Martial Peak

Chapter 1172 - Touching Scenery and Fond Memories

Chapter 1172, Touching Scenery and Fond Memories

Yin Jian was the top disciple among Blue Sparrow Sect’s younger generation, and although his reputation wasn’t as prominent as that of Wei Gu Chang, he was indeed qualified to call him Brother Gu Chang. Every time he had dealt with geniuses from other great forces he had addressed them as such, and no one had raised a fuss.

However, Wei Gu Chang didn’t give him the slightest bit of face this time, causing Yin Jian to feel quite embarrassed. Gritting his teeth he tried again, “Brother Wei…”

“Were you the one who just said you would surely cripple Brother Yang?” Wei Gu Chang stared at Yin Jian coldly, the accusatory tone in his voice clear to any who heard it.

Qian Tong had made him travel ahead with Yang Kai in order to give him a chance to form a good relationship, but Wei Gu Chang had never expected that the moment he let Yang Kai out of his sight, trouble would find him, annoying him greatly. Naturally, Wei Gu Chang had no intention of simply letting this matter drop, if he couldn’t even handle such a minor incident, he wouldn’t be eligible to associate with Yang Kai.

“It was just a misunderstanding. If I had known this friend was from Shadow Moon Hall…”

“I said I’m not from Shadow Moon Hall,” Yang Kai interrupted him again.

Yin Jian’s face turned red, really not knowing what to say. In front of thirty of his Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters, humbling himself in front of Wei Gu Chang was already a massive loss of face, but how could he have anticipated that these people would actually be so relentless? Yin Jian quickly understood that if he couldn’t show enough sincerity here, he wouldn’t be able to resolve this situation peacefully.

Choking down his anger and depression, Yin Jian declared, “This time, it was this Yin’s mistake. This Yin had eyes but failed to see, I ask Brother Wei and this friend to not haggle over this matter!”

Saying so, he cupped his fists quickly before turning around and trying to lead his Sect Brothers and Sisters far away from this troublesome place.

“You think you can just swagger over then waltz off as you please?” Wei Gu Chang coldly snorted, he most despised this kind of man who could bully the weak but feared the strong. If Yin Jian had dared to fight against him, perhaps he would have been willing to let him off, but this fellow who only knew how to bluff and bluster could only elicit disdain from Wei Gu Chang.

In comparison, Yang Kai who was able to calmly stand his ground even when surrounded by thirty people was worthy of his admiration.

Yin Jian froze in place, his fists clenched tightly as blue veins popped up on his forehead, gritting his teeth as he squeezed out his voice, “What more does Brother Wei want? My Junior Brother’s arm was already broken by this friend here and I took a punch to my face while your friend hasn’t suffered any loss, no?”

“Hasn’t suffered any loss? I doubt that; after all, you were all surrounding him by the time I arrived. Even if Brother Yang didn’t suffer any physical harm, what about the psychological trauma and fear he must have suffered?”

Yang Kai maintained an indifferent face as he nodded slightly.

The several dozen disciples from Blue Sparrow Sect all gawked when they heard this.

This person was frightened? Clearly he was completely fearless, the type to not even blink if a blade was resting on his neck, so how could he now claim to have been afraid? Obviously, Wei Gu Chang was shamelessly speaking nonsense.

However, even if they knew Wei Gu Chang and Yang Kai were acting out a bad play, no one dared question them. Knowing these two were deliberately looking for trouble, who would be stupid enough to jump into the fiery pit they opened?

“Brother Yang, it must have been terrifying,” Wei Gu Chang turned to Yang Kai with a serious look and said in a forlorn tone.

“Brother Wei, just name a price, this Yin will not decline,” Yin Jian sighed helplessly, his left eye completely bloodshot, possibly from rage or possibly because of Yang Kai’s punch just now.

“One million Saint Crystals!” Wei Gu Chang didn’t beat around the bush any further and immediately sent out a number.

“Brother Wei, don’t go too far!” Yin Jian grimaced and gritted his teeth, “Do you really expected me to just be able to take out a million Saint Crystals?”

Blue Sparrow Sect was indeed a powerful force, but it was impossible for Yin Jian to be carrying so many Saint Crystals on him all the time.

“You don’t even have a trivial million Saint Crystals, yet you wanted to buy Brother Yang’s entry pass? Is the space between your ears filled with nothing but hot air?”

Yang Kai shot a glance over at Wei Gu Chang in surprise, suddenly discovering that this guy wasn’t as calm and straightforward as his appearance portrayed. In fact, he was quite ruthless and sinister, with a tricky, forked tongue. It reminded Yang Kai to not rush to judge a person by their face.

Yang Kai began wondering what Wei Gu Chang was like when he was alone with Dong Xuan’er. From how quiet and temperate she seemed; Yang Kai estimated Dong Xuan’er had eaten quite a few losses at his hands.

Yin Jian felt like flames are about to spout from his nostrils and from his exasperated expression it was clear he wanted to simply fight it out with Wei Gu Chang.

Some of the other Blue Sparrow Sect disciples turned their attention towards a different direction, seeking help from the Second Order Origin Returning Realm Elder who had escorted them here. However, this old man remained where he was with an ugly look on his face; although he noticed his Sect’s disciples silently begging for rescue, he didn’t show any intention of meddling.

Blue Sparrow Sect was truly in the wrong here, but fortunately, it had simply been a conflict between the younger generation up until now; however, if an old man like him was to step in, that would go against the unwritten customs of such situations. Blue Sparrow Sect had Origin Returning Realm masters here, but Shadow Moon Hall also had some.

If he really dared to step forward, it would only make the situation worse.

Therefore, even if he felt deep anger in his heart, he could only stand there and watch from a distance. This was not a matter he could easily intervene in.

“Then how many Saint Crystals do you have?” Wei Gu Chang hurried the conversation along.

Yin Jian glanced around at his Junior Brothers and Sisters, quickly exchanging a few words with them before dejectedly saying, “Five hundred thousand!”

Wei Gu Chang glanced over at Yang Kai, with the latter indifferently saying, “Fine then, half a million, it should barely be enough to make up for the wounds on my heart.”

Naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t care about a trivial five hundred thousand Saint Crystals, but since these people from Blue Sparrow Sect dared to provoke him, they had to pay a certain price. Him not immediately slaughtering these people was already the best result possible, as for these people’s loss of face, since Wei Gu Chang didn’t pay it any mind, neither would Yang Kai.

When Yin Jian brought his Junior Brother to buy his entry pass by compulsion, did he give a single thought to Yang Kai’s face? Fortunately, his skill could not be judged by common sense; had Yang Kai been an ordinary cultivator from a small family, Yin Jian would have robbed him of his pass already.

“Half a million then, hurry up!” Wei Gu Chang shouted, snorting with discontent, “You’d best be thankful for Brother Yang’s magnanimity, letting you off for a trivial half-million Saint Crystals. If it were me, if I didn’t leave here with all your underpants, I would no longer be called Wei Gu Chang!”

Immediately after he spoke these words, Wei Gu Chang’s face cramped up noticeably.

Before anyone had noticed, Dong Xuan’er had appeared by his side and ruthlessly pinched the soft meat around his waist, her face blushing bright red as she scolded, “Can you not speak more properly? There are many female disciples among them.”

Not only was Dong Xuan’er blushing, the dozen or so female disciples from Blue Sparrow Sect were also blushing, many of them shooting glares filled with resentment towards Wei Gu Chang.

Blue Sparrow Sect’s thirty disciples took quite a while to collect the required five hundred thousand Saint Crystals; after all, all of them had come here to explore the Flowing Flame Sand Field which was filled with danger and crisis, naturally, they wouldn’t be carrying too many Saint Crystals on them. The Saint Crystals they were carrying were only meant to for restoring themselves inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

After delivering the half-million Saint Crystals to Yang Kai, Yin Jian and the others hurriedly left.

“A pack of gutless rats!” Wei Gu Chang looked at the backs of this group of people and shook his head dismissively.

“Hmm… well, this matter is settled, there’s no need to bother with them anymore,” Dong Xuan’er said softly, deftly changing the topic, “Didn’t you bring your favourite Fine Jade Wine to entertain Senior Brother Yang this time? Since we’ve arrived here so early, you might as well take it out.”

“Right, if Junior Sister hadn’t mentioned it, I might have completely forgotten,” Wei Gu Chang laughed while patting his head once, the ring of his hand flashing in the next instant as he took out a table and some chairs before inviting Yang Kai to sit down. “Martial Uncle Wang and Martial Uncle Yan just now told us that it should be three days before the Flowing Flame Sand Field officially opens. Elder Qian will also not arrive for a while, so while we wait, we might as well drink.”

“Sounds great,” Yang Kai smiled and nodded, naturally having no reason to refuse.

The so-called Fine Jade Wine was taken out by Wei Gu Chang, and as soon as the two small bottles were delicately unpacked, a rich fragrance immediately filled the air, stimulating Yang Kai’s nostrils greatly.

Dong Xuan’er took out two plates of glistening spirit fruits from her Space Ring. Just from looking, it was clear these fruits weren’t common treasures.

Yang Kai wasn’t versed in the ways of wine, so after Wei Gu Chang handed the bottle to him, he unceremoniously took a sip. After drinking this Fine Jade Wine though, Yang Kai discovered that it was actually a Spirit Wine that could provide some benefits to a cultivator’s physique and cultivation, similar to his Fei Yu Martial Aunt’s Thousand Safflower Wine.

However, this Fine Jade Wine was clearly far higher grade than his Martial Aunt’s Thousand Safflower Wine; after all, this was the Star Field, and the materials that were available were also higher end.

With just a sip of wine, Yang Kai immediately felt that his Saint Qi was circulating a little faster. This liquor seemed to swiftly penetrate into every part of his body, hiding in his physique, seemingly waiting to burst out at any moment.

Wei Gu Chang drank a big mouthful before wearing a pleasant expression on his face, explaining to Yang Kai, “This Fine Jade Wine is something I brewed myself after collecting the ingredients on many different adventures. It can be said that no one other than I can brew it on Shadowed Star. Yang Kai, don’t underestimate this spirit wine, although it’s not particularly potent, it actually has a long-term restorative effect. Drinking this bottle alone will help Brother Yang more rapidly restore his Saint Qi for the next half a month.”

After listening to these words, Yang Kai immediately understood that what he had sensed just now was accurate. This liquor had really seeped into his body and was simply waiting to display its effects. Thinking so, he quickly said, “I don’t understand much about wine, so me drinking such a good thing seems a bit like wasting Heaven’s precious gifts.”

Wei Gu Chang however just let out a big laugh, “No matter how good it is, if there is no one to share it with, it still just tastes mediocre. Xuan’er does not like to drink, and this Wei has no like-minded friends in Shadow Moon Hall, so meeting Brother Yang now is really a pleasant surprise. Brother Yang shouldn’t try to act modest, saying such words is the same as not giving me any face.”

Yang Kai didn’t know if these words were truly heartfelt or the result of Qian Tong’s orders, but regardless of the case, Wei Gu Chang seemed intent on getting along with him.

“Then I won’t be polite,” Yang Kai laughed, learning from Wei Gu Chang’s example and taking a big swig of the wine after which, he offered liberal praise.

Dong Xuan’er sat quietly to the side, a happy smile adorning her face as she glanced between Wei Gu Chang and Yang Kai, her quiet demeanour making her seem all the more beautiful.

Whether it was the atmosphere or the alcohol, Yang Kai couldn’t help being moved by the scenery around him and recalling some fond memories. If Su Yan or Xia Ning Chang were here at the moment, would they be the same as Dong Xuan’er? Sitting peacefully beside him.

For these women, as long as they could be with the man they loved, even if the Heavens collapsed, they wouldn’t show the slightest frown.

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