Martial Peak

Chapter 1160 - Dragon Striker Whip

Chapter 1160, Dragon Striker Whip

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This young man and young woman’s status in Shadow Moon Hall was obviously not low. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to sit beside Qian Tong.

The other young disciples standing nearby all shot vaguely envious looks towards these two.

“Elder Qian, you have a good relationship with Manager Yan. Do you know what this finale is?” One of the female disciples standing nearby asked curiously.

Qian Tong kept a serious look upon his face, seemingly not even hearing the words of this female disciple. Seeing his appearance, everyone couldn’t help holding their breath, more and more feeling that this final item was extraordinary. Their Elder must have some inside information, otherwise, he would not be showing such a solemn look.

“Luo Qing!” Qian Tong suddenly shouted.

“Disciple is here,” Luo Qing, who had always been standing to the side, hurried forward.

“How many Saint Crystals were you able to collect?”

Luo Qing quickly and respectfully replied, “Disciple did not fail Elder’s orders and managed to collect fifty million Saint Crystals, but the larger part of this was transferred directly from the Sect.”

“Fifty million…” Qian Tong narrowed his eyes, “I have nearly thirty million here as well, so altogether we have almost eighty million Saint Crystals…”

Inside the private room, everyone was shocked. Even if they came from Shadow Moon Hall and knew their Sect wasn’t poor, a figure like eighty million Saint Crystals was still terrifying to them.

However, what stunned them even more was Qian Tong muttering to himself, “I don’t know if it’s enough!”

The beautiful young woman sitting next to Qian Tong couldn’t help but ask, “Master, what is this finale? Can we not even win it with eighty million Saint Crystals?”

Not only was she curious, even the brave and heroic-looking young man who also turned an inquisitive gaze towards Qian Tong, hoping he could explain.

Since the auction began until now, the most expensive item to be sold was the exquisite twin daggers from just a moment ago, but that had only gone for 2.1 million Saint Crystals. Could this final item be an Origin King Grade artefact?

If it truly was an Origin King Grade artefact, eighty million really might not be enough, but how would Treasure Trove Pavilion have collected such a treasure?

“You don’t understand!” Qian Tong smiled bitterly, “Eighty million may look like a lot, but others may have more. I can say with confidence that Shadow Moon Hall is a great force on Shadowed Star, but there is still some disparity between us and the top three: Thunder Typhoon Sect, Star Emperor Sect, and Heaven Battling Union. Even Coloured Glass Sect, Grand Fire Temple, Twin Heart Valley, and Floating Mist Palace have a somewhat stronger influence than us. I’m afraid they have all raised more Saint Crystals than us.”

“Master, what exactly is being auctioned?” The delicate female asked again.

“See for yourself,” Qian Tong said, not showing any intention to answer because even if he did, these juniors may not be able to realize the value of that thing. When the time came and a blood struggle ensued, they would naturally understand.

All the private rooms fell silent as their occupants stared towards the auction stage.

Old Black Face Yan Pei stood on the stage, his pair of piercing eyes sweeping the crowd as he said loudly, “This Yan Pei thanks all of you for participating in my Treasure Trove Pavilion’s auction today. The progress of the auction until this point has been satisfactory for this old master, but if there is one thing that I must say is not to my liking, it is that all of you are still holding your wallets too tightly. This old master has come forward in hopes of seeing all your great forces put forward some true spirit! You don’t have to give others face, or even give my Treasure Trove Pavilion face, all you must do is bid for the items you fancy. So, what if it costs you your house and home? So long as you win what you’re after, what else matters?”

The frank words of Yan Pei pulled a sharp breath from the various masters’ seat in their private rooms.

This Old Black Face’s ill intentions were obvious to all of them, he was quite literally asking them to lose the very shirts of their backs in the upcoming bidding. He was simply too vicious and many even felt like getting up and leaving immediately would be the best course of action. If they remained here, they might really everything they had.

But of course, Yan Pei didn’t give them a chance to escape and quickly continued, “Enough said. Let me introduce to you the finale of this auction!”

With a big wave of his hand, a woman in an exquisite dress immediately walked out onto the stage holding the jade plate. This jade plate was covered with a red cloth, obstructing everyone’s view, and only further enticing them to see what lay beneath it.

The woman walked up and stood in front of Yan Pei, the latter soon exclaiming, “Open your eyes wide and see…”

Saying so, the red cloth was lifted, and a red whip appeared atop the jade plate. The whip was sectioned yet smooth in shape, just like a scorpion tail, each piece seamlessly connected to the next, and at its tip, was a sharp spike that was flashing green light. At a glance, everyone could tell this spike contained a potent poison.

“The Dragon Striker Whip!” Yan Pei shouted.

In room C-13, Yang Kai, who had just taken a sip of tea, heard Yan Pei call out this name, and nearly spat out what was in his mouth.

The last twin daggers had been sold off as is by Treasure Trove Pavilion without any extra fancy descriptions, treating it just like any other item that had been auctioned.

But this long red whip had now actually been given the name ‘Dragon Striker Whip’ by Yan Pei. It was domineering enough, but what was more impressive was how thick Old Black Face’s skin was, even daring to make up such a name on the spot.

From all directions, burning hot looks could be felt as countless Divine Senses swept this red whip, the sound of discussion in the private rooms and the main hall instantly erupting.

Yan Pei continued, “This is a genuine Origin Grade Mid-Rank artifact. According to my Treasure Trove Pavilion’s Grandmaster appraisers, the primary material of this whip is the tail of the Ninth-Order Monster Beast Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion, which has been supplemented with many Origin Grade ores. What an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artifact represent need not be said by this old master as everyone understands this well. This is already a work beyond my Shadowed Star’s Artifact Refining level, no Grandmaster on Shadowed Star can refine such an artifact. This whip is five meters in length, but as long as one fills it with Saint Qi, its length can be transformed at will. What is most rare though is that the Grandmaster who refined this Dragon Striker Whip was able to perfectly incorporate the Scarlet Tailed Purple Armoured Scorpion’s poisonous stinger into its tip! Although this is somewhat sinister and ruthless, it no doubt greatly increases the power of the Dragon Striker Whip.”

As Yan Pei spoke, he picked up the Dragon Striker Whip from the jade plate before striking the air above the high platform with it, allowing everyone to feel the power of this Origin Grade Mid-Rank artifact!

Sure enough, countless people’s breaths became heavy when they saw the might of the Dragon Striker Whip.

After a short demonstration, Yan Pei placed the Dragon Striker Whip back onto the jade plate.

At this time, a person’s voice suddenly called out from a private room in the A Block, “Manager Yan, is this the item you said would make us homeless? Although an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artifact is rare, it’s not nearly enough for us to lose everything over. Hmph, I thought Treasure Trove Pavilion had collected an Origin King Grade artifact this time.”

“That’s right, raising our expectations so much for just a mere Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact.”

Yan Pei just stood in place though, as if he hadn’t heard this commentary, a sneer upon his face.

Everyone in the private rooms had gotten some advanced warning that an unbelievable item would appear, causing all of them to send out representatives to raise Saint Crystals, but what Treasure Trove Pavilion was going to auction was not disclosed to them. Yan Pei wasn’t going to spread word about this after all and he believed with Qian Tong’s astuteness it was equally impossible for the latter to let slip what this finale was.

Each of the great forces present had collected a large amount of Saint Crystals, but now what was presented to them was just an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact, so naturally, they felt disappointed, thinking a big deal had been made out of nothing.

Of course, they all still intended to snatch up this artefact. For an Origin Grade Mid-Rank artefact, even if they couldn’t win it themselves, pushing the price up to make others suffer was still a necessity.

For a moment, everyone began secret plotting to harm their competition while protecting themselves.

Yan Pei however soon put out words that made many men in the auction hall cough up blood, “This artefact is most suitable for women, so even if you don’t have any use for it yourselves, buying it for your favourite woman is a splendid idea. This old master can guarantee that any man who delivers such a gift to their woman will surely bring her home tonight!”

“This old dog!” Yin Su Die ground her teeth in the private room of Coloured Glass Sect.

The reason she hadn’t tried to buy the twin daggers from before was because she had anticipated something better to appear after it. Sure enough, this Dragon Striker Whip had appeared, and she had secretly decided to snatch it up at any cost. She also believed that with her fame and popularity, once she made a bid for it, many people here would simply give way and not try to rob it from her, but with Yan Pei making such a comment, wasn’t that no different from drawing out many more competitors for her?

A middle-aged woman next to Yin Su Die patted her hand gently and comforted, “Rest assured, we’ll win it.”

“Thank you, Second Aunt!” Yin Su Die smiled sweetly.

“For the Dragon Striker Whip, the starting price is one million Saint Crystals. Each new offer may not add less than one hundred thousand. Everyone, please bid!” Yan Pei had said everything he that should be said and as everyone’s enthusiasm reached an apex, he declared the start of the auction prepared to watch the fight.

This was the scene he liked to see the most. Every time he saw people competing for these rare treasures, Yan Pei felt as if he had become many years younger.

As soon as his words fell, bids began flying from the private rooms.

“1.1 million!”

“1.3 million!”

“1.5 million!”

“2 million!”


The masters who had just now been disdaining the appearance of the Dragon Striker Whip all seemed to have forgotten their previous words and rushed to enter their bids. Not only did the Seniors from the great forces call out, even some of the younger generation’s rising stars joined the fray.

“I’ll bid 2.1 million!” Qu Chang Feng of Heaven Battling Union said in a confident tone, as if a powerful Young Master from a top tier Sect should not bid any less than this.

“Hmph! 2.3 million!” The one forever in opposition to Qu Chang Feng, Fang Tian Zhong of Thunder Typhoon Sect, called out next. The strength of their two sects were essentially equal, and their individual reputations and strength were also similar, so neither would fear the other nor be willing to back down.

“Brother Fang, why are you trying to buy this Dragon Striker Whip? It’s completely unsuited to you, so wouldn’t it just be a waste of money for you?” Qu Chang Feng grinned meaningfully, calmly continuing to increase the price, “2.5 million!”

“I can’t use it? Can you? 2.8 million!” Fang Tian Zhong didn’t withdraw.

“Naturally, I’m buying it as a gift. I heard that Junior Sister Yin of the Coloured Glass Sect currently lacks a good artefact, so this Qu wants to offer her some beautiful flowers. 3 million!”

This was a blatant declaration of love, and it was made in front of all the great forces of Shadowed Star, drawing a number of sharp breaths from the audience.

In the private room of Coloured Glass Sect, the lead middle-aged woman’s face went cold while Yin Su Die’s expression also became gloomy. She didn’t want to be caught up in any uncouth rumors because of today’s event, so she softly declared, “Senior Brother Qu’s kindness, this Su Die must politely decline. If I want this Dragon Striker Whip, naturally I will bid for it myself! 3.2 million!”

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