Martial Peak

Chapter 1171, - Seem to have Guts

Chapter 1171, Seem to have Gut

Before the scarred man could recover his stance, Yang Kai sent a punch straight into his face.

With another muffled thud, the scarred man was sent flying through the air, tumbling a few times before cratering heavily, throwing up a cloud of dust.

This man was a Third Order Saint King, so if not for his Junior Brother being injured just now, disrupting his focus greatly, he would not have so easily been beaten by Yang Kai, at the very least he would have been able to exchange a few moves.

However, his negligence allowed Yang Kai’s plan to succeed.

This incident happened far too rapidly, with less than a breath of time passing between when the First Order Saint King cultivator was caught by Yang Kai to the time the scarred man hit the ground.

This made the other cultivators who had been secretly paying attention to the movement here gasp as they stared with dumbstruck looks.

Had this First Order Saint King defeated a Third Order Saint King in a single move? Even if the latter had been somewhat careless, wasn’t something like this still impossible?

“Which family does that boy come from? How is he so fierce?”

“Fortunately, I wasn’t the one to jump out just now, otherwise I’m afraid I’d be the one lying there instead of Yin Jian.”

“It’s over for this kid though. Although his strength clearly isn’t normal, he must be brain dead to hit Yin Jian in front of so many Blue Sparrow Sect disciples. Even his family won’t survive this!”

Whispers spread amongst the surrounding crowd instantly.

The nearly thirty disciples from Blue Sparrow Sect all wore cold expressions as they stood up together and glared towards Yang Kai, rapidly moving to surround him.

From the Blue Sparrow Sect group, only an old man at the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm remained in place as he glanced over grimly towards this scene. Although he would not lower his own status to deal with this matter personally, he also didn’t stop his disciples from seeking vengeance.

Obviously, he intended to let his disciples teach Yang Kai a lesson.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had been surrounded by thirty people. These people all stared at him menacingly, many of them laughing lowly, their voices sounding quite gloomy.

The scarred man named Yin Jian climbed up from the ground with difficulty, his expression still filled with a look of shock. He hadn’t imagined he would suffer such a big loss at Yang Kai’s hand, so after getting to his feet, his face couldn’t help going from blue to white.

The other First Order Saint King whose arm had been broken by Yang Kai was in a far worse condition though, still howling in pain as he kneeled nearby.

“Stop!” Yin Jian shouted angrily, stopping his fellow disciples from attacking Yang Kai, his eyes blurring with aggressive light as murderous intent pulsed from his body.

Naturally he had to wash this shame away himself in order to recover his face.

“Boy, you really have guts! Father here only wanted to do some honest business with you, but rather than discussing things like a honest man you actually dared to launch a sneak attack,” Yin Jian cracked his neck and shouted, treating his loss just now as a result of his own carelessness and Yang Kai’s deviousness rather than him being weaker than his opponent.

Sure enough, after he said these words, many people who were watching showed looks of comprehension, thinking that Yin Jian had suffered a loss just now only because he had been sneak attacked.

“Business?” Yang Kai sneered, his expression growing cold as he shouted loudly, “Buying and selling by compulsion is your idea of ‘honest business’?”

An unnatural expression flashed on Yin Jian’s face and he decided to no longer continue arguing over this issue, instead just coldly snorting and declaring, “Don’t talk nonsense boy! You dared to hurt me and my Junior Brother, so today I will surely cripple you!”

Saying so, Yin Jian pushed his Saint Qi fully and summoned out a broadsword artifact.

Having taken Yang Kai’s fist just now, Yin Jian understood that there was something off about this First Order Saint King, so he had immediately summoned his artefact, hoping to end this battle as quickly as possible to avoid suffering another embarrassment at Yang Kai’s hands. If he were to suffer another loss, no amount of words would be enough to cover his incompetence.

This kid was a trivial disciple from some unknown small family, without any Elders present to lead or protect him, so even if Yin Jian killed him here, at most Blue Sparrow Sect would have to pay some Saint Crystals to settle the matter. It might even be possible to brush this matter off entirely if this kid’s background was small enough.

Yin Jian had not placed the force behind Yang Kai in his eyes at all.

But before Yin Jian could launch his attack, a burst of laughter came from afar, “Interesting, this Wei had only left for a moment, yet someone actually came over and is now trying to ride atop my Shadow Moon Hall’s head?”

“Shadow Moon Hall?” Yin Jian was startled and quickly swept Yang Kai up and down, a flurried look appearing on his face.

The thirty or so disciples of Blue Sparrow Sects surrounding Yang Kai also went pale.

Not far away, Wei Gu Chang, who was surrounded by a dark mist, strode forward, a pitch-black ball of energy casually being tossed about with his hand like some kind of toy. This black ball of energy clearly contained a fearful amount of power though.

A suffocating amount of pressure emanated from him, causing the faces of the disciples from Blue Sparrow Sect to all turn incomparably ugly.

Dong Xuan’er followed closely behind him and also seemed to have a kind of inexplicable energy flowing about her, a faint wind caressing her tender body adding a hint of radiance to her beautiful appearance.

“Are you from Shadow Moon Hall?” Yin Jian no longer dared to underestimate Yang Kai as he asked quickly.

“Although it has nothing to do with you, I’ll still tell you. I’m not from Shadow Moon Hall,” Yang Kai stared at him mockingly, “If you want to fight, just fight, you don’t need to worry about Shadow Moon Hall retaliating.”

A moment ago, Yin Jian was behaving extremely domineeringly, but as soon as Wei Gu Chang said the words ‘Shadow Moon Hall’, he immediately became like a mouse who saw a cat.

Listening to the ridicule in Yang Kai’s words, Yin Jian’s complexion became ugly. Although he was incredibly angry on the inside, he didn’t dare to openly display hostility towards Yang Kai anymore.

Wei Gu Chang brought Dong Xuan’er together with him and the Blue Sparrow Sect disciple in front of him involuntarily parted, allowing him to easily walk over to Yang Kai.

“Brother Yang, are you okay?” Wei Gu Chang looked at Yang Kai and found him unharmed, allowing him to feel relieved.

Although Qian Tong had said Yang Kai had killed a cultivator at the Third Order Saint King, that was nothing but hearsay, seeing was believing. Wei Gu Chang didn’t know the true extent of Yang Kai’s strength, but seeing him here surrounding by thirty people yet not showing the slightest sign of anxiety, Wei Gu Chang was secretly surprised.

Without real ability, it would be impossible to remain so indifferent; was Yang Kai confident he could escape from the siege of thirty Saint Kings?

“Brother Wei arrived a little early,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

Wei Gu Chang was surprised once more, suddenly discovering that Yang Kai was not the peaceful type. In fact, he still seemed eager to fight it out with these disciples from Blue Sparrow Sect.

“Wei Gu Chang, he’s Wei Gu Chang!” Among the Blue Sparrow Sect disciples in the surrounding, someone who recognized Wei Gu Chang couldn’t help shouting.

Although none of these Blue Sparrow Sect disciples had ever met him, Wei Gu Chang had openly declared he was from Shadow Moon Hall while announcing his surname as Wei. Coupled with his Saint King Realm cultivation and incredible imposing manner, he could only be Wei Gu Chang.

On top of that, it was well known that Wei Gu Chang from Shadow Moon Hall was always together with a woman named Dong Xuan’er, so seeing the beautiful yet equally powerful woman beside him, if the people from Blue Sparrow Sect couldn’t guess Wei Gu Chang’s identity, then they’d really be blind.

Among Shadowed Star’s young generation, Fang Tian Zhong, Qu Chang Feng, Yin Su Die, Wei Gu Chang, Dong Xuan’er, and a few other outstanding talents had world-shaking reputations. However, Wei Gu Chang wasn’t like Qu Chang Feng who liked to show off and was usually very low-key, so many even among Shadow Moon Hall’s disciples had only heard his name but never met him.

This did nothing to hinder the deterrence his name carried though.

After knowing that this person was Wei Gu Chang, Yin Jian’s expression fluctuated wildly as his mouth filled with bitterness.

If he had known this information earlier, how could he have brought his Junior Brother over to Yang Kai to try to buy his entry pass? He would have avoided him at mere sight. How could he deliver himself up to be humiliated?

Unlike the annoyance and bitterness Yin Jian was feeling, the other cultivators who had previously been thinking of trying to buy Yang Kai’s entry pass were currently rejoicing. All of them were grateful Yin Jian had acted so swiftly; otherwise the ones suffering this embarrassment would not be Blue Sparrow Sect but themselves.

“Brother Yang, what happened?” Wei Gu Chang asked curiously. He really had just left with Dong Xuan’er a moment ago to greet their Martial Uncles Wang and Yan, but the moment they returned they saw Yang Kai surrounded.

Yang Kai didn’t seem like the type to look for trouble, so how did this situation come to be?

“It’s nothing much, this guy just brought his Junior Brother over to buy my entry pass for the Flowing Flame Sand Field. Brother Wei, what is this entry pass thing, why didn’t you mention it before?” Yang Kai looked at Wei Gu Chang curiously.

“Ah… Sorry, I forgot about that,” Wei Gu Chang scratched his head and apologized, “But you can’t blame me, I hadn’t gotten the entry passes yet, they’re being kept by Elder Qian right now. When he comes here, he will distribute them to everyone. When the Flowing Flame Sand Field opens, anyone who wants to enter through the entrances will need to present an entry pass otherwise the Seniors on guard won’t allow them though. These entry passes were specially manufactured by masters from the various great forces so they’re impossible to counterfeit or copy. Right, in addition to the entry pass that Elder Qian will later distribute, he will also give each of us something called a Yuan Magnetic Compass. After entering the Flowing Flame Sand Field, we’ll need to depend on that thing to determine our direction.”

“I see,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Something Wei Gu Chang wasn’t responsible for wasn’t something Yang Kai would expect him to tell him about. Additionally, it didn’t seem to be something important in the short term, so he didn’t think much of this. After Qian Tong arrived Yang Kai would have naturally understood.

As the two of them were chatting, the disciples of Blue Sparrow Sect felt incredibly uncomfortable.

These few obviously didn’t put them in their eyes, otherwise, how could they casually be discussing entry passes and Yuan Magnetic Compasses while ignoring them?

Waiting for Wei Gu Chang and Yang Kai to finish talking, Yin Jian struggled to cup his fists and politely said, “Originally, it was Brother Gu Chang from Shadow Moon Hall…”

“Did I allow you to call me Brother Gu Chang?” Wei Gu Chang interrupted him immediately, displaying an overbearing arrogance that caused Yin Jian’s face to twitch and flush red, but even so, the latter didn’t dare to complain.

Although both of them were Third Order Saint Kings, Yin Jian knew that if he really fought Wei Gu Chang, he would only last a few moves before being defeated. All of these famous young talents possessed such extraordinary ability.

So, Yin Jian also had some self-knowledge.

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