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Chapter 1173, - Is Someone Also Trying To Buy And Sell by Compulsion?

Chapter 1173, Is Someone Also Trying To Buy And Sell by Compulsion?

After about half a day, Qian Tong led a group of two hundred people to the vicinity of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. He hurriedly said a few words to his Sect’s disciples and the cultivators who had followed him here, then went to discuss something with the other two Origin Returning Realm masters from Shadow Moon Hall.

As if they had reached some kind of agreement beforehand, a large number of cultivators began appearing after Shadow Moon Hall made an appearance, all of them scattering about, searching for open spaces to sit down and wait.

Many groups of three to five arrived one after another, each of them from small families and Sects, quickly filling up the periphery of the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

In less than a day, the number of cultivators gathered has reached more than two thousand, and it was clear that some were still on their way. After all, the numbers right now were too small to hail it as a legendary event.

Wei Gu Chang and Dong Xuan’er were also surrounded by a crowd of around seventy disciples from Shadow Moon Hall. He was urging his fellow disciples about what they ought to do inside and these Saint King Realm men and women just bobbed their head.

Yang Kai didn’t see any disciples from Thunder Typhoon Sect, Heaven Battling Union, or Coloured Glass Sect here. Apparently, they would be entering from a different entrance. The Flowing Flame Sand Field didn’t have just one access point; according to Wei Gu Chang, there were actually four entrances, one for each cardinal direction, and the various great forces would naturally select the one closest to them to enter, so there was no one place where everyone would be gathering.

Compared with the excitement of the others, Yang Kai sat cross-legged alone in a remote location, seemingly content to remain by himself. However, no one came to find trouble with him anymore. Many here knew he had a close relationship with Wei Gu Chang so none dared to come over and disturb him.

On the other hand, the cultivators from the small family forces were constantly surrounded by disciples from more powerful Sects, their purpose was self-evident. These people all wanted to buy the entry passes from these small family cultivators.

However, as more and more people arrived, the disciples from these big Sects no longer tried to use strong-arm tactics like Yin Jian and instead were going all out to persuade and bargain. Their efforts weren’t in vain as some small family cultivators really were willing to sell their entry passes to the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

There were also some who were absolutely determined to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field to seek out opportunities, making these big Sect disciples waste a great deal of breath and saliva trying to convince them, frustrating them greatly.

When Yang Kai’s eyes swept over a certain location, he couldn’t help raising his brow, standing up, and slowly walking over.

In that direction, there were two elderly men, both of whom were wearing bitter smiles as they stood in place. There were several other people, apparently also from small family forces, who were standing around trying to persuade these two to sell their entry passes.

“A hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals, not a crystal more, such a price is fair! A hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals isn’t a small amount, what do two Seniors think? If you agree, we can close the deal immediately,” A middle-aged man did his best to convince them. Although his cultivation realm was the same as these two-elderly men, all of them Third Order Saint Kings, but it was clear that these two were far older so it wasn’t inappropriate for this middle-aged man to address them as Seniors.

One of the two elderly men cupped his fists and with a forced smile said, “Several friends, it is not that we don’t want to give you face, it’s just that we do not have entry passes on us. Our entry passes are currently being held onto by Shadow Moon Hall’s Elder Qian.”

“It doesn’t matter,” The middle-aged man smiled heartily, “Even if you don’t have them right now, you will shortly. You can just hand over your passes after you receive them; I can even give you the Saint Crystals in advance!”

The middle-aged man spoke with full sincerity and immediately reached for his Space ring, as if he planned on bringing out the Saint Crystals right now.

The two elderly men looked at each other helplessly. A hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals was indeed a huge sum for them, but they were still more interested in entering the Flowing Flame Sand Field.

Although they may die if they entered, there was also a chance they could gain massive benefits, even find an opportunity to break through to the Origin Originating Realm!

Both of them were old and had no descendants or family, so their greatest wish in this life was to break through to the Origin Returning Realm before they died. What did it matter if they were to die while striving to achieve this wish?

The two of them really did not want to sell their entry passes. Obtaining an opportunity to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field was rare, and the two of them had only obtained this chance through a series of coincidences. If they couldn’t hold onto it, even if they delayed their time of death, they wouldn’t be satisfied.

But with the middle-aged man in front of them already counting Saint Crystals, if they were to refuse now, it would only irritate the other party. Although the two of them had come here with Shadow Moon Hall, they had no friendship with the Sect. On the contrary, Elder Qian clearly felt they weren’t pleasing to the eye so there was no way he would step forward to assist them. It was already extremely gracious of Elder Qian to even grant them two entry passes to the Flowing Flame Sand Field, so how could they possibly hope for more?

Just as the anxiety in their hearts was reaching a breaking point, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in their ears, “What’s this? Is someone also trying to buy and sell by compulsion again?”

This voice contained a hint of ridicule, causing the middle-aged man counting Saint Crystals to suddenly wear a cold expression and turn towards its source. However, after seeing who was speaking, this man immediately cupped his fists with a smile and cautiously spoke, “Friend, I’m not like those arrogant disciples of Blue Sparrow Sect and am certainly not trying to buy and sell by compulsion. While it’s true I want to buy these two Seniors’ entry passes, I’ve offered them a hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals as a price. If you ask around you’ll understand that this is a fair price.”

Although this man was smiling as he explained, he was feeling incredibly bitter in his heart, wondering why this guy had suddenly run over and interfered in his business. Did he have some kind of connection with these two old men?

One day ago, this man had witnessed the entire scene of Yang Kai and Wei Gu Chang dealing with Yin Jian. This First Order Saint King wasn’t someone he could afford to offend, if he were to inadvertently anger him, forget about a hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals, it would be at least half a million to simply appease him!

Half a million Saint Crystals… just thinking about it frightened him.

“Yang Kai?” After seeing this familiar youth, the two old men couldn’t help calling out in surprise, a hint of embarrassment on their faces.

“Foreign Elder Chang, Foreign Elder Hao!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and greeted them.

Yang Kai naturally knew these two, otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered coming over to talk to them. One of them was Chang Qi while the other was Hao An, and both of them were Foreign Elders of Hai Ke Family. Yang Kai had spent several months with the former one out in the Starry Sky while the later was often spoken highly of by Wu Yi. In the Hai Ke Family, these two Foreign Elders were the ones who treated her the best. Besides them, only one of the female Foreign Elders named Huang Juan had a good relationship with Wu Yi.

Time had proven Wu Yi right. When the Hai Ke Family’s Patriarch Yi En went to the City Lord’s Mansion to invite masters to deal with Yang Kai, all three of these Foreign Elders had sent messages to Wu Yi in different ways to let her leave Dragon Cave Mountain as early as possible to avoid suffering calamity.

Although it was ultimately the Hai Ke Family which suffered a calamity, Wu Yi was still deeply grateful to these three. These days, Wu Yi would occasionally mention these three. Unfortunately, since leaving the Hai Ke Family, Huang Juan had disappeared without telling anyone where she was going. Chang Qi and Hao An had remained with the Hai Ke Family and occasionally had some contact with Wu Yi.

Their current embarrassed expressions were obviously due to their identities.

Yang Kai and the Hai Ke Family were quite at odds with each other, and they were still Hai Ke Family Foreign Elders in name, so they were worried Yang Kai was here to find trouble with them.

Therefore, when they saw Yang Kai back at Heavenly Fate City’s Space Array hall, they didn’t dare to come up and say hello, half due to fear, half due to shame.

But now that Yang Kai actually took the initiative to politely greet them, the two of them realized they had actually been overly suspicious and pessimistic. Obviously, Yang Kai had not borne a grudge against them.

Naturally Yang Kai had no hatred towards them, the entire Hai Ke Family incident was due to its Patriarch, Yi En, having eyes but failing to see. On the contrary, Yang Kai’s impression of Chang Qi and Hao An was quite good, and considering Wu Yi’s worries, he felt it might be worth him looking after these two.

“He wants to buy your entry passes?” Yang Kai asked.

“Yes,” Chang Qi nodded naturally.

“And he offered you a hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals?” Yang Kai asked again.

They nodded again.

The middle-aged man laughed wryly, “Friend, as you can see, I didn’t lie. On top of that, a hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals is not a low offer.”

“What do you want to do?” Yang Kai ignored the middle-aged man and looked straight at Chang Qi and Hao An. If the two of them intended to sell their entry passes, Yang Kai wouldn’t intervene; after all, it was truly quite dangerous to enter the Flowing Flame Sand field, but if they weren’t willing to sell, then Yang Kai would make sure this middle-aged man didn’t pressure them any further.

Yang Kai actually thought it might be better for these two to sell their passes. Although a hundred and fifty thousand Saint Crystals were nothing to him, it would be a great deal of wealth to Chang Qi and Hao An. There was no need for them to risk their lives and they could obtain a large amount of Saint Crystal, so why not sell?

To his surprise though, Chang Qi and Hao An only exchanged a brief glance before resolutely shaking their heads and declaring, “We don’t want to sell, we want to enter the Flowing Flame Sand Field!”

Yang Kai was slightly taken aback, but soon recovered and said to the middle-aged man, “Friend, I believe you heard them, my two Seniors don’t want to sell their entry passes.”

“I heard, I heard,” The middle-aged man nodded quickly, wearing a big forced smile before nodding, “Then I won’t bother you any further, goodbye!”

Saying so, he left with his colleagues.

After they left, Chang Qi and Hao An let out a sigh of relief and looked at Yang Kai with astonishment.

They had arrived too late to witness the Blue Sparrow Sect incident, so naturally, they didn’t know why this middle-aged man was so afraid of Yang Kai, actually backing off with just like that.

“Two Foreign Elders, this place is a bit too crowded here for us to talk,” Yang Kai beckoned to them as he walked over to the place he had been sitting before.

Chang Qi and Hao An both had complicated feelings at the moment, grateful yet also awkward; however, they still followed after Yang Kai.

A short time later, the trio left the noisy crowds behind and arrived at a relatively quiet place.

There was nothing particularly special about this place, but it was at least empty, so all of them quickly sat down cross-legged.

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