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Chapter 1190 - , Stalactite Cave

Chapter 1190, Stalactite Cave

It took Yang Kai some time to determine his exact destination. Fortunately, the location where the Soul Cleansing Divine Water had been found wasn’t too far away, otherwise, this communication artefact would not have even connected.

When Yang Kai finally arrived, he discovered that it was actually a stalactite cave. The inside of this cave was quite dark and seemed to be filled with a layer of mist, making it difficult to see ahead. Even Divine Sense seemed to be suppressed quite severely here.

Was the Soul Cleansing Divine Water in this place?

Moments after Yang Kai arrived, a team of three people quickly approached from a different direction.

Yang Kai glanced over at them casually to discover that these three wore the same robes as the two men who had tried to rob the Emerald Silk Grass from him. This could only mean that these three belonged to the same great force as those two.

Yang Kai secretly paid attention to them and soon came to know which force they came from.

They were actually from Heaven Battling Union!

This fact became apparent to Yang Kai when he saw that the one leading this group of three was actually Qu Chang Feng!

The entrance Heaven Battling Union used to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field was not the same one as Shadow Moon Hall. As Yang Kai crossed the Flame Area, he had not met anyone from Heaven Battling Union, but now that he had reached the Treasure Area, it seemed that the chances of meeting cultivators from various forces had increased. This made sense as the further one travelled into the Flowing Flame Sand Field, the less space there was.

At this moment, Qu Chang Feng’s face was filled with excitement as he led his two Sect Brothers over with great momentum. Obviously, he too had received that Divine Sense Message and was eager to investigate.

Soul Cleansing Divine Water had a huge appeal to all cultivators. This wasn’t something good for just Saint Kings, even Origin Realm and Origin King Realm masters could benefit from it. Fortunately, only Saint Kings could enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field, otherwise, none of them would have been able to enjoy this grade of treasure.

With his complete attention focused on the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, Qu Chang Feng didn’t seem interested in Yang Kai at all, simply shooting him a passing glance before rushing into the Stalactite Cave.

After his figure disappeared, two or three other cultivators also raced over from different directions.

Seeing this, Yang Kai no longer hesitated and dove after behind Qu Chang Feng into the stalactite cave.

The treasure was right in front of him, those with fast hands would grab some while those who were slow would get nothing, so Yang Kai naturally couldn’t fall behind.

Drops of milky white liquid dripped from the hanging stalactites, giving the entire cave a fresh aura that was rich in World Energy. This place truly had incredibly dense World Energy, as if a spring of it was hidden deeper inside.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai nodded to himself. One of the conditions for the formation of Soul Cleansing Divine Water was satisfied by this place. The World Energy aura here was indeed strong, and this was just the periphery. If one went in further, the aura would only become richer.

Inside the cave, only the sound of water droplets falling to the ground resounded.

Yang Kai made his way inside, and the further he went, the more potent the World Energy aura became. After walking for around a stick of incense worth of time, he arrived at a large stone cavern.

Looking around, Yang Kai couldn’t help staring for a moment.

There were actually a lot of people gathered here in this stone cavern, twenty at least. Qu Chang Feng was also here and was currently staring greedily at a certain place. Besides him, there were five other Saint Kings, surrounding him like stars around a bright moon. These people were naturally Heaven Battling Union disciples.

Besides the six from Heaven Battling Union, the other dozen or so cultivators were split up into four groups, each group with three to five people in it.

On top of that, there was a stern-faced man who, like Yang Kai, stood all alone, his aura extremely calm and reserved.

However, when Yang Kai saw this person, he instinctually felt a sense of danger. This fellow wasn’t weak, a Third-Order Saint King without a doubt.

Yang Kai was used to killing enemies in higher realms than his own, and he had even killed a number of Third-Order Saint Kings. An ordinary Third-Order Saint King wouldn’t give him such a feeling of danger, so that could only mean that this person was incredibly powerful.

Even facing Qu Chang Feng and Fang Tian Zhong, Yang Kai didn’t feel this way; who was he?

Sure enough, when Qu Chang Feng took back his greedy gaze and glanced towards this man, he frowned slightly, a tinge of dread and annoyance flashing across the depths of his eyes.

Yang Kai was surprised once more.

He had already experienced just how arrogant and unruly Qu Chang Feng was, he never put anyone in his eyes, not even Fang Tian Zhong, yet when he faced this stern-looking young man, Qu Chang Feng actually revealed such a timid appearance.

Just as Yang Kai was thinking like this, Qu Chang Feng suddenly shot him a glare, his eyes flashing with anger and ridicule, silently implying Yang Kai was in over his head, actually daring to come here all alone with just a First-Order Saint King cultivation. According to Qu Chang Feng’s nature, right now he would normally be clearing everyone unrelated to him out of this place, and Yang Kai had become his primary target; after all, who didn’t want to have sole possession of good things. However, for whatever reason, despite his anger and unwillingness, he gradually restrained himself.

Seeing Qu Chang Feng not try to seek trouble with him, Yang Kai turned his eyes forward, wanting to see if the Soul Cleansing Divine Water really existed.

Everyone eyes were currently fixed on a pool of water roughly fifty meters in diameter; however, the water in this pool was golden in colour. The aura wafting from this pool of water was incredibly thick and had a calming effect on one’s soul. All the cultivators who stood nearby were affected by this aura and couldn’t help feeling spirited and refreshed, as if their Souls were already being nourished.

Was this really Soul Cleansing Divine Water? Yang Kai frowned.

Feeling the aura coming from this pool of water, Yang Kai immediately confirmed it was the legendary Soul Cleansing Divine Water, but what made him somewhat confused was that this Soul Cleansing Divine Water was golden.

According to Zong Ao’s ancient books, Soul Cleansing Divine Water was milky white, and if its quality was high enough and it condensed for long enough, it may become a pure silver colour.

Golden Soul Cleansing Divine Water hadn’t been recorded in those ancient books, and it seemed no one had ever seen such a phenomenon before. Did that mean this Soul Cleansing Divine Water was of even higher quality than the silver one?

Was there something wrong with it? Yang Kai frowned deeper as he contemplated this issue, from time to time glancing around at the others in the cavern, hoping to discover some clues from their faces.

But soon, Yang Kai was disappointed. The cultivators standing here only showed two expressions, either a deep desire for this Soul Cleansing Divine Water or fear of Qu Chang Feng. Only the stern-faced Third-Order Saint King who stood alone maintained a look of completely indifferent.

These people obviously didn’t know much about Soul Cleansing Divine Water so there was no use trying to pry information from them.

With such a treasure right in front of them, no one wouldn’t be tempted, but the reason no one had tried to jump straight into this pool of water to cleanse and purify their Soul was because of a thin, golden, hemispherical dome which was covering it.

Obviously, some of the people here had tested the power of this barrier before and determined that no one could enter the pool before it was broken.

On the other side of the pool, there was a cross-legged skeleton sitting on the ground. It was impossible to tell just how many years had passed since this master passed away, but it must have been incredibly long as even the Artefact Armour worn on his body had become faded and tattered.

He didn’t have a Space Ring on his hand, but whether he never had one or it had simply been taken away a long time ago could not be determined.

This person must have been an Origin King before he died. Only when an Origin King Realm master died could their Spiritual Energy combine with the rich Spirit Spring here to give birth to a pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water.

Everyone wore a sad look when they glanced at this skeleton because the Artefact Armour worn by an Origin King would definitely not be low-grade, perhaps being even higher-end than any artefact on Shadowed Star.

However, this Artefact Armour was clearly damaged beyond repair. It was really quite a mystery how many aeons ago this Origin King Realm master had died.

After Yang Kai arrived, more than ten others followed one after another, all of them clearly having gotten word of this place and quickly come to investigate. With each new person who came, Qu Chang Feng’s expression grew gloomier and gloomier; clearly, he was dissatisfied that so many people had come here to snatch his treasure.

However, there was nothing he could do about hid dissatisfaction. There were already cultivators here from eight forces, so even if Heaven Battling Union was among the most powerful Sects on Shadowed Star, Qu Chang Feng wouldn’t be able to withstand the public anger were he to try to monopolize this place. On top of that, there were only eight cultivators from Heaven Battling Union here with him, they couldn’t afford to become hostile with everyone present.

“Why haven’t Junior Brother Fu and Junior Brother Liu come yet? They should have been around here and couldn’t have missed the message we sent out,” A thin man next to Qu Chang Feng mutter softly as he glanced towards the entrance to the stone cavern, obviously hoping this Junior Brother Fu and Junior Brother Liu would quickly appear. Although the strength of those two wasn’t very high, if they came, they could still add some power to Heaven Battling Union’s lineup, so when it came time to divide up this treasure, they would be able to snatch more advantages. Now though, not only had they not come, they hadn’t even sent a reply to the original message.

“If they haven’t shown up yet, they probably never will,” Qu Chang Feng coldly snorted.

The skinny man’s face changed when he heard Qu Chang Feng’s words. Indeed, if those two could come, they would have, but since they hadn’t, it could only mean they had suffered something unexpected.

The Treasure Area wasn’t a safe zone, it still contained many dangers.

However, none of the disciples from Heaven Battling Union could have thought that one of their Junior Brothers had died under the lightning attack and tail whip of a Silver Horned Lightning Python and the other hand been burnt to ash by Yang Kai. Naturally, it was impossible for them to appear here.

Seeing more and more people showing up, the cultivators who had already come here couldn’t sit still any longer. If they continued waiting, they would only be decreasing the number of benefits they could obtain.

A scholarly looking man from one of the teams with five members suddenly walked out and cupped his fists to Qu Chang Feng, “Young Master Qu, what should we do now? Shouldn’t we begin?”

His words and demeanour were polite and respectful. He had asked Qu Chang Feng because he knew that in terms of status, Qu Chang Feng was higher than everyone else present. Not only was Qu Chang Feng the number one talent of Heaven Battling Union’s younger generation, of all the people here, he was likely also the strongest. His opinion was essential in determining how they would handle this Soul Cleansing Divine Water.

Acting rashly here would only draw everyone else’s hostility.

Given the current situation, the only option was to reach a compromise and then distribute the benefits.

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