, but Yang Kai’s response was simply to casually dodge this tiger head attack.

The tiger’s head coincidentally continued forward and attacked the second Silver Horned Lightning Python which was crawling out of the cave. Lightning flashed atop this Silver Horned Lightning Python’s horn, and although it hadn’t been injured, suffering this attack had angered it further.

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