Martial Peak

Chapter 1161 - Bloody Fight

Chapter 1161, Bloody Fight

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Yin Su Die didn’t want to bid so early, because she really wanted this Dragon Striker Whip. She had never owned an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact, and with the opening of the Flowing Flame Sand Field approaching, and knowing what dangers she would encounter inside, such an artefact would increase her own security significantly.

But this damn Qu Chang Feng had actually pulled her directly into this maelstrom, annoying Yin Su Die to no end. Even if she didn’t want to bid, she had to now.

Although Coloured Glass Sect wasn’t as powerful as Heaven Battling Union, it still had the financial ability to buy an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact. There was no need for Qu Chang Feng to put on such a pretentious act and ruin her and her Sect’s reputation.

When Yin Su Die made a bid, everyone understood what she was thinking. She clearly wasn’t willing to accept Qu Chang Feng’s affection. For a time, many people directed meaningful looks towards the private room of Heaven Battling Union, all of them taking pleasure in his misfortune.

Qu Chang Feng, however, wasn’t bothered by this and simply declared, “Since Junior Sister Yin wants to bid herself, this Qu will withdraw. More than anything else I hope Junior Sister Yin can win this treasure, so I ask everyone else to show some consideration. Junior Sister Yin rarely bids on anything, I don’t want her to be disappointed.”

Although he spoke in a light, almost half-hearted tone, his mix of eloquent and threatening words made many people unhappy. But no matter how unhappy they were, no one dared say anything; after all, the only forces comparable to Heaven Battling Union on Shadowed Star were Thunder Typhoon Sect and Star Emperor Sect.

Sure enough, after Qu Chang Feng finished speaking, the auction hall fell silent and the price failed to rise any further. Even Fang Tian Zhong, who would always oppose him didn’t say a word.

In the private room of Shadow Moon Hall, the beautiful young woman looked at Dragon Striker Whip with some clear yearning. Qian Tong glanced over at her and asked, “Xuan’er, do you want this artefact?”

The beautiful young woman called Xuan’er blinked before shaking her head and replying, “Xuan’er does not want it.”

“You really don’t want it?” Qian Tong asked once more, “If you want it, we’ll bid for it now!”

The young woman just smiled lightly, “It’s true, Master. If it was just an ordinary Origin Grade Mid-Rank whip, I would still want it, but the poison spike at its tip is too sinister. Xuan’er does not want it.”

The brave and heroic youth who had never spoken grinned and said proudly, “Junior Sister Xuan’er is kind-hearted. When she encounters small injured animals, she will insist on bringing them back to treat them. The poisonous spike on this whip does not conform to Junior Sister’s way. I most like this about Junior Sister Xuan’er!”

Listening to the young man so boldly speak such words in front of so many people, the pretty young woman couldn’t help blushing brightly.

Qian Tong sighed softly as he glanced over at the young woman with some slight guilt.

How could he not know his Disciple was just making an excuse? The poison spike at the tip of the whip was indeed somewhat malicious, but wouldn’t it be fine to simply not use it? His Disciple speaking so was simply because she didn’t want Shadow Moon Hall to offend Coloured Glass Sect and Heaven Battling Union.

After all, once Yin Su Die started bidding, it was clear Qu Chang Feng was trying to help her.

These two juniors playing this game wasn’t even placed in Qian Tong’s eyes. He believed that even if he bid for this long whip himself, it wouldn’t be considered an offence by Coloured Glass Sect and Heaven Battling Union, but… what if by spending Saint Crystals now, he wound up not having enough for the true final item?

It was precisely because Qian Tong knew of the preciousness of the last item that during this time’s Treasure Trove Pavilion auction, Shadow Moon Hall had never bid on anything, he was saving all his resources for the final fight.

His Disciple consideration made Qian Tong feel both warm and bitter. He was an Elder of Shadow Moon Hall, since when did he need to hesitate so much over buying an artefact for his Disciple?

Just as Qian Tong was struggling with himself, the brave and heroic young man suddenly shouted, “3.5 million!”

When this price was called, the silent auction hall filled with noise again.

“I told you it was impossible for an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact to sell for just 3.2 million. Someone finally increased the price.”

“Who has so much courage? Isn’t he afraid of being targeted by Qu Chang Feng?”

“That bid also came from one of the A Block private rooms. He must be from a great force that doesn’t need to worry about such things.”

“It came from the private room of Shadow Moon Hall. I remember Elder Qian Tong Elder’s voice coming inside a while ago. The one who made the bid was Shadow Moon Hall’s most talented disciple, Wei Gu Chang. His personal strength isn’t lower than Fang Tian Zhong or Qu Chang Feng’s.”

“It’s him! Then he must be bidding on it for Dong Xuan’er. I heard that those two grew up together and had long been secretly in love with one another. I wonder if that’s true!”

Inside Shadow Moon Hall’s private room, Dong Xuan’er looked over at Wei Gu Chang in surprise, as if she hadn’t expected him to suddenly make a bid.

Wei Gu Chang let out a confident laugh, “If you want it, we’ll compete for it, there’s no need to care about what others think!”

With that said, he turned to Qian Tong and asked, “Elder Qian, can I take responsibility for these Saint Crystals?”

Qian Tong smiled slightly and nodded, “Go ahead.”

His heart truly felt more comfortable hearing this. Dong Xuan’er was his disciple, and although Wei Gu Chang had no Master-Disciple status with him, for so many years ,Qian Tong had been teaching him to cultivate, so their relationship was no different from a true Master and Disciple. Both of these two youths had excellent aptitude and Qian Tong deeply felt that if they had not been born on Shadowed Star, but somewhere in the outside world, they would definitely have even greater achievements in the future.

What Qian Tong was most satisfied with Wei Gu Chang about though was that he always looked after Dong Xuan’er, like an older brother who wanted to protect and spoil her in every possible way. He was also able to push Dong Xuan’er forward as she was normally quite a shy and quiet girl, lacking all the usual shortcomings star disciples of other great forces possessed.

These two were without a doubt the best disciples in Shadow Moon Hall’s younger generation and were regarded by Qian Tong as the Sect’s greatest hope for the future.

Now that Wei Gu Chang was participating in the auction on Dong Xuan’er’s behalf, Qian Tong would naturally support him.

“4 million!” From the private room of Coloured Glass Sect, Yin Su Die’s voice called out again.

Although her tone was flat, Yin Su Die was secretly gritted her teeth. If Wei Gu Chang hadn’t made a bid, she might have been able to buy the Dragon Striker Whip for just 3.2 million, but with him suddenly jumping out and bidding, the price had instantly risen greatly.

This was tantamount to spending money unnecessarily.

Atop the high platform, Yan Pei stood calmly, like an unmoving mountain, the corner of his mouth curling into a faint sneer for just a moment before such an expression disappeared.

[An Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact for just 3 or 4 million Saint Crystals? Pure nonsense! If this old master doesn’t pull at least 10 million today, he won’t be worthy of his name as chief auctioneer of Treasure Trove Pavilion!] Even if Wei Gu Chang hadn’t pushed the price higher, someone else would have, so Old Black Face Yan Pei wasn’t the slightest bit worried this Dragon Striker Whip would sell at a low price.

“4.2 million!” In the private room of Shadow Moon Hall, Wei Gu Chang raised the price again without hesitation.

“4.5 million!” Yin Su Die also bid, and although her voice was still soft and pleasant to the ear, she spoke with noticeably more force and speed.

Wei Gu Chang was just about to raise prices again when Qian Tong suddenly shook his head and said, “Don’t.”

Wei Gu Chang looked at Qian Tong and asked in confusion, “May I ask why? This Dragon Striker Whip isn’t something that can be bought for so few million Saint Crystals.”

“Indeed, but if we win it, we will lose the qualification to bid on the last item, and… Do you think that the Yan Pei is a vegetarian? He can bleed Coloured Glass Sect dry without our help.”

“There are more items to be auctioned?” Wei Gu Chang was startled, and Dong Xuan’er asked, “Didn’t Senior Yan just say that this was the auction’s finale?”

“Can’t there be two items in the finale?” Qian Tong grinned meaningfully before turning to Wei Gu Chang, “Xuan’er already understands your intentions, that is enough. There’s no need to bid again.”

“I understand,” Wei Gu Chang wasn’t like Qu Chang Feng, who carelessly chased after beauties. With Qian Tong saying so, he immediately understood and no longer tried to raise the price.

When Wei Gu Chang stopped bidding, everyone felt somewhat disappointed that he had withdrawn from the competition.

Old Black Face Yan Pei rolled his eyes as he glanced over at Shadow Moon Hall’s private room, grinning as he muttered under his breath, “Old fart, still as cunning as ever!”

He seemed to know that Qian Tong was like him, not someone easy to handle. One of them had leaked out news of special treasures appearing to maximize their benefits in the auction while the other had massively increased the fee to use Heavenly Fate City’s Space Array in order to collect more Saint Crystals in preparation for the upcoming fight. Both of them forced the various great forces into many grievances while simultaneously giving them nowhere to complain about them.

Glancing around the auction hall, there were only some scattered discussions with no one in the private rooms showing any intention to bid. Yan Pei was secretly annoyed and was preparing to signal one of the black hands he had arranged in the hall to raise the price of the Dragon Striker Whip when someone finally called out, “Pardon my offense, 4.6 million!”

This voice came from one of the B Block private rooms. No one knew who he was apologizing to, Yin Su Die or Qu Chang Feng, but by doing so his momentum was already quite depressed.

The person in this private room was probably very interested in bidding for the Dragon Striker Whip but was somewhat uneasy as well. Therefore, he first showed deference in the hopes that others wouldn’t look to settle accounts with him afterwards.

Sure enough, as soon as this bid was made, Qu Chang Feng’s cold snort from the private room of Heaven Battling Union echoed, the threatening tone extremely obvious for all to hear.

Although he was discontented with Wei Gu Chang suddenly participating in the auction just now, Qu Chang Feng didn’t raise any objections; after all, Shadow Moon Hall wasn’t weak and Wei Gu Chang was also bidding for Dong Xuan’er, so it was a reasonable competition, but now, someone from the B Block wanted to join in, an act akin to questioning his prestige, naturally annoying Qu Chang Feng to no end.

He had clearly said that Junior Sister Yin wanted this Dragon Striker Whip and politely asked others to show due respect for her feelings, yet now there were so many people without eyes who were stirring up trouble.

Just Qu Chang Feng wanted to say a few words to demonstrate his authority, Yin Su Die’s somewhat angry voice called out from Coloured Glass Sect’s room, “5 million!”

From this display, Yin Su Die was making it know she was determined to win this Dragon Striker Whip. She hadn’t bid for the other Origin Grade Low-Rank artifacts that appeared before, so it was impossible for her to back down now.

As soon as the price of five million was called, no more sound came from that B Block private room. It wasn’t known if this person had run out of Saint Crystals or had been frightened into submission by Qu Chang Feng’s threat.

However, it was more likely the latter.

The auction hall once again fell silent after the price of five million was called, no one trying to increase the price.

Inside private room C-13 though, Yang Kai frowned deeply, thinking it over for a moment as his expression flickered back and forth before he suddenly shouted out a shocking price, “6 million!”

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