Martial Peak

Chapter 1159 - Next Time Be Careful What You Buy

Chapter 1159, Next Time Be Careful What You Buy

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The young man was speechless, and the murderous intent in his eyes flared up. He wished he could immediately kill this idiot Ge Xiong, because he increased the price foolishly, riled everyone up, but in the end didn’t even have another piece of the map. This young man felt as if he had been played for a fool and the murderous intent coming from his body grew stronger with every breath. Slowly raising his hand, the young man condensed his Saint Qi into the shape of a sword.

Ge Xiong shed bitter tears as he kowtowed repeatedly, begging for mercy.

Before the young man could kill him though, one of the Origin Realm masters behind him suddenly whispered, “Young Master, you cannot kill him.”

The young man froze up and asked coldly, “Why not?”

“If you kill him, without everyone else first checking his Space Ring, they will all think we obtained two map fragments. Having one is not an issue, but acquiring two will cause us many problems!”

When the young man heard this, he couldn’t help thinking it over, and after a short time, he realized he had no choice right now, kicking and cursing Ge Xiong a few more times before tossing the Space Ring back at his face and flying off.

Surprisingly, no one tried to stop him.

Soon after the young man and the two Origin Realm masters left, another person came out from hiding and walked over to Ge Xiong, knitting his brow as he asked a few questions.

Ge Xiong answered truthfully.

The man then picked up the Space Ring on the ground and examined it before slowly shaking his head with a look of disappointment, dropping it to the ground, and also departing.

A third person came out and did exactly the same thing as the second person, followed by a fourth, then a fifth…

After experiencing the gap between life to death several times, Ge Xiong’s emotions seemed to have calmed down significantly, but being continuously asked the same set of questions by masters with much higher strength and status than his own, he still remained a bit apprehensive. However, each of them just asked a few questions, checked his Space Ring, then let him go, none of them trying to take his life or rob him of his possession.

After half an hour, it was finally the last person, Yang Kai’s turn.

By now, Ge Xiong was familiar with this process and before Yang Kai could even open his mouth, Ge Xiong quickly said, “I don’t have a second map fragment. I just listened to that beautiful woman and thought that if I obtained this map fragment I would be able to find amazing wealth, exquisite Martial Skills, or other treasures. My Space Ring is on the ground, if you’d like to inspect it, please feel free to, just don’t kill me!”

Yang Kai let out a long sigh and didn’t even bother to check the Space Ring.

With so many people already having inspected it, if there really had been a second map fragment inside, it was impossible for it to still be there.

“Next time, be careful what you buy,” Yang Kai said in exasperation.

Of the dozens of individuals who had tailed Ge Xiong, none of them had any kind of deep-seated grudge against him, they were all simply fooled by him. That wasn’t to say that Ge Xiong had prodigious acting talent, it was just that none of them thought he would be so easily conned by the words of that beautiful female auctioneer.

Ge Xiong nodded incessantly, “I’ll never buy anything at auction again.”

“Just leave!” Yang Kai waved at him, “No one killing you this time was pure luck, there’s no guarantee you’ll be so fortunate next time.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Ge Xiong kowtowed gratefully before grabbing his Space Ring and running off. He was so scared he didn’t even realize that Yang Kai had the same cultivation as him; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so polite to him.

After running a ways away, Ge Xiong summoned his Star Shuttle and flew off. Vaguely, Yang Kai seemed to hear tearful sobs coming from his direction.

The map fragment that appeared at the auction had been taken away by the first youth who appeared, causing Yang Kai some frustration. His strength was too low right now, so it was impossible for him to snatch that map fragment.

The reason others didn’t try to rob that young man of that map fragment was that they knew doing so was pointless. If that wasn’t the case, they would have already tried to win it back at the auction. How could they have anticipated that someone like Ge Xiong would snatch it up? Moreover, the first young man who had come out seemed to have a powerful background, so none of the people here were willing to offend the force behind him for a useless map fragment.

It seemed like the map fragment would really have been better off staying in Ge Xiong’s hands. Now that it had been taken away by that Young Master, Yang Kai had no way to retrieve it in the short term. Fortunately, he had already memorized the young man’s face so he could try to ‘acquire’ the map fragment sometime in the future.

After grumbling for a moment, Yang Kai returned to Heavenly Fate City and walked straight back to Treasure Trove Pavilion.

Arriving at room C-13, Yang Kai pushed open the door, walked inside, and sat down on his chair, taking a sip of spirit tea as he saw Wu Yi and Yang Yan both immersed in the excitement. Curious, he asked, “What artefact is up for auction now?”

“You’re back?” Wu Yi and Yang Yan only seemed to realize Yang Kai was back after he spoke, with Wu Yi smiling broadly as she explained, “The prices here are all so unexpected, all of the artefacts sold for over a million crystals so far. They’re auctioning off the last artefact now, the twin daggers!”

“Oh?” Yang Kai looked out and sure enough, he saw the twin daggers being displayed by the beautiful female auctioneer. To his surprise though, no one was bidding.

“What’s the price so far?” Yang Kai thought that it was impossible for such an artefact to sell for a low price.

“2.1 million!” Wu Yi replied joyfully, not even waiting for Yang Kai to ask anything before taking the initiative to explain, “The grade of the twin daggers is close to Origin Grade Mid-Rank, much better than the previous eleven. Therefore, its price is naturally higher. It seems many people here have good eyes.”

At that moment, the beautiful female auctioneer shouted, “2.1 million going once, 2.1 million going twice, 2.1 million going three times… sold! Congratulations to the honoured guest in private room B-3. This mistress wishes this friend good fortune in the Flowing Flame Sand Field and a triumphant return with a rich harvest!”

The beautiful woman uttered a few words with a smile before directing the female Treasure Trove Pavilion disciple to carry the exquisite twin daggers to private room B-3.

“Em? Room B-3? Not Coloured Glass Sect?” Yang Kai was somewhat surprised. He had thought these twin daggers would surely be snatched up by Yin Su Die of Coloured Glass Sect. After all, it was an artefact suitable for women, but he quickly recalled that Coloured Glass Sect’s delegation would be sitting somewhere in the A Block private rooms.

“Coloured Glass Sect?” Wu Yi asked back in confusion.

“Never mind,” Yang Kai smiled slightly.

While Yang Kai had been out, the twelve Origin Grade Low-Rank artefacts had all been auctioned off, and the next items to be sold were actually pills, Origin Grade Low-Rank pills!

Treasure Trove Pavilion had fully prepared for this auction, and knowing that the Flowing Flame Sand Field was about to open, they knew that the various great forces would not be stingy with their Saint Crystals. As long as there were good things, they would sell at high prices, so after the Origin Grade Low-Rank artefacts, Origin Grade Low-Rank pills were immediately brought out on stage, once again heating up the atmosphere in the auction hall.

Yang Kai soon witnessed just how expensive Origin Grade pills on Shadowed Star could be. Pills that could quickly supplement Saint Qi were sold for as high as six hundred thousand Saint Crystals a bottle; that was sixty thousand Saint Crystals a pill!

Wild Rose Pills, which were excellent healing pills, also sold in sets of ten, but for an even higher price, averaging 703 thousand Saint Crystals a bottle.

A bottle of five pills capable of repairing meridians was sold for 800 thousand.

The most expensive, though, was a bottle of ten Snow And Ice Pills that could scatter heat from a cultivator’s body, going for an astonishing 1.1 million!

The Flowing Flame Sand Field was a zone filled with intense heat, so Snow And Ice Pills would be extremely useful there as they greatly restrained the outside heat from entering a cultivator’s body. As such, when these five bottles of these pills appeared, the great forces went all out to purchase them.

Pills were different from artefacts. As long as an artefact wasn’t critically damaged, it could be repaired and used countless times, but once one swallowed a pill, it was gone forever. It could be said that these great forces were sparing no expense in preparation for the Flowing Flame Sand Field. In normal times, although Origin Grade pills would be precious, they would never have sold for such high prices.

However, understanding the demands of the market, Treasure Trove Pavilion was able to sell these pills for three to four times higher than usual.

The beautiful female auctioneer stood on the stage and smiled widely, a light blush even appearing on her face.

It took more than an hour for all the Origin Grade Low-Rank pills to be sold off, with each great force occupying the private rooms having some gains, satisfying them all.

Just when many people thought that this auction would come to an end, the beautiful female auctioneer once smiled coquettishly and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the next item to be auctioned is something my Treasure Trove Pavilion specially prepared as a finale…”

As soon as these words came out, the entire auction hall fell silent, with only the sound of heavy breathing lingering in the air. Countless eyes focused on the beautiful female auctioneer and a few keener cultivators even noticed that her voice was trembling lightly, making them realize that this finale was something truly extraordinary.

“Because of its importance, this auction’s finale will be presided over by my Treasure Trove Pavilion’s Chief Manager Yan Pei. Manager Yan, please!” After the beautiful woman finished, she stood to the side with a smile and looked in a certain direction.

Yan Pei, with a solemn and serious face, strode out from that direction.

“Yan Pei is actually going to be auctioning this item personally!” Not only were many on the ground floor chattering at this development, but even the private rooms were abuzz with whispers.

Old Black Face Yang Pei was a sly old fox known as Treasure Trove Pavilion’s most ruthless, black-hearted auctioneer. Every time he presided over an auction, he wouldn’t rest until he shaved several kilos of meat from the bidders. Thankfully, as the years went by and Yan Pei’s status rose, he rarely showed up on the auction stage.

Many were shocked that Yan Pei, who hadn’t hosted an auction for many years, had actually stepped forward at this time.

Everyone also knew that since he had appeared, the following auction would become a blood bath. For a time, the masters sitting in the private rooms all wore bitter looks as they unconsciously rubbed their Space Rings, sighing to themselves as they worried for the Saint Crystals they had stored inside.

(Silavin: ‘Oh baby, stay inside. Don’t go out.’ Haha. Seems like they are chanting this in their heads.)

“That thing actually became the auction’s final item!” In Room C-13, Wu Yi and Yang Yan both looked at each other with such excitement they wanted to jump up and down.

Without even mentioning the grade of the artefact, just the word ‘finale’ was enough to cause its price to soar. The two women could already see themselves becoming rich women after this auction ended.

Yang Yan was already figuring out how many precious materials she should buy.

In private room A-5, in the private room which belonged to Shadow Moon Hall, Qian Tong was sitting together with six youths, each of them a rising star of Shadow Moon Hall.

However, there was only one man and one woman who were qualified to sit beside Qian Tong. The young man was a Third-Order Saint King with a brave and heroic look about him and deep, piercing eyes. The young woman was delicate and beautiful, with a sweet air around her. Although she too was a Third-Order Saint King, her aura was not as restrained as the young man’s so it was apparent she had only recently broken through.

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